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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Loughton

    Monthly Archives: October 2014

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Loughton

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Loughton

    Great end of tenancy cleaning reviews and prices for Loughton – Hassle and headache free end of tenancy and carpet cleaning services as well as after builders cleaning services for tenants, landlords, estate agents and property management firms in Loughton.

    Call us on 020 8942 2819 or on 0790 700 4090 in order to get 50-% discount right now! We also provide after builders cleaning services, professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, one-off cleaning, deep cleaning, moving home cleaning and range of other cleaning services for your home, office, industrial and commercial property.

    PROPERTY SIZE End of Tenancy Cleaning PRICES FROM (GBP)
    Studio flat excluding carpet cleaning from £110
    Studio flat including carpet cleaning from £160
    One Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £140
    One Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £200
    Two Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £160
    Two Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £220
    Three Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £200
    Three Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £290
    4 or more Bedroom excluding carpet cleaning from £240
    4 or more Bedroom including carpet cleaning from £320

    Local Loughton Cleaners offer end of tenancy cleaning services in Loughton at highly affordable prices. They will send all cleaning products and materials, all equipment and a team of professional end of tenancy cleaners, which will be fully equipped to provide you an affordable tenancy clean in your property in Loughton. All their Loughton Cleaners will be fully insured, vetted, legally allowed to work and live in the UK as well as speak English and follow all instructions politely. Book A Cleaner or Request A Call Back or ask us to email you a no obligation free quote today!

    Be it you are moving out from a property or moving into your new property, whether your lease is ending soon or you are vacating a property for property exchange or just looking for cleaners in Loughton for your pre or post end of tenancy cleaning, they can provide an affordable yet professional cleaning services in your property in Loughton.

    They can also provide professional carpet cleaning services as well as upholstery cleaning services in Loughton and neighbouring areas. They will professionally clean your property so your estate agent, landlord and inventory clerk are happy with how you have kept and maintained your property.

    They also specialise in one off cleaning and deep cleaning services, after build cleaning, so if you are therefore looking for professional end of tenancy cleaning services, After Build Cleans, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Loughton or neighbouring areas then get in touch with Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd today in order to get your property fully cleaned by Loughton Cleaners.
    Please note, we can beat or match any genuine cleaning quotes

    Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us
    ✓Our End of Tenancy Cleaning is 48 Hours Guaranteed & Hassle Free!
    ✓ Our “Invoices” are accepted by country’s leading Estate Agents
    ✓ We use our own cleaning products from “Top” brands e.g. “Jangro”
    ✓ We will bring and use our own latest cleaning equipment in the UK
    ✓ We use the latest “Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Brands”
    ✓ We professionally clean Oven for free, including hobs and extractor
    ✓ We will professionally clean your windows for free
    ✓We clean all your electronic appliances for free e.g fridge, freezer
    ✓ We will send a team to do the job, not just one person.
    ✓ We offer 24-hour sales and support locally based
    ✓ All our staff members are polite and hard working
    ✓ We are punctual in 99% cases (Unless something out of our control)
    ✓ We will never outsource your job to other cleaning companies
    ✓ Our prices are “Small Prints” and “Shocking Surprises Free”
    ✓ We have all payment methods available
    ✓ We can even handle emergency & last minute jobs
    ✓ We do not charge extra on weekends, bank & public holidays
    ✓ We can work on your suitable date, day and time
    ✓ We are local, honest, dedicated & committed to your excellence
    ✓ We are a Full Services “Cleaning Company”

    Do not fall for tricks by cowboy-cleaning companies which always keep small prints hidden and then start to show their true colours, trust your local Loughton cleaners which can provide range of cleaning services in Loughton including after build cleans, carpet cleaning, moving home cleaning be it move out and move in cleaning, professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and range of other cleaning services.

    Call us today on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 for professional end of tenancy cleaning in Loughton, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning services, one off cleaning, deep and spring cleaning services and domestic and commercial cleaning services today!

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    Big Yellow Self Storage for Homes and Businesses

    Big Yellow Self Storage for homes and business

    If you need more space, help is at hand. Our friends at Big Yellow are the UK’s favourite self storage company and provides secure storage for homes and businesses which can be accessed seven days a week.

    New Malden Branch:
    Address: Wyvern Estate Beverly Way, Beverley Way, New Malden, Surrey KT3 4PH
    Phone: 020 8942 2889

    Ask for Paula and Jamie or speak to other colleagues and you will be guided through range of options in order to help you get the right space and that too at a great price!

    Discount Code: Ask for it.

    If you want to receive 10-% special discount, quote the above code

    Big Yellow Self Storage is a leading storage company offering households and businesses with affordable, cost effective but above all good storage service. Get in touch today in order to receive your best offer!

    Big Yellow Self Storage New Malden

    Get 30-% off on end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning services if you are an existing or future Big Yellow Self Storage customer in London, Surrey and nationwide. Call us today on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989.

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    Carpet Cleaners in London in my area

    Carpet Cleaners In London in My Area:

    I have been living in the same house for over a 3 years period now and the carpet cleaners I have previously used a few times were not as great as I expected. There are no stains on the carpets, the carpets are generally in a good condition and I personally spend a lot of time keeping my house very neat and tidy I can

    So, I have been searching for “carpet cleaners in my area” for over a few days now and there have been so many carpet cleaning companies in London displaying their websites on Google.

    I short listed 3 companies and called all of them, unfortunately, none attended my call at 11-am. That just shows how much they care about business. On the other hand, I think, these carpet cleaners are probably freelancers and not companies, I understand having an 0208 phone number and a website does not necessarily mean you are a carpet cleaning company.

    So I moved on and tried to find “Local Carpet Cleaners” – Actually, this time Google search were displaying less results but professional steam carpet cleaning companies either having franchises in my area or actually based within a few miles radius.

    Unfortunately, the same story as businesses now a days do not pick up phone it seems. I was actually a bit annoyed now because i called 6 different carpet cleaning companies in my area.

    Brrrrr! I needed to get these carpets sorted because Met Office was talking about a lot of rain all next week. I called another company based just a few miles away. The website for their carpet cleaning business was just normal, the guy who picked my phone was very polite and friendly to chat with. He asked me all the necessary questions in order to understand the job description, politely took my details, and wow!

    Job description:
    3 bedrooms, 2 lounges, 2 flights of stairs, 2 landings, 2 corridors

    He said the normal price for carpet cleaning for this job description was around £150 but since they were cleaning carpets in another property on the same road where I live and because there’s less travel time and fuel charges involved, he will get all our carpets professionally steam cleaned for just £100 – Fantastic Deal because previously, I have been paying £220 each time! Hurray!

    I was hoping their carpet cleaning service is as good as their price, Their carpet cleaner called me 30 minutes before to let me know he will be there soon. He was bang right on time. He inspected the carpets and started the work. They doubled clean my carpets in order to achieve even better results

    I must admit that they were fully loaded, they had all the necessary carpet cleaning tools and equipments they needed in order to perform a good service and have a happy customer!

    They took around an hour and half and the carpets were dry in around 2 hours time. I seriously am so happy

    My carpet cleaning review for Carpet Care Ltd:
    You guys were simply fantastic, you were on time, you were very polite, generally happy and knew what you were doing. Price was great and the service was just amazing. You did what you charged for and I paid a lot less or even half the price in order to get 200-% better service – Carpet Care Ltd even told me, they can even do emergency, last minute and same day carpet cleaning service too. Good On You Guys!

    Since this carpet cleaning company provides other cleaning services e.g. upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and covers nationwide locations, I am really glad as we have been actually looking for an honest cleaning company for our tenants move out and move in cleaning and the good thing is, they can do carpet and upholstery cleaning too – I am impressed!

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Oxfordshire

    Good Morning Readers,

    Ref: End Of Tenancy Cleaning Oxford

    I have been called by a customer last night and been asked to do a property viewing in Oxford in Oxfordshire today. I am on my way and as I am updating my blog, i am just enjoying coffee in a very nice, cosy and quiet coffee shop just outskirts of Oxford.

    Honestly speaking, we have done thousands of end of tenancy cleaning jobs in Oxford and we know the area really well, we also work with thousands of private tenants, landlords, estate agents and inventory companies in Oxford and we are probably the most trusted and top notch end of tenancy cleaning service in Oxford.

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Oxford, Oxfordshire for Tenants, Landlords, Estate Agents, Property Management Companies.

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Oxford, Oxfordshire for Tenants, Landlords, Estate Agents, Property Management Companies.

    Today, I am visiting an estate agent (lettings negotiator) who works for Hampton’s International, one of the leading name in property market in the UK and in several other countries. This customer is moving out of his property and since we work hand in hand with Hamptons International, he has called us for his personal move out cleaning since he is renting his property through a different estate agent

    This simply shows how good our reputation is in all Nationwide locations.

    I will be soon leaving this coffee shop and stick back to work so Adios!

    I will update my findings about this property and how my meeting went with this property development company in Oxford which is looking to hire our initial after build and sparkle clean services in Oxford as well as several other UK locations!

    On the other hand, I am visiting some more properties in Oxford today where our teams are providing end of tenancy cleaning services in Oxford. I will get a chance to see these guys and shake hand as I leave – I must admit we are really proud of our end of tenancy cleaners in Oxford which ensure, our tenants, landlords, estate agents, property management companies, inventory companies and concierges receive a top notch end of tenancy cleaning service in Oxford each time!

    Speak Soon

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    Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

    Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

    We all can make difference, see how?

    An amazing video – It just shows, if we all work hard we can achieve what we can achieve.

    Share and Care – We hope we can all learn something from here.

    If you like to share an image, a video, a random act of kindness or something really sweet. Please give us a call on 0750 6709 450, 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. Lets show the world what will keep us content, keep our hopes high and let us all do the bits and pieces which will help us change the world and us in a nice way!

    Thank you for watching readers!

    Sincerely yours

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Chiswick Houses, Flats and Apartments

    Good Morning Dear Readers:

    I am starting my day today with the first property viewing. I had to drive from Morden (where I live) to Chiswick (A customer that’s moving out). I was stuck in a traffic for 35 good minutes in Wimbledon but Thank God traffic released a bit and I was ready to go.

    I must admit the customer was there, I was right on time and they were too. It was a fantastic 5 bedroom apartment close to Chiswick High Road, 3 bathrooms, a toilet, 4 balconies, this Arabic customer required pre end of tenancy cleaning and then a week after post tenancy cleaning. The customer has also requested full professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning including (sofas, mattresses, curtains and rugs).


    I gave them a fair price for both pre end of tenancy cleaning service as well as for post tenancy cleaning services. We agreed on a date and time for both cleans and we are ready to go – Customer kindly accepted our price which was actually fair and reasonable with the number of hours and manpower invested in mind.



    And we are ready to go and provide them a hassle and stress free service.

    This customer really knew what they were doing.

    They hired pre end of tenancy cleaning service 7 days prior to moving out
    Then they have hired a post tenancy cleaning once they have fully moved out. It is their own property and they are not renting it through an estate agent and/or landlord but since they purchased a house in Surrey, UK they planned to keep it very neat, clean and tidy for the moving in tenants. I was really happy to hear and it really made me smile that how caring they were for their new tenants. This property is simply fantastic, i would not hesitate to move into this property (if I could afford one like this – Maybe in future, Is not it?

    Customer also made moving in cleaning service booking with us – That’s a 6 bedroom house in Guildford, Amazing and I am just at a coffee shop now as I write this post and I am heading to Guildford in order to do the viewing of that property and once I am done, I am heading to office in order to send their invoices, arrange a vehicle, carpet and upholstery cleaning machinery and get people to be ready for pre end of tenancy cleaning tomorrow.

    I was also told that they have been recommended by a friend who lives in Kensington and Chelsea and she has been using our services for over a 3 years time. If you are a good and honest business and you care about customers, you actually get more business and referrals are and always will one of the most sales driven marketing medium which is cost free!

    Leaving for Guildford soon. See you guys after. Have a good day all


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    Foxtons End Of Tenancy Cleaning

    Foxtons Estate Agents – Foxtons is perhaps the 3rd largest estate agency in London after Hamptons and KFH and Bernard Marcus. They deal in lettings, sales, investments, auctions and so forth. We receive hundreds of calls a month for Foxtons Properties in London from their tenants and landlords and we are very glad to say, we have not even had a single re-clean since working hand in hand with Foxtons Estate Agents and their branches across London.

    Since we have been providing move out cleaning and move in cleaning services to Foxtons, their tenants and landlords, investors and property buyers and so forth, we have not had a single re-clean or complaint and perhaps this is because we have published an authentic, intensive and detailed end of tenancy cleaning checklist which has been praised and approved by Foxtons Estate Agents as well.

    Link to the most detailed End of tenancy cleaning checklist on the web:
    Click here in order to read, print or share with your friends

    Foxtons London

    We all know that Foxtons is one of the most strict estate agency which believes in good cleanliness. Be it you are moving into a property that you are renting through Foxtons or you are moving out from a property, you will move into a neat and clean property and if you are moving out, then you should ensure that you leave the property on a good note by avoiding wear and tear as well as ensure that your property is neat and clean and has been cleaned by one of the most professional end of tenancy cleaning companies in London

    If you are Foxtons tenant, landlord, investor and buyer and require professional move out and move in cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning and end of lease cleaning services, then get in touch with us today by calling us on 0750 6709 450, 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 today!

    Great prices, great hassle and stress free end of tenancy cleaning services for all Foxtons and other real estate agents customers for a great price (No small prints and surprises for the later stage).

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist, Reading, Berkshire, UK

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Reading, Berkshire, UK estate agents, landlords, private tenants etc.

    New end of tenancy cleaning checklist can be found as below.
    End-Of-Tenancy-Cleaning-Checklist-UK (1)

    For over 3 years, we at Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd had one single aim that is very simple, Guess what is it?
    Principle 1 = No pain for tenants, estate agents and landlords.

    All last week I have been in Reading, Berkshire for over a 20 times, meeting over a 15 estate agents partners on a regular basis, from Hapmtons Estate Agents to KFH, Bernard Marcus, Leaders, Atlantis Estate Agents and the list goes on. The checklist that we had been using for over the last 3 years was one of the most authentic in the UK market. In fact, it has been praised by Government bodies, councils, social housing departments and the range of Media and Housing Organisations.

    However, we have now updated our end of tenancy cleaning checklist for direct customers, referrals, estate agents, tenants and landlords and we all agreed on even better services, support and enhanced checklist.

    If you are a tenant, estate agent, landlord in Reading, Berkshire, you are rest assured for even better services, even better carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and move out and move in cleaning and a combination of both if you have more than 1 properties.

    Further to that, our end of tenancy cleaning Reading, Berkshire customers will have 24-hrs sales and support helpline opened for them and the phone number for that is: 0750 6709 450 (Mobile Friendly) or 0800 689 8989 (landline friendly).

    Should you have a suggestion or like to discuss with us about your end of tenancy cleaning requirements, please feel free to get in touch with us today via email, via post, visit us in our Reading Berkshire Office or simply call us today!

    We look forward to providing you an hassle and stress free end of tenancy cleaning services in Reading, Berkshire or any locations in the UK.

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and Quality Standards

    Hello to all our beloved readers,

    Today’s post is about End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and the quality standards.

    I have been phoned by a few regular readers of our blog which have been calling with why I am not writing on our blog now a days – first of all I am really sorry that I have been so busy in life that I have not had a chance to write for over a month now but I have been writing on other blogs including fashion, jewellery, travel, hospitality and other topics and so I am happy to write today and ensure you guys will like the post

    I have been doing a research on “end of tenancy cleaning London” the other day and Google prints over a million search results, Bing and Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and other search engines including Ask have nearly the same number of search results as they share search data with Google in a way or the other

    In order to find out more how this industry is now updating, I actually needed end of tenancy cleaning services in London for my house in South West London in Wimbledon, SW19 postcode. Well, unfortunately, I am moving out of this house where I have lived for over the years and one of the reason with why I am moving out is because of the traffic and it takes forever to be at work.

    I have contacted 3 different end of tenancy cleaning companies in London, the first Cleaning Company responded to my enquiry with a blink of an eye, not just they responded to all my questions but their prices seemed fair and reasonable, however, I wanted to do a price comparison on tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning as stated by my estate agent i.e. (KFH Estate Agents in Wimbledon / London).

    The second end of tenancy cleaning responded to my email 3 days after while the 3rd end of tenancy cleaners took around 4 days which was quite a long time since I emailed them. I hired the first cleaning company i.e. Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd for End Of Tenancy Cleaning for my house

    However, before I hired them, I called a few other cleaning companies and also been in touch with few of my friends in order to find out with what company I should start my journey with. Actually 4 out of 5 friends recommend Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd as they have been providing cleaning services in my friends houses and offices. And I have also been informed by poor cleaning services offered by many cleaning companies in London and that this may affect me in a way or the other including getting my deposit deducted.

    The cleaners I have hired were 100-% on time, they called me 30-minutes prior to arrival and an hour before completion of work since I have been working from a remote location in Hampshire. I arrived, investigated the rest of the property including the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning work which they have performed, oven cleaning, bathrooms, surfaces, cupboards, shelves, cabinets and what not – I have been very impressed to be honest!

    I had my inventory same day by KFH arranged inventory checkout clerk and Victoria the inventory clerk was very happy with how neat and clean my house is, day after, I have been sent an inventory report and I have received my full deposit since then. I was seriously very happy with the way Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd has dealt with me from the emailing communication to the first phone call for booking, payment (they were happy to take payment via debit and credit card which always comes handy), they sent me the invoice within an hour time, I was sent a text message confirmation and I am seriously happy that there are many London based companies which are keeping the prices, quality, customer service and support cradle even in todays age and time

    A friend of mine (Julia) who also lives in Wimbledon in London has hired another cleaning company without consulting with other friends or doing a proper price comparison and company research and the cleaners first cancelled the job, then they came next day and did a poor cleaning and they never sent an invoice and will never come back to rectify the issues and I can tell how stressed Julia was when I met her over the weekend. Foxtons had since then deducted half of her deposit and she got this all just in order to avoid paying £5 less.

    My personal opinion is, that if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning anywhere in London or in UK, you should start and finish with or you can call them on 0750 6709 450, 0208 942 2819 and/or on 0800 689 8989.

    I have the pictures of my property after it was cleaned and I might soon upload them on my personal blog

    I hope it will help you guys make a right decision by choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning, be it when you move out or move into a property or when your lease ends or starts!

    God Bless!

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    Dear Luqman, The cleaners did a great job and I am very pleased. The price was fine considering what a good “End of Tenancy Cleaning” job they did and the carpets looked fantastic. We got the inventory checked this morning and the clerk commented on how the clean the flat was. I originally thought £200 was a lot of money but it seems that most companies charge alot more than that. I have lots of friends in London so I will definitely be recommending you to them. Thanks again. Bon voyage!
    Elisabeth Hancock