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How end of tenancy cleaning prices are worked out in UK?

How end of tenancy cleaning prices are worked out in UK?

End of tenancy cleaning – how the prices are worked?

I think I have answered how end of tenancy cleaning prices are worked out in the past on Google+, Twitter and Youtube and LinkedIn, but a customer has called this afternoon, a Korean lady working for Citi bank and basically she was finding it really hard to exactly find out how end of tenancy cleaning price is worked out, she has a 1 bedroom flat she is moving from and every company she rang today she said had a price difference of £20 to £55. I was thinking why not publish it online for readers in London or in UK in general to see how tenancy cleaning cost is worked out.

Well the end of tenancy cleaning prices may vary from one cleaning company to the other but also because of quality standards cleaning companies are ruled to provide. Honestly speaking there are only 3 main cleaning companies and the rest are brokers, freshies or people with no certifications, accreditations, and which can just call themselves a cleaning company but then again that’s not my business. Whatever helps pay the bills you know?

Our Prices (we may assign several discounts on the time of actual booking). You can also save a lot if you are student, working professional, foreign student exchange program student in UK, single mum and there are range of even budget tenancy cleaning deals available for several professionals, council or housing organisation tenants etc:


For one bedroom flat with 1 bathroom, all on 1 level, semi furnished or furnished property, kitchen, living room, a tenancy-cleaning price is worked out as below:

2 Staff Members Minimum Cost: £50 (it takes nearly 4 good hours to complete 1 bed flat).
Cleaning Products and Materials: £15/20 (depends on condition)
Fuel charges to go & come back: £10
Driver Minimum Charges: £10
Bathroom: £10/15
Kitchen: £40/65
Skirting boards, furniture, doors etc: £20

Total without steam carpet cleaning: £155 (Realistic Cost)
Properties too old or roughly used: £195

Carpet Cleaning Throughout: £40/60 (depends on condition)
Professional Carpet Cleaning 1 room: £20
Pro Carpet Cleaning in 1 room & living: £40

Please note, as large cleaning companies may always be within a 5 miles radius as they are around the same area may cost less, and this is exactly the case when it comes to our end of tenancy cleaning services for example: because we work with councils, hundreds of estate agents, landlords, housing organisations, hostels, colleges and universities, there are always chances we will be able to charge less and offer a good price, however our end of tenancy cleaning prices for 1 bedroom only start from £100 and there are several reasons including less travel distance to your property, because we have local presence throughout UK and our highly trusted and experienced end of tenancy cleaners are aware of the fact what exactly they have to do than just learning from each other.

Please note, some cleaning companies (not reputable ones) can always give you cheaper end of tenancy cleaning prices by compromising on the products or cleaning materials they use or outsourcing their jobs to other cleaning companies etc., but if you are looking for professional after tenancy cleaning services, this is how a reputable cleaning company will work on your end of tenancy cleaning cost depending on the condition of your property.

You can see fantastic tenancy cleaning deals available on our website for both moving in cleaning or moving out cleaning, which are lot more cheaper than the price given above but then again as I said, because we are always in the area and can offer a good price.

If you are unsure about tenancy cleaning prices, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You can always contact us through our website or call us on our mobile telephone exchange number on 07907 004090. Our front desk officers and Call Centre executives will love to talk to you and help you save on move out or moving in cleaning. If you are looking for last minute end of tenancy clean, overnight, or affordable and budget after tenancy clean deals, give us a call in order to avoid hassle and stress and ensure you return your property in a good state in order to claim your deposit (money) and leave on a good note.

Calling is free and help is offered free too but helps you avoid hassle and stress at the later stage.

Dear Luqman I and my wife just wanted to say Thank you for a great service, when the cleaning company we hired refused to work as they were asking for more money to spend, you guys took this job on such a short notice, charged us even cheapest price, and helped us get our move sorted, I am really impressed with your professionalism, highly ethical team members, and definitely the way your prices are structured. Thanks a lot mate for all you did for us. When you are in Sutton, please do not forget to visit us for coffee. Sincerely Yours, Sutton, Surrey, UK
John Nixon