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    School’s out, end of tenancy cleaning for students

    School’s out, end of tenancy cleaning for students

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning (Be It Move In or Move Out Cleaning)

    Students have a lot to think about when they strike out on their own to pursue their studies, make friendships, manage budgets and look after a house or flat on their own – often for the first time. During term time, the emphasis is usually firmly placed on the first two things on the list, rather than the latter – the upkeep of their living quarters and student housing end of tenancy cleaning, in some cases hostel end of tenancy or lease cleaning.

    However, as the end of their studies approach, and the time to move out comes into sight, all of a sudden, the importance of leaving a clean home – and retrieving as much as they can of their deposit (if not all of it) – becomes much more significant. It’s is then time for all the students living in the property to pull together to clean up after themselves, in readiness for the landlord or real estate company check. So what can students do to prepare?

    Share the load
    Call a meeting with your flat or housemates to decide who is going to do what in the cleaning process, be it move in or move out cleaning. You could divide up the house by rooms, draw up a chore list or allocate certain types of job (e.g. washing, vacuuming, polishing etc.) to allow everyone to muck in.

    Space it out
    You can’t expect to tackle the whole lot in one go. The secret of successful end of tenancy student cleaning is to arrange a timetable and do a bit at a time – say one or two hours per day in the run up to the end of your contract.

    Be prepared
    If you live in halls, chances are you will have the cleaning equipment provided for you, from the vacuum cleaner to the furniture polish. If you live in private accommodation, you will probably have to source all this yourself. Beg, borrow or buy a vacuum cleaner, or hire a steam cleaner if you have a lot of dirt to shift.

    Invest in polishes, sprays, dusters and the like; the money spent on this will doubtless be much less than the dent caused in your deposit if you do not clean up after yourselves thoroughly enough.

    Personal cleaning
    Keep on top of your personal cleaning, such as clothes washing, dishes, waste paper bins and so on, all year round. That way, you will have less to do when moving out day approaches. Pack away your possessions carefully when your tenancy comes to an end, and don’t forget to dust shelves, wipe inside cupboards and clean any pills or stains as best as you can in your bedroom.

    Communal areas
    Pay particular attention to bathrooms – basins, toilets, showers etc. In the kitchen, clear away the grease inside and on top of cupboards, mop the floor and clean the oven, hob and microwave. Vacuum and / or steam clean carpets as you complete each room and never assume someone else has done a job without checking, or it will get forgotten.

    Don’t cut corners
    Inventory companies, private landlords and the like will have a well prepared cleaning inventory list to refer to when it comes to inspecting end of tenancy student cleaning efforts, so you will not get away with cutting corners. You might like to ask them for a copy prior to starting your cleaning so that you can cross tasks off as you complete them.

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    Julie’s review about End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London Dear Team We are very pleased with your end of tenancy cleaning service. Your team members were well uniformed, very professional indeed, very pleasant to speak with and very down to earth and hard working people. You guys have done a lot for us for a great price, and we will recommend you to all our friends in London and Surrey for your end of tenancy cleaning services. Thanks a lot once again
    Julie Davidson