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    Finding a trusted cleaning company

    Finding a trusted cleaning company

    A quick internet search will reveal dozens of cleaning companies in London, Surrey and the surrounding suburbs. Each one will have a website speaking highly of its services. So how can you choose which one to employ? Here are a few pointers.

    1. Qualifications and professional bodies: as with any business, the more bona fide qualifications and awards they can achieve, or professional bodies they can join, the more trustworthy they will appear. Each qualification or accreditation represents training to make their service offering even better than before.

    2. Testimonials: customers who have been delighted with the cleaning services offered by their London or Surrey cleaning company are more likely to provide glowing testimonials. A good cleaning company should have several customers available to speak to a new enquirer about their service quality and cleaning abilities.

    3. Promises made: claims made on a cleaning company’s website should be investigated and, if found to be true, used as evidence that the company is a good one to hire. For example, a pledge to provide a cleaner with 24 hours’ notice.. Price promises too – if a company promises to beat or match any other cleaning quote within the London or Surrey area, they should honour that commitment.

    4. Services offered: again, services offered on the cleaning company’ds website must be available in ‘real life’. Specialist services, such as oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning or curtain cleaning require skill and hard work – a trusted cleaning company will work hard to make sure they are delivered to a high standard.

    5. Location and availability: if a cleaning company says it can supply cleaners across London, Surrey and the surrounding suburbs, it should do exactly that. Good companies publish relevant locations or postcodes on their website so that customers can work out whether they fall into the right geographical area or not.

    6. Price: a no- brainer. Prices quoted online or over the phone must be honoured when the final invoiced is presented. If any extra costs crop up unexpectedly half way through the job, the cleaners must alert the client as soon as possible and give them the option of accepting the new price, or declining.

    7. Social media and other online animals: the rise of Facebook, Twitter and internet communications means that a company’s reputation is at the mercy of its customers and stakeholders more than ever before. A bad word posted on a Facebook status or Tweet can devastate a company. Effective cleaning companies will keep an eye on their online presence, acknowledging praise and handling complaints.

    8. Word of mouth: by asking around, people will be able to tell you about their personal experiences with a cleaning company – and whether or not they match up with the company’s promises and claims. So don’t be shy!

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