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A tidy mind, office cleaning

A tidy mind, office cleaning

It is said that a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind. Common sense tells us that it is much easier to work in a clean, neat and orderly environment, so the office should never be neglected during the cleaning routines of daily life. Here are some ideas for keeping an office space spick and span.

1. Get organised. Investing some time and money in a decent organisational system will save time and frustration in the longer term. Colour co-ordinated folders, stationery pots and drawer dividers will help keep everything exactly where you want it.

2. Equipment such as the phone, keyboard and mouse get handled frequently, and so are magnets for bacteria and germs. Disinfect these items regularly with wipes or a spray.

3. Throw out the old – don’t hang onto things for sentimental reason, they will just clog up your working space. Any pens that don’t work, jammed staplers or torn folders should be replaced immediately.

4. Make sure communal areas such as kitchens and bathrooms are kept hygienic and clean. Provide plenty of bins to dispose of rubbish and encourage staff to leave the areas as they would like to find them.

5. Try redecorating on a budget. A tin of paint or some modular furniture won’t cost the earth and will make a huge difference to the look of your office.

6. Make sure the windows are cleaned regularly, to let in as much light as possible and provide workers with a decent outlook. A white vinegar and water mix, wiped with some scrunched up newspaper makes a good ecological window cleaning solution.

7. Avoid eating at your desk. Not only will crumbs get inside your keyboard, but you ruin the risk of spilling hot drinks and other foodstuffs. Go out at lunchtime for some fresh air instead.

8. Offices plants can often become neglected in the course of a busy week. As well as giving them plenty of water and light, it is a good idea to gently dust larger leaves from time to time using the inside of a banana skin to add shine.

9. If you have builders in, or hold a party in the office, it is worth investing in a one-off deep clean by a professional office cleaning company such as Cheap Cleaning Services. It will save a lot of time and effort.

10. Spring clean your technology too. Clear your phone of voice mail messages, tidy up your email in-box and sort out the contents of your computer’s desktop.

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