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Cleaning in the bedroom

Cleaning in the bedroom

The bedroom is often a person’s favourite room. Somewhere they can relax and unwind after a busy day. So it stands to reason that having a clean, neat and tidy bedroom should be a top priority when it comes to domestic cleaning. Here are ten top bedroom cleaning hints form Cheap Cleaning Services.

1. Extend the life of your mattress by flipping it over four times a year and giving it a good vacuum. Leave the covers off from time to time to air it too, and invest in a mattress protector.

2. Don’t forget to wash your duvet and pillows from time to time. Make sure they have plenty of room in the washing machine and tumble dryer, due to their awkward shape and plump them vigorously once they are dry to make sure the filling smoothes out.

3. Stop drawers and wardrobe shelves from smelling musty by placing a small pot containing bicarbonate of soda. Replace when the content start to clump together, or you notice smells returning.

4. Dust on and behind furniture and light fittings regularly to stop allergens and bacteria building up that could disturb your sleep.

5. Wash carpets and rugs regularly too – vacuuming alone will not remove the dirt, and a good clean will rejuvenate the appearance of the carpet, making the whole room look brighter.

6. Keep fresh flowers in your bedroom for an instant boost. You could find blooms that match your colour themes, or opt for seasonal highlights. Just make sure you are not allergic to the pollen.

7. Keep a laundry basket in your bedroom and always put dirty clothes in as soon as you take them off. Put clean clothes away immediately too, to keep the room looking tidy. Keep shoes and outdoor coats out of the bedroom.

8. Use a hairdryer to remove dust from lampshades, net curtains and curtain tops.

9. Don’t forget to clean the tops of doors and cupboards, skirting boards, window frames and sills. Use a cloth wrung out in warm water mixed with disinfectant.

10. Get organised. Sort out your clothes drawers, make up, jewellery and hair accessories so that you can find what you need quickly in the morning – and are able to dust around everything in the meantime.

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