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How to clean a flat in five minutes

How to clean a flat in five minutes

In an ideal world, we would have plenty of time to clean, tidy and generally turn our houses and flats into show homes fit for the pages of a glossy magazine. Yet that is not how it normally works in the real world. Sometimes, we have very little notice to transform a room from a mess to a masterpiece. So Cheap Cleaning Services has come up with ten ways you can perform a five-minute clean to give the impression of a tidy home, ready to welcome any guest.

1. Clear the clutter. Toys on the floor, clothes draped over chairs, newspapers on the table… If you can clear everything away – even if it means throwing them in a basket or cupboard temporarily – the room will immediately look clearer.

2. Getting the vacuum cleaner out and going over any clear floor space is another quick fix that will remove any small bits and freshen up the carpets ahead of visitors arriving.

3. Make the living room sparkle with a quick sweep of the duster. Plump up the cushions too to make the room feel loved. Give the TV screen a wipe and tidy up the DVD boxes and remote controls.

4. Freshen up the bathroom with a quick swipe of the fittings with a disinfectant wipe. Shove some bleach down the toilet, pop a new toilet roll on, straighten the towels and clean smudges off the mirror with a damp paper towel.

5. If you have a dishwasher, pop dirty crockery and glasses inside before your guests arrive. If not, pile them in the oven temporarily. Give your kitchen surfaces and taps a quick wipe, put any food packets away and sweep the floor.

6. In the bedrooms, make the bed as soon as you wake up so it always looks presentable from the off. Open the curtains. Keep a laundry basket in there for discarded clothes. Plump cushions and give surfaces a quick dust.

7. Encourage the children to keep their things tidy by providing large, sturdy and fun storage. Stacking boxes or drawers can be very useful to quickly hide away their treasures when the house needs to look at its best.

8. Open the windows in nice weather for instant freshness. Or use room scents, such as candles, diffusers, sprays and essential oil. If you have time, get the coffee percolator on the go.

9. Put the radio or a favourite CD on and challenge yourself to sort out one room per song. The time restraint will motivate you to work harder and faster!

10. If you still have time after all that, empty the bins. There’s nothing worse than seeing overflowing rubbish in someone else’s house.

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