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    <p>End Of Tenancy Cleaning Norton Carpet Cleaning</p>

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Norton Carpet Cleaning

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Norton by Your Trusted Local Cleaners Near You in Norton.

    These guys came to rescue when a local cleaning company had let us down, these guys came in no time and finished a top end of tenancy cleaning job. Our local estate agent were so happy and returned our deposit in full. Very good guys!

    Mobile Friendly Phone Number: 07506 709450
    Toll Free: 0800 689 8989
    Book A Cleaner Online: Book A Cleaner Online in Under 2 Minutes


    Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service will Get you your Deposit and there will be no issues with our end of tenancy cleaning service, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and our work is guaranteed for 50-hours from job completion time. Saturdays, Sundays and Public and Bank Holidays Excluded – Call Us and Book Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Online Right Now!

    Meet your end of tenancy cleaning team in North East England, North & West Yorkshire and beyond:

    What is included in end of tenancy cleaning service?
    End Of Tenancy Cleaning includes all areas of the property including windows, all appliances including cooker/oven, fridge and freezer, all skirting boards, cupboards, shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and generally everything.

    Do you clean oven/cooker as part of your tenancy cleans?
    Yes to highly professional standards inside and out even the hob & extractor.

    Will you clean appliances as part of your end of tenancy clean?
    Yes, all appliances are cleaned inside out to the highest standards.

    Do you clean skirting boards as part of your end of tenancy clean?
    Yes, all skirting boards will be cleaned to the highest standards.

    Do you clean all the wooden, laminated or marble floors?
    Yes of course, that’s part of the service.

    Do you provide all cleaning materials, detergents and equipment?
    Yes, of course, everything will be in our company vehicle.

    How do you transport your company staff and all the equipment and materials?
    Our staff travels in our company vehicles. It helps us be punctual and avoid any delays.

    May I book the service without steam carpet cleaning?
    You choose the service, which is right for you or what is required by your estate agent, landlord & the inventory checkout clerk.

    What happens if our estate agent, landlord or inventory clerk is unhappy?
    Not a problem, our service is guaranteed for 50-hours from job completion time, saturdays, sundays and bank/public holidays excluded. Any problem, please call us and we will get it fixed.

    Do you clean fridge and freezer too?
    Yes, of course, fridge and freezer is cleaned from top to bottom and inside and out. However you should defrost the fridge and freezer before our end of tenancy cleaners arrival and leave the doors opened if its safe to do so.

    How long will it take to finish the above job?
    Around 5 hours with a team of 2/3 deep end of tenancy cleaners.

    Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
    No VAT Applicable. You pay the price that is quoted.

    Will you send us a professional receipt for us?
    It will be sent same day when you have booked the service by email in pdf format so you can print it or forward to your estate agent, landlord or both, sending by email is suggested so you have a proof in your sent items.

    I am happy with your tenancy clean quote, what do I do now?
    Just give us a call on 07506 709450 or on 0800 689 8989 and we will be happy to book you in / It will take around 2/3 minutes to book the service.

    Do I have to pay anything on the time of booking?
    Yes, we take a 25-% deposit and 75-% on completion. You can pay by debit card, credit card or bank transfer, simply speak to your customer support representative and see which option is good for you. When making payments via bank transfer, please use your door number and postcode as the payment reference and drop us an email or call us so we can check, confirm the payment receipt and send the invoice over.

    What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept all major debit and credit cards local or international. We also accept bank transfers. Your door number and postcode should be your payment reference. Please discuss your job with us and once we request you to pay for it, then please pay. Since we receive hundreds of bookings, we cannot guarantee a slot availability if no permission has been granted by us before your payment was sent.

    Please note, our invoices are accepted by leading property firms, estate agents, property management companies, councils as well as housing associations, colleges and universities and Government authorities!

    What we expect from you as our customer?
    1). Property in good clean condition
    2). Hot water running in the property
    3). Electricity to be present in the property
    4). Enough bright light in the property
    5). All cupboards, shelves, cabinets & wardrobes to be emptied
    6). Fridge & freezer turned off, defrosted & doors left opened if it’s safe to do so.
    7). Parking space for 1 car/van which you can arrange or pay unless its free of charge. If it’s not free, we can find parking and you can pay for it or you can obtain a parking permit from your local council borough.
    8). Special notes or instructions in the printed format handed-over to our staff.

    Advance bookings get discounted prices. Call us today on 07506 709450, 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 and let’s get your professional end of tenancy cleaning booked now!

    please send us below information when requesting a quote online:

    Your property door number and postcode please.
    Is it a house, flat, bungalow, etc?
    How many bathrooms, toilets/WCs do you have in this property?
    The property is build on 1/2/3/4/5 levels?
    How many bedrooms do you have?
    How many reception rooms (e.g. living, dining room, family room etc) do you have?
    Do you have any study/utility room, box room or any other rooms?
    Do you require professional steam carpet cleaning? Please give job description
    Do you require professional upholstery cleaning e.g. sofas, mattresses, curtains and rugs? Please send job description
    Do you have a balcony/roof terrace that require cleaning? Please be detailed
    Do you require a garage/shed/deck/attic/loft cleaned? Please mention what require doing.
    Do you have a cellar/basement in the property that require cleaning?
    Do you have gym/swimming pool that you require cleaned?
    Are there any window blinds which require cleaning that are made of wood, metal or plastic and how many of those?
    Date and time when you need this job doing.

    This above information helps us quote quickly, accurately and can help us save your time which is very valued for us.

    We are one of the leading and probably the most honest end of tenancy cleaning company operating across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Teesside, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle Upon Tyne and generally Nationwide and beyond since 1998. With over a 90,000 customers in North East England alone make us one of your most trusted move out cleaning, move in cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning and professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    We are locally based Near You:


    Please note: Our end of tenancy cleaning prices, carpet and upholstery cleaning service prices, moving out cleaning, move in cleaning, oven cleaning, deep cleaning and spring cleaning prices cover all cleaning products, materials and equipment, insured, vetted and checked cleaning teams, no small prints. We require hot water and electricity running in the property and parking space for a car.

    Please note: There is no headache, hassle and stress when you use our services. Our prices are inclusive of All Taxes, we do not charge extras’ over the weekends, public and bank holidays and we can always guarantee good service, good support, ethics and 24/7 phone support! You will love our politeness and top-notch services nationwide. We accept bank transfer, debit and credit cards and range of other payment methods. Payment confirmations and invoices are sent right after via email so you can get all paper work within an hour and a text message confirmation follows, no matter on local or a foreign number. Should you like to meet us, please visit us in office and let’s talk over coffee.

    We Guarantee that your estate agent, your landlord and the inventory checkout clerk will be happy to approve your cleaning – if you have used our end of tenancy cleaning services nationwide and beyond and selected the right service tailored for you!

    Call us and get a discounted price – We will help you find a end of tenancy cleaning deal which is affordable yet delivers hassle and stress free, timely and efficient service – Please note, your peace of mind is our main goal but also our aim is to ensure your landlord, estate agent, inventory checkout clerk is fully happy with the cleaning performed in your property so they can return your deposit – We will even come and fix the issue, if we had missed a single spot at our OWN COST

    PROPERTY SIZE End of Tenancy Cleaning PRICES FROM (GBP)
    Studio flat excluding carpet cleaning from £125
    Studio flat including carpet cleaning from £165
    One Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £150
    One Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £200
    Two Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £165
    Two Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £225
    Three Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £200
    Three Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £300
    4 Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning £300
    4 Bedroom including carpet cleaning £425
    5 Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning £350
    5 Bedroom Including Carpet Cleaning £450 onward



    Be it you are moving out from a property or moving into your new property, whether your lease is ending soon or you are vacating a property for property exchange or just looking for local cleaners for your pre or post end of tenancy cleaning, they can provide an affordable yet professional cleaning services in your property in North East England.

    They can also provide professional carpet cleaning services as well as upholstery cleaning services in your local location and neighbouring areas. They will professionally clean your property so your estate agent, landlord and inventory clerk are happy with how you have kept and maintained your property.

    They also specialise in one off cleaning and deep cleaning services, after builders cleaning, so if you are therefore looking for professional end of tenancy cleaning services in near you, After Build Cleans, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in North and West Yorkshire, Teesside, Cleveland, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle Upon Tyne and across North England or neighbouring areas then get in touch with your Local Cleaning Company in England today in order to get your property fully cleaned by your local cleaners.

    Please note, we can beat or match any genuine cleaning quotes

    Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

    ✓ Our End of Tenancy Cleaning is 50 Hours Guaranteed & Hassle Free!
    ✓ Our “Invoices” are accepted by country’s leading Estate Agents
    ✓ We use our own cleaning products from “Top” brands e.g. “Jangro”
    ✓ We will bring and use our own latest cleaning equipment in the UK
    ✓ We use the latest “Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Brands”
    ✓ We professionally clean Oven for free, including hobs and extractor
    ✓ We will professionally clean your windows for free
    ✓ We clean all your electronic appliances for free e.g fridge, freezer
    ✓ We will send a team to do the job, not just one person.
    ✓ We offer 24-hour sales and support locally based
    ✓ All our staff members are polite and hard working
    ✓ We are punctual in 99% cases (Unless something out of our control)
    ✓ We will never outsource your job to other cleaning companies
    ✓ Our prices are “Small Prints” and “Shocking Surprises Free”
    ✓ We have all payment methods available
    ✓ We can even handle emergency & last minute jobs
    ✓ We do not charge extra on weekends, bank & public holidays
    ✓ We can work on your suitable date, day and time
    ✓ We are local, honest, dedicated & committed to your excellence
    ✓ We are a Full Services “Cleaning Company”

    Do not fall for tricks by cleaning companies which always keep small prints and then start to show their true colours, trust your Local Cleaners Near You which can provide range of cleaning services in North East England including after build cleans, carpet cleaning, moving home cleaning be it move out and move in cleaning, professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and range of other cleaning services.

    We also provide complete house clearance services across North East England, vacate cleaning services, after tenancy or checkout cleaning services, rental bond cleaning services, painting and decoration services, plastering and rendering services, plumbing and removal services and much more.

    Just ask us today! We also specialise in home and office carpet cleaning services and range of upholstery cleaning services including Mattresses, Sofas, Curtains and Rugs Steam Cleaning, After Builders Cleaning, End Of Lease Cleaning, Rental Bond Cleaning and range of other cleaning services, handyman services and property construction and building services in Teesside, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and across other areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    Call us today on 0750 6709 450 or on 0800 689 8989 for professional end of tenancy cleaning in North East England, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning services, one off cleaning, deep and spring cleaning services and domestic and commercial cleaning services today – We cover North and West Yorkshire, Durham, Teesside, Sunderland, Darlington, Gateshead, Bishop Auckland, Newcastle and UK and all towns, postcodes, cities and boroughs across UK!

    We proudly provide below services to our beloved North East England customers:

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Norton
    We are honest and provide an honest end of tenancy cleaning service which will impress you, your landlord, estate agent and inventory checkout clerk and it’s guaranteed!

    Pre End Of Tenancy Cleaning Norton
    Pre End Of Tenancy Cleaning is for those customers which want to get their property cleaned pre to their move out. It helps customers get their final (tenancy clean) get even better results.

    Post End Of Tenancy Cleaning Norton
    Post Tenancy Cleaning is a complete service on the end of your tenancy, term or contract and for when you vacate your premises. It involves deep cleaning of the entire property so it can be put into its state it was in whilst you moved in.

    Move Out Cleaning Norton
    Move Out Cleaning when you require the property to be cleaned to pristine condition before you hand-over the keys to your estate agent, landlord and/or an inventory checkout clerk.

    Move In Cleaning Norton
    If you are moving into a new property or have already moved and require it to be spotlessly cleaned and germs free then you can hire move in cleaning services in order to enjoy a clean lifestyle.

    House Clearance Services Norton
    We can clear your house if you have rubbish, used or items or stuff which is of no use to you. We normally hand-over stuff to local charities, which may be of use for other deserving people – We can also collect and dump your stuff in an appropriate manner as stated by Government.

    Moving House Cleaning Norton
    Moving House Cleaning is very similar to end of tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning and move in cleaning but is designed for those customers which want their move out properties and move in property cleaned on the same or different days. Well, why not, they save 20-% on price on using the service in both of their properties.

    House Refreshment Services Norton
    If you are moving out of a property or moving into a new property and require painting and decoration services or touchups in order to make it look good and clean – This is where this service helps. We can provide part or full painting and decoration service to help meet your needs. Our local painters and decorators will not just paint and decorate it to a good standard but also leave your place spotless and clean it before leaving the property.

    Vacate Cleaning Norton
    If you are vacating a property, be it residential, commercial or industrial property, your landlord, estate agent or leasing company will ask you to do a vacate cleaning (or) end of term, end of contract or end of lease cleaning. This is where we can help provide bespoke tailor-made or full clean of your properties or range of properties.

    Carpet Cleaning Norton
    We specialise in professional steam carpet cleaning. We also provide dry carpet cleaning services in homes, offices, commercial and industrial properties. We are a long-standing carpet cleaning company who has started it’s operations in near you but has grown and became a nationwide carpet cleaning company. Today millions of people from all walks of life trust us for professional carpet cleaning, enjoy great price, punctual and honest service, good support and emergency and last minute jobs booked without any extra charges. We even work on public holidays, weekends and 365 days an year and cover entire UK.

    Upholstery Cleaning Norton
    We provide professional steam upholstery cleaning services, be it sofas and mattresses steam cleaning, arm chairs, curtains, rugs and the list goes on. You can count on us for complete upholstery cleaning services in all nationwide locations.

    Office Cleaning and Office Carpet Cleaning Norton
    We provide professional one-off and regular office cleaning and office carpet cleaning services in all locations nationwide.

    Painting Services in Norton
    Are you looking for local painters and decorators, which can provide a bespoke, tailor-made or a complete painting and decoration services. All our painters and decorators are experienced for at least 3 years and work in homes, offices, industrial and commercial properties. No matter the size of the job. We can always help and that too in all locations nationwide.

    Plastering Services in Norton
    We provide professional plastering services – We are perhaps one of those long-standing plastering companies which have always been honest, to the point, punctual but most important helpful. If you are looking for plastering services, your search is over. Get in touch with us today and we will offer you a great price and service you deserve being our customer!

    Rendering Services in Norton
    We have been offering rendering services for over 14 years now. Being one of the top-notch and the most renowned rendering services firm, we specialise in rendering services for homes, offices, industrial and commercial properties, no matter the size of the job, we can always help and are always a phone call away. Need something done last minute or in urgency? Please do not hesitate. We will be always help and go a mile if we can to help!

    Handyman Services in Norton
    We provide complete handyman services, be it joinery, carpentry, electrician works, plumbing, removal and range of other handyman services from pest control to insulation, damp proofing to gutter cleaning, rubbish removals to house clearance, furniture assembly to gas and safety certificates, boiler issues and so forth. We can even provide wooden flooring services and range of other handyman and property services nationwide. Just get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

    Home and Office Removal Services in Norton
    If you are looking for man and van or removal services in your local area. Why not get in touch with your local removal company which provides man and van services in your local area. Our prices are reasonable, our staff is helpful and our ethics and values are second to none. Just phone us today and we will be happy to lend our hand on time and in budget, when needed!

    Complete property management and property maintenance services in Norton
    If you are looking for trusted, honest but most important a knowledge property management and property maintenance services, be it residential, commercial or industrial property, we can really help. Our property management and maintenance fee is really reasonable and since we are a full service construction, maintenance and handyman company we can provide complete property solutions under one roof.

    Property Lettings Norton
    We also provide complete residential and commercial property lettings services for landlords and estate agents, other property management firms, inventory companies, if you are looking to rent your property on 3-% better rental value, then get in touch with us today! If you are a tenant looking for your local letting agency, get in touch with us, we will understand your needs and provide you a property which actually suits you and that too at highly affordable and market competitive prices.

    Building and Construction Services Norton
    Are you looking for your local building and construction company which specialises in Lofts, Kitchens installations, Bathrooms Installations, Porches, Scaffolding, Extensions and other building services then please get in touch with us, we will provide a free site visit and free estimates. We are highly experienced team of property developers and work with councils, estate agents and know what to deliver – We are fully equipped too and are always happy to help. Call us today in order to discuss your needs.

    We also provide several other services in North East England:
    * Painting and Decoration Services
    * Plastering Services
    * Rendering Services
    * Locksmith Services
    * Electrician Services
    * Plumbing Services
    * Removal Services
    * Rubbish Removal Services
    * Gardening Services
    * Pest Control Services
    * Mould Removal (Damp Removal Services)
    * Handyman Services
    * Woodwork and Joinery Services
    * Pet and Babysitting Services
    * Brickworks Services
    * Garage Conversion Services
    * Porches
    * Bathrooms Installations
    * Kitchens Installations
    * Pest Control Services
    * Locksmith Services
    * Joinery Services
    * Bond Cleaning Services
    * Vacate Cleaning Services
    * End Of Term Cleaning Services
    * End Of Lease Cleaning Services
    * After Tenancy Cleaning Services
    * Rental Bond Cleaning Services
    * Home & Office Carpet Cleaning Services
    * Move Out Cleaning Services
    *Move In Cleaning Services
    * Roofing Services (Re-Roofing, Roofing Leaks and Damages Repairs)
    * Pet Fumigation Services
    * Pressure Washing Services
    * and much more

    Our Recent Portfolio for all Services:


    Call us today on 07506 709450 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to speak to your local specialists.

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Brighton Reviews = Hi Luqman Hope you are well. I and all our housemates who work and hardly get time to clean the house are very thankful to you and your staff. You provided us great price on end of tenancy cleaning services in Brighton, not just that, you guys were right on time, did a fantastic job and since then, we have received full deposit from Avard Lettings Estate Agents. They I believe use your service too because we have seen your cards and brochures in their office but directly booking with you has helped us save £200 🙂 – Thank You Guys! The house we have moved into is not very clean and we are hoping to hire your move in cleaning service in our new property in London in just a few days once we have our schedules sorted. Sincerely yours Lucy, Dave, Ela and Jammie
    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Brighton Reviews