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Simple DIY After Paint Cleaning Tips

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Simple DIY After Paint Cleaning Tips

Simple Do It Yourself After Paint Cleaning Tips


Are you getting your flat, apartment or house painted and decorated? You might have done some building work too e.g. conversion, loft, patio or just a normal construction work?

We understand, no matter how much you care, building and paint work may always leave some stains, be it paint stains or a lot of dust to clean after building work – Most people refer this to as “After Build Cleaning

This is where either a professional after paint cleaner can help or someone who specialise in after painting, decoration and building clean.

If you want to do it yourself, it is better to clean the entire property first, before worrying about the stains, once your property after building/construction work is fully cleaned. Then you can use the kerosene oil and mix it with a mug of hot water, it will depend how many paint stains you have, if there are quite a few, it is maybe a better idea to use less kerosene oil and some water to check if young (not very old) paint stains go with this – old stains may take more time to go and a bit more push as well

For tough stains it might be better to use baking soda along with some lemon, lemon, hot water, baking soda and kerosene oil together may really do wonders and even remove tough paint stains

There are several good paint stain removers that you can use depending on the kind of paint it was and how old the paint stain is, some of our hand-picked products are as below

Jango Cleaning Product’s – Paint Stain Remover
Everbuild 407 (mortar stain remover)
Lithofin Wax (steam paint remover)
HG Floor Glue and Paint Remover
Tar Oil and Paint Stain Remover

Why not discuss your individual requirements and our after paint and after paint, decoration and renovation cleaning specialists will be happy to advice? Call on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. After office hours you can give us a call on 07907 004090

If you are looking for professional after paint, decoration, renovation and after build cleaning specialists, then get in touch with your specialist team of cleaning individuals which will be happy to provide more information, assistance as well as the service, if you will require

Free Pro After Tenancy Cleaning Advice

Free Pro After Tenancy Cleaning Advice

At the end of tenancy agreement there is quite a lot to do, but the most important part, which may help you, set your priorities and sort everything out on time and in budget by knowing what needs to be done and how soon


You should check your tenancy or lease agreement and see what are your legal obligations or terms and conditions you have signed with your estate agent, landlord, a council or a housing organisation.

This should be the first thing you should do and get in touch with your landlord or estate agent at least a month in advance and ask if there’s anything which you have to do before you move out

Cleaning). This is the first thing they will tell you and they might refer to deep clean, spring cleaning or after tenancy cleaning service which you require to hire when you move out.

After Tenancy Cleaning:
After tenancy cleaning includes cleaning the entire flat, apartment or a house and put it back in the same state as you moved in. The most concerning areas will be your walls, doors, microwave, cooker, fridge and freezer or anything prominent. But then again, your property company, housing organisation or your estate agent and even landlord want it immaculate for the next tenants, which are moving in the property

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist:
Revised End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List
If you are planning to do after tenancy cleaning on your own, you should read this after tenancy cleaning checklist and clean the property to the best standards possible, which are approved to agency standards. If you have questions call 0208 942 2819 on extension 3 and ask your questions, it’s a free helpline

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:
Carpet Cleaning in London, Surrey & BeyondCarpet Cleaning Equipment

If you have been living in a flat longer than 3-months and they are grumpy, kind of any prominent stains scotch-gard-carpet-cleaning-before-and-after-resultsor have any marks, then you should get your carpets, mattresses, sofa’s, any rugs in the property and curtains to be steam cleaned as well, when hiring end of tenancy cleaning services, you should hire a company which can provide all inclusive service rather than you hiring 2 different companies to do different jobs which may increase the amount you are spending including a high risk of poor job as more people will come and mess the floors and so forth.

Garden Cleaning:
If you have front and back-garden your estate agency and the landlord will expect your front and back garden or one of these (if there’s only one) to be properly trimmed and cleaned, this is when you will require gardening services as well, most end of tenancy cleaning companies provide gardening services, so it is rather better to give an accurate job description about your property in order to obtain a less time consuming and accurate bespoke after of tenancy cleaning quote.

Painting and Decoration:
If you have been living in a property for quite sometime, there are chances there are moulds in a property, any marks, hand marks and so forth, this is when you will require painting service as well, however there are several cleaning materials in the market which you can use in order to wipe walls, as long as it is something very serious which will not go with just wall cleaning products. If you require help with anything wear and tear which has been damaged, you might ask your after tenancy cleaners if this is something they can handle? E.g. any lights, side tables, sofa’s (you may obtain sofa steam cleaning service)

Doors, woodwork, plumbing and electric related
it is important that you check your doors and see if they require adjustment, check the woodwork in the property and ensure there are no edges or something has not been damaged, plumbing and electric should be thoroughly checked and if you require help, it is good to make notes and get things sorted accordingly. Most Cleaning and Building Maintenance Companies may provide all-inclusive bespoke complete after tenancy cleaning and fixing service at highly competitive rates.

Rug, Upholstery and Floor Care
It is also good to check that any rugs in the property or upholstery is stain free, if not, then it is best to hire professional rug and upholstery cleaning service and ensure your property floors are cleaned with bespoke floor cleaning products.

What products and equipment’s are being used for after tenancy clean?
Ask the cleaning agency what cleaning products, materials and equipment they will use. Do not go for cheap products, this may damage wood, glass, marble, floors etc.

After Tenancy Cleaning Warrantee and Guarantee
An honest cleaning firm should give you at least a 48 hours guarantee on all jobs conducted, be it move in cleaning or move out cleaning. Most professional after tenancy-cleaning companies will even go beyond to help you return your property in a good state. Hire trusted, local after tenancy cleaner.

After Tenancy Cleaning Quote?
Some cleaning companies charge for tenancy cleaning quote, avoid those, which will ask you to pay £30 or more for after tenancy cleaning services quote. You should request a free no obligation after tenancy cleaning quote

Customer Support
Go for a company that responds to your emails, phone calls and answers all questions clearly. You must also check that company’s after tenancy cleaning reviews.

After Tenancy Cleaning Deals
There may be several after tenancy cleaning deals but you should go through the content of each deal in order to ensure a good deal meets all your quality and requirements criteria. It is probably better to get carpets steam cleaned as well as rugs, curtains, mattresses and any sofas. And getting an all inclusive end of tenancy cleaning service would be probably a very good idea in order to avoid stress and hassle.

Need Help, advice or looking for professional end of tenancy or lease cleaners?
Why not give us a call today on 020 8942 2819 on extension 3 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to get to know more how we can help you get your deposit and return your property in a real good condition that your estate agent, landlord, inventory clerk and especially you will be proud of? If you are dialling after office hours then call on 07907 004090 or send us an email

End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

End of Tenancy Cleaning London and How to avoid bad service

If you search for “End of Tenancy Cleaning London” for example, you will see over a thousand results, which are looking to grab people’s attention and sell services. However this is true as well that many cleaning companies are just calling themselves after end of tenancy cleaning specialists which is not true

For example, last week, we have received a call from East London and from South West London by 2 individual customers which have been misled by these cleaning firms and ended up getting their end of tenancy cleaning creating issues when they were already going through a bit too much hassle while moving to another property

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Price Guide for customers from London, Surrey and Nationwide.

Tips on How to find professional local end of tenancy cleaning services

Every tenant wants a peaceful move, but a poor end of tenancy cleaning service provided by these companies has put their deposit on risk. These customers have called us and they were kind of desperate to get this issue sorted.


These 2 cleaning companies, which has given the written guarantee of 48 hours re-clean refused to work and not just that, they were not attending calls, answering emails and it has been said by the customers that they have found this very strange

Anyhow, their problem have been sorted and they were offered a service and since then their landlord, estate agency and the inventory clerks have accepted their clean and they are happy to move on in life

Not just that, a customer which has been shopping around for cheap end of tenancy cleaning London quotes ended up with a cleaning company which was charging only a £15 less than other well known end of tenancy cleaning companies, well, it is every customer’s right to look for a cheaper quote and get the job done on time and in budget, however on the day when they were hoping to see their cleaners turn-up and provide after end of tenancy cleaning service, no one turned up, not just that, they were told the cleaners will be there in a few hours, which never appeared and later said to be busy as they had other jobs to do

Now with this entire attitude, end of tenancy cleaning London customers should do below things when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning quote:

Check their individual reviews online on review websites

Do not just go for a price difference but a hassle free move

Check their company registration and if they are actually based in the UK.

Avoid being hooked by the end of tenancy cleaning jobs brokers, which pass on their jobs to other companies.

Read End of Tenancy Cleaning Reviews Online before booking the service

And the last but not least, find a reputed yet low cost end of tenancy cleaning service provider.

The Cleaning Company I work with works with 100s estate agents, private tenants and landlords and every customer is given good value for their money, for example, in this month alone, we have done over 300 end of tenancy cleaning jobs in London and around the same number of jobs in Surrey and also several jobs in South East England, but we have hardly seen a single re-clean notice or even a job where our end of tenancy cleaning team have been late

To avoid all these issues:

Go with a Local Cleaning Company, which are well reviewed, well trusted, do a good job, are fully equipped, are ethical and work hard to make your estate agent, landlord and an inventory clerk happy. The words they give for example on their guarantee they stick to them, and other than just that, politely answer all your questions

Also, requesting an end of tenancy cleaning checklist upfront before going for just a cheaper quote will help as well, you might like to read the end of tenancy cleaning checklist which is probably the most strict followed by any cleaning company in London, Surrey or nationwide:

Ask the equipment they use, Ask the products they use, And other than just that, if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning deals with or without carpet cleaning, looking for a trusted party which can provide a great service.

I have recently written and published below posts, this might sound interesting for you and your household

Studio Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Deal

1 Bedroom Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Deal

2 Bedroom Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Deal

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist which will give you a deposit return guarantee

End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey Guide

We are always happy to discuss your move and provide a great end of tenancy cleaning services in London, Surrey and Nationwide, why not give us a call on 0800 689 8989 or on 0208 942 2819 or after office hours on 07907 004090 today?

More End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning Offers can be found here, should you like to ask a question or simply request end of tenancy cleaning quote, why not contact us today by email or phone on 07907 004090?

After Renovation Cleaning UK

After Renovation Cleaning UK

Post to help you find your local after renovation cleaning specialists in UK.

There’s a bit too much mess after a residential or commercial property have been renovated, building work requires to be done by professional pre or post after build cleaning specialists which can use necessary tools, equipment’s and materials to carry a deep through after builders clean.


However this is specialist cleaning which should be performed by only certified cleaners, which are fully equipped as well as well experienced in their respective domain.

After renovation what you require is an immaculate result so the residential and commercial property can be used right after, be it you are renting that property, selling or bringing it to the marketing for viewing, you want your tenants, lease holders or the buyers like it at the first place, this is where a professional cleaning team comes in.

There are several things to look for including reviews, previous service history, cleaner’s availability, as well as the pricing and how long will it take to perform the job. When you look this, you should always check and ask, below information

Are you fully insured?
Will you bring your own equipment?
What cleaning equipment do you use?
What cleaning products, materials will you use?
Do you cover my area at all? Giving a postcode might be a good idea.
May you provide steam cleaning if needed and do you have the equipment?
What equipment do you use for floor and glass, wood, marble, etc?

After renovation there is a pretty much which should be well cared, as you do not want to hire a company or individuals which might damage the paint, bathroom, kitchen or anything in between.

Get in touch with a local after construction cleaning company, which might be able to view your residential and/or commercial property in order to give you a great quote with all quality standards in mind

Ask for the after build-cleaning checklist, be it pre or post build cleaning, after renovation or after paint cleaning. A renovation-cleaning checklist may help you find if a company can do what they are saying they can do.

If you have received a cleaning checklist but do not know if it’s right or wrong, or if the company you are planning to hire will do any good job or the quote you have received is a good quote, why not get in touch with our after build and renovation cleaning specialists which may help you find a great team to do your cleaning job at highly competitive prices?

Call on 0800 689 8989 today and get your property thoroughly cleaned without any compromise on job standards.

Carpet Cleaning Contractors

Highly Trusted Carpet Cleaning Contractors

Are you looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company, which deliver fantastic service at highly competitive rates? Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is probably the answer to all your questions if you are looking for carpet cleaning contractor in London, Surrey and anywhere in South East England.

Over the years, our company’s main principle remained on improving our customer service, after service support, easy billing, on time and in budget projects delivery and no compromise on service quality, honest and more important quality end results!

We are probably one of the most honest carpet cleaning company in London, Surrey and Suburbs, who have/had chance to work with the leading brands when it comes to charities, offices, private tenants and landlords, estate agents, social care and housing organisations, with the passage of time, we have been working with industry’s Icons and had been delivering a great service

We are currently working with London, Surrey and South East England’s leading hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, restaurants, churches, mosques, as well as business centres and councils

Unlike most carpet cleaning companies, we do not outsource our jobs and have our own equipment. We have hand-selected top brands when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning in order to provide our residential and commercial carpet cleaning customers with deep carpet cleaning they expect

This is the case, our intensive carpet and upholstery cleaning is probably the top rated service across London, Surrey and South East England

Our online reviews and reputation holds a guarantee on its own, we work with thousands of private tenants, landlords and estate agents and may provide you a great service.

Are you looking for reliable carpet-cleaning contractors to provide you and your customers with a great service? Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989

See the carpet cleaning equipment we use:
Carpet Cleaning in London, Surrey & Beyond


Steam Carpet and Upholstery Equipment

End Results After Professional Steam Carpet Shampooing



Do not just go for our words. Read our Carpet Cleaning Reviews Online. Why not contact us today for no obligation free carpet cleaning quote.

You may also check our current carpet cleaning deals online. Why not call us today and discuss your individual carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements?

Send us an email at or call us on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 for special discounts.

Carpet Cleaning Machines We Use

Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines we use – See below the range of our most latest carpet and upholstery cleaning products do a much better job than any other carpet cleaning companies equipment. Not just that, our carpet and upholstery cleaning prices are sensibly structured and are very competitive

Are you looking to get your carpets professionally steam cleaned as well as any upholstery cleaning requirements? Why not see what carpet and upholstery cleaning materials and products we are using. We understand buying carpets and upholstery is a costly venture. Unfortunately, there are carpet cleaning companies and upholstery cleaners which are still using outdated 5/10 years old carpet and upholstery cleaning equipments.

See below the range of equipment we use. Are you looking for a carpet cleaning company in London, Surrey and anywhere in South East England?

Steam Carpet and Upholstery Equipment

Latest Prochem Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

If you are looking to book our carpet and upholstery cleaning services, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on our toll free number 0800 689 8989. After office hours please call 07907 004090. International callers may dial +44 (0) 790 700 4090. Let’s discuss your individual carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements today.

Revised End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

You can download our end of tenancy cleaning checklist from bottom of this page.

Are you looking for an end of tenancy cleaning checklist based on with what your real estate agency, property firm or housing organisation and an inventory clerk is expecting? This tailor-made end of tenancy cleaning checklist is to help those who want to do end of tenancy cleaning on their own, especially students and individuals and families on low income or those which want to order a pizza for their family, friends and colleagues in order to do it in a fun way.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services is being used by thousands of private tenants, landlords, leading real estate firms and housing organisations in London, Surrey and Nationwide.

All our cleaning operatives strictly stick to the end of tenancy cleaning checklist which helps us to deliver a great job unlike other cleaning companies. All our end of tenancy cleaning bookings come with a 48 hours guarantee, that means, if there is a problem found with our service, we will come back and re-do the job.

The pricing for a great service is just great, you pay far less than many other cleaning companies with a very poor or a basic end of tenancy cleaning checklist. Why not download our end of tenancy and lease cleaning checklist today and do it your way or simply call us on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 or from your mobile on 07907 004090 in order to email you the checklist or give you a download link.

In order to book any of our services including moving houses, be it moving in or moving out cleaning or professional end of tenancy cleaning services in London, Surrey and anywhere in the UK, why not call on 0208 942 2819, 0800 689 8989 or after office hours on 07907 004090. International customers may call us on +44 790 700 4090 or send us an email at

Revised End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List

We hope this helps. All questions welcomed. Just call us on our phone numbers, send us an email, contact through our website, or just come and see us. Coffee and Cookies are free and always will be.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices Guide

Excellent Post on End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices and Cost Guide:

If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning prices guide, this is probably the best place to start and finish with. We as a Cleaning Company always want to let our readers and moving in and moving out customers get to know the true honest end of tenancy cleaning prices for them to understand what they should spend and how they can save on moving house cleaning.

It is true that after tenancy cleaning costs is charged slightly higher than normal domestic cleaning or spring-cleaning service, but then again, it should not cost a fortune at the same time.

There are several factors, which may increase and decrease the end of tenancy cleaning prices such as:

1). The condition of your property
2). How long you been residing in the property
3). Whether or not you require steam carpet & upholstery cleaning
4). You are leaving property fully, semi furnished or fully empty
5). An area where your property is situated
6). Time of the day when you require the job done
7). What estate agency you are hooked with
8). What floor are you on
9). Will you require any walls/other areas to be painted
10). Will you require any lights to be changed e.g. bulbs, tube lights etc?
11). Will you require any doors to be adjusted or locks to be changed
12). Any special requirements if any (e.g. any stains on the carpets etc)

Now let’s discuss these points individually and then give you a break down of end of tenancy or end of lease cleaning price idea:

The Condition of your property?

We understand it is hard for busy professionals to keep up with cleaning on regular basis, but it is probably a good decision to hire a maid or a domestic cleaning service once every week for an hour or two in order to get your property cleaned, carpets hovered, sinks, taps, wash basins and any lime scale removed. It is also a very good idea to get your property spring-cleaned and carpets and upholstery spring cleaned once every 6 months and if you do so, you may save a lot of money on a long run.

On the other hand, if the property have/had been neglected somewhat as you were busy, then the chances are there is a lot more work which need done including professional oven cleaning, racks, extractor fan, lime scale, which may somehow increase the over-all spend on end of tenancy cleaning

How long you had been residing in the property?

It is just normal that the longer you reside in a property, the more it may get grumpy, when it comes to walls, areas around electrical sockets, even the burn marks on the stove or microwave oven, cooker, fridge and freezer, the longer we live in a property may mean, there are more things or accessories or household goods which may require more attention, electrical faults, door adjustments, changing any lights which are not in working order, or changing any electric sockets which may have gone faulty and any locks which are not working as they used to work. Well it’s all returning the property in the same state it was in when you first moved in

Will you require steam carpet and upholstery cleaning services?

If you have been residing in a property, be it flat, house, maisonette or an apartment for longer than 6 months, most estate agents in London, Surrey, South East England or UK in general will request the carpets and upholstery to be fully steam cleaned. You may read your tenancy or lease agreement or simply get in touch with your estate agency at least a month in advance, so even if there are delays or communication gaps, you may still get their answer before your tenancy ends. If you require professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, the cost will increase a bit but will still not cost you a fortune.

Are you leaving properties full, semi furnished or empty?

If you are leaving the property fully furnished, then it will require a lots of work, which means, cleaning under the mattresses for example, sofa’s, moving furniture (moveable items or goods) and then placing them back, other than just that emptying the cupboards and shelves for a proper, professional good cleaning. Now if the same property is semi furnished, it will take less time to clean and the chances are less spots will be missed, a fully furnished property requires nearly 2 hours more work with 2/3 people in a team than a semi furnished property. If a property is fully empty, then it will take less time, cheaper prices and most important, less chances of anything over-looked or missed – However, fully furnished or semi-furnished property will still not cost £hundreds more, but a few more quid actually.

Which area is your property situated?

Please note, this is a very important dialogue, let’s say you flat, house or an apartment is situated in Central London for example, this will increase end of tenancy cleaning cost, there are several reasons:

1). There will be congestion charges £10 unless you are getting your property cleaned on a holiday or Saturday and Sunday

2). Because of traffic jams chances are company is spending more money on fuel, waiting times to reach your property

This may increase the cost as well, but then again, an ethical cleaning agency would not cost a fortune and just charge you congestion charges, if they paid. But a full receipt of congestion charges should be handed over to you for your proof, bookkeeping and tax purposes.

There is another things, which should be discussed within this matter i.e. Parking

Many people in London now do not like to drive because of higher insurance premiums, MOT cost, Road Tax, and other than that the traffic situation and narrow roads and busy motorways, so there are chances, you do not have a parking or residence permit or there’s no free parking in and around your property, and this may also increase the end of tenancy cleaning cost, you may pay your end of tenancy cleaning service provider with what they paid for parking the car, you may keep the receipts.

Please note, many cleaning companies send their end of tenancy cleaning operatives on public transport, just imagine, how they can perform a very good cleaning service if they cannot carry out their important goods, tools, materials, cleaning solutions, for example, steam carpet and upholstery cleaning machines (latest models) are nearly 80 KGS for machine and wand, hose and tools are separate weight, and industrial standards hover for a professional good vacuuming is over 20 kilograms – I would personally not hire an end of tenancy cleaning service if only 1 person or 2 are coming on a public transport because I know for sure, they cannot bring or carry all important materials, necessary tools and machines to perform a very good end of tenancy cleaning job

Time of the day when you need the job done?

In peak hours, a cleaning company may charge more, because it took them longer to get to your property, but then again, it will still not cost a fortune. Discuss your time slot with your moving house cleaning agency before booking the service.

What Estate Agency You Are With?

Estate agencies sometime may go all nuts, and well it is true, for example an estate agency like Foxtons end of tenancy cleaning jobs may cost a £10 to £20 extra, because of special cleaning materials and brands a cleaning company has to use. If anyone is asking for a fortune, you are better looking for another moving out cleaning service provider.

What floor are you on?

Let’s say your flat or apartment is situated on a 10th floor and there’s no lift, just in case, then a cleaning company may charge slightly higher because they have to send one or two more individuals to lend their hand to take stuff upstairs, there will be no such charges if there is a lift and your flat is only 3rd or 4th floor flat.

Will you require any walls painted at all?

Please note, some walls may get grumpy, or scruffy, especially if there are children, we were child’s at one point of time so all the artistic stuff children’s can put on the walls or just stamping their hand full of colours, some walls or grumpy marks may simply go when it comes to cleaning the walls under end of tenancy cleaning service, however if it’s something serious, it is probably better to get it re-painted and this may incur some extra charges, not a fortune or a shocking price again

Maintenance work (anything require repair, change or modification)

Let’s say something is not working e.g an electric socket, fridge, freezer, lights e.g. bulbs, radiator or cooker or just anything and you require a repair, change, or a modification, it can be either a door which require adjustment or a lock which do not work, this may incur some extra charges too, to do the job. If there are moulds in the property and they appeared after you moved in or anything which is not in working order which stopped working during your tenancy, then it should be stated to your professional end of tenancy cleaners in order to help you advice you on this one.

End of tenancy cleaning prices: (London, Surrey, Nationwide)

Studio Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning: £70
Studio Flat inclusive of carpet cleaning: £100

1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom Flat Moving Out Cleaning: £80
1 Bed and Bath Flat with Carpet Cleaning: £120

2 Bed Flat with 1 Bathroom: £90
With Carpet Cleaning: £140

2 Bed Flat with 2 Bathrooms: £100
With Carpet Cleaning: £150

3 Bed Flat with1 or 2 bathrooms: £125
with Carpet Cleaning: £185

4 Bed Flat on 1 Level with 2/3 Bathrooms: £145
With Carpet Cleaning: £210

And so forth. Please note, prices may vary but then may differ slightly looking at the dimensions of the property, carpeted areas, or if you require upholstery cleaning too as a part of your end of tenancy or lease cleaning.

Why not discuss how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost by calling your friendly polite advice officers by calling on 0208 942 2819 or on our toll free number which is 0800 689 8989. You may also call after office hours on 07907 004090. If you are calling from abroad, please dial phone number e.g. +44 7907 004090.

Are you looking for last minute end of tenancy cleaning or emergency end of tenancy cleaning service, why not read this, if you are looking for a end of tenancy cleaning no obligation free quote,

Our technical helpline is available +44 (0) 208 942 2819 throughout the day from 8-am until 11-pm and you can dial extension 3 for a range of information and advice on moving in cleaning as well as moving out cleaning. Advice and support is completely free and you may even get your professional end of tenancy cleaning service booked throughout London, Surrey and anywhere in South East England

Before you book your end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey, South East England and beyond, why not read our move in and move out cleaning reviews?

Private tenants, landlords, estate agents, working professionals and students save 20-% on all cleaning services including end of tenancy and end of lease cleaning.

Please note, end of tenancy cleaning prices are still affordable, if you get in touch with an honest cleaning company and not the people which are looking to be rich over night – oh by the way, if you are looking for evening or overnight end of tenancy cleaning service then you may read this thread.

Just to let you know, we as your professional local end of tenancy cleaners, do not charge extra to work on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays, last minute bookings or service booked in emergency.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey

Are you a Surrey based private tenant, landlord or an estate agency looking for professional bespoke intensive end of tenancy cleaning services in Surrey up to agency approved standards?

Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is a local Surrey based Cleaning Company offering truly professional moving house cleaning services to all our customers. We send all most renowned cleaning products, steam cleaning equipment and professional end of tenancy cleaners, which are legally allowed to work and live in the UK.

Read our move in cleaning as well as move out cleaning reviews online or simply give us a call and we will be happy to tell you about our customers within 1 mile radius in your area which have/had been continually using our one off or regular cleaning services including oven cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning for example

There are Top 20 reasons why you should start and finish with us:

a). We are local
b). We are polite but know what we are doing
c). We are fully equipped and carry renowned cleaning products.
d). We use the most latest tenancy cleaning & steam cleaning equipment.
e). We will never outsource our work – EVER!
f). There are no small prints, shocking surprises or rude behaviour.
g). We are locally based in Surrey
h). We do oven cleaning for free.
i). You can use the service with or without steam carpet/upholstery cleaning.
j). Hovering carpets is free for all move in/out-cleaning customers.
k). Our staff members are legally allowed to work and live in the UK.
l). We speak English.
m). We will be punctual and be there on time
n). We work on probably the most strict end of tenancy cleaning checklist.
o). Our end of tenancy cleaning prices is very competitive.
p). We will do a great job – as we are known for
q). We will never let you down – EVER
r). Our tenancy cleaning invoices are accepted by leading firms and all landlords.
s). We will give you a 48 hours guarantee on any cleaning done by us.
t). We will return if needed and re-do the job (however we have the lowest re-clean rate in Surrey, London or nationwide).
u). You can contact us anytime/anyday.
v). We will not charge extra money for working on Saturdays/Sundays
w). We work on Bank Holidays.
x). We will be happy to talk to you at all times & never change colours.
y). We will invoice for each job done.
z). We will love to drive you a mile away for free

See what our customers are saying online and on our website. But please do not just go for our words, simply ask us for after tenancy cleaning reviews and we will be happy to share a customer or two in your local area which have exactly used the same service you are after.

We cover all below areas as well: Including London and Nationwide.

East Horsley
East Molesey
Englefield Green
Great Bookham
New Haw
New Malden
Thames Ditton
Virginia Water
West Byfleet
West End
West Molesey
Worcester Park

Well, these are just the areas for Surrey we cover but we may provide end of tenancy cleaning or moving house cleaning services anywhere in Surrey, London or all nationwide locations.

If you have any questions regarding the prices, guarantee, your individual requirements that you will like to discuss or make an end of tenancy cleaning Surrey booking, simply call us on 0208 942 2819, on our toll free 0800 689 8989 or after office hours on 07907 004090 – You may also use this Free No Obligation End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey quote to contact us today!

We will love to speak to you and provide you a great service we are known for. Are you looking for last minute emergency end of tenancy cleaning or overnight end of tenancy cleaning at all, simply call us today!

We also provide professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning services, after builders cleaning and range of our other cleaning services for our residential and commercial cleaning customers. Get in touch today!

Bespoke Overnight End of Tenancy Cleaning

We have designed our intensive agency approved end of tenancy cleaning service for busy professionals, working mum’s and estate agents and landlords which are looking to get their property fully cleaned to move in or move out standards in the evening or overnight. Read our professional end of tenancy cleaning reviews here.

Let us do the job when you are sleeping or have dinner or just being with your loved ones. There are no separate charges to be paid in order to obtain evening or overnight end of tenancy cleaning services. Are you looking for last minute end of tenancy cleaning services at all?

We will send a team of end of tenancy cleaning specialists to do the job and our end of tenancy cleaning includes free oven, racks and extractor fan cleaning. Unlike other cleaning agencies we will never use cheap cleaning products, or out-dated cleaning equipment.

On the other hand, just to let you know, we will use the most latest move in and move out cleaning equipment to provide our customers with a bespoke experience when they put their trust in us for after tenancy cleaning service

We guarantee 48 hours that our end of tenancy cleaning services will be accepted by your landlord, real estate agency, housing organisation or a council including inventory clerks and if this is not the case, we will return and do the job

Not just words but we have the most lowest re-clean rate in London, Surrey and anywhere we serve. You can use the service with or without steam carpet cleaning, just to let you know, we use Ninja Ashby 400 PSI Carpet Cleaning Machines with built-in heating system to give a new life to your moving in or moving out property. We also use Prochem Carpet Cleaners which are most latest, carpets will be dry fast, as part of end of tenancy cleaning, we can also professionally steam clean the mattresses, sofa’s, arm chairs, cushions and curtains, should there be a requirement.

You might think, it will cost a lot of money because we will send all the most renowned cleaning products, use latest carpet cleaning equipment? The answer is no. You will pay for a great service very competitive rates and not just that, if you have received a cheaper yet genuine cleaning quote from elsewhere, we will beat or match the price.

You can read our end of tenancy cleaning reviews online by our genuine customers, we are happy to let you speak to someone locally based before you use our service, you will be issued a professional invoice which will be accepted by thousands of private landlords, estate agencies, inventory companies and even housing organisations

Making Tenancy Cleaning booking is easy, just call us on 0208 942 2819 or on our toll free which is 0800 689 8989, after office hours, you can dial 07907 004090, we will require your name for issuing the invoice, email address so we can email you the invoice, phone number, so we may contact you should there is a reason, and full property address.

There are some deliverables from your side, as the fridge and freezer should be switched off at least 24/48 hours in advance, property should be inspected on completion if you want, and hot water and electricity should be running in the property at all times your end of tenancy cleaning job is being done – That’s all, please note, the other good thing is, there are no small prints, hidden charges or shocking surprises

And we promise to keep the same colours before taking the booking and after, we love to chat and will love to chat with you about just anything, you may call 7 days a week anytime

So if you require end of tenancy cleaning service or moving house cleaning, just give us a call today and get a hassle free service booked

Please note, if we drive you a mile away for free, this is just our way to say Thank you for putting your trust in us. And if we are standing at your doorstep just on time, it’s just we are trying to preach and practise

End of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon Reviews = Dear Leanne, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your end of tenancy cleaning services in Wimbledon. Estate Agents has since then returned our full deposit. 3 girls which did end of tenancy cleaning in our 5 bedrooms house in Wimbledon were real stars. From start to end, they were very humble, very professional and very reasonable, we even enjoyed great meal chatting together. They also did professional steam carpet cleaning and curtains, rugs, sofas and mattresses steam cleaning and I can definitely tell they were very experienced. The price I paid you guys were lot cheaper than the cleaning company in Wimbledon was charging us and they never turned up on the date and time agreed. We hired you on such a short notice but you guys not just accepted the job but also completed it to the highest standards. Plus I saved £220 because your prices were a lot cheaper than other cleaning companies in Wimbledon or London in general. Thanks a lot for your help once again Emilie Blackman —
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon Reviews