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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

    End of Tenancy Cleaning London and How to avoid bad service

    If you search for “End of Tenancy Cleaning London” for example, you will see over a thousand results, which are looking to grab people’s attention and sell services. However this is true as well that many cleaning companies are just calling themselves after end of tenancy cleaning specialists which is not true

    For example, last week, we have received a call from East London and from South West London by 2 individual customers which have been misled by these cleaning firms and ended up getting their end of tenancy cleaning creating issues when they were already going through a bit too much hassle while moving to another property

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Price Guide for customers from London, Surrey and Nationwide.

    Tips on How to find professional local end of tenancy cleaning services

    Every tenant wants a peaceful move, but a poor end of tenancy cleaning service provided by these companies has put their deposit on risk. These customers have called us and they were kind of desperate to get this issue sorted.


    These 2 cleaning companies, which has given the written guarantee of 48 hours re-clean refused to work and not just that, they were not attending calls, answering emails and it has been said by the customers that they have found this very strange

    Anyhow, their problem have been sorted and they were offered a service and since then their landlord, estate agency and the inventory clerks have accepted their clean and they are happy to move on in life

    Not just that, a customer which has been shopping around for cheap end of tenancy cleaning London quotes ended up with a cleaning company which was charging only a £15 less than other well known end of tenancy cleaning companies, well, it is every customer’s right to look for a cheaper quote and get the job done on time and in budget, however on the day when they were hoping to see their cleaners turn-up and provide after end of tenancy cleaning service, no one turned up, not just that, they were told the cleaners will be there in a few hours, which never appeared and later said to be busy as they had other jobs to do

    Now with this entire attitude, end of tenancy cleaning London customers should do below things when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning quote:

    Check their individual reviews online on review websites

    Do not just go for a price difference but a hassle free move

    Check their company registration and if they are actually based in the UK.

    Avoid being hooked by the end of tenancy cleaning jobs brokers, which pass on their jobs to other companies.

    Read End of Tenancy Cleaning Reviews Online before booking the service

    And the last but not least, find a reputed yet low cost end of tenancy cleaning service provider.

    The Cleaning Company I work with works with 100s estate agents, private tenants and landlords and every customer is given good value for their money, for example, in this month alone, we have done over 300 end of tenancy cleaning jobs in London and around the same number of jobs in Surrey and also several jobs in South East England, but we have hardly seen a single re-clean notice or even a job where our end of tenancy cleaning team have been late

    To avoid all these issues:

    Go with a Local Cleaning Company, which are well reviewed, well trusted, do a good job, are fully equipped, are ethical and work hard to make your estate agent, landlord and an inventory clerk happy. The words they give for example on their guarantee they stick to them, and other than just that, politely answer all your questions

    Also, requesting an end of tenancy cleaning checklist upfront before going for just a cheaper quote will help as well, you might like to read the end of tenancy cleaning checklist which is probably the most strict followed by any cleaning company in London, Surrey or nationwide:

    Ask the equipment they use, Ask the products they use, And other than just that, if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning deals with or without carpet cleaning, looking for a trusted party which can provide a great service.

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    Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist which will give you a deposit return guarantee

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey Guide

    We are always happy to discuss your move and provide a great end of tenancy cleaning services in London, Surrey and Nationwide, why not give us a call on 0800 689 8989 or on 0208 942 2819 or after office hours on 07907 004090 today?

    More End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning Offers can be found here, should you like to ask a question or simply request end of tenancy cleaning quote, why not contact us today by email or phone on 07907 004090?

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    Julie’s review about End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London Dear Team We are very pleased with your end of tenancy cleaning service. Your team members were well uniformed, very professional indeed, very pleasant to speak with and very down to earth and hard working people. You guys have done a lot for us for a great price, and we will recommend you to all our friends in London and Surrey for your end of tenancy cleaning services. Thanks a lot once again
    Julie Davidson