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    Free Pro After Tenancy Cleaning Advice

    Free Pro After Tenancy Cleaning Advice

    Free Pro After Tenancy Cleaning Advice

    At the end of tenancy agreement there is quite a lot to do, but the most important part, which may help you, set your priorities and sort everything out on time and in budget by knowing what needs to be done and how soon


    You should check your tenancy or lease agreement and see what are your legal obligations or terms and conditions you have signed with your estate agent, landlord, a council or a housing organisation.

    This should be the first thing you should do and get in touch with your landlord or estate agent at least a month in advance and ask if there’s anything which you have to do before you move out

    Cleaning). This is the first thing they will tell you and they might refer to deep clean, spring cleaning or after tenancy cleaning service which you require to hire when you move out.

    After Tenancy Cleaning:
    After tenancy cleaning includes cleaning the entire flat, apartment or a house and put it back in the same state as you moved in. The most concerning areas will be your walls, doors, microwave, cooker, fridge and freezer or anything prominent. But then again, your property company, housing organisation or your estate agent and even landlord want it immaculate for the next tenants, which are moving in the property

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist:
    Revised End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List
    If you are planning to do after tenancy cleaning on your own, you should read this after tenancy cleaning checklist and clean the property to the best standards possible, which are approved to agency standards. If you have questions call 0208 942 2819 on extension 3 and ask your questions, it’s a free helpline

    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:
    Carpet Cleaning in London, Surrey & BeyondCarpet Cleaning Equipment

    If you have been living in a flat longer than 3-months and they are grumpy, kind of any prominent stains scotch-gard-carpet-cleaning-before-and-after-resultsor have any marks, then you should get your carpets, mattresses, sofa’s, any rugs in the property and curtains to be steam cleaned as well, when hiring end of tenancy cleaning services, you should hire a company which can provide all inclusive service rather than you hiring 2 different companies to do different jobs which may increase the amount you are spending including a high risk of poor job as more people will come and mess the floors and so forth.

    Garden Cleaning:
    If you have front and back-garden your estate agency and the landlord will expect your front and back garden or one of these (if there’s only one) to be properly trimmed and cleaned, this is when you will require gardening services as well, most end of tenancy cleaning companies provide gardening services, so it is rather better to give an accurate job description about your property in order to obtain a less time consuming and accurate bespoke after of tenancy cleaning quote.

    Painting and Decoration:
    If you have been living in a property for quite sometime, there are chances there are moulds in a property, any marks, hand marks and so forth, this is when you will require painting service as well, however there are several cleaning materials in the market which you can use in order to wipe walls, as long as it is something very serious which will not go with just wall cleaning products. If you require help with anything wear and tear which has been damaged, you might ask your after tenancy cleaners if this is something they can handle? E.g. any lights, side tables, sofa’s (you may obtain sofa steam cleaning service)

    Doors, woodwork, plumbing and electric related
    it is important that you check your doors and see if they require adjustment, check the woodwork in the property and ensure there are no edges or something has not been damaged, plumbing and electric should be thoroughly checked and if you require help, it is good to make notes and get things sorted accordingly. Most Cleaning and Building Maintenance Companies may provide all-inclusive bespoke complete after tenancy cleaning and fixing service at highly competitive rates.

    Rug, Upholstery and Floor Care
    It is also good to check that any rugs in the property or upholstery is stain free, if not, then it is best to hire professional rug and upholstery cleaning service and ensure your property floors are cleaned with bespoke floor cleaning products.

    What products and equipment’s are being used for after tenancy clean?
    Ask the cleaning agency what cleaning products, materials and equipment they will use. Do not go for cheap products, this may damage wood, glass, marble, floors etc.

    After Tenancy Cleaning Warrantee and Guarantee
    An honest cleaning firm should give you at least a 48 hours guarantee on all jobs conducted, be it move in cleaning or move out cleaning. Most professional after tenancy-cleaning companies will even go beyond to help you return your property in a good state. Hire trusted, local after tenancy cleaner.

    After Tenancy Cleaning Quote?
    Some cleaning companies charge for tenancy cleaning quote, avoid those, which will ask you to pay £30 or more for after tenancy cleaning services quote. You should request a free no obligation after tenancy cleaning quote

    Customer Support
    Go for a company that responds to your emails, phone calls and answers all questions clearly. You must also check that company’s after tenancy cleaning reviews.

    After Tenancy Cleaning Deals
    There may be several after tenancy cleaning deals but you should go through the content of each deal in order to ensure a good deal meets all your quality and requirements criteria. It is probably better to get carpets steam cleaned as well as rugs, curtains, mattresses and any sofas. And getting an all inclusive end of tenancy cleaning service would be probably a very good idea in order to avoid stress and hassle.

    Need Help, advice or looking for professional end of tenancy or lease cleaners?
    Why not give us a call today on 020 8942 2819 on extension 3 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to get to know more how we can help you get your deposit and return your property in a real good condition that your estate agent, landlord, inventory clerk and especially you will be proud of? If you are dialling after office hours then call on 07907 004090 or send us an email

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    Julie’s review about End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London Dear Team We are very pleased with your end of tenancy cleaning service. Your team members were well uniformed, very professional indeed, very pleasant to speak with and very down to earth and hard working people. You guys have done a lot for us for a great price, and we will recommend you to all our friends in London and Surrey for your end of tenancy cleaning services. Thanks a lot once again
    Julie Davidson