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    Power and Success to you Mother England

    Monthly Archives: October 2013

    Power and Success to you Mother England

    Storm UK 2013

    Speaking generally, I work 7 days a week, however as there were travel warnings, I planned to stay home all day long on Sunday – I have not seen or heard anything e.g. 90 miles per hour winds or higher, I have indeed seen it in YouTube or papers in other places but it was all very new for me and this was the case, I kept on suggesting friends to look for their travel arrangements as they go to work or their universities – in fact, I prayed for all our dear residents and our mother England in general

    I could not sleep very well, I looked outside the window and may see strong winds jolting trees in Morden, Surrey, raining and drizzling all night long, but I am glad there is very little damage in London and in the country in general, however a power company said this morning on TV that more than 140,000 properties are facing power cuts across the country, which is tragic but all our people are working hand in hand to ensure all is sorted in our Great Britain we live in

    Commuting is difficult as most train lines have been closed or delays etc, and likewise Heathrow has closed over an 130 flights as well, we are very sorry to hear about our dear residents being affected

    I have seen a house in West London in Hounslow has been completely destroyed, trees on roads in Camden area and even the government office being affected, we are with everyone in need of a hand

    If you have suffered in any way, please give us a call on 020 8942 2819 and we will try to do everything we can do to clear the mess and that too for free by asking our family, friends and colleagues to help our locals in 60 miles radius area within our reach

    Our prayers are with all the affected families across UK and we hope our hard-working people will revert the roads, power and all back in place

    Power and Success to you Mother England

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    Maid Hire and Housekeeping Services

    Maids and Housekeeping Services

    Are you looking for maids for hire? Why not call your reliable Maid Hire Agency on 020 8942 2819 or simply follow the below tips on how to find a maid in London or in UK on your own.

    Working professionals in cities like London hardly get time to do their own chores. Life in London can be really busy at times and that’s when we either end up compromising on our living standards or we can hire a maid to get our house chores, cleaning, ironing and laundry sorted.

    Hiring a maid in London, Surrey and beyond is easy and you can in fact hire a maid with a single click of your mouse, however there are several things you should consider before you hire a maid

    There are basically 2 things to consider at this point

    1). Are you looking to hire a private or independent maid?
    2). Are you looking to hire a maid through a private cleaning or maid company?

    If you are looking to hire a maid i.e independent then the things you should check are as below:

    1). Reviews – Check his/her reviews online on independent websites e.g. and/or on Google Review Centre – It will help you understand the kind of jobs he/she can do as well as the reliability, punctuality and the rest.

    2). Check if he/she has a public liability insurance

    3). Check if he/she is registered as a self-employed person and as a maid in general

    4). Check if he/she is legally allowed to work and live in the UK

    5). Ask him/her if they will be able to issue an invoice for the job carried?

    6). You should also ask for any references they may provide?

    7). Do you cover my area at all?

    8). What are your minimum number of hours you can do on each visit?

    9). Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

    10). Will you charge the same price on working days and weekends or price differs?

    11). Will you require parking at all?

    12). What happens when you are on holidays? Do I still pay?

    13). Do we have to provide you a key or you will like to work when we are around?

    14). Are you happy to do our laundry, ironing as well within the specified time?

    15). The last but not least, are you allergic to something, e.g. pets, etc?

    And any other questions, which will help you find a person reliable enough to be your maid or provide you maid services in London or UK wide.

    Now when it comes to cleaning or maid companies, you are basically asking a cleaning company to interview the maid for and on your behalf, arrange an interview with you in the presence of cleaning or maid company employee(s) but at the same time, it becomes Maid Agency responsibility to do the entire mathematics on your behalf

    Many maid companies in London or UK in general only employee their staff after doing all the checks mentioned above, and also it becomes their responsibility to ensure error free work, on time job deliver, as well reliability, ethics, punctuality and so forth

    It is a lot easier to hire a maid company to arrange a maid for you than you spending hours and hours and in some cases days or weeks and months to find a reliable maid in London or in UK.

    If you are looking for maid hire service in London or in UK, why not give a call to your local cleaning and maid agency in order to arrange a maid for you for cleaning, laundry, ironing or housekeeping.

    Most London and UK maid and housekeeping companies may offer you bespoke maid and housekeeping service all at very competitive rates.

    If you are looking for trusted and highly professional maids, then you might like to call 0208 942 2819 for more information, most maid agencies will arrange someone local to you, with good reviews and all in order to help you save cost when it comes to traveling and fuel charges.

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    Tips on how to find professional local end of tenancy cleaners

    Your 5 minutes guide to find highly trusted local end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey or beyond. Simply read these tips and help yourself save, hire a great service, find professional tenancy cleaners and above all get your deposit returned for hiring a trusted end of tenancy cleaning services.

    We all need a cleaner or a team when moving in or moving out from a flat, an apartment, a house or a mid-terraced house or a split level flat. Chances are your real estate company or your real estate agency is going to ask you to pay a huge amount for getting your property as clean as it was offered, including cleaning the entire property from top to bottom as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning

    However, it is your legal obligation to choose, you may choose your real estate agency or property company’s offer on end of tenancy cleaning price, if it’s affordable, negotiable, as well as it will ensure full deposit to be returned

    Speaking generally, our latest surveys we conducted from over 90,000 unique visitors to our website shows, 89.70% private tenants are unhappy with end of tenancy cleaning prices offered or quoted by local property firms or real estate agencies and even the landlords, this is where cleaning companies step in

    It is your money, you should choose and decide and see what works the best for you, looking at the current market statistics, a recent report shows, there are over 7000 or more registered cleaning companies in London alone which makes the market really huge as well as competitive at the same time, but;

    Unless you do your homework or mathematic, you might still end up paying quite a large amount of money for all-inclusive end of tenancy cleaning, it is therefore suggested that you do your homework when you enquire a quote from an independent cleaning company

    There are number of things you should look at when enquiring or request an end of tenancy cleaning quote online or through a phone call

    If you bear in mind with below things and do your home work, chances are you going to save a lot of time and money, and avoid disappointment on the services offered

    1). Call a few companies and ask for prices

    2). Request a quote through their website and check how soon they return your email or call.

    3). Looking for their reviews online

    4). Check their company registration number and find out if they are actually based in the UK or sub-contract their work to other operatives

    5). Ask for their legal terms and conditions specified for end of tenancy cleaning

    6). Request their public liability insurance cover copy

    7). Ask for a few customers that had used their services in your area

    8). Speak to some of their customers to check if they were happy with their punctuality, service in general, ethics and quality of work

    9). Ask if they will bring all their cleaning products and equipment?

    10). Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

    11). Who pays for parking and congestion charges?

    12). What guarantee they offer on end of tenancy cleaning jobs?

    13). Are there any extra charges for jobs done on Saturdays, Sundays, public and bank holidays?

    14). Are there any deliverables from your side (If they know what they are doing, then yes there are some deliverables from your side as well, e.g. fridge and freezer should be switched off at least 24 hours in advance, hot water and electricity should be running in the property throughout the job is being done

    15). What happens if the property company, inventory clerk or landlord is not happy with the service offered?

    16). A trusted cleaning company will be happy to give at least a 48 hours warrantee and should return and re-do the job (if they missed a spot or two) as soon as possible or within 48 hours whey then were notified about it

    17). Will you or your operatives will issue the invoice? I would not personally choose a company who do not invoice and their operatives will. I find it bogus (My opinion as they are not taking the responsibility in a way or the other)

    18). Will you be able to do steam carpet cleaning, professional oven cleaning, sofa, mattresses or curtains steam cleaning as well (if needed?) If so, what carpet and upholstery cleaning machines will you use? If they say anything other than Ninja Ashby 400 PSI or Prochem carpet cleaning machinery, move on and find someone more up-to-date with local marketing requirements and latest equipment.

    19). Are your operatives fully insured? May I request their name, phone number as well as their public liability insurance? (asking for it would help you know if they just change the subject, are defensive or hardly answer you on that)?

    20). Can I visit you in office? Just ask, costs nothing, but helps you know there whereabouts.. ( I would not mind to ask, as the end of the day, I would be in trouble if they do not turn up, do a poor job)?

    21). What are your payment terms and conditions? May you send me an email and send your payment terms and conditions please?

    22). May I pay on completion of work via bank transfer (keep a proof), debit or credit card (ask who are their bankers and if you can speak to their bankers before giving out your secret information) – Ask their Banker ID, and speak to the bank, if needed (it helps you find out there whereabouts, and if they are a trusted vendor at all).?

    23). Are you a registered company in the UK at all? What is your registered address with company’s house?

    24). How long you been operating? What is your website URL? Then look for reviews online e.g. “Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd Reviews” online.

    25). May I have a name of the contact person, to whom I can speak with if needed at any stage, direct number and email address please?

    26). May I pay once the job is done, and the inventory clerk has passed your cleaning standards?

    27). Are there any charges, if a re-clean is needed, e.g. parking/congestion, etc, if they say yes, you should move on, as it was their omission and they should pay for it.

    28). Are there any deals you may offer, if I book several weeks in advance?

    29). May you email me your end of tenancy cleaning checklist please?

    30). How do I book and how many days in advance should I book?

    Simple and straightforward end of tenancy cleaning guide that always works, be confident when asking questions from end of tenancy cleaning service providers in London, Surrey or nationwide.

    You can avoid disappointment, pay less for a great service, just do your homework before you call for a stress free, easy good move

    If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey and beyond, simply call the most recommended end of tenancy cleaning agency which does a great job. You can book the service and get 10-% discount by calling them on 020 8942 2819

    The said company covers all London, Surrey and most locations nationwide, simply get in touch, the good thing is, they can also provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, professional oven cleaning, their service is guaranteed and above all, they know what they are doing.

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    Dear Luqman, The cleaners did a great job and I am very pleased. The price was fine considering what a good “End of Tenancy Cleaning” job they did and the carpets looked fantastic. We got the inventory checked this morning and the clerk commented on how the clean the flat was. I originally thought £200 was a lot of money but it seems that most companies charge alot more than that. I have lots of friends in London so I will definitely be recommending you to them. Thanks again. Bon voyage!
    Elisabeth Hancock