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    How to avoid end of tenancy cleaning scam?

    Monthly Archives: August 2013

    How to avoid end of tenancy cleaning scam?

    Until a few years ago there were very few cleaning companies and most of these cleaning agencies were equipped with ethics, morality and a great service you can trust with your eyes closed.

    However with the passage of time as London and Surrey are growing, the number of cleaning companies are increasing, in fact, a recent study shows, 5-% of all new businesses opened in London are handyman services which includes cleaning firms as well, so the chances are there are many cleaning firms which are just starting and have a very little knowledge about cleaning in general

    Being a cleaner is one thing, being a professional cleaner is quite different. If you search for End of Tenancy Cleaning there are thousands of search results, but how many people in real are aware with what it takes to provide a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is very limited unfortunately.

    There are future seekers which charge a very little amount or peanuts to provide with what they say “highly trusted after tenancy cleaning service” but you see the colours of these people once you are fully stuck with them

    These cleaning gurus and end of tenancy cleaning specialists and big mouth blue-chip cleaning companies have a very little knowledge.

    A friend of mine from America has called a cleaning company in Isleworth and wanted to get his 5-bedroom house fully cleaned after the tenants have moved out.

    He has called several end of tenancy cleaning companies he said and been shopping around, everyone wants to save their money, be it you, me or even the tenants and landlords, he finally acquired post tenancy cleaning service from one of the cleaning companies, paid through his credit card (costs more being charged from an international destination I think)

    He has definitely chosen the best tenancy cleaning service provider he found with great reviews, but they never turned up, he has called several times from United States and none was attending calls on that mobile and the landline phone number, well it took few days to get in contact with that person who was on holidays in some Eastern European Country, well none turned up, in fact he said that guy was very rude whilst he was asking if they going to turn up at all?

    Anyhow, he was stuck for a week or more and then finally he called me to check if I know an end of lease cleaning service provider in and around Isleworth area. I have sent some cleaners and Mr. Landlord, new tenant and cleaners were all happy, fair enough

    Now the entire point is to see, how to find an experienced cleaning firm?

    Simple things work best

    Simply ask for reviews, grab customer’s names, phone number, ask for at least 3 references and make calls, check with people, check online for their online reviews.

    The biggest problem innocent tenants make always negotiate even if they are quoted a great price, well it makes sense, everyone looks for an affordable end of tenancy cleaning service, but not when it will cost a lot of pain, it would be rather better to pay a good price for a great service, have peace of mind and expect your property to be thoroughly cleaned

    Well and common sense work too – if a end of tenancy cleaning service provider is asking for £100 for a 5 bedroom semi-detached fully furnished house along with steam oven, hob, extractor cleaning as well as steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery, then you should know the kind of service you can expect, well, and if a company charges £1000 then you should normally understand there is a problem there.

    Do not fall for these low price tricks; this may risk your deposit, your tenancy reputation as well as peace of mind being spoiled by these so called professional end of tenancy cleaners.

    Avoid them! Do not even give a second thought, saving money is one thing but paying the same amount another time might cost you more than a good service provider, NO?

    Should you like to experience your good or bad end of tenancy cleaning experience or share your, your friends, colleagues or loved one’s tenancy cleaning reviews, then simply send an email at or simply give us a call on 0800 689 8989 and your review will be published on our blog with or without your whereabouts as desired.

    Let the world know which are top 10 end of tenancy cleaning agencies in London and Surrey and let’s help the world save time, money and get a great service at highly competitive rates.

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    End Your Tenancy In Style by spending little and hiring the Best Cleaning Agency

    Some useful good tips on End of tenancy cleaning and end of lease cleaning, tips, tricks that will help you save money on hiring professional cleaning company at an amazingly low prices for your after tenancy or post or pre lease cleaning services, you require for your property.

    End of tenancy cleaning or after lease cleaning service is a kind of legal obligation to most tenants, residents or businesses renting a residential or commercial premises anywhere in England, Scotland and even also in Wales. Well, it is not just the UK where tenants are requested to clean the property and put it back in the same state as they were offered before moving out.

    In countries like in America and Australia, end of tenancy cleaning means proving your good tenancy styles, an experienced real estate agency in Australia (McGrath) states, if your previous references proved in any way that you have not well maintained the property and kept it clean, you will be barred to use our real estate services again. Let’s say the Americans and Australians normally keep their houses well cleaned but when it comes to England, Scotland and Wales, our local tenants be it business or residential tenants are even doing great by hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning service or spring cleaning services (also known as Full Professional Property Cleaning) before moving houses

    There are other obligations which you should know before you move in or move out and these tips should be well kept in mind in order to get a good reference in London, Surrey or elsewhere, plus maintain a good reputation in real estate or private landlords eyes including but not limited to, be known as a good human being which respects others place as his/her own.

    Your other obligations include:

    Ensuring all electric sockets, lights, dishwasher, microwave, cooker, fridge and freezer and any other landlord or property company offered appliances are in full working orders, this includes managing and maintaining your front and back garden, garage or storage rooms, boiler and gas and electricity meters, telephone and electricity wiring and so forth including walls, ceiling, etcetera

    Here are 15 useful end of tenancy tips before you hire end of tenancy cleaning specialists or a cleaning company:

    1). Check the experience (How long have you been doing this)?

    Asking simple questions would not cost a lot, for example how long have you been cleaning houses or offices (houses, flats or apartments, if you are a private residential tenant and offices, warehouses or shopping complexes if you are a business or commercial resident/customer). Most cleaning agencies will tell the trust especially the ones, which are honest, it is suggested that you ask these questions through email and if some questions are not answered then ask for the explanation. You may know how long they been around by checking their company registration date on, you may search their company name or search their company number in order to get to know more about their end of tenancy cleaning services and their business structure.

    2). Do you cover my area e.g. Richmond?

    You should ask this as soon as your call is connected to their office or their mobile phone in case if there is one person managing all the enquiries through his/her mobile phone. It is good to ask through an email or by sending an electronic email so you keep it as a proof, unfortunately many business hungry companies whose service been mentioned as pathetic and terrible and there have been bad reviews online all over the place will like to get you stuck by saying, yes, it is good to safe it as a proof of their words as they might never turn up, knowing very little about your town/postcode. They might have said yes to grab a piece (Just be cautious)

    3). May you provide references in and around my postcode?

    It is very vital to ask this question, if they say they have been around for generations or even some years and if their service is good and if they have been covering your area, it is also good to ask for the references in your postcode area. If that’s not the case (if they say they have not been covering your area before), then it is good to ask for references in and around 5 miles radius, even if that’s not the case and they do not have a single customer in 5 miles radius (then I would think, why?), how about 10 miles radius around our house or office? Well, by now you will already know with what to expect.

    4). May you please give me name, address and phone number of at least 3 of your end of tenancy cleaning customers please?

    Make sure to ask for at least 3 of their recent or previous customers that have/had been using their end of tenancy cleaning services, please ensure that you just do not ask for 1, it may be their colleague, friend or family, happy customers are always happy to give their consent to use their name as a happy client, especially ladies, or less busy people, if their service is good, they should have thousands if not millions happy customers which have given them their consent. Make calls, make friends and get your questions answered, after all, it’s about the property you are moving in or moving out, a good real estate and landlord reference and over all reputation

    5). What are your prices?

    You should give a full job description of your property including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, reception, dinning or living rooms, number of toilets, Ensuite, shower rooms etc including but not limited to the number of levels in your property, carpeted areas e.g. 56 stair steps, 2 landings, 3 hallways, 1 living room, storage room etc. Once you have explained or give you’re the full job description, you are waiting to hear about their prices, if you are given the prices, ask whether these prices include or exclude VAT (make notes).

    6). How many people will you send to provide after tenancy cleaning service?

    It is a little bit more polite (in my opinion to ask), how many staff members will you send than asking, how many cleaners will you send? Well, but then again a cleaner should be called cleaner and I do not find it improper. End of tenancy or after lease cleaning is an eye to detail job and requires lots of hard work, attention to detail and number of hours to work in property in order to clean the entire property from inside including the appliances, you should ask this question and if a cleaning firm says 1 or 2 people, be cautious, It is rather better to get an accurate and exact figure. (Ask questions, as many needed in order to get to know about the truth).

    7). Will you send all cleaning equipment and cleaning products?

    Honestly speaking there is a lot to do when moving houses, be it moving in or moving out (on the end of your tenancy or lease), the last week specially keeps us engaged by getting our debit cards and credit cards, issued on a new address and postcode, getting our bank details, driving licence, electricity, power and water sorted and so on. You also need to pack your stuff and be ready for a move, it is therefore suggested that you choose an end of tenancy cleaning company that sends enough people to do the job, all cleaning products, equipment’s and tools are sent by them including steam carpet cleaning machine, vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, scrubbers, screw drivers and other tools in order to provide you with a great service, you cannot just afford to go out and buy stuff and waste time. It is a lot better to pay some extra £5 and avoid the stress for buying and arranging cleaning products and equipment’s on your own.

    8). Which steam carpet, curtains, sofas and rug cleaning machines do you use?

    If your property have been rented fully or partially furnished and if there are carpets, sofa’s and rugs, curtains etc in your residential or business property, then chances are you would need to get them steam cleaned. It is a very good idea to tell a cleaning company if there are any stains, be it red wine or chocolate stains, chocolates or nail polish, tea or coffee or food stains on your carpets, sofas, rugs and curtains, this will help the company give you an accurate cost when it comes to stain removal. Back to the main point e.g. which steam carpet cleaning machines do they use? If they use Ninja Ashby Carpet Cleaning Machines or Prochem steam carpet cleaning machines, let’s hope they have the latest and modified brand new versions of those machines in order to provide you with a great steam cleaning service for your carpets and upholstery cleaning.

    9). Are you as a cleaning company, your staff (cleaners) and your cleaning equipment’s fully insured and may you please email me the scanned copies of your company insurance cover, your cleaners and your equipment please?

    Ask for their cleaning company public liability insurance, their staff members (ask their names which are coming to clean your property) and request individual insurance cover or company insurance cover certificate if this covers their staff too. Please note, accidents happen, injuries occur, machinery may go faulty or someone may get hurt, if that cleaning company, their cleaners or their tools and equipment’s are not fully insured for at least 5 to 10 million cover, then that might ring the bell (All serious cleaning companies should be legally covered by an independent and famous insurance company, it is also good to check if they have made any insurance claims (for break downs, injuries etc in the past?) This will give you an idea with how serious they are.

    10). How do you transport your cleaners to properties?

    London and Surrey are very busy when it comes to traffic on the roads, trains, buses and coaches etc., fully inspect and check for their arrangements when it comes to transporting the tools and equipment’s and their cleaners. If cleaners are coming using public transport then you may get an idea with how they can transport their tools and equipment’s, be very careful as you cannot afford delays at this point on a very serious point of time when you are moving in or out of the house

    11). Do you hold any end of tenancy cleaning certifications?

    Many successful cleaning firms arrange certifications and accreditation for their company and their staff members, it includes end of tenancy cleaning certification, carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as cleaning standards, hygiene and health and safety, ask and request the copies of those certifications. You will get to know how serious they are when it comes to their business, if they are serious business people, they might be serious about your property too, No?

    12). Have you ever worked with a client of “The name of your real estate company?

    Tell the name of your real estate company and ask if they have ever dealt with a customer of that specific company (your property company), if not, I personally would not like to use their service, if they are good enough, they should have worked with enough customers and chances are, they should have worked with at least 1 customer (do your mathematic properly)

    13). How do you give a proof of your cleaning?

    Most cleaning companies invoice you and their invoice documents are considered as a proof of professional cleaning service (but many small or start-up cleaning businesses which are not famous enough are not even considered by leading real estate companies), please ensure they give you invoice and it is your duty to ensure, their invoice will be considered as a proof of your payment and their service

    14). May I see a sample of your invoice?

    Ask for the sample of that cleaning agency invoice documents, and forward it to your landlord or your real estate agency to know if their service will be recognised as professional service?

    15). How do you send invoices?

    Most cleaning companies may email you a PDF or Microsoft Word invoice through electronic means, processional cleaning service providers may send you an invoice through email, fax, by post and also give on the day of service. Please see and check what works the best for you. I personally recommend electronic invoices as this will help you save money on copying or printing your invoices and you may easily send electronic copies of your invoices quickly and efficiently by forwarding to your landlord or estate agent

    16). Do you work on Weekends and bank holidays and are there any extra charges for bank holidays, weekends and the evening cleaning service?

    If you are a busy professional, you surely do not want to ruin your entire day because of end of tenancy cleaning service, especially when you have already been holidaying and may get permission to take another day off, in that case you might like to get your property end of tenancy clean done in the evening/night, there are companies which will charge the same price, whereas some may charge extra, there is no point to pay extra price, as public holidays, weekends bring free parking and congestion and also parking is nearly free or more cheaper in evenings or during the night. It is not suggested to pay extra for public holiday or weekend or night service, as there is no point to waste your money on something you can avoid paying, in face save on parking and congestion and there is less traffic on public and bank holidays and during the evening/night

    17). Are there any other costs/charges?

    Honest cleaning service providers will give you price based on the job description you have given or the property specs and size and they will stick to it, some dishonest people will keep small prints and shocking surprises for later, when you are fully stuck with them, these people can not just give shocking surprises but also may be rude, come up with a bizarre attitude, delay your job or be late or ask for extra money for no reason. Be very careful and know what are you paying

    18). How do you take payments and when do I have to pay for the service?

    Honestly, every company has different policy when it comes to their billing, refunds and cancellations, but it is good to know at this stage where there are no commitments, no promises, most cleaning agencies will process your payment or authorise your debit or credit card and then take the payment when you are fully happy to give your consent, some will take 50-% in advance and 50-% on completion, if you are afraid to give your debit or credit card details, you may request their bank details and may deposit the (advance money) via online bank transfer or by visiting one of your nearest and the respective branch, some companies take cash all on completion, cheques and postal orders, so it is therefore your choice with what works the best for you. It is rather better to pay through debit or credit card if they are honest company as you will get the invoice before the service takes place and have a proof, whereas most cleaning firms will invoice you after the payment has been received which may (for 1 or 2 reasons delay to forward your invoice to your landlord or estate agent and my incur extra living charges in the property)

    19). What are guarantees or warrantees for your tenancy or lease cleaning service?

    Hard working, honest and passionate people are happy to give warrantees or guarantees as they are sure about their work, you must ask for a written guarantee for their words so you can prove it at the later stage, their invoice should have their guarantee on it, so you or your landlord or your real estate agency can speak on your behalf in order to request a re-clean or refund if they have missed a spot or general poor cleaning service has been offered. You should go for a a cleaning company with at least minimum 48 hours guarantee for their service as this will give you the peace of mind as well as if something’s been missed you may request a re-clean or refund

    20). What if my real estate or inventory company is not happy with the service?

    Real Estate and Inventory Companies are strict and keep doing the good work by ensuring they check the property completely and professionally, if they are not happy with the service, inventory company will request your flat or house to be re-cleaned, if your existing cleaning company (or end of tenancy cleaning service provider) have given you the warrantee or guarantee then you may call, email or ask them to repair those minor or major points as promised, if they have failed to come and re-service, then your property company will either cut money from your deposit in order to get it professionally cleaned. It is very strongly suggested that you hire tenancy cleaning or lease clean service which are popular, well reviewed online and well praised in community and by inventory and property companies.

    Do not fall for some discount or sales and marketing pitch, people that know what they are doing are always humble, down to earth, God fearing and polite and soft spoken.

    There are several other points to note including but not limited to:

    A). What cleaning equipment and products will they send?
    B). What steam carpet or upholstery cleaning machines will they use?
    C). How their cleaning personals will travel and transport?
    D). How soon you expect to finish the job?
    E). Are there any deliverables at my side as a customer?
    F). Are you happy to take the payment on completion of my inventory check out?
    G). How long have you been playing the end of tenancy cleaning game?
    H). Is there any support phone number where I can contact in case there’s a problem?
    I). What are your working hours?
    J). What is your office address?
    K). May you please send your billing policy and terms and conditions documents?
    L). May you please email/fax me your insurance cover documents?
    M). How do I know I am fully booked?
    N). May you collect the keys from concierge or my real estate company?
    O). What is your company registration number and year of registration?
    P). What is your company’s registered address?
    Q). Who should I contact in case there is a problem?
    R). Do you work on Saturdays and Sundays? Are your offices open on weekends?
    S). Who would be my first contact? Name please.
    T). If one of our mates will closely work with you guys, will you offer any discounts?
    U). Are the prices inclusive of parking and congestion charges or you charge that separately?

    There is a long list in order to arrange your end of tenancy or after lease cleaning service, doing your home work properly and efficiently, being straight forward, honest will get you loads of discount and service

    Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is one of the most renowned end of tenancy cleaning service provider serving residential customers, private tenants and landlords, country’s most renowned real estate companies and property and housing organisations and also commercial properties which include commercial end of lease cleaning.

    If you are not sure what, when and where to hire, simply give us a call and we will love to answer all of your questions you may have, if you are looking for professional end of tenancy cleaning services, then simply give us a call on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989

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    Useful After construction cleaning tips

    We all time to time want modifications in the property, be it replacing things in kitchen, bathrooms or toilets or the entire property in general, this can be getting the entire property re-painted or parts or some areas of it, normally the communal areas that are mostly used or getting the plumbing work sorted, electricians or simply the refurbishment, we all need changes time to time and this is where the most difficult and daunting task comes in i.e. getting the property cleaned to the liveable standards or rentable standards e.g. you are a real estate agency renting a house or flat or an office complex, a warehouse or a student accommodation

    There are number of cleaning companies in London and Surrey which preach a lot about after builders cleaning or cleaning after painting or decoration, refurbishment or after plumbing or electricians work but this is quite true as well that half of those companies even do not know the ABC of after build cleaning:

    Before you hire a cleaning agency for after construction cleaning, you should do your home work and ask questions in order to get to know them more and find and hire a cleaning company that can deliver at the same time can offer a good price:

    1). Explain your job and ask if they have done something like this before?

    Note: Giving a full job description about the property size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, number of levels, patio if any if that’s a residential property or giving the full information about your commercial building (property) will help cleaning companies understand the number of hours and people are required and what equipment and materials should be used, if there are paint stains on the floors, doors or the furniture or carpets, give full information, if there are wires all over the place or just rubbish which the builders left, give the entire information, please note, without a good accurate job description it is hard to give an accurate quote, please write bullet points and mention all these through an email, fax or ask them to come and access the job.

    It is vital to ask, if they have done something like this before, unfortunately as we all are after business or plan to grow and keep our staff occupied we all say yes, well, most people will say yes, then in that case, you should ask for references, if a company is not sharing the references because they need to seek customer’s personal consent to pass on their information, that’s fine, but if they have been doing job like these before, commercial companies normally are happy to use their name or testimonial as their reference, also there is one point to note that if your cleaning company (you are talking with or writing emails is changing the subject while you ask more information about their existing customers or references, it is the time to move on to other cleaning service providers in London or Surrey or in your local town and do your mathematics.

    2). Ask if they have powerful vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, windows cleaners, paint removals or dry and wet floor cleaners, rubbish pickers etc?

    Note: Most cleaning companies in London, Surrey or in most England and Wales parts sub-contract their work and these cleaning providers hardly have their own machines, it is a lot better for you to acquire and use a cleaning service of a company which are equipped with their own cleaning equipment’s, and have equipment’s on standby if a break-down or fault occurs

    3). Are they insured for after build cleaning work and what their insurance covers?

    Note: Please note, accidents happen, omissions occur, so it is a lot better to work with fully insured people, do not just go for low price, after construction work may be a lot more time consuming and requires proper tools and equipment’s use and the people and the companies staff members fully insured, check and request their professional indemnity or public liability insurance and ask them to send their insurance cover or other insurances in place copies

    4). Do they send their staff or sub-contract the job elsewhere?

    Note: It is vital that you ask this question, most cleaning companies that sub-contract their work (normally use the terms in their terms and conditions or contract document) that they should not be liable for omissions happened by their sub-contractors, this means a very messy situation as they will simply not entertain your claims, plus your personal and secret contact details will be all over the place, avoid this and work for direct cleaning agencies which do not pass on your information to their sub contractors or simply sub contract or sell your work to another agency

    5). How long have you been doing this?

    Note: it is very important to work with experienced after builder cleaners, after paint, plumbing, electrician or construction work, it is good to work with only people which have been around for sometime, so they know they would not damage the floors, surfaces, work tops, cupboards, shelves or your walls etc. Do not just hire a freelancer or someone new in the game

    6). May you provide references in and around my postcode?

    Note: If they have been around for sometime, the chances are they should have worked with people in and around your postcode, be it residential properties or commercial buildings, if they have not worked in your postcode area, the chances are they have worked with businesses, private landlords or tenants or simply anyone in and around 10 miles radius? Well, if they have not done a job like this before in a wide 10 miles radius, it’s rather better to think “As I am thinking right now” and that is to look for another service provider

    7). May you send me your work terms and conditions?
    Note: It is good to ask for this in order to avoid small prints, shocking surprises and the behaviours, which as a customer you do not accept or expect. It’s rather better to read a document for 30 good minutes in order to know their facts, do not just sell yourself so easy, do your homework in order to avoid troubles which may occur at the later stage

    8). What are your payment terms and conditions?

    Note: Do not give all your money upfront until the entire job is done, if they have provided you several references in and around your area or in a 10 miles radius, and you have discussed with those people and they were more than happy, then taking a little risk might not be very risky but then again, you have to check whether these people were relatives, friends speaking on their behalf or the true customers? Normally working and paying after job completion is a lot better, which saves your time and energies

    9). How many people will you send to work?

    Note: It is a lot easier for you to know how much work is needed and what manpower may help you get your property fully cleaned, asking this question will help you understand if they have accessed the job well or they are just guessing and have no idea what they are talking about, ask your questions

    10). What time will you start and finish the job?

    Note: It’s a lot better to get this information sent back to you through an email or fax so you have proof, do not just talk on the phone, SMS is still a good proof, but then again, there are people which have never registered their personal mobile phone, be cautious

    11). Are there any deliverables from my end?

    Note: Honest cleaning firms will tell you that they will require hot water, electricity to be present and other deliverables from your end, e.g. the cupboards, shelves to be made empty or they will give you the price for that work, if a company tells you that there are no deliverables at your side, chances are, they do not know what they are talking or are brave enough to do the rest on their own

    12). Are there any other charges other than the price quoted?

    Note: Ask this and keep their emails or faxes in a safe place, you might require these in order to prove them wrong, well, many cleaning companies unfortunately will give you one price and charge a different price, small prints and all, you can avoid the mess by doing your home work

    13). Do you have to be personally in the house, office or a shop?

    Note: You should ask this question, it is a lot better to get the work done in front of your eyes or ask someone on your behalf to be there so you know what is going on.

    14). What happens if the inventory company has not approved your work?

    Note: They should give at least 24/48 hours guarantee for the work they have done, just in case if they have missed a spot or two, you may request them to come back and do the job you hired them for plus if they have not done a proper job then you may ask them to come back and finish the work as agreed. If a company does not give you a guarantee or warrantee for their work, they might never turn-up again, be careful!

    Please note, even domestic cleaning companies, housekeepers and maids are used by many cleaning companies to do after build cleaning, I would personally not hire a person or a firm which has no idea what after build cleaning work is all about.

    You can look for after construction cleaners or cleaning companies that specialise after refurbishment work and have all in place to provide you with an affordable, cost effective yet professional after builders cleaning service.

    Do your home work, if you need any help regarding after build cleaning or are looking for a professional cleaning agency that specialises in such works, simply give us a call on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989, Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd specialises in after construction work cleaning and provides services to both residential and commercial property owners, property firms, housing organisations and even the leading construction companies.

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    Useful tips before you get your carpets cleaned

    If you look for carpet cleaning services in your postcode, town, city and even state, you will see internet returns more than 50,000 search results for carpet cleaners, if you are looking for emergency carpet cleaning service you might start to ring carpet cleaning companies and just secure your booking with a company that gives a good price, has a good customer service, proper invoicing structure and professional payment methods in place or the one’s which take your booking without being too pushy

    But as in normal life, it is better to do the homework for each and everything we do, likewise we should do the home work before we choose carpet cleaning services

    As I work with one of the most honest and leading cleaning company, I learnt one thing that 80-% carpet cleaning companies or freelance carpet cleaners use out-dated and old models of carpet cleaning machines which hardly do a good job with latest and trendy carpets and their rugs now a days

    There are few good questions to ask a Carpet Cleaning Agency before you book the service:

    1). May I know what carpet cleaning machines do you use, please?

    Note: If they have said, Ninja Ashby’s Carpet Cleaners or Prochem Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines (2000 or above models), then chances are they know what they are doing and have been in this game for quite sometime, If someone is hesitating to give you the answer or says, he/she personally does not know, then I would like to think, they even do not know what they are doing, just be careful as we cannot afford to buy carpets just in case their out-dated style of carpet cleaning has damaged your carpets

    2). How old is your carpet cleaning machine?

    Note: Ninja Ashby and Prochem Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines work really well for couple of years provided with a good care, service, however a carpet cleaning machine older than 3/5 years would hardly do a good job unless maintained, repaired and serviced by a renowned carpet cleaning machines mechanic

    3). What areas do you cover?

    Note: It is important that you ask if they clean the carpets in your postcode, many carpet cleaning companies also want to charge you for long-distance, please make sure, you re-confirm that they are charging you agreed amount and there are no hidden charges, small prints, and shocking surprises. It is rather better to request this information through an email/fax or letter before you use their service as this will give you the proof on paper, which may be used or challenged if needed
    4). May you provide us references in and around our postcode, please?

    Note: If the carpet cleaning company you are calling have been around for sometime then chances are someone else should have used their service in and around your postcode or at least 5/10 miles radius. If the company is hesitant, they might be new in this game, do not have enough references or do not have references at all or their references might have never re-used again because of their service, attitude and ethics. It is really vital to ask for references as a dodgy carpet cleaning company might start to change the subject, shy or hesitate to give at least a few customers in and around your area, if they have provided references, this sounds great, making a call to one of their customer (I would say a few customers, will help you learn about their service, references may be purchased or someone else may speak on their behalf, do not just ring 1 person and sell yourself easy).

    5). Checking the references

    Note: If they have provided you with more than 3 references, it is highly suggested that you randomly call a few references to check about the service, just saying hello does not cost much and being polite might help you get a friend or a talking-buddy, well, if you keep yourself to yourself, being polite and asking for review about their service (should they desire to talk to you), will help you learn about the service you are buying

    6). What to do next?

    Note: If they have given you their word for a good carpet cleaning service and that too at affordable prices, provided you with references, been honest to tell what carpet cleaning machines they use (you must check when they arrive) and you think all looks good, then you may book the carpet cleaning service with them, however you must ensure you pay market competitive rates, e.g. a carpet cleaning firm asks you to pay more than £25 for a double room, £20 for a single room, £2 for each stair step, and so on are charging you a lot of money

    It is always good to do your home work before choosing a carpet cleaning service, carpets are expensive and are hard to buy, most carpets if cleaned improperly or using old and out-dated methods may shrink, fade or be damaged, it is your responsibility to check the temperature of the heated water they are using, what products, chemicals and cleaning solutions they use, avoid £1 pound shop or 99-p stores items, if they use Prochem carpet cleaning solutions or carpet cleaning solutions from renowned brands or from Ninja Ashby’s, and know what cleaning product, solution and material should be used for each carpet and their fibres then it’s a lot better

    You must ensure you hover all the carpeted areas, ensure you move the furniture (if possible) or give the job description as exact possible, you must ensure hot water is present in the property (brand new carpet cleaning machines come with built-in heating system and tank heating system which may help), please always explain to your carpet cleaners about your floor (if that’s not a house) as brand new machines are quite heavy and by knowing this, they know whether they should send 1 or more people in a van in order to transport the machine to your place, but then again, brand new machines come with long hoses, wand and hand tool and in that case, machines may be placed on ground floors and the job may be done on as many levels possible (provided with your carpet cleaners have long-hose). It is vital that proper ventilation is in place and you have provided your local carpet cleaner with hot and cold water and a place to drain the water.

    If you need help with carpet cleaning, be it residential or commercial carpet cleaning, simply give your Local Cleaning Company a call today in order to learn how they can help with your home or office carpet cleaning needs

    Their prices are affordable, they know what they are doing, they cover all London postcodes and all areas including, Central London, South London, East, North and even west London and all areas in between including but not limited to all postcodes and areas of Surrey and locations in 40 miles radius around their office in SW19 3TZ

    Asking a question, a tip or should you like to Do it yourself, then it’s all free and above all, they do not bite, no matter when you call. Their phone number is 0208 542 66 44 or calling is free from most BT landlines when you call on 0800 689 89 89 on extension 3 and ask your question

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    Dear Luqman, The cleaners did a great job and I am very pleased. The price was fine considering what a good “End of Tenancy Cleaning” job they did and the carpets looked fantastic. We got the inventory checked this morning and the clerk commented on how the clean the flat was. I originally thought £200 was a lot of money but it seems that most companies charge alot more than that. I have lots of friends in London so I will definitely be recommending you to them. Thanks again. Bon voyage!
    Elisabeth Hancock