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Finding a professional oven cleaner

Cleaning ovens, hobs, extractors and racks: how to locate true professionals

It is amazing how dirty ovens, hobs, extractors and racks can get – and how fast it all builds up. It takes a stout heart and strong elbow to tackle it all and householders could be excused for not wanting – or having time to do the job themselves.

By going with a professional oven cleaning company, they can enjoy impressive results without having to put the hours in. Here’s how to find the best oven cleaning company around.

1. Responsible oven cleaning services will never use toxic products to clean your oven. Instead, they will opt for environmentally-friendly alternatives that allow you access to your oven and kitchen as soon as the job is done. This is especially important to consider in households that include children or pets.

2. Oven cleaning services should be thorough, with every removable part of an oven, hob or microwave taken out and properly cleaned. This includes shelves, racks and roasting tins.

3. Oven cleaners should pay attention to the side walls, floors and doors too, to make sure the oven ends up as clean and hygienic as possible.

4. Specialist services can add to an oven cleaning company reputation and appeal. For example, after party cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, microwave or barbecue cleaning or kitchen deep clean packages.

5. Cleaners should be fully vetted, insured and cleared to work in the UK. They must be dedicated to the job, working as hard on your oven as if it were their own.

6. Timings should be flexible – cleaners should be available to work around your hours, whether that be during the day, in the evening or at the weekend.

7. Most oven cleaning companies also offer wider services, such as extractor fans, fridges, freezers and the rest of the kitchen – or even house, flat or commercial premises. Oven cleaning contracts can be one-offs, or regular commitments, to suit each individual client.

8. Finally, the most professional cleaners leave the home just as they found it – albeit much cleaner than it was when they arrived. Your belongings will be undisturbed; your organizational methods untouched. The only changes will be to the oven and other areas that you have instructed the cleaning team to work on.

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