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Ironing out the laundry routine

Ironing out the laundry routine

Ironing.So often the bane of domestic life. Yet once the job is done, the results look amazing and provide real satisfaction. Whether you wash by hand or use a machine, the different textiles used in making clothes and linen must all be treated differently – check out the labels for washing, drying and ironing instructions – and then follow them to the letter.

Can Cheap Cleaning Services inspire you to get through that dreaded laundry pile? Here are some top tips and ideas.

1. Add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda or cream of tartar to your washing machine’s powder dispenser to produce brighter whites. Or add half a cup of lemon juice.

2. Buy a small meshed bag with a zip to keep smaller items, such as socks and tights together in the wash. This also helps prevent damage to underwired bras.

3. Sorting the laundry in advance by colours and washing instructions will save a lot of heartache afterwards and will avoid favourite items of clothing or bed linen shrinking or becoming discoloured.

4. Opt for a cooler temperature water for bright colours and lightly soiled fabrics to reduce the risk of shrinkage and to save energy by using less hot water.

5. Put larger items of laundry on hangers to dry, rather than using pegs. This will prevent peg marks and free up space on the dryer.

6. If you use a tumble dryer, putting a large, dry towel in with the wet washing will help everything dry faster. Never overload a tumble dryer.

7. Iron clothes while they are still damp. If items have become too dry to iron properly, pop them in the tumble dryer with a damp tea towel to loosen the fibres.

8. To prevent dark fabrics becoming shiny, turn them inside out before ironing. Help reflect the heat and speed up the ironing process by laying aluminium foil under the ironing board cover.

9. If your ironing board does not have a sleeve board attachment, use a rolled up towel inside sleeves to prevent creases.

10. Get rid of hard water deposits inside your steam iron by adding a white vinegar and water mix to it and leaving it switched on for a few minutes before rinsing out thoroughly.

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