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Forgotten cleaning chores in the home

Forgotten cleaning chores in the home

However assiduous we are at keeping our home lovely and clean, there are always places where dust and grime gather that we either forget to check, or find hard to access. However, these awkward spots still need our attention from time to time. Cheap Cleaning Services is turning the spotlight on them in a bid to help create a thorough domestic cleaning routine.

1. Around the fridge – dust gathers underneath, while the top gets greasy from prolonged exposure to cooking in the kitchen. Plus, the door seals attract crumbs and the shelves themselves need regular wiping. Lots to do for this cool customer!

2. Underneath the washing machine and tumble dryer – this is another popular haunt for dust and bits of lint from the clothing being washed and dried. Get someone to help move the machine and then sweep and mop underneath it.

3. Skirting boards and picture rails – out of sight, out of mind applies for these areas, yet a quick dust and wipe will make all the difference.

4. Dishwasher – this hard-working machine keeps out dishes clean, but what about its own interior? To maintain top results, run the dishwasher on empty once in a while, save for a commercial cleaning product or cup full of vinegar or lemon juice to cut through the residual grease from all the plates, cutlery and cups.

5. Lamps, shades and ceiling fans – these can often be ignored. Dust and wipe them from time to time – and don’t forget to wipe around the light switches too.

6. Inside the vacuum cleaner – empty your vacuum cleaner regularly to keep it in tip top condition. Don’t forget to clean it occasionally too to dislodge any stubborn bits of dust and to keep it looking and smelling nice.

7. Cupboards and shelves – don’t just wipe the outside doors. Periodically clear the contents and wipe down the insides of cupboards and shelves to remove spills, sticky patches and mildew.

8. Computers – these expensive items gather a lot of dust due to the static electricity generated. Carefully vacuum around, behind and underneath them to keep them dust free. Don’t forget to regularly wipe the keyboard, screen and mouse too.

9. Storage – check on items placed in storage, either in the attic, in blanket boxes or in the garage. Look for signs of moths, damp, mould or damage. You can get advice online about how to correctly store different materials.

10. Dustbins – these are normally kept outside, and so d not enter the radar when it comes to cleaning inside the home. Yet they can get very messy and smelly if neglected. Once they are clean, invest in large bin bags to keep them clean.

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