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    Breathe easy, allergy friendly cleaning

    Breathe easy, allergy friendly cleaning

    All of us have cleaning duties to attend to, to a larger or lesser extent. These are an inevitable part of the domestic routine. They are annoying at times, but not too troublesome. Unless you are one of the thousands of people in the UK suffering from hay fever, asthma, intolerance to dust, chemicals or other allergic reactions.

    Then, a simple bout of housework can bring you to a literal standstill as your body battles the effects of being exposed to one or more allergens. What you need then is some great advice allergy-friendly cleaning advice. Look no further…

    Keep it natural
    Try to clean with products that have as few chemicals as possible that could trigger an allergic reaction. Avoid cleaning fluids, creams and waxes containing ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium hypochlorite. These are regularly found in furniture polishes, disinfectants, mildew removers, laundry detergents and oven cleaners.

    Shop around for miler alternatives, look into making your own eco-friendly versions or ask a professional cleaning company specialising in allergy friendly cleaning for a quote to take on the work for you.

    Getting up close to dust can be bad news for allergy sufferers. However, vacuum cleaner manufacturers are growing wise to the problem and many models are now available on the market with HEPA filters and other allergy-friendly extras. These are worth looking into. As is a mask, again specially designed to act as a barrier to prevent dust from being breathed in by the wearer. Vacuum twice a week at least to keep the dust levels low in your home.

    Live light
    Try to declutter as much as possible at home. Piles of magazines, boxes, clothes etc. are magnets for dust to gather. They are also harder to clean around and will be hard to move when you need to find something you are looking for. They can also trap allergens like dust mites, moths and cockroaches.

    Minimise mold
    Pay close attention to areas more susceptible to damp since mold can be highly irritating to allergy sufferers. Invest in decent bathroom cleaners as part of your allergy-friendly cleaning regime. Always wipe the tiles and shower screen after a bath or shower and scrub kitchen tiles too.

    Machine wash you shower curtain on as high a temperature s possible (check the curtain label for precise washing instructions) and freshen up your towels regularly.

    Bedroom bliss
    Many allergens love living in the bed, where they live off our dead skin cells and sweat. Change sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers weekly and wash on a hot temperature. Turn your mattress at least twice a year and leave your bed unmade from time to time to let the air get to it inside the covers. Avoid unnecessary linens, such as cushions, throws and rugs as these can also harbor dust mites and other irritants.

    The smell of success
    Avoid scented air fresheners, detergents etc. as the chemicals can set off allergic reactions. Even seemingly innocuous items such as pot pourri and scented candles can cause harm. Keep the windows closed on days with a high pollen count too to keep the atmosphere as clean as possible inside the house. Consider installing air conditioning to keep the inside of your house cool instead.

    By following these tips, you can significantly reduce the effect that domestic cleaning has on your health, and you can even enjoy restoring your house to its sparking best during your allergy-friendly cleaning sessions.

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