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    End of tenancy cleaning and students

    Monthly Archives: June 2013

    End of tenancy cleaning and students

    Summertime sees the end of the academic year, with thousands of students finishing their courses and heading back home – or off on holiday. However, before the celebrations can commence, there is the little matter of cleaning up after leaving your student accommodation. Most students are aware of end of tenancy cleaning in London and Surrey – Especially the one’s have been living in London for quite sometime

    But there are students which only come to know about end of tenancy clean when either their tenancy agreement expires or they are going on long holidays or just finish their whole course – Well, it makes sense as most people in a busy city like London hardly get time to go through the whole contract clauses.

    Whether you have spent the year in college housing or in a privately rented house, you will be expected to leave things as clean and tidy as possible – or risk losing your deposit or incurring as fine. So here are a few extra cleaning lessons ahead of the long summer break.

    If funds will stretch to it as the end of a busy term, you might like to invest in a deep tenancy cleaning, or end of tenancy cleaning service.

    After all, why spend your precious freedom cleaning? Specialist cleaning companies will know how to clean and prepare a house, room or flat ahead of landlord or letting company inspections.

    If you are cleaning it yourself, it is a good idea to make a list of areas to be cleaned first – or find one online. That way, you won’t miss anything and can work through the list methodically.

    Get everyone who has lived at the property involved – plus any long term visitors or regular guests. Make it fun by turning up the music, sharing out the jobs and seeing who can get their tasks done the quickest.

    Have a treat standing by for when you finish – just don’t drop any crumbs or drinks on the freshly cleaned floor afterwards!

    Unless you have extremely accommodating parents, it’s a good idea to wash and iron as much of your clothing as you can before leaving for home.

    Clean, flat clothes can be packed much more easily than soiled, scrunched up ones, and dirty clothes will make your clean ones smell if they are all thrown into a suitcase together.

    If you are planning any end of year celebrations, it might be a good plan to book a specialist after event or after party cleaning company to handle the fall out the following day.

    A few students clubbing together will not need to pay all that much for a sparkling clean result with no effort required.

    If you have enjoyed the services of a cleaner during the year, now might be a good time to thank them with a gift of some wine, flowers or similarly kind gesture.

    After all, they have picked up after you and your housemates all year – surely that’s worth saying thank you for properly?

    Before you leave, check inside all cupboards and drawers, along shelves, behind doors etc to make sure you have not left anything behind that you need, or that there are no nasty or moldy surprises lurking.

    Check upwards for cobwebs and inform the landlord, agent of educational body of any damage found – photographic evidence may be required if you need to prove the damage was not your fault.

    Most student want to save as much money they can for the fun part or just to invest that money on something more useful. But this is where the problem lies, after your tenancy, if your house, flat or apartment and even the room was found dirty, grumpy walls, stains on the carpets, fridge, freezer, microwave oven and cooker or kitchen, bathroom, toilet and stair cases, landings, hallways, and flights of stairs in general, this may harm your reasons to get your full deposit in return.

    As you have paid your rent on time throughout your tenancy period, it is rather better to let a professional end of tenancy cleaning company provide you with complete solution, rather doing it on your own and then still getting a huge list of faults found with the service

    There is an old saying – Let the right people do the right job – You can always think of a budget end of tenancy cleaning service, and keep it within budget, there are number of cleaning companies, which charge a lot but then again, there are still few ethical cleaning firms which charge with what is called a reasonable price for a great service

    If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services as a tenant, private landlord or as an estate agency – You might like to consider Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd for full professional cleaning in order to avoid losing your deposit.

    You may call them on 0800 689 8989 or on 07907 004090 – They offer end of tenancy cleaning service round the clock, they cover whole London, Surrey and 40 miles radius and provide a bespoke service – Above all they send uniformed cleaners, are always on time and always have a solution

    Plus they do not let you down on commitments.

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    Speeding up the cleaning routine

    Speeding up the cleaning routine

    Everyone has to clean. It’s a fact of life – if we live and work in places, they will get dusty and dirty; things will get spilled. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to spend ages cleaning up. With a little bit of forward planning and thought, we can speed up the cleaning process no end. Here’s how…

    First of all, the ideal way to reduce cleaning time is to hire a specialist domestic or commercial cleaning company. Their expertise and experience will allow them to get the job done quickly, yet thoroughly. The time you save will be well worth the money spent.

    Help your cleaners – or yourself – by keeping your cleaning supplies together. Find as sturdy container and a convenient storage place for them. Keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets and always screw caps and lids back on firmly to avoid spillages. Check your stock regularly and replace things as they run low.

    Guide cleaning teams as to what you want doing – tell them when they arrive, or leave them a note. Work out a rota for what they need to do when, where and how often.

    Make cleaning fun and the time will pass much more quickly. Put some music on, have a dance and get your friends round to help. Plana treat for when you have finished – a pampering bath will not only relax you but get your newly cleaned bathroom smelling lovely.

    Don’t overdo it. Use polishes and sprays products sparingly to avoid a build up of product that can be hard to shift. Some cleaning fluids need to be left to work for a few minutes before they are wiped away to get the best results.

    Concentrate on well-used areas of the house. If you haven’t been near somewhere since you last cleansed it, chances are it will not have got that dirty in the intervening time. Oh, and try using both hands while cleaning for double capacity!

    Be methodical. Start at the top of the house and work your way down. Do one room at a time. Clear up spills and mess as they happen and always put cleaning supplies away neatly when you have finished a job.

    If you are not happy with how a cleaning company is tackling the job, raise the matter with them sooner, rather than later. Task lists can be changed; routines altered to suit your needs. Don’t suffer in silence – or worse, re do the jobs yourself when the cleaning team has gone.

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    Cleaning outdoors

    Cleaning should not just be restricted to inside the house. Especially now that summer is upon us. We will want to spend more time enjoying ourselves in the open air, and so need to make sure that the equipment and furniture we need is clean, scrubbed and fit for purpose.

    Of course, the best way to ensure your exterior looks tits best, but with minimal effort needed by you is to employ a domestic cleaning company with expertise in tackling outdoor jobs.

    However, if you want to prepare, or even handle the whole job yourself, here are some tips.

    Drains, gutters and wastepipes
    This crucial job will help safeguard the structural integrity of your entire home. Clear out any rotting leaves, twigs and other visible debris first, using a sturdy ladder to reach the gutters. Then, pour soda crystals down the drain and leave for ten minutes before rinsing with boiling water. This will cut down on grease and blockages. Wash out with water and the garden hose.

    Drives, patios and paving stones
    Use a broom to sweep away leaves, twigs and other debris. Scrub with hot water or a proprietary cleaner to restore the area’s look and remove any mildew, pollen or fungus. Treat and unwanted moss or weeds with the appropriate spray.

    Washing the inside of your windows is a good start, but to make them really shine you will need to look after the outside surfaces too. You can employ professional window cleaning companies to do this for you, or tackle the job yourself.

    Always make sure you re using the right ladder(s) for the job and that you know how to put them up and use them safely. Start by removing any cobwebs or larger bits of dirt with a mob or soft broom. After that, wash the windows with a soft cloth and hot water mixed with a dash of vinegar. Dry them, then polish to a shine with a sheet of old newspaper.

    Garden furniture
    Always take time to store garden furniture properly at the end of the summer season. Use a multi-purpose outdoor cleaner to clean plastic and metal furniture. Don’t forget the cushions too. Clean plastic garden toys and equipment with hot water and a disinfectant and dry well before giving to a child.

    You can hire power washers, or engage a professional cleaning company to use theirs if you want to really spruce up your home’s external appearance. These high-pressured machines will get rid of dirt you never even knew was there. Always make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.

    For indoor and outdoor cleaning service you require a professional cleaning company you can trust for your complete cleaning needs. Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is a Surrey and London based Cleaning Agency specialising in complete cleaning services including end of tenancy cleaning, lease, domestic, office and complete residential and commercial cleaning services.

    You may call them for free on 0800 689 8989 and request a free quote.

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    Don’t risk your tenancy deposit

    Tenancy Ending Soon? End Of Tenancy Cleaning may help you get your deposit.

    You can read about end of tenancy cleaning checklist explained in our previous blog posts.

    When a tenant leaves a property, it can be all to o easy to think just about how new and exciting the next home is going to be, without making sure the old one is left in the right conditions.

    Leaving a property in a dirty or unsatisfactory condition is one of the most common reasons why a landlord, real estate agent, housing association manager or local council inspector will withhold all or part op a tenancy deposit.

    So, how can you make sure you leave with your deposit safely returned to you?

    Since April 2007, landlords have been legally obliged to give reasons and evidence (if called upon) before withholding a deposit as part of mandatory tenant deposit protection guidelines.

    So by keeping the place clean – and proving your efforts in this pursuit, you will find that your deposit stands a better chance of being returned to your pocket.

    If therefore gores without saying that you should leave the property as clean as you possibly can. The best way to do this if you are able to, is to hire a specialist deep clean end of tenancy cleaning company.

    They will have expertise in restoring rental properties to their sparklingly hygienic best and will work to a tried and tested task checklist – either drawn up by your landlord, or using from the cleaning company’s own experience with other, similar properties.

    The money spent on a professional clean will often come to less than a lost deposit, plus you do not have to put in the hard work yourself, and will retain a clean reputation wit the landlord to match the rental property you are moving on from.

    If you do choose to clean the place yourself, invest in decent cleaning products – you might also consider hiring a steam cleaner for the carpets and curtains. Look online, or ask your landlord for an end of tenancy deep clean jobs check list and follow it to the letter.

    During your tenancy, you can help reduce the final cleaning workload by keeping the place clean and tidy as you go.

    When you move in, take pictures of any pre-existing damage and check that there are no items requiring regular specialist cleaning that you will need to look after while you are there.

    For example, if the house has a working fireplace, how often should you engage the services of a chimney sweep to keep things clean and safe?

    Look after the house and flat and its contents – avoid large parties or unwise pranks. Report any damage immediately, as well as issues such as damp or pests.

    This will help reduce longer-term damage and the loss of your deposit at the end of your stay.

    Again, if you do discover damage, such as mildew, mold or pest pollution, a specialist domestic cleaning company will be able to clean the affected area – always seek professional advice.

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    Intangible benefits of domestic Cleaners

    Intangible benefits domestic cleaners can bring to your home

    Having a clean and tidy home is undoubtedly one of life’s great joys. Not only is it lovely to look around and see nothing but shiny, sparkling order, living in a clean environment is hugely beneficial for the health.

    Money invested in employing a good London and Surrey domestic cleaning company is very well spent indeed.

    For it brings advantages that are not available on the high street or via the Internet. Intangible benefits that will enhance your life and lighten your mood.

    More romance. Ever been invited back to someone’s house after a date and physically recoiled at the mess you found there?

    Wanted to set a romantic mood at home, but been thwarted by the dirty dishes, grubby floors and disheveled bed linen?

    Beautiful surroundings lighten the mood – and with all the cleaning done, there’s plenty of time to do things that are much more enjoyable.

    Easier finances. This might seem at odds with the concept of spending money to hire a domestic cleaning company, however, a clean and tidy house can help set you in the right frame of mind for sorting other areas of your life, such as finances.

    Bills, bank statements and other important pieces of paperwork can be located much more easily, and invoices dealt with in time to avoid late payment penalties.

    A clear mind. Uncluttered surroundings have been proven to help streamline the thought process and reduce stress levels. You can think about your work, family and other commitments when you don’t have the cleaning nagging at the back of your mind.

    A better social life. You don’t need to worry when friends drop by unexpectedly – simply invite them in and enjoy their company without feeling embarrassed about your messy house.

    They will enjoy being in your home and will be more inclined to return – and invite you to their house too. You can plan more social activities too, as you will not have to spend so long clearing up huge messes or embarking upon mega cleaning sessions.

    A healthier family. Conditions, such as asthma or hayfever improve in a dust-free house and colds, viruses ands bacteria cannot thrive so well if the damp, mold and food debris has is kept under control. Accidents are reduced too with no stray toys or other objects to trip over.

    A more organised routine. Knowing the days when your domestic cleaner in London or Surrey is coming to clean your home will help you establish a household routine that makes the most of their time and expertise. You can work out what you want them to do in advance and prepare for that if necessary.

    Whether you prefer to be out of the house when they are working, or around in case of any queries is up to you.

    However, having the stability on knowing when your house is going to be cleaned, and how long for, will help you plan social visits and when you will do your other household chores, such as laundry or baking.

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    Complete End of tenancy cleaning checklist explained

    Most, if not all tenancy agreements, whether they are with a private landlord, the local council, a housing association or real estate agent will insist on a professional deep clean at the end of the tenant’s time in the property, in order to clear away the inevitable dirt and grime that daily living will have produced and to leave things spotless and sparkling for the next resident.

    Tenants have several options for this, including hiring a specialist deep clean end of tenancy cleaning company, or tackling part or the entire job themselves.

    There is plenty to think about when conducting a deep end of tenancy clean, so here are some of the main areas that should receive attention during the cleaning process.

    A good cleaning company will be able to go through this list, ticking off the jobs as they go to make sure nothing is missed out. In this series of three blogs, we look at the jobs that need to be done – starting with the living room, dining room and kitchen

    Living room and dining room
    • Steam clean and vacuum all carpets and rugs
    • Scrub and wash hard floors – wood, parquet, marble etc
    • Dust and wipe all radiators, shelves, picture rails and skirting
    • Dust and wipe all window ledges
    • Clean windows, inside and (if safe) out
    • Dust and wipe all doors, jambs, hinges – and polish any doorknobs or fittings
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls
    • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls – and dust lampshades
    • Clean curtains, cushions and upholstered furniture using specialist techniques
    • Polish wooden furniture and tidy contents being left in the room

    • Wash and disinfect all work surfaces
    • Clean cupboards and drawers inside and out. Check and tidy contents
    • Wash, dry, polish and stack cutlery, crockery and utensils
    • Clean all sinks and taps, paying special attention to lime scale removal
    • Degrease and polish wall tiles, cupboard tops and hard-to-reach areas
    • Clean oven and hob inside and out, including grill pans, racks and trays
    • Remove grime from extractor fan and clean and dry thoroughly
    • Defrost and clean fridge and freezer, removing all food deposits
    • Clean washing machine and dishwasher, including soap drawers and filters
    • Clean exterior of all appliances, including toaster, kettle and microwave
    • Empty and clean all bins and recycling containers, replacing all bin liners
    • Clean windows, inside and (if safe) out – plus blinds
    • Dust and wipe all doors, jambs, hinges – and polish any doorknobs or fittings
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls
    • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls – and dust light fittings

    End of tenancy cleaning: checklist part two

    • Wipe down all doors windows and fittings with germicidal solution
    • Clean woodwork, door frames and pipe work with germicidal solution
    • Degrease and polish wall tiles, cupboard tops and hard-to-reach areas
    • Clean bath, basin and shower cubical thoroughly, paying special attention to lime scale removal on taps and around shower fittings
    • Clean, de-scale and disinfect toilets, urinals and bidets and surrounding areas
    • Clean and polish mirrors
    • Scrub floors with germicidal solution
    • Dust and wipe all doors, jambs, hinges – and polish any doorknobs or fittings
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls
    • Remove cobwebs and dust light fittings
    • Launder all towels and linens and clean shower curtains and mats

    • Steam clean and vacuum all carpets and rugs
    • Scrub and wash hard floors – wood, parquet, marble etc
    • Dust and wipe all radiators, shelves, picture rails and skirting
    • Dust and wipe all window ledges
    • Clean windows, inside and (if safe) out
    • Dust and wipe all doors, jambs, hinges – and polish any doorknobs or fittings
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls
    • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls – and dust lampshades
    • Vacuum mattress and remake bed with fresh bed linen.
    • Launder and iron all previously used linen
    • Clean curtains, cushions and upholstered furniture using specialist techniques
    • Polish wooden furniture and tidy contents being left in the room

    End of tenancy cleaning: checklist part three

    • Steam clean and vacuum all carpets and rugs
    • Scrub and wash hard floors – wood, parquet, marble etc
    • Dust and wipe all radiators, shelves, picture rails and skirting
    • Dust and wipe all doors, jambs, hinges – and polish any doorknobs or fittings
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls
    • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls – and dust lampshades

    • Steam clean and vacuum all stair carpet
    • Clean staircase treads, risers, balustrades and handrails
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls

    Communal areas
    • Steam clean and vacuum all carpets and rugs
    • Scrub and wash hard floors – wood, parquet, marble etc
    • Dust and wipe all radiators, shelves, picture rails and skirting
    • Dust and wipe all doors, jambs, hinges – and polish any doorknobs or fittings
    • Wipe clean all light sockets and remove finger marks from walls
    • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls – and dust lampshades
    • Remove any unclaimed post or paperwork

    This also includes lounge, the entire furniture in the property, carpets from top and bottom, on top, in and under the shelves, ensuring all electric bulbs, tube-lights as well as the electric and gas meter have been properly cleaned.

    Should there be black grumpy walls, moulds, they should be as well properly cleaned and cleared, in order to ensure, the tenant can get its full deposit.

    End of tenancy cleaning job should be handed over to experienced cleaners which know what they are doing. Do not just give it a try to someone cheaper which may put your entire deposit at risk.

    A good tenancy cleaning service actually costs a little bit, but at the same time, you should ensure to avoid shocking and hidden prices, it is always great to ask for customer reviews and to check if they know what they say they know

    Asking for references in and around your postcode may be a good idea too, if the tenancy cleaning company is changing the subject, that’s probably a good sign with how good they can clean, it would be rather better to read their reviews online and see what people are saying about their end tenancy cleaning services

    If you are looking for someone professional which can provide you with all inclusive, full or part end of tenancy cleaning services in London and Surrey, then Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd might be one of the best company I have been personally hiring and will always recommend for their ethics, punctuality, morality and top of that great service and pricing structure

    They are probably the only cleaning company in London which actually ensures you get what you pay for. They are amazing when it comes to customer support, answering your calls and emails before and after taking money, they have probably one of the most lowest re-clean rate, but always are happy to promise

    In short, if you are looking for professional end of tenancy cleaners in London or in Surrey or 40 miles radius, you should try their service and you will be amazed with their professionalism!

    Good Luck and wishing you a great happy new move!

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    Working with local councils

    Local councils are under an obligation to provide the best possible services to the communities they serve. This includes property management and maintenance, which can require a not insignificant investment of both time and money. Finding a good end of tenancy cleaning company to carry out deep cleans that meet exacting standards is therefore a top priority for local councils.

    Cleaning for local council clients can cover a number of different areas. For example, specialist domestic cleaners can be called in when a tenant leaves a residential property, for a deep, end of tenancy clean.

    This prepares the house or flat for its next inhabitants, so care must be take to leave things as clean, neat and hygienic as possible.

    Alternatively, cleaning teams may be drafted in to perform deep cleans on ex-authority buildings, communal areas of residential blocks of flats or offices or expert steam cleaning for carpets, hard floors etc.

    There are many ways in which a local council can identify the right end of tenancy or deep clean cleaning company for them. Right from the initial enquiry, councils should feel confident that they are being looked after properly and their business requirements handled correctly and within the right budget.

    The local council cleaning company should be easy to get hold of, locally based and happy to attend site visits and progress meetings whenever the need arises. They should be ready to share testimonials, price information, quality commitments and other information too, as and when required.

    The best local council end of tenancy and deep cleaning companies can also demonstrate meaningful experience with other local council projects, as well as strong expertise in cleaning products, equipment and techniques.

    Not to mention flexibility in terms of timings, frequency of visits, inventory check lists and administrative checks. Put simply, the best cleaning companies for local councils should know what is expected of them well in advance – and then deliver on all promises made.

    Most council tenants look after the property during their time there, however, others are not so diligent. The end of tenancy local council cleaning company will need to react to whatever state the house or flat is left in, and set things right safely, thoroughly and effectively.

    Local councils can expect the cleaning team to work with them to establish a bespoke job list and to draw up an individual plan to help tackle the job(s) in hand.

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    Working with landlords and real estate agents

    Landlords, Letting Estate Agents and Your Tenancy

    Renting out houses, flats and commercial premises can take up a lot of time, so being able to rely on trusted, top quality cleaning teams to carry out their work before and after tenancies is crucial.

    There are plenty of cleaning companies around, however, choosing the wrong one can be even more time consuming than attempting to tackle the cleaning yourself.

    There are several points to look out for when talking to potential end of tenancy and deep cleaning companies. These will let you know whether you can expect the right kind of commitment, quality of service and professional finish that you need as a landlord or estate agent handling rental properties.

    Location is key. If you are based in London or Surrey, you will need a company that not only covers those areas, but is ideally based locally too. This is so that they can get to your premises easily for initial site assessments and client meetings, as well as recruit local workers who will have less distance to travel to work and will know the area better.

    Experience with similar work is also a good indicator of an effective end of tenancy cleaning company for landlords and real estate agents. They will have dealt with clients with similarly exacting requirements, and will have done a good enough job to have been retained by them. Browse the testimonials page on the company’s website and ask to speak to some previous clients.

    Professionalism and stamina will be required if you are to form a long-term relationship with a cleaning company. Tenants do not all treat properties in the same way.

    Some will be perfectly neat and tidy, while others will leave it in almost unimaginable states. While a responsible cleaning company will, first and foremost, need to ensure the safety of its staff, it is a good sign if it remains undaunted by the harder tasks ands dirtier assignments out there. And they WILL be out there!

    The personal touch. Landlords and real estate agents should expect to be offered a bespoke service, with task lists, hours and staff numbers agreed on an individual basis, according to the client’s requirements. Prices must be competitive and standards high.

    Finally, if the cleaning company gets on well with its initial assignments, its working relationship with landlords and real estate agents will need to strengthen and develop with each new job. Personality in business should never be disregarded.

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    Steam carpet cleaning advice

    Steam Carpet Cleaning and hints and advice on Carpets and steam Carpet Cleaning

    The carpets and rugs in our homes have to be very forgiving. They get trampled on, squashed under heavy furniture and have all kinds of things spilled on them during the course of their lifetime. So, how can we help keep them looking as nice as possible for as long as possible? One great way is to employ the services of a professional steam cleaning company. However, we can also do much ourselves to make sure your carpets remain in top condition for as long as possible.

    Do not vacuum a new carpet until at least six weeks after it has been laid. This will allow the pile to settle down. Use a hand brush or carpet sweeper to remove any bits.

    Use a liner under a carpet if you are laying it on a wooden floor. This stops any dust from the floor boards rising up and getting inside the carpet fibres. Especially important with white, or lighter coloured carpets.

    Vacuum carpets once a week to keep them in top condition – and even more frequently where there is heavy usage. Treat them to a steam clean by a professional carpet steam cleaning company at least once a year.

    Mop up stains as soon as you discover them and seek professional advice where necessary. Again, contact a company offering steam cleaning services for help, or to book their expertise.

    If a wool carpet has dents in it from where a piece of heavy furniture has stood for a time, place an ice cube in the dent and allow to melt. When it is dry, vacuum thoroughly to restore the flattened pile.

    When laying stair carpet, make sure that the pile lies down the stairs to prolong its life. Consider laying it with a spare fold at the top and bottom, so that you can move it up or down a few inches per year. This helps even out the heavy wear on the edges of the treads.

    Ask guests to remove their shoes as they enter your home to reduce wear and tear on your carpets. Have a basket of comfortable house slippers available for them to slip on instead.

    You can find steam cleaning companies all over the internet. The best way to choose the right one for you is to seek personal recommendations.

    Look at cleaning companies’ website for personal testimonials and don’t be afraid to call them and ask to speak to other satisfied customers before you commit to using their services. A great carpet cleaning necessarily do not cost a fortune, know what you are buying, negotiate and win a great deal.

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    Finding hardworking domestic cleaners

    How to find hardworking and professional domestic cleaners?

    Anyone can call themselves a cleaner, but how can you make sure they are trustworthy enough to come into your home or commercial premises, or that they will do the job they say the will whilst they are there? The best way to do this is to go to a professional cleaning company with a great reputation. Here are some top tips to get the best out of a relationship with your cleaning services company.

    Do your research. Don’t just opt for the first advert you read or website you stumble across. Get several quotes and speak to each agency you are considering in person to find out what they can offer, when and for how much.

    Ask around. Don’t just take their word for it. A reputable cleaning company should be able to provide positive testimonials for domestic cleaning work – or at least put you in touch with current satisfied customers so that you can check out their credentials with a third party.

    See how well they communicate with you in the early days. The way that your initial enquiry and subsequent conversations are handled by a cleaning company will speak volumes as to how well they handle your actual cleaning contract. Watch out for enthusiastic, dedicated staff who are honest, efficient and happy to answer questions along the way.

    Make the most of any free appraisals or site visits the company offers. This is your chance to show them round your home and to let them know exactly what needs doing. This is the company’s chance to work out how best to meet your needs – and your chance to give them a full briefing.

    Find out about your allocated cleaners. Ask to see evidence that they are allowed to work in the UK and have been passed to work in your specific environment (e.g. if you have young children at home, or are caring for a vulnerable adult). See if you can speak to any former customers of theirs.

    Keep an eye on the social media and internet activity surrounding a cleaning company. Many like to interact with their customers online, providing online tips and advice, or building an online community. This type of activity shows enthusiasm for the sector in which they work and an ability to move with the times and engage with their customers on different levels.

    Watch out, though, that the company doesn’t invest so much time in its online communications or marketing activity that it becomes slack on the actual cleaning side. You are looking for a nice balance.

    Finally, go with your gut instinct. If you like how a professional cleaning company makes you feel about it and its domestic cleaning services, chances are your cleaning relationship with them will be a success.

    If you are looking for professional domestic cleaning service in London or in Surrey and 40 miles radius, you might like to call Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd and simply asked for one off or regular domestic home cleaning service, they provide uniformed domestic cleaners at highly competitive hourly rates.

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    Dear Luqman, The cleaners did a great job and I am very pleased. The price was fine considering what a good “End of Tenancy Cleaning” job they did and the carpets looked fantastic. We got the inventory checked this morning and the clerk commented on how the clean the flat was. I originally thought £200 was a lot of money but it seems that most companies charge alot more than that. I have lots of friends in London so I will definitely be recommending you to them. Thanks again. Bon voyage!
    Elisabeth Hancock