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End of tenancy cleaning tips

Monthly Archives: June 2013

End of tenancy cleaning tips

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips – Learn how you can claim your full deposit by ensuring you end of tenancy in style by keeping your place neat, clean and very tidy. You do not just get your deposit back from your landlord or estate agency but also a good reference in the UK, which actually counts very much.

However carefully you live and look after your rented home, flat or apartment, when it comes to the day when you pack up and move out, there will inevitably be areas you missed during your cleaning rounds and parts of your house or flat in need of freshening up.

It is, of course, up to you whether you tackle end of tenancy cleaning yourself, or call in a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, but either way, there are several things to remember if you don’t want to forfeit your deposit

It is usually the carpets and rugs that bear the brunt of your time in a house or flat. So make sure these are thoroughly shampooed and vacuumed to leave them looking as good as you can.

In the kitchen, focus on the hob, oven and fridge to create a hygienic, clean feel. Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, including floors, tiles, walls, skirting, window ledges and radiators – and don’t forget the insides of the cupboards. Do all washing up and clean the sink afterwards, remove limescale property and professionally.

If you are leaving a furnished flat or house, arrange the contents of drawers, cupboards and shelves so that they look neat and tidy.

Attention to detail: look closely around so that you don’t miss any of the less obvious places where dirt can gather. Examples include extractor fans, bathroom taps, rubbish bins, inside washing machine powder drawers and skirting boards.

If you are leaving the bed behind, turn the mattress and give it a good airing and vacuum. Strip the bed of all linen and change the sheets if clean ones are being left behind for that purpose. Clean blinds, skirting, window ledges, radiators, pictures and mirrors. Don’t forget to dust all furniture, lampshades and cupboards and shelves.

Clean all windows internally – and externally if you can reach safely. You can use proprietary products or white vinegar on a soft, clean cloth. Rinse the windows afterwards and buff to a shine using a scrunched up ball of newspaper.

Don’t forget the tops of cupboards, picture rails and other high up places where you cannot necessarily see the dirt, dust and grease. Fireplaces are also often forgotten in an end of tenancy clean, as are stairs and hand rails. Don’t declare any room finished before going on a cobweb hunt.

Finally, if you have stored any items, such as pictures, ornaments etc, don’t forget to retrieve them and put them back where you first found them.

Replace any broken objects and check everything against your copy of the contents inventory. Leave all items in the house tidy and spotless.

End of tenancy cleaning should be done by yourself or hire a professional cleaning company which can do the rest for you. There are thousands of cleaning companies in London, Surrey and in United Kingdom in general but very few cleaning companies are actually aware of good quality standard end of tenancy clean.

Make sure you hire the right people which have all in place, be it cleaning products, materials and cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machine and all in place to ensure you get your tenancy cleaning all spik and span!

Good Luck! and If you require help with your end of tenancy cleaning in London and Surrey and literally anywhere in 40 miles radius, call Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd for a competitive price and great service.

Magical metal cleaning tips

Magic Cleaning TipsMaids and Cleaners submitted cleaning tips.

There is nothing like having bright, shiny metal around to show that a home is lovingly cared for. Whether is it a buffed front door handle or sparkling cutlery, a little effort in this area really does reap rewards

1. Pick a dry day to clean outdoor brass. Polish door handles, knockers, locks and letterboxes until they are gleaming. Apply a layer of colourless nail varnish to help keep them shining for longer.

2. Another great tip for polishing brass is to use olive oil, polished on with a soft duster, then rinsed off with water and washing up liquid. Use a second clean duster to buff afterwards. Lemon juice will also help brighten and restore brass

3. Leave very dirty brass soaking in coca cola overnight to loosen the dirt.

4. Restore lacquered brass by removing the old lacquer with methylated spirits, then rinsing the item in warm water. Dry and clean with metal polish, before reapplying the lacquer.

5. Remove tarnish for in between the tines of silver forks by dipping a pipe cleaner in silver polish. Never leave silver standing in cleaning liquid for more than two minutes.

6. Use baking powder on a damp cloth to clean chrome and restore a shine.

7. Tear off a piece of silver foil and crumple it into a ball to clean chrome parts of a bicycle, or to tackle old, dirty or dull copper.

8. Copper can also be brightened up with an equal mix of vinegar and salt. Rub on, then rinse with warm water and polish with a soft cloth to a shiny finish.

Saying farewell to nasty household smells

Maids and Cleaners that work at Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd often write useful hints, tips and strategies on how to best clean your home or office, this post explains on how you can get rid of nasty household smells. In the future, we will also write about deep house cleaning and tips on how to best clean your kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Cleaning and freshening the things you can see is one thing. But what can you do to fight back against intangible undesirables such as nasty smells and lingering odours?

What if opening a window just isn’t enough? Visitors to a house that smells strange will be much less likely to appreciate, or even notice cleaning efforts made in other areas.

So how to tackle the invisible enemy?

1. As with any conflict, the first thing to do is identify what you are up against. If you can smell mold, rotting food or urine, don’t just mask it with air fresheners. Look for the source of the problem so that you can sort it out properly.

2. Pets, although adorable, bring their own particular smells. If your pet uses an indoor litter tray, clean this out as much as you can. Use proprietary litter, or add charcoal to the tray. Keep fish and reptile tanks clean and freshen the cages of small mammals or birds frequently.

3. Keep your waste disposal unit smelling fresh by chopping up an orange or lemon into big chunks and running these through the unit every so often. Follow this up with a cup of vinegar if required.

4. Talking of waste, there is no reason why your bin needs to niff. Add some charcoal at the bottom to neutralize odours and take rubbish out to the dustbin regularly. Wipe the bin clean every time you change the bag – you might like to double bag the contents too, to avoid any spillages.

5. Fill a dishwasher-friendly cup with white vinegar, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher and run it on a full cycle with no other plates, cups, cutlery etc. This will cut through any residual grease and freshen up the inside beautifully.

6. Keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb smells. Change it every few months, and keep it away from vegetables, as it can cause leafy veg to wilt quickly.

7. Clean up a smelly microwave by placing a dish of water and a few chunks of freshly chopped lemon inside. Set it going on high for a minute or two to allow the steam and citrusy smells to permeate.

8. Keep bathrooms smelling lovely by lighting scented candles. Alternatively, place your favourite essential oil in a shallow ceramic dish and place it on a hot radiator. Or carefully wipe the glass part of a lightbulb with the oil so that its aroma is released when the light is turned on.

How to keep your shoes ship-shape?

Effective Cleaning Tips – This time for your shoes.

We ask a lot of our shoes. They must take up from A to B and back again, several times a day. They must keep out the rain, protect our feet and look good while doing all the above.

So it is too much to ask that they receive a good, effective cleaning in return every once in a while? Here’s how to show your shoes some love.

1. New shoes often cause painful blisters on heels as the owner wears them in. Help avoid this by rubbing the backs of new shoes with soap, thus softening them and helping them get eased in.

2. Waterproof leather shoes by covering them with boiled linseed oil while they are still brand new. Repeat three times, drying thoroughly between each coating. You can also seal new or fraying shoelaces by dipping the ends in nail varnish and allowing to dry.

3. Stop patent leather shoes cracking by rubbing them occasionally with petroleum jelly, milk or olive oil. Remove scuffmarks by rubbing the area with egg whites and polish before wearing. Store them in a warm, dry place, preferably in their own box or shoe bag.

4. Remove water stains from leather shoes with warm water and olive oil – leave the oil on for a few days. Dry wet shoes by filling them with crumpled newspaper, then wrapping in more newspaper and leaving them in a warm place to dry.

5. Restore old suede shoes by holding them over a steaming kettle. Allow drying, and then using a suede brush to raise the nap.

6. Clean leather shoes with the inside of a banana skin for a beautiful shine. For brown shoes, the pithy side of a lemon can work just as well. Use cleansing lotion on white leather.

7. Get gold or silver evening shoes looking at their best by wiping them with cotton wool, dampened with soapy water. Dry and store in tissue paper to prevent tarnishing when not in use. A sprinkle of baking soda will get rid of any nasty residual smells.

8. Use a raw potato on children’s leather shoes to remove scuffs and marks. Apply a layer of hairspray after polishing them so the polish doesn’t come off so easily. Or apply nail varnish to areas that are frequently scuffed. If possible, buy two pairs of shoes and have the child alternate them, to cut down on wear and tear.

Tips for freshening and cleaning the fireplace

Cleaning Fireplace

Cleaning your home or office fireplace is always a daunting task, not when you read these tips and tricks on how to best clean your home or office fireplace.

A fireplace adds hugely to the aesthetic appeal of a room, particularly if it is a working one. There’s nothing like the quiet crackle of a real fire on a cold winter’s evening to make a home feel really cosy.

Yet many are put off lighting fires, due to the ash, coal dust and mess left behind.

Not to mention the hassle of keeping the fireplace clean afterwards. Here are a few ideas to help.

1. Never put hot ash into a plastic dustbin. Collect in a metal bucket and allow it to cool thoroughly – preferably overnight before disposing of it. Or use it around the home – wood ash makes great rose fertilizer. Mix some with a little water and use it to clean fireplace glass doors. Or spread it on frosty paths outside to add traction when walking outside in icy weather.

2. Scrub glazed tiles around a fireplace with warm soapy water and dry well. Shine them with liquid silver polish afterwards to make the tiles stay shiny for longer.

3. Protect a fireplace made from kiln-dried bricks by painting it with an equal mixture of raw linseed oil and turpentine. This will give it a dirt-resistant finish.

4. Use a fire guard to stop sparks landing on a fireside rug. Sponge the rug occasionally with a water and alum solution to further prevent damage done by stray sparks.

5. Invest in a decent companion set or similar fireplace cleaning equipment and keep it separate from the rest of your cleaning stuff. Working fireplaces get very dirty very quickly, and you don’t want to spread the soot and ash further round the house. Wash your cleaning equipment regularly too.

6. Remove soot stains from a carpet by covering the area with salt. Brush with a stiff brush and repeat until the stain has disappeared. Never add water to a soot spillage.

7. Have your chimney swept regularly to prevent build-up of ash, soot or dirt. Modern sweeps use highly advanced equipment that will leave the chimney, fireplace and room extremely clean – and safe for many more fires to come.

8. If you have an electric fire instead, you can still keep it clean by brushing the artificial coal with a black shoe polish brush during your cleaning rounds.

How deep spring cleaning is enormously satisfying?

Having the cleaners in to do a deep spring clean is enormously satisfying. The money spent on having the job done professionally is well worth it, as you can enjoy a truly fresh and sparkling home once more, with no effort on your part. As part of a professional cleaning company spring cleaning offer you can expect the following jobs to be tackled – among many others.

1. Carpets and upholstery: these often neglected areas will be deep cleaned with specialist shampoos and cleaning fluids to freshen them up. Dust will be removed and stains obliterated (a hidden area of the upholstery or curtain fabric should be pre-tested ahead of any cleaning to ensure no damage will be caused by their use)

2. Tiles and grout: tiles and grout can get very dirty, despite regular wiping during the year. Grease and grime collect in the grooves, causing them to become dirty and discoloured. During a professional spring clean, these will be cleaned using powerful equipment to restore them to former glory.

3. Freshening up the paintwork: food stains, dust, finger marks and crayons all contribute to making paintwork look less than loved. A wash down with some soapy water will do wonders for walls, doors, skirting boards and picture rails – and really lift the whole house.

4. Pots, pans and cupboards: a really thorough spring clean will include the insides of cupboards, shelves and the pots and pans stored inside. Many of these lie unused for large parts of the year and can gather dust and grease in alarming quantities.

5. Ovens, fridges and other kitchen appliances: coming into regular contact with food, these items often receive cursory wipes, but fewer really good deep cleanses. So a decent spring clean will see the fridge and freezer being defrosted and the oven taken apart for a really good scrub.

6. Cushions and mattresses: these hard-working items take the brunt of our relaxation and can get very grubby without our realising it. By removing and washing cushion covers and vacuuming and turning mattresses, we can get more life out of these items and a nicer experience during our down times.

7. Windows: clean a window – and we mean properly clean it – and you will be amazed at how much brighter a room can look. We tend to learn to live with smears and smudges, but once they are wiped away, windows can appear sparkling.

8. Wooden furniture: although tables and chairs are probably dusted or even polished with a proprietary spray polish every week or so as a matter of course, treating them to an annual deep wax clean will help keep them in great condition and will achieve beautiful, shiny results.

And any thing in between – There are number of benefits including but not limited to the whole property being cleaned from inside out. If you are looking for professional deep spring cleaning service, they you might like to call for Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd for competitive rates and a great service!

Tips on how to find trusted regular cleaners

Regular Cleaning Service

What you should know about your regular or contract cleaning, in your residential or commercial property.

Hiring a cleaner for your domestic cleaning needs can be quite daunting. After all, you are letting this person enter your home, possibly clean while you are not there and have access to your most intimate possessions.

You need to know that you can trust them to do the job they are paid for – and to the best frothier ability. So what traits must you look out for when meeting them for the first time?

1. Positivity: we all feel better around positive people. Those who take life’s challenges and rise to them, instead of having a moan. It is likely that you will see your cleaner a fair bit, whether it be while they are cleaning your home or afterwards when you pay them. A sunny disposition and happy approach to life will make such encounters much more pleasant and tolerable for both parties

2. Honesty: this is an obvious one. A cleaner has to be honest and trustworthy in order to be left in another person’s home or commercial premises without the fear that they will steal, slack off or not own up to breakages. Any reputable cleaning agency will have vetted their staff, to make sure they are trustworthy, dedicated and eligible to work in the UK.

3. Good communications: whether it is conveying instructions over how to clean a certain item, rearranging a cleaning appointment or reporting that the cleaning fluid has run out, a cleaner must be able to communicate well with his or her employer to get the job done. This can be done face to face or in writing, but it must be done well – with both sides understanding what the other is saying to them.

4. Impressive cleaning knowledge: a cleaner should be a professional at his or her job. They must know how to clean different materials, such as upholstery, fabric, metal, wood, plastics and stone. They must understand and adhere to any instructions on cleaning products, especially those that could potentially be harmful if ingested or used in the wrong way. Cleaners can often be asked for advice – and the best ones will have plenty of tips to share.

5. Personable character: as with the first point, a cleaner spends a fair amount of time in the house of his or her clients, talking to them. As a rule, we prefer talking to people who are pleasant, engaging and interested in us. And we are much more likely to reemploy and give great references to someone we like personally.

6. Driven by success: cleaning is no different to any other job or profession when it comes to striving for excellence. The best cleaners will feel pride in their work, and will work hard to achieve the best possible results. No matter how hard the task is, or filthy the area to be cleaned.

Effective after building work cleaning

Residential and commercial after builder cleaning – The mess and what you can do about it.

Having builders in your home or commercial premises is a disruptive, messy time. Dust and dirt get everywhere and normal life is inevitably disturbed for the duration of the builders’ stay is put on hold.

Once the builders pack up and leave, all you can think about is restoring your home to its normal state, but who has the time and energy to tackle all that extra work?

Hiring in a professional after builder cleaning service can take away much of the strain. So how can it work?

1. The best time to employ a top after building work cleaning company is before the work is completed. Most cleaning companies offer free site visits ahead of submitting their quote or agreeing contract terms. If the company can see what is being worked on – and the areas most affected, they can direct their cleaning efforts much more efficiently once they start work.

2. After building work can be organized in different ways. A good plan is to have your cleaners work to a pre-agreed checklist. Items on the list might include a deep clean of the rooms affected, including dusting surfaces, washing paintwork and vacuuming floors. There might be work needed on the exterior of a property, or upholstery or curtains in need of attention. Agree the list beforehand to manage expectations on both sides.

3. The most effective cleaning companies will be happy to work to flexible timings – building projects can overrun or expand unexpectedly, thus affecting cleaning dates. After builder cleaning is a specialist discipline and must be given enough time to produce the best results. If it is slotted in wrongly to an overrunning builder’s timetable, ongoing construction or decorating work can render it pointless in the long run.

4. After builders cleaning teams should be vetted, insured and fully trained to treat your home with respect. Cleaners should never cut corners or leave a job unfinished – if the pledge is to reach every nook and cranny, including cleaning behind, under and around furniture and fittings then that is what must be provided. Testimonials from satisfied customers will tell you if that is too much to expect from your chosen company or not.

5. Having the builders in could also be a great motivator to book a deep clean for the whole house afterwards. So you could extend the after builders cleaning service employed for just the affected areas to cover the entire house. A great way to celebrate the completed construction project1

6. Finally, it is extremely unlikely that you will discover any damage caused by reputable after builders cleaning teams, however, it is a good idea to find out in advance what kind of compensation levels are available if anything does get accidentally damaged or broken.

Finding a trusted cleaning company

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of cleaning companies in London, Surrey and the surrounding suburbs. Each one will have a website speaking highly of its services. So how can you choose which one to employ? Here are a few pointers.

1. Qualifications and professional bodies: as with any business, the more bona fide qualifications and awards they can achieve, or professional bodies they can join, the more trustworthy they will appear. Each qualification or accreditation represents training to make their service offering even better than before.

2. Testimonials: customers who have been delighted with the cleaning services offered by their London or Surrey cleaning company are more likely to provide glowing testimonials. A good cleaning company should have several customers available to speak to a new enquirer about their service quality and cleaning abilities.

3. Promises made: claims made on a cleaning company’s website should be investigated and, if found to be true, used as evidence that the company is a good one to hire. For example, a pledge to provide a cleaner with 24 hours’ notice.. Price promises too – if a company promises to beat or match any other cleaning quote within the London or Surrey area, they should honour that commitment.

4. Services offered: again, services offered on the cleaning company’ds website must be available in ‘real life’. Specialist services, such as oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning or curtain cleaning require skill and hard work – a trusted cleaning company will work hard to make sure they are delivered to a high standard.

5. Location and availability: if a cleaning company says it can supply cleaners across London, Surrey and the surrounding suburbs, it should do exactly that. Good companies publish relevant locations or postcodes on their website so that customers can work out whether they fall into the right geographical area or not.

6. Price: a no- brainer. Prices quoted online or over the phone must be honoured when the final invoiced is presented. If any extra costs crop up unexpectedly half way through the job, the cleaners must alert the client as soon as possible and give them the option of accepting the new price, or declining.

7. Social media and other online animals: the rise of Facebook, Twitter and internet communications means that a company’s reputation is at the mercy of its customers and stakeholders more than ever before. A bad word posted on a Facebook status or Tweet can devastate a company. Effective cleaning companies will keep an eye on their online presence, acknowledging praise and handling complaints.

8. Word of mouth: by asking around, people will be able to tell you about their personal experiences with a cleaning company – and whether or not they match up with the company’s promises and claims. So don’t be shy!

Your guide to hire cleaning maids

Your Professional Guide to Hire Cleaning Maids and Cleaners in London and Surrey

Elsewhere on the Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd website, we highlight a number of reasons why you should choose our cleaning company when looking for cleaners or maids in London and Surrey, rather than any other. Here’s some more detail to further convince you to choose our quality cleaning services.

1. Our professional approach, reliability and eye for detail has earned us an enviable reputation for top quality cleaning at reasonable prices. We are building up a pleasing log of comments from satisfied customers and we can’t wait to bring our great cleaning services to houses, flats and commercial premises in and around London and Surrey.

2. ‘We can beat or match all genuine cleaning quotes’ – and we mean it. We are committed to saving you money and providing an affordable, top quality cleaning service from out fully vetted, highly experienced London and Surrey maids.

3. Talking of ’fully vetted’, did you know that we put all our cleaning staff through rigorous checks to make sure they are legally allowed entitled to work in the UK? We also check that they have no criminal records and take up personal references too. We interview every cleaner by person before they can join our team and cover them with full employer liability and public liability insurance.

4. Su casa es mi casa: all our London and Surrey maids know to treat your home as if it were their own, handling your belongings with care and respect and cleaning to the best of their ability. That way, breakages are minimised and furniture and fittings handled correctly.

5. Our London and Surrey maids arrive at your home looking smart and presentable. They are encouraged to be friendly and to make sure they fully understand the tasks expected of them before they start work.

6. We can fit in around your working schedule to provide maids during the week, at evenings or over the weekend anywhere in or around London and Surrey. Regular and one-off contracts available, with no compulsory minimum terms.

7. We offer a range of specialist cleaning services, from laundry and ironing to steam cleaning for upholstery, carpets and curtains and oven cleaning. We use professional non-toxic products to help the environment and minimize the effects of chemicals in your home.

8. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. As a medium sized cleaning company, we can afford to be flexible and quick to react to customer requirements. Our London and Surrey maids can cope with all kinds of cleaning projects – both domestic and commercial.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Hampshire Reviews = Dear Luqman, I have been recommended by Martin and Co (Hampshire) office as they manage few of my properties. They had very warm words for you and your company and yes they were right. From first call to the whole thing, card payment, swift payment confirmation, swift invoice dispatch, service schedule, changing and modifying the date and time as I was abroad and the service in its own was simply brilliant. I trusted you whilst I was on holidays in New York with my wife and kids and I have found your company, you at the first place and the whole practise very fair, reasonable and trustworthy The guys which came to do end of tenancy cleaning services in our 8 bedroom villa in Hampshire were very very thorough, not just that, they even fixed our door screws for free. We are now moving to a slightly smaller house in London because of our work commitments but will require your moving in cleaning service in that property coming week as we will get keys very soon! We have so many friends in Hampshire, in Surrey and in London and if they will be looking for end of tenancy cleaning services in Hampshire or anywhere, I will recommend your after tenancy cleaning services to them! Thank you. I really thank you for a great service provided Regards, John. H. White Liphook, Hampshire
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Hampshire Reviews