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Tips on how to find trusted regular cleaners

Tips on how to find trusted regular cleaners

Regular Cleaning Service

What you should know about your regular or contract cleaning, in your residential or commercial property.

Hiring a cleaner for your domestic cleaning needs can be quite daunting. After all, you are letting this person enter your home, possibly clean while you are not there and have access to your most intimate possessions.

You need to know that you can trust them to do the job they are paid for – and to the best frothier ability. So what traits must you look out for when meeting them for the first time?

1. Positivity: we all feel better around positive people. Those who take life’s challenges and rise to them, instead of having a moan. It is likely that you will see your cleaner a fair bit, whether it be while they are cleaning your home or afterwards when you pay them. A sunny disposition and happy approach to life will make such encounters much more pleasant and tolerable for both parties

2. Honesty: this is an obvious one. A cleaner has to be honest and trustworthy in order to be left in another person’s home or commercial premises without the fear that they will steal, slack off or not own up to breakages. Any reputable cleaning agency will have vetted their staff, to make sure they are trustworthy, dedicated and eligible to work in the UK.

3. Good communications: whether it is conveying instructions over how to clean a certain item, rearranging a cleaning appointment or reporting that the cleaning fluid has run out, a cleaner must be able to communicate well with his or her employer to get the job done. This can be done face to face or in writing, but it must be done well – with both sides understanding what the other is saying to them.

4. Impressive cleaning knowledge: a cleaner should be a professional at his or her job. They must know how to clean different materials, such as upholstery, fabric, metal, wood, plastics and stone. They must understand and adhere to any instructions on cleaning products, especially those that could potentially be harmful if ingested or used in the wrong way. Cleaners can often be asked for advice – and the best ones will have plenty of tips to share.

5. Personable character: as with the first point, a cleaner spends a fair amount of time in the house of his or her clients, talking to them. As a rule, we prefer talking to people who are pleasant, engaging and interested in us. And we are much more likely to reemploy and give great references to someone we like personally.

6. Driven by success: cleaning is no different to any other job or profession when it comes to striving for excellence. The best cleaners will feel pride in their work, and will work hard to achieve the best possible results. No matter how hard the task is, or filthy the area to be cleaned.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Croydon Reviews = Dear Paulina, This is Jennifer who has called you last week in order to book an end of tenancy cleaning service in Croydon. Thank you for your time and for your help in booking the service on quite a short notice. This property is handled by KFH Estate Agents which are quite strict and your end of tenancy cleaning service and carpet cleaning has helped us secure our full deposit. Your staff has even changed 3 bulbs for us at no cost. Your staff members were so helpful that when we told they we do not have car parking, they tried to find free parking but because it is impossible to find free parking on the road, we then paid the parking fee which were couple of pounds. I have now moved into a new property in Esher and I will use your service again and recommend to my friends. Thanks once again Jennifer Croydon, Greater London, UK
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Croydon Reviews