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    How to run a successful cleaning business?

    Monthly Archives: December 2013

    How to run a successful cleaning business?

    How you can run a successful cleaning business? Easy to follow guides for cleaning companies which may help them get their business found, liked and promoted for doing very little towards their cleaning business. Learn and teach, it helps you learn in return! *Guaranteed*

    Everybody wants to be a successful businessman or woman and it takes a lot of courage, confidence and handling the risk and delivering quality which takes any business to the next level, however if you are in cleaning business, it takes even a lot more courage as you will be dealing with thousands of private tenants, landlords, estate agents, housing orgnaisations, councils and bodies and B2B or B2C customers in between.

    Now the reality is, every single customer has their own state of mine and the quality standards, so how will you learn what they wanted and deliver your cleaning services to the utmost quality standards possible in order to avoid complaints, bad reviews, and turn a demanding customer into your valued customer that markets your brand.

    Let’s go through some important facts that may help your cleaning business grow really fast.

    1). Have a domain name for your business that is easily memorable

    2). Design and developed a mobile and user and search friendly website

    3). Get your business cards designed and give people (either parties) something if they recommend a family member or a friend, it can be some cash back, discount vouchers, value added points, free service or even chocolates or a card. This really helps.

    4). Always hand over your business cards to the people you are working for, sharing is caring and it helps, when it comes to word of mouth.

    5). Get your cleaning company some really unique uniforms and ask your staff members wear them at all times (when at work).

    6). If you have a vehicle that drives your staff to residential or commercial properties (locations), then get car/vehicle lettering done – Display ads on cars can really help your business be found by thousands of people on roads or on a move and that too for free, it is a kind of 1 time investment.

    7). Get your company stationary, banner ads, online campaigns, talk about the main important services you cover (more profitable for you), and ensure that you have your website and phone numbers there, email address too if possible.

    8). Deliver what you promise

    9). When you are cleaning residential or commercial properties, make sure that you work like it’s your own property, put yourself in your customer’s shoes to deliver high quality results as they desire.

    10). Learn what your customers want, ask your questions

    11). Get your cleaning equipment some branding done too and cleaning materials and products too, if you can afford of course (it does not cost a fortune).

    12). Learn from the little knowledge – If a customer calls you to leave a note or instructions, take a note and get your staff updated about it as soon as possible, ask your questions if you do not understand but at the same time, deliver what you just promised

    13). Have a deals page on website, offer returning customers with discounts, offer single mums or working professionals some incentive, contact estate agents, builders and councils and tell the world you have an amazing service to offer and that too at a great price

    14). Have an address and company registration number on your website and cards (it could be a forwarding address too). Companies or business with no location cannot be trusted, would you trust someone without knowing where they are based?

    15). Train your staff members or pass on special instructions if a customer has individual requirements, confident staff members will help your customers know that you and your company knows what you are doing.

    16). Short list some of the top profitable services you provide and preach and practice it really well.

    17). Have opening and closing times, if you are open 24/7 tell it to the world so they know you are there when they need you the most.

    18). Email marketing campaigns: Ethical email marketing campaign can really help.

    19). Google organic and paid marketing: start small, consider things and see what works the best for you

    20). Put your website address, phone numbers and referral phrases under your email signatures, be it you are sending it to your family, friends, colleagues or loved ones.

    21). Deliver a good service and think long term

    Honestly speaking, after the recession it is very hard to be a successful business, especially when the country has seen its worst financial times, but the bits and pieces you an do on your own can help you deliver.

    Cleaning is a good business and even a single contract can help you pay your bills easily, but then again you have to be confident, passionate and deliver promises, before you can be a successful cleaning company.

    In the next posts, we will talk about the opportunities for cleaning agencies worldwide and how they can put their business in front of 10,000 customers with just a click
    Stay tuned if you wish to be a successful cleaning business.

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    How end of tenancy cleaning prices are worked out in UK?

    End of tenancy cleaning – how the prices are worked?

    I think I have answered how end of tenancy cleaning prices are worked out in the past on Google+, Twitter and Youtube and LinkedIn, but a customer has called this afternoon, a Korean lady working for Citi bank and basically she was finding it really hard to exactly find out how end of tenancy cleaning price is worked out, she has a 1 bedroom flat she is moving from and every company she rang today she said had a price difference of £20 to £55. I was thinking why not publish it online for readers in London or in UK in general to see how tenancy cleaning cost is worked out.

    Well the end of tenancy cleaning prices may vary from one cleaning company to the other but also because of quality standards cleaning companies are ruled to provide. Honestly speaking there are only 3 main cleaning companies and the rest are brokers, freshies or people with no certifications, accreditations, and which can just call themselves a cleaning company but then again that’s not my business. Whatever helps pay the bills you know?

    Our Prices (we may assign several discounts on the time of actual booking). You can also save a lot if you are student, working professional, foreign student exchange program student in UK, single mum and there are range of even budget tenancy cleaning deals available for several professionals, council or housing organisation tenants etc:


    For one bedroom flat with 1 bathroom, all on 1 level, semi furnished or furnished property, kitchen, living room, a tenancy-cleaning price is worked out as below:

    2 Staff Members Minimum Cost: £50 (it takes nearly 4 good hours to complete 1 bed flat).
    Cleaning Products and Materials: £15/20 (depends on condition)
    Fuel charges to go & come back: £10
    Driver Minimum Charges: £10
    Bathroom: £10/15
    Kitchen: £40/65
    Skirting boards, furniture, doors etc: £20

    Total without steam carpet cleaning: £155 (Realistic Cost)
    Properties too old or roughly used: £195

    Carpet Cleaning Throughout: £40/60 (depends on condition)
    Professional Carpet Cleaning 1 room: £20
    Pro Carpet Cleaning in 1 room & living: £40

    Please note, as large cleaning companies may always be within a 5 miles radius as they are around the same area may cost less, and this is exactly the case when it comes to our end of tenancy cleaning services for example: because we work with councils, hundreds of estate agents, landlords, housing organisations, hostels, colleges and universities, there are always chances we will be able to charge less and offer a good price, however our end of tenancy cleaning prices for 1 bedroom only start from £100 and there are several reasons including less travel distance to your property, because we have local presence throughout UK and our highly trusted and experienced end of tenancy cleaners are aware of the fact what exactly they have to do than just learning from each other.

    Please note, some cleaning companies (not reputable ones) can always give you cheaper end of tenancy cleaning prices by compromising on the products or cleaning materials they use or outsourcing their jobs to other cleaning companies etc., but if you are looking for professional after tenancy cleaning services, this is how a reputable cleaning company will work on your end of tenancy cleaning cost depending on the condition of your property.

    You can see fantastic tenancy cleaning deals available on our website for both moving in cleaning or moving out cleaning, which are lot more cheaper than the price given above but then again as I said, because we are always in the area and can offer a good price.

    If you are unsure about tenancy cleaning prices, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You can always contact us through our website or call us on our mobile telephone exchange number on 07907 004090. Our front desk officers and Call Centre executives will love to talk to you and help you save on move out or moving in cleaning. If you are looking for last minute end of tenancy clean, overnight, or affordable and budget after tenancy clean deals, give us a call in order to avoid hassle and stress and ensure you return your property in a good state in order to claim your deposit (money) and leave on a good note.

    Calling is free and help is offered free too but helps you avoid hassle and stress at the later stage.

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    Moving In and out from a property during Christmas and New Year 2014?

    Moving In and Out Cleaning: Help available throughout Christmas and New Year 2014.

    Do you require Moving in or out cleaning during Christmas and New year 2014 or any other cleaning services? No stress, we are here to help as always!

    First of all, Merry Christmas to all our lovely customers, we wish you joy, success, stability and lots of love and we also wish you Happiest New Year to you and your loved one’s and the Nation and the World.

    Are you moving houses during Christmas and New Year 2014? And if that’s the case that’s very crazy but then again it’s kind of normal now days, people work during Christmas and New Year, especially after the recession in the UK and Europe had changed things seriously.

    Well, if you are moving into a new property or moving out from a property, if your tenancy or lease is ending soon, you can still count on your cleaning company which will be fully opened during Christmas and New Year 2014 in order to help our local UK customers enjoy their peace of mind and time with their families and loved one’s during these special moments.

    This is just a notice for all our lovely customers, be it in London, Surrey, Reading, Brighton, Slough, Oxford or Nationwide that we will be opened during Christmas and New year time and you can count on us for all the cleaning services you require, be it

    – After party cleaning
    – Moving in and out cleaning
    – After Builders Cleaning
    – Moving in cleaning
    – Move out cleaning
    – End of tenancy or end of lease cleaning
    – Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning
    – Steam sofa, rugs, mattress or curtains steam cleaning
    – And the range of other services under our umbrella

    Please note, our prices will stay the same, we will be accepting all last minute jobs too at no extra cost. We will work day and night in order to provide our customers with all the cleaning services they require, be it in the morning, afternoon, night or over the weekends and public holidays.

    If you are calling us before office hours i.e. 9-am, you can dial our mobile exchange to connect with us on 07907 004090, if you are calling between 9-am and 9-pm you can dial 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. Please note, our mobile exchange is fully function after 9-pm and if there’s any requirement after office hours, please feel free to call our Help Centre on 07907 004090 from 9-pm until 9-am in the morning.

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    What is check out cleaning?

    Check out cleaning, end of tenancy, end of lease, move out cleaning, vacate cleaning and the list of different variations goes on, however these are all the abbreviations of end of tenancy clean. Checkout refers to when you complete your verbal or written agreement, you are about to leave (exit that is), and you require a clean in order to put your flat, house, apartment, villa or a bungalow in the same clean state it was whilst you move in to this property in order to start your tenancy.

    As described above, check out cleaning is just a simple form of placing or putting your property exactly in the same state it was, so if you are too busy, you might like to hire someone to do this for you. There are several reasons why you should leave it to your professionals

    First and the utmost is that there is a saying; it is rather better to leave respective things to the professionals, which specialise in. I am a computer guy and I am very bad at cleaning and I have to admit it today, I have been living in London for a number of decades, each time I was moving out from a property or checking out, no matter how hard I tried, I failed like an old pig and could not stand this end of tenancy clean.

    I ended up kind of doing half of the job and then did not had no intention to do it any further, so let’s put it this way, I was not willing to loose my deposit as well as leaving on a good note and why not, as I had to use these references in order to get a new property, this all counts here you see as you know

    Do not get me wrong but there is a second reason too, with why I wanted to leave it to professional cleaners, 1). Because I was sure they would do much better job and do not miss a spot which I easily could and 2nd they can always come back if there’s a problem. Plus I would not be blame for doing a bad job and someone else will.

    And this idea of mine has always worked.

    So if you are leaving a property or checking out, it is always best to hire professional end of tenancy cleaners with or without steam carpet cleaning, some estate agents will ask you to wash your carpets or get them spring, deep or properly cleaned whereas others would, most estate agents will recommend you to use deep or spring cleaning including but not limited to getting your upholstery e.g. (rugs if any, sofa’s, mattresses, curtains steam cleaned too).

    Well there are 2 reasons again why they want this 1). They wanted the next tenant do not complain too much about how bad the property was whilst they moved in, 2nd) it is an estate agent or landlords legal obligation to let a property to a new tenant or moving in party to an estate which would not cause diseases, health issues or hazards, as a tenant, you should always return your property in a good state and you can always do that if you hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning which is fully equipped, has the professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning equipment, uses bespoke cleaning materials, products and the people or tenancy cleaners which come to professionally clean the property know what they have to do than just eating your brain for small little things (lacking common sense).

    check out or after tenancy cleaning there is much to do, especially if you work hard for your living, therefore in order to secure or claim your deposit, it is very vital that you let professionals do it for you, which will help you avoid stress, hassle as well as guarantee that you claim your deposit in order to get your property be in the same state as it was whilst you moved in.

    If you are looking for help or advice on your check out, vacate, moving out or end of tenancy cleaning, why not call end of tenancy cleaning specialists for free advice by calling on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You can also call before and after office hours (9am and after 9-pm on 07907 004090. Help is free and there are always polite end of tenancy cleaning front desk always willing to help.

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    What are end of tenancy cleaning best practises?

    As a leading Cleaning Agency in UK we think these are the tenancy clean best practises which count and especially when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning.

    It is probably very easy to be a cleaning company but to be a cleaning company which actually delivers its promises, outstanding results, understands customers requirements and work with them as their dedicated, honest and trusted cleaners, be it pre or post end of tenancy clean.

    On the end of tenancy, there’s a lot to do and this is where the best practises come in. This is the time when your tenant, landlord, estate agent or a property company is expecting you to deliver a great job, on time and in budget

    However there are 3 types of different companies and the practises are probably outlined as below for both moving house (moving in and move out cleaning).

    – Best end of tenancy cleaning results (over-priced)
    – Great End of tenancy cleaning service (mid-priced but less recognised)
    – Dodgy Cleaning Companies (prices none can beat and worst results).

    We receive probably 500 calls a day from London alone or more sometime and these are the tenants, landlords or estate agents which are looking for end of tenancy cleaning service, a customer is sure to ask different question before they put their money and trust in your company and this is the time when an honesty can help you win a new customer or work/property and at the same time deliver good results so you may be on their good books

    But a most latest survey shows, 80-% cleaning companies in UK hardly care about the end results, what they do is just sell at very low prices, promise big time and end up delaying the jobs or the end results are sometime horrible enough to put end of tenancy clean customers in a mega trouble especially when their deposit is not returned and their money is deducted because a cleaning company failed to provide a good tenancy cleaning service.

    If a cleaning company follows below straightforward instructions, there are chances they may deliver 100-% committed after tenancy cleaning service

    1). Ask your questions to know about the property really well
    2). Ask customers time when they are returning keys
    3). Check about the property and whether or not it requires steam clean
    4). Ask for photos if something is unclear and quote accurately
    5). Keep no small prices or shocking surprises
    6). Tell customers about parking and congestion charges in advance (if any)
    7). Any other small prints, explain to customers and tell them why they incur
    8). Send end of tenancy cleaners, which can actually deliver a great job
    9). Tell customers whether or not they are charged for materials, products
    10). If you are dispatching cleaning equipment, tell customers
    11). Be on time
    12). Deliver your promises
    13). Drive a customer a mile away if possible and where-needed
    14). Do not rush; remember someone is putting their trust on you.
    15). Don’t cash the situation; keep the country’s reputation good
    16). When someone is flying abroad after tenancy, be more promising
    17). Deal customers equally, big or small properties
    18). Keep your ethics and morality at the highest possible level all times
    19). Do not lie and cheat or make stories
    20). Be honest, straightforward and precise about price

    End of tenancy cleaning is very much different than a normal domestic cleaning, deep cleaning or spring cleaning, it is nearly 80-% same but it’s an entirely different job, detailed and requires more attention, materials, products, equipment

    Don’t forget you are in the centre of your tenant, their landlord, their estate agent and the inventory clerk. If you do a good job, remember you are getting attention of 4 individuals or people and word of mouth may really help grow your business really well, if you do a good job and a worst job may cost you huge fortune to further sell your service

    End of tenancy cleaning best practises are simple, straightforward, and you may deliver a great tenancy-cleaning job well done if you just follow simple and straightforward instructions

    If you are a tenant, landlord, an estate agency, property company, council or housing organisation or anybody in between, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to discuss your end of tenancy cleaning requirements, we cover UK wide and will be very happy to help, advice when and where needed.

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    Realistic End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in UK and what it includes?

    Realistic All Inclusive End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

    (No small prints or shocking prices at the later stage) – Guaranteed!

    Please note, all below prices include all the cleaning products, materials, equipment including carpet cleaning machinery (if required), window cleaners and oven cleaners sent by the company including a team of people. This price also includes 48-hours guarantee from job completion time. Why not discuss your end of tenancy cleaning requirement by calling on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 or on 07907 004090 – Your helpline opened throughout the year UK wide.

    If you are moving houses, you might require end of tenancy cleaning services. Your estate agent or landlord might suggest you their own cleaners but it is suggested that you ask your estate agency or landlord what it would cost?

    Most estate agencies and landlords work with cleaning companies and get commission and this is therefore a good idea to speak to your landlord or estate agency directly in order to check how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost done by their cleaners?

    You will see that their prices will be quite dear and so as a tenant it is your right to choose your own cleaning company for your tenancy clean. There are number of cleaning companies, be it London or nationwide, so all you need is to find those companies through a search engine, by a friend, etc.

    Now the question is, as there are many good or bad cleaning companies, in that case what should you do? You should always look for a cleaning company with good reviews as we discussed in our previous posts, you should ask them local references in your area, and you should speak with a couple of people in order to find the truth if they were right.

    With regarding’s to end of tenancy cleaning prices, below are current end of tenancy cleaning prices, be it London, Surrey or the entire UK and these prices include a team of tenancy cleaners coming to do the job, not just one person, all cleaning products, equipment, materials and carpet and upholstery cleaning machinery, internal windows to be included and oven (cooker) to be professionally cleaned. Let’s talk about prices now

    Studio flat without steam carpet cleaning: ££90
    Studio flat with steam carpet cleaning: £130

    1 Bedroom flat without carpet cleaning: £100
    1 Bedroom flat with steam carpet cleaning: £150

    2 Bed flat with 1 bathroom without carpets: £110
    2 Bed, 1 bath flat with steam carpet cleaning: £170 (1 level flat)

    2 Bed, 2 bath flat without carpet cleaning: £120 (1 level flat)
    2 bed, 2 bath flat with carpet cleaning: £190

    3 Bed, 1 bath flat without carpet cleaning: £135 (1 level flat)
    3 Bed, 1 Bath flat with carpet cleaning: £210

    3 Bed, 2 Bath flat without carpet cleaning: £150 (1 / 2 levels)
    3 Bed, 2 Bath flat with carpet cleaning: £240

    4 Bed, 1 Bath flat without carpet cleaning: £150 (1/2 levels)
    4 Bed, 1 Bath flat with carpet cleaning: £240

    4 Bed, 1 bath+1 WC without carpet cleaning: £165 (1/2 levels)
    4 Bed, 1 bath+1wc with carpet cleaning: £250

    4 Bed, 3 bath flat without carpet cleaning: £185 (1/2 levels)
    4 Bed, 3 Bath flat with carpet cleaning: £270

    5 Bed, 2 bath flat without carpet cleaning: £200 (1/2 levels)
    5 Bed, 2 Bath flat with carpet cleaning: £300


    House End of tenancy cleaning prices

    1 bed, 1 bath house on 2 levels without carpet cleaning: £120
    1 bed, 1 bath house on 2 levels with carpet cleaning: £170

    2 bed, 1 bath house on 2 levels without carpet cleaning: £130
    2 bed, 1 bath house on 2 levels with carpet cleaning: £200

    2 Bed 2 bath house on 2 levels without carpet cleaning: £140
    2 Bed 2 Bath House on 2 levels with carpet cleaning: £210

    3 Bed 1 Bath House on 2 Levels without carpet cleaning: £150
    3 Bed 1 bath house on 2 levels with carpet cleaning: £220

    3 Bed 2 bath + 1 toilet house on 3 levels without carpet cleaning: £175
    3 Bed 2 bath + 1 toilet house on 3 levels with carpet cleaning: £290

    4 Bed, 1 bath + 1 toilet house on 3 levels without carpet cleaning: £200
    4 Bed, 1 bath + 1 toilet house on 3 levels with carpet cleaning: £350

    4 Bed, 1 bath, 1 toilet + extra reception room without carpets: £225
    4 Bed, 1 bath, 1 toilet + extra front room with carpet cleaning: £375

    5 Bed, 2 bath + 1 toilet + 1 living room without carpets: £275 (3 levels)
    5 Bed, 2 bath + 1 toilet + 1 living room with carpet cleaning: £425

    5 Bed, 2 bath, 1 toilet, 1 WC + extra reception room without carpets: £300
    5 Bed, 2 bath, 1 toilet, 1 WC + extra reception room with carpets: £450

    Please note, these prices are given with “Jangro cleaning products and materials” and world’s most renowned carpet cleaning machines e.g. Ninja Ashby’s, Prochem Steam Pro 2000 or Nilfisk Industrial or commercial carpet cleaning. These prices also include a team of cleaners (2 people) to come and do the job, from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms property and if a property is larger than 3 bedrooms then at least 3 people to come and do the job. Please note, prices are all inclusive of VAT and the only thing required is Parking and congestion if these charges apply on your postcode.

    Please note, prices may also go down, if you book, both your moving in property as well as move out property then you may get 35-% discount on total cost. Also you might have less or more carpets and the price may go up and down

    It is a lot better to get your end of tenancy cleaning done by a professional, local, highly trusted and highly reviewed cleaning company, a cleaning company which would not keep small prints or shocking surprises for the last moment and once you are stuck they will start to make troubles.

    Please note, it is also important to check if all the people which will come to do the job will be fully equipped and follow a really strict end of tenancy cleaning checklist, other than just that, they should be legally allowed to work and live in the UK, have vehicle, vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, products, materials, equipment, carpet cleaning machine, as well as necessary tools which require for a this kind of job

    If you require more information on end of tenancy cleaning, why not give call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 or on 07907 004090 in order to get an honest advice and opinion on what an end of tenancy cleaning will cost for a property and specifications and requirements like yours.

    Please note, these prices include cleaning the entire property from inside, including oven (cooker), windows, floors, worktops, cabinets, cupboards, shelves, floors, furniture, doors, and anything in between and these prices do not hold (number of hours), this is a fixed price for one-off end of tenancy cleaning job and cleaners should only leave once the job is done.

    Do you have a question or want to know the exact price for a property like yours with specifications and requirements you have? Why not call now on 020 8942 2819, 0800 689 8989 or 07907 004090 UK wide customers welcomed to ask their questions on moving in or moving house cleaning, end of lease and so forth.

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    How to spot a lame end of tenancy cleaning service in UK?

    When a Cleaning Company is hesitant to share their local references, then it’ might be a lame end of tenancy cleaning service provider. Let’s discuss it more now

    When I buy things online, I always write down important notes, which will apply, to all the companies I am browsing through, be it buying a t-shirt or holidays, a car or a bike and even food or vouchers and so forth. Well, that’s probably me, but I used to be someone leaving all for last minute and then ended up buying wrong things, including clothes, shoes, food and the huge massive big fat list goes on.

    When I first moved in to a rental property, that was over 14 years ago, and I was still in my teens, moving out from my parents home and going away in a different city to start to pursue higher studies and find work and just be on my own and face things on my cheeks, learn, feel and carry on

    Well as I said that was 14 years ago and I was sharing a room in a 4 bedroom student accommodation, a bed and breakfast kind of thing, very loud tenants indeed, mostly ladies, well men too on Saturdays and Sunday nights, I used to be kind of a shy and serious guy back then (there are times when I may be quiet or be very shy even now), well Shhhhh!

    Well after completing my high school when I moved out from this property, the owners expected the flat to be professionally cleaned including the mattress, sofa, curtains, a rug and the communal area and I remember I called a local cleaning company which I found through some search engine (I literally don’t remember but probably it was a nightmare because of checking the reviews good or bad habit).

    I paid I think, over a 100-$ I think back then for the entire end of tenancy clean of my room and carpets and upholstery and communal areas in the house and I left on a good note, I was moving within cities and states and then flying abroad and each and every time I moved out I had to perform end of tenancy clean.

    When I moved to London a long time ago, I had to professionally clean the room I was living in and that was in Surrey, no matter how clean my room used to be (as a single man), I still had to get professional cleaners to clean the entire thing (carpets, upholstery, all areas used by me), and I remember paying quite a handsome amount to get the property fully cleaned.

    Now back to the topic, when I still use end of tenancy cleaning services when I move out from a property, I still request 3 references within a mile radius area from my property. Even when I work with a cleaning company, I still do my mathematics in order to help me save my money on after tenancy clean and why not, I work hard for this

    However, the main and important questions to ask your end of tenancy cleaning company have already been discussed on this blog, but a cleaning company is hesitant to pass on references in your local area you can speak with are either dodgy or do not have good reviews or references.

    Please note, do not just go for online reviews, it’s always worth speaking to a local and get an honest opinion, I always ask for 3 references, 1 can be their friend, family or relative but all might not and just in case if they are, I might still be able to spot the lame end of tenancy cleaning review by kind of knowing the body language or voice clarity or just randomly asking a quick question which might help the reviewer tell the truth secretly

    My personal suggestion, if your cleaning company is hesitant to pass on references in your local area is probably not a good cleaning company and you should avoid them. Please note, it makes sense when someone tells that they cannot pass on their references name and number because of data-protection law, but then again, there should be some at least some customers in a 5 miles radius area around my property which have given their consent? Just do not go because they know about data-protection law, do your mathematics in order to save your money, time, and hassle and the stress.

    Call end of tenancy cleaning helpline today on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 if you would like to share your tenancy cleaning experience, good or bad or if you will like to discuss your after tenancy cleaning requirements or just ask the kind of service you require. Our end of tenancy cleaning sales team is very experienced and may help you choose the correct service and that too a good deal. They may always walk you through different options to help you find the most suitable end of tenancy cleaning deal ideal for your property.

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    Worst and The Best UK End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Providers and how to avoid?

    When it comes to the best end of tenancy cleaning service providers, they will ask you questions as we discussed in our previous blog post and then quote you accordingly, provide you with an excellent sales, tenancy cleaning service as well as support at all stages. They will also ensure the tenancy cleaners arrive on time, do a good job, are updated for any individual or special requirements and that you get good value for money and hassle and stress free end of tenancy clean

    Whereas a bad end of tenancy cleaning company will just trick you at all stages. Let’s see what a bad end of tenancy cleaning service tricks may involve:

    Yesterday a customer has called us from Enfield and required end of tenancy cleaning service in a 2 bedroom flat, she was looking for end of tenancy cleaning services as a last minute thing and needed end of tenancy cleaning done over night, she was quoted £65, and this price included cleaning products, materials and equipment to be sent by the cleaning company.

    The cleaner arrived 3 hours late, she had to call that cleaning company for at least 14 times she said and there was only 1 cleaner whereas she was promised 2 cleaners, said cleaner had no products and materials and equipment to clean the flat and the customer ended up asking their neighbours for vacuum cleaner and mop and bucket and then ended up paying extra £20 for cleaner to go and buy cleaning products.

    Cleaner spent total 4 hours from the first appearance and then was to leave when the moving out tenant checked the property, only a kitchen and bathroom was cleaned and nothing has been done in the bedrooms, on inspection she asked the cleaner to complete the job as she was expecting an inventory clerk to come and do the final check before she flies back to Australia.

    Cleaners refused to work as she said she was only there for 4 hours, she called cleaning company and ended up being told the same whereas their email stated something entirely different including £65 and that this price included all cleaning products, materials, equipment and 2 cleaners, 100-% peace of mind and re-clean guarantee of 48 hours, she was left in a terrible situation and just a few hours after their inventory clerks were visiting the property and she had the flight same night back home.

    Both cleaner and that most respect cleaning company in London refused, she called us, and it has been all done just a minute before the inventory clerk came

    She was told the property was now in neat and clean condition and she has ended her tenancy in style, but this is a lesson for that customer and for many end of tenancy cleaning customers that unfortunately there are many dishonest and bad cleaners and cleaning companies and it is a kind of common sense that how a cleaning company can send a vehicle, products, equipment, materials and cleaning products. That cleaning company should have done the job as promised but failed.

    As an End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company we have also helped those which are desperately looking for a great hassle and stress free service, if you would like to share your opinion about a good and bad cleaning company or if you have received a good or bad end of tenancy cleaning service, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You can also give us a call on 07907 004090 or contact us through our website

    It is very important that you choose a good end of tenancy cleaning company when your tenancy runs out and you are moving houses and require cleaning, if you are flying abroad and require end of tenancy cleaning service, it is best not to leave it for the last minute, such things may happen, as some cleaning companies will just like to trick and cash the situation.

    It is best to ask for help and it costs nothing, the best you can do is plan your end of tenancy clean at least 2 weeks before your tenancy expires or 2 weeks before you move out, this will help you get a budget end of tenancy cleaning deal as well as ensure you do your algebra before choosing a right cleaning company as well as end of tenancy cleaning service in UK.

    Call us on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to discuss your moving house or moving in or moving out end of tenancy cleaning requirements and its free.

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    Important questions a cleaning company must ask their customers and why?

    You Are An Established Cleaning Company, how you can prove it?

    It is vital to understand the job type for each and every industry. However well established companies are established because they understand customer’s individual requirements and deliver outstanding results.

    Whereas the cowboy cleaning companies are so desperate for cleaning business that they will just say, “Yes” to everything you ask and deliver a poor job.

    This is very common when it comes to end of tenancy and carpet cleaning, after builders clean or range of other cleaning services. This is truly unfortunate, and honestly speaking, 50-% cleaning companies in London and their employees struggle with understanding English-speaking customers requirements, which further let them deliver a good job.

    As a cleaning company and especially when it comes to small jobs like one off or regular home and office cleaning, most cleaning agencies communicate through email or phone in order to understand customer’s requirements but lack the experience and style, just getting many extra customers and delivering a poor cleaning job that is not well done will let your company be in the market for the shortest period of time.

    Let’s solve this puzzle by giving an example:

    Say a customer is moving out from a property and this specific service has many terms including but not limited to:

    – End of tenancy clean
    – Move out clean
    – Post tenancy clean
    – Vacate clean
    – Moving house clean
    – After lease clean

    And the long list of variations goes on. Now a cleaning company with a very limited information or newly established firm which have not much done their mathematics might get confused when a customer asks “ they need a vacate clean “ – Now it is important to know or ask different questions in order to get to know the actual requirements, you as a cleaning company may ask several questions and learn from the tinniest knowledge provided e.g.

    – Is it a commercial or residential property?

    – Can I take the full property postcode, if you ask this question, this will help you provide accurate price information, as some properties may be in a congestion charges area and customer might not have parking and parking may be expensive in that specific postcode.

    – How long have you lived in this property?

    – How many bedrooms and bathrooms have you got in this property (if this is a residential property, it may be a house, flat, maisonette, apartment, villa or a bungalow, this question will help you a lot. It is also important to ask, if the property is furnished or unfurnished, number of levels, are the cupboards and shelves fully empty? Are there any stains on the carpets, will you require steam carpet cleaning at all?

    – Are there any areas, which require special attention e.g. walls, cooker, windows, skirting boards, etc.? It is very important that you make notes of the things that you discuss with customers, so you can come up with an accurate number of hours you will spend in a property (including arranging number of staff members and quoting an actual figure when it comes to price).

    – Will you be fully moved out when you require clean?

    – What time will you like the clean to be performed, what date and time works the best for you and your household?

    – When’s your inventory clerk coming to visit your property in order to check the property’s state?

    – What is the name of your estate agent? (if you work with estate agencies, or have previous experience, you might be able to find their quality standards), please note, each and every estate agency or inventory company has their own set of standards set by their own policies, certifications or accreditations they may have

    – What’s the deposit you are expecting to be returned?

    – Will you be able to provide parking space?

    – Will there be hot water and electricity running in the property? It is very important to ask this question, on the end of tenancy or lease, some tenant’s might switch them off or simply forget to pay for electric which may lead to hassle and stress at the later stage.

    – Will you require professional steam carpet or upholstery cleaning? If so, may you please provide us information on this one please e.g. about the carpeted areas, any sofa’s, mattresses, curtains you may have or any rugs?

    Please note, these are the basic questions you should ask, which will help you deliver a great job, as well as quote an accurate cost, help customers avoid hassle and stress and make their move a real easy move.

    In short, getting a customer by quoting a cheap price is one thing, but getting to know their requirements and then giving them an accurate quote is quite another. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies in UK do not have a very good reputation, and there are many reasons why, but one of the main reasons also includes poor skills or abilities when it comes to knowing what a “customer wants”

    These basic little information and questions may also help your end of tenancy cleaning customers know that you know what you are doing and that they may count on yourself or your cleaning company for a job well done.

    In the future posts, we will discuss a story of a foreign student studying in Imperial college London, which has gone through such a painful time and stress and hassle by going for a few pounds cheaper cost but then getting to know an unethical cleaning agency. They did a poor job, which has led this foreign student in London go through such hassle that she said cannot forget, it was not just £3000 which her estate agency refused to return but also that she had to pay another month rent, she missed a flight, and a long list of inconveniences goes on, which we will discuss in future

    There are probably many cleaning companies in UK, but unfortunately there are many bad companies too, it is therefore important to do your mathematics and getting to know these cleaning companies, customers should ask range of questions from a cleaning company including their references within a few miles radius from their property, check their reviews, check their website, asking their company registration number, address, day time phone number and after office hours phone numbers, support or helpline, what cleaning products and materials they use, what equipment they use etc.

    If you are looking for professional cleaning advice, be it move in cleaning or moving out (end of tenancy / lease cleaning), carpet or after build cleaning or range of other cleaning services including maid and housekeeping services, why not give us a call, just to get to know about the real competitive prices and choose a hassle and stress free cleaning service.

    Call anytime on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You may also call our mobile helpline on 07907 004090 or contact us through our website for any information or assistance you may require, be it end of tenancy cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning, post builders clean or maid and housekeeping services and range of other services on our website.

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    Free End Of Tenancy Cleaning Helpline

    Free end of tenancy cleaning helpline, advice bureau is here to help customers that are moving out from a property and are looking for professional end of tenancy cleaning services anywhere in London, Surrey, Slough, Reading, Oxford, Brighton or even Nationwide.

    If your tenancy is ending soon and you are moving out from a property, you probably need to hire a good cleaning company which can help your property look good to your estate agent, landlord and the inventory clerks. You might also require your carpets to be steam cleaned as well as upholstery, cooker and internal windows should be also very well cleaned and any dirt, dust or residue should be cleaned and properly wiped down.

    It is the time when you require a professional cleaning company come in and do it for you, just in case you are busy or you have other priorities, when hiring well reviewed and highly trusted end of tenancy cleaners, it is important for you to check several aspects of the service, be it prices, full service, some cleaning companies might be able to provide a good end of tenancy cleaning service but do not have the professional carpet cleaning equipment in order to do a good job or they lack when it comes to oven or windows cleaning.

    Therefore, if you are moving out from a from and require end of tenancy cleaning, why not call your end of tenancy cleaning helpline for free and that too, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days an year

    Your local end of tenancy cleaning helpline can help you choose the right cleaning company, not just that, suggest you an ideal good price with all your individual requirements in mind, help you choose the right cleaning company which can actually deliver what you are exactly seeking.

    Contacting your end of tenancy cleaning advice and helpline is free and you can dial anytime during the day, night or even public holidays and weekends.

    Call us today on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. After and before office hours you can also dial our helpline on 07907 004090, which will divert your calls for free on our after and before office hours lines which will be very delighted to help you choose the right end of tenancy cleaning service.

    Our end of tenancy cleaning helpline is able to help customers moving in or moving out from a property Nationwide.

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    Dear Luqman, The cleaners did a great job and I am very pleased. The price was fine considering what a good “End of Tenancy Cleaning” job they did and the carpets looked fantastic. We got the inventory checked this morning and the clerk commented on how the clean the flat was. I originally thought £200 was a lot of money but it seems that most companies charge alot more than that. I have lots of friends in London so I will definitely be recommending you to them. Thanks again. Bon voyage!
    Elisabeth Hancock