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    Don’t risk your tenancy deposit

    Don’t risk your tenancy deposit

    Tenancy Ending Soon? End Of Tenancy Cleaning may help you get your deposit.

    You can read about end of tenancy cleaning checklist explained in our previous blog posts.

    When a tenant leaves a property, it can be all to o easy to think just about how new and exciting the next home is going to be, without making sure the old one is left in the right conditions.

    Leaving a property in a dirty or unsatisfactory condition is one of the most common reasons why a landlord, real estate agent, housing association manager or local council inspector will withhold all or part op a tenancy deposit.

    So, how can you make sure you leave with your deposit safely returned to you?

    Since April 2007, landlords have been legally obliged to give reasons and evidence (if called upon) before withholding a deposit as part of mandatory tenant deposit protection guidelines.

    So by keeping the place clean – and proving your efforts in this pursuit, you will find that your deposit stands a better chance of being returned to your pocket.

    If therefore gores without saying that you should leave the property as clean as you possibly can. The best way to do this if you are able to, is to hire a specialist deep clean end of tenancy cleaning company.

    They will have expertise in restoring rental properties to their sparklingly hygienic best and will work to a tried and tested task checklist – either drawn up by your landlord, or using from the cleaning company’s own experience with other, similar properties.

    The money spent on a professional clean will often come to less than a lost deposit, plus you do not have to put in the hard work yourself, and will retain a clean reputation wit the landlord to match the rental property you are moving on from.

    If you do choose to clean the place yourself, invest in decent cleaning products – you might also consider hiring a steam cleaner for the carpets and curtains. Look online, or ask your landlord for an end of tenancy deep clean jobs check list and follow it to the letter.

    During your tenancy, you can help reduce the final cleaning workload by keeping the place clean and tidy as you go.

    When you move in, take pictures of any pre-existing damage and check that there are no items requiring regular specialist cleaning that you will need to look after while you are there.

    For example, if the house has a working fireplace, how often should you engage the services of a chimney sweep to keep things clean and safe?

    Look after the house and flat and its contents – avoid large parties or unwise pranks. Report any damage immediately, as well as issues such as damp or pests.

    This will help reduce longer-term damage and the loss of your deposit at the end of your stay.

    Again, if you do discover damage, such as mildew, mold or pest pollution, a specialist domestic cleaning company will be able to clean the affected area – always seek professional advice.

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