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    Selling out? Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning

    Selling out? Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning

    Commercial End of Tenancy Cleaning

    The recent economic troubles encountered by the UK have resulted in many shops leaving the high street, finding the rent too high to sustain. Others have moved online, hoping to capitalise on the growing trend of Internet buying – and the lower overheads the phenomenon represents.

    Shutting up a shop is a busy time, with lots to think about and do. So retailers can be forgiven for not always knowing where to start with their end of tenancy shop cleaning duties. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

    Home, sweet shop?
    Start off by treating your shop as you would a domestic property being prepared for an end of tenancy cleaning check. Gather together your cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner (if relevant), cloths, polishes, sprays, sponges, mops and disinfectants

    Clean methodically, starting with the cleaner areas and working towards the kitchen or utility room facilities. Wash paintwork; polish shelves and counters and vacuum carpets and upholstery. Clean out any fridges, ovens etc. and pack up all personal belongings and move them elsewhere before you start the deep clean.

    Window dressing
    Just as you lavished love and attention on your shop front while you were trading, making sure your window displays were eye-catching and creative, so the windows still require your time. Clean them both inside and out – or employ a professional window cleaning company to do it for you. This will create a really good impression from the start of your end of shop tenancy cleaning inspection.
    Don’t forget to clean the glass in any shop counter displays, plus any mirrors in the toilets or changing rooms. Arrange for any broken panes to be replaced and wash or steam clean any curtains or blinds.

    Hidden areas
    The staff rest room, toilets and stock areas are not normally seen or accessed by the public, but they will come under as much scrutiny as the shop front when it comes to the end of tenancy inventory and cleaning check. Any damage must be repaired and dirt cleaned and scrubbed away. Mop floors, wipe cupboards and shelves and watch out for hidden spider webs up high.

    Clear out every last piece of stock and make sure your paperwork is transferred safely to its new home. Clean any furniture and fittings being left behind and tidy any contents of cupboards and drawers that came with the shop tenancy.

    Not strictly part of the end of tenancy shop cleaning routine, but make sure your affairs are as neat and tidy as your newly cleaned and vacated shop premises are.

    Alert suppliers, customers and supporters as to your change of address and/or trading circumstances and make sure your business paperwork is up to date. Arrange to store your stock somewhere safe and pay any outstanding utility bills, rent, insurance etc.

    Only then can you hand back the keys and move on to the next stage of your retail career with a clear conscience.

    Normally, if you have acquired a professional cleaning service before selling out your shop or a commercial property, the chances are you may attract more buyers and higher bids, this would be probably a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company which knows about commercial property end of lease or tenancy cleaning and may provide a bespoke end of tenancy cleaning service

    There are a lot of cleaning companies in London and Surrey but honestly, there are very few which are equipped with current-age and latest cleaning tools and equipments, be it floor scrubbers to jet wash, power wash or steam carpet cleaning machinery, window cleaners to bespoke and eco friendly cleaning products and materials

    You should do your home work properly, look for a cleaning agency in London and Surrey which can offer great cleaning services without breaking your bank.

    Most commercial property owners which have been in buying and selling game always hire a cleaning service before buying or selling, this helps them attract more buyers and sell your property at still a great price. Plus on the other hand, commercial end of tenancy cleaning do not cost millions but a hundred or few hundred pounds but may give your shop, a restaurant, hotel or a bed and breakfast, a warehouse or an office the sparkling look it deserves in order to attract higher bids and more income.

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    Julie’s review about End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London Dear Team We are very pleased with your end of tenancy cleaning service. Your team members were well uniformed, very professional indeed, very pleasant to speak with and very down to earth and hard working people. You guys have done a lot for us for a great price, and we will recommend you to all our friends in London and Surrey for your end of tenancy cleaning services. Thanks a lot once again
    Julie Davidson