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After party cleaning

After party cleaning

Holding a party at home can be enormous fun. All the preparations, cooking and cleaning is worth it as your guests have a wonderful time basking in your generous hospitality. But what about when it is all over. When the empty glasses and bottles are strewn around the house, the spillages are all over the carpet and the tables covered in dirty plates and dishes? Time to roll up the sleeves and get cleaning, says Cheap Cleaning Services. So, where to start?

1. A little pre-party planning might help minimise the post-event cleaning carnage. Before your guests arrive, put anything away you don’t want to get broken and close doors to the rooms you don’t want visitors to enter. Put any hostess gifts you might receive carefully away as you receive them as well, to stop them getting damaged.

2. Tempting as it might be to go to bed after the party and forget about the mess, it is well worth tackling at least the worst of it straight away – before the hangover kicks in. A sweep of the house with a bin bag will get rid of a lot of the visual chaos.

3. Don’t be precious about your cutlery and crockery. Keep your best china in the cupboard and opt for plastic versions. these will be easy to use, can’t get broken and can simply be binned at the end.

4. Sort out any leftover food that you want to keep straight away too. Wrap with cling film or transfer to suitable storage containers and store it in the fridge.

5. The next day, open the windows first to disperse any smells from the party and to get some air circulating. this will immediately make the house feel fresher.

6. If you did not use plastic glasses, gather and wash these early on to prevent them smashing in the general clear up operation.

7. Check the carpets and floors for stains and treat these quickly and appropriately. Wipe any hard floors with a mop and vacuum up the crumbs. Again, this simple task will make a huge difference to the feel of the post-party room. Don’t forget to move the furniture – and vacuum the sofas and chairs too.

8. Bathrooms often come off worse after parties. Give the toilet and sink a good scrub. Pour some bleach into the toilet bowl and leave it while you tackle the rest of the house. This will disinfect it properly, so you can give it a final clean at the end.

9. Check everywhere for stains, spills and party detritus, including unexpected areas, such as walls, halls and even the children’s bedrooms.

10. If it is all too much to tackle, there is no shame whatsoever in calling in professional help, such as Cheap Cleaning Services. Our dedicated cleaners will have your house back to normal in no time at all!

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Love their one-off cleaning services, good people to work with!
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