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Children and cleaning at home

Children and cleaning at home

Children are a wonderful addition to any household. Yet they can also quite often be a chaotic one. Especially when their friends come over, your precious home can start to look like a tornado has hit. Yet Cheap Cleaning Services believes that they can help keep their surroundings tidy from an early age.

After all, breeding good habits is important for when they are older and have their own homes to look after.

1. Make the cleaning fun. Children love competitions, so ask them to see who can clean a window quickest, or pick up the most toys in a certain length of time. Or dress up like maids and pretend you are cleaning up after ‘the messy children who live in the house’.

2. Get them their own cleaning equipment – you can buy toy dustpans and brushes, buckets and mops from most good toyshops.

3. Put some music on and dance with your children as you clean. See who can make up the funniest dance routine, which includes cleaning something in the house.

4. Children from the age of two can take on simple tasks, such as dusting, putting away laundry, emptying the dishwasher and mopping up spills. They will love to be given such responsibility.

5. Give your slightly older child full ownership of certain tasks, such as keeping their room tidy, cleaning the bathroom or sorting the laundry. You could award them pocket money or add stars to a reward chart on completion of their allocated jobs.

6. Teach your children about recycling by setting a good example. Show them how to sort and separate rubbish and take them to the recycling centre to show them what happens to the rubbish once it leaves your home.

7. Show the children how to clean the bath after they have finished with it,. Wipe the sides and taps and put any sopping wet or dirty towels straight into the laundry bin. Put caps back on bottles and tubes and put them back where they belong in the cupboard or on the shelf.

8. Motivate reluctant boys by referring to cleaning as a special mission that only they can win. Set a timer and tell them they must have finished the job by the time to buzzer rings in order to save the world.

9. Keep up the praise and encouragement, and don’t let them get too tired or bored, or they will be put off helping another day. Make sure you factor in time to have fun in amidst the chores.

10. Finally, be realistic about what they will be able to achieve. You might have to lower expectations, or redo one or two jobs once they are in bed.

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