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The Cheap Cleaning Services stains workshop part 1

The Cheap Cleaning Services stains workshop part 1

Learn how to remove stains from your clothes, carpets and so on – Part 1.

Different stains call for different treatments – and they needn’t always use harsh chemicals. Why not try some of the following tips to restore cherished belongings at a cheap cost and with little effort?

In this first blog in a series of three, we look at some common liquid stains. Always check washing instructions on the stained item and follow them appropriately. Perform a pre-test on a hidden area first and seek professional specialist advice if you are concerned.

1. Cocoa cola: use cold water and work in liquid fabric detergent from the back of the fabric if possible. Rinse and then sponge with some methylated spirits, along with some white vinegar and water. Repeat if required.

2. Alcohol: add a few drops of ammonia to a clothes wash to remove alcohol stains. Rinse well in lukewarm water afterwards.

3. Coffee and tea: stretch the stained area over a basin and dampen it with water. Sprinkle on some borax and pour boiling water on top. Leave to soak in the solution, then rinse and launder as normal. Dried tea stains can be loosened by soaking the area in a mixture of one part glycerine and two parts water.

4. Milk: get rid of milk stains by soaking in warm water mixed with glycerine, brushing lightly then washing as normal.

5. Coloured dye: Remove dye stains from white fabrics by dabbing on some hydrogen peroxide and drying in the sun.

6. Vinegar: if you get a vinegar stain on something white, wash boil it gently with some soap and one dessertspoonful of borax.

7. Ink: remove all traces of unwanted ink from coloured fabric by soaking in milk (sour if possible) before washing. Rub half a lemon on white material and leave for an hour.

8. Blood: wash a fresh bloodstain in cold, salted water.

Why not call your local cleaning company today and ask for free help. Our friendly and polite support agents are happy to answer your questions.

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