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    Effective after building work cleaning

    Effective after building work cleaning

    Residential and commercial after builder cleaning – The mess and what you can do about it.

    Having builders in your home or commercial premises is a disruptive, messy time. Dust and dirt get everywhere and normal life is inevitably disturbed for the duration of the builders’ stay is put on hold.

    Once the builders pack up and leave, all you can think about is restoring your home to its normal state, but who has the time and energy to tackle all that extra work?

    Hiring in a professional after builder cleaning service can take away much of the strain. So how can it work?

    1. The best time to employ a top after building work cleaning company is before the work is completed. Most cleaning companies offer free site visits ahead of submitting their quote or agreeing contract terms. If the company can see what is being worked on – and the areas most affected, they can direct their cleaning efforts much more efficiently once they start work.

    2. After building work can be organized in different ways. A good plan is to have your cleaners work to a pre-agreed checklist. Items on the list might include a deep clean of the rooms affected, including dusting surfaces, washing paintwork and vacuuming floors. There might be work needed on the exterior of a property, or upholstery or curtains in need of attention. Agree the list beforehand to manage expectations on both sides.

    3. The most effective cleaning companies will be happy to work to flexible timings – building projects can overrun or expand unexpectedly, thus affecting cleaning dates. After builder cleaning is a specialist discipline and must be given enough time to produce the best results. If it is slotted in wrongly to an overrunning builder’s timetable, ongoing construction or decorating work can render it pointless in the long run.

    4. After builders cleaning teams should be vetted, insured and fully trained to treat your home with respect. Cleaners should never cut corners or leave a job unfinished – if the pledge is to reach every nook and cranny, including cleaning behind, under and around furniture and fittings then that is what must be provided. Testimonials from satisfied customers will tell you if that is too much to expect from your chosen company or not.

    5. Having the builders in could also be a great motivator to book a deep clean for the whole house afterwards. So you could extend the after builders cleaning service employed for just the affected areas to cover the entire house. A great way to celebrate the completed construction project1

    6. Finally, it is extremely unlikely that you will discover any damage caused by reputable after builders cleaning teams, however, it is a good idea to find out in advance what kind of compensation levels are available if anything does get accidentally damaged or broken.

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