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Kitchen cleaning clues

Kitchen cleaning clues

The kitchen is often the centre of the home. It is where food is prepared, dishes washed and confidences shared. So it must be warm, clean and – above all – hygienic enough to prepare food that is fit for us and our guests to eat. Here are ten suggestions from Cheap Cleaning Services to help keep a clean kitchen:

1. Clean a microwave by putting several wet paper towels and half a (non metal) cup of fresh lemon juice inside. Run it on high for around three minutes. The steam will loosen the stuck on food, ready to be wiped away, and the lemon juice will add a pleasant fragrance.

2. Deodorise a fridge by sprinkling equal parts salt and baking soda onto a damp sponge and using this to clean. Keep half a fresh lemon in the fridge to chase away any overpowering smells between cleans.

3. Rejuvenate wooden chopping boards, bowls and utensils that are starting to look dry and cracked by rubbing them generously with olive oil. Repeat this a few times to see the shine return.

4. Keep splashbacks, wall and floor tiles clean with a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Wipe on liberally, then clean off with a sponge or mop. Or use vinegar to bring a shine to a wood floor.

5. To remove greasy stains, such as cooking oil, crayons or pesto from a painted wall, dab at them with a little dishwasher detergent mixed with warm water. Do not scrub too hard or you will remove the paint.

6. Remove (or reduce the visual impact of) scratches in stainless steel by gently running steel wool along the offending area, in line with the grain of the stainless steel. Then spray with a specialist stainless steel cleaner and polish.

7. Disinfect a waste disposal unit by grinding ice cubes made with half water, half white vinegar.

8. Clean a dirty food blender by adding some warm water and soap, then switching the blender on to let the water swirl about inside. rinse, then repeat with water until the blender is clean.

9. Clean coffee stains from cups by rubbing them with salt and rinsing off. For coffee pots, ceramic jars and other items that are narrow or hard to reach the bottom, use an alka seltzer tablet with some warm water instead.

10. Minimise nasty surprises in the washing up by putting dirty pans to soak in warm water as soon as you have finished with them – before you even sit down to eat what you have prepared. It only takes half a minute to do.

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