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    London Office Manager Jobs

    London Office Manager Jobs

    London Office Manager Jobs

    London Office Manager Jobs

    Dear applicants,

    We are looking for 2 young and dynamic female candidates to apply for “office manager job” for our office based in New Malden (Greater London Area) and on the borders of Surrey.

    Languages Spoken: Good English, any European or Foreign Languages.
    Probationary Period: 3-months

    Your duties:
    – Front sales helpline handling
    – Free Estimates and Quotations on the phone and on site.
    – Taking payments over the phone, bank transfers, cheques, other methods
    – Generating invoices and invoices delivery via email/post/drop-off
    – Email communication with existing and new customers
    – Phonic communication with existing and new customers
    – Face to face visits with councils, property management companies and estate agents
    – Face to face meetings with private tenants, landlords, builders etc.
    – Face to face meetings with partner firms, customers etc
    – Supervising building sites for bigger projects
    – Supervising staff, quality check and control
    – Staff and customer communication, from first contact to after sales service
    – Visiting potential customers in South East England and other parts of Scotland, Wales and Ireland
    – Advertising jobs in order to find new candidates
    – Passing jobs to staff, partner firms, sub-contractors, etc.
    – Paying staff on weekly basis
    – arranging and sorting company post
    – Posting letters and advertising materials etc
    – Working with accountant, lawyers and other bodies for company
    – Looking after office
    – Advertising our work online on twitter, facebook, google+, Youtube etc.
    – Arranging meeting minutes, director meetings
    – Staff meetings, finding new suppliers, new staff, contractors, etc.
    – Growing the business using all online and offline and all possible means
    – Finding new opportunities and work contracts.
    – Ensuring office tidiness, looks etc

    Job type: 1 Part Time Position (16 hours a week)
    Job Type: 1 full time position
    Wage: London Wage
    Payments type: BACS / 2 payments (paid every 15-days)

    Note: This job is suitable for open minded, independent, energetic and hard working females which want to grow in a small but busy firm with range of other businesses, e.g. building services, home improvements and property management and real estate. Your role should also involve travelling with company director nationwide and our foreign exhibitions, trips and tours. This job also includes meeting all suppliers, staff, contractors etc on a monthly basis and company dinner once or twice a month.

    We are a small property management, cleaning and building services firm which is growing into other aspects of building services and home improvements and handyman services with quite a big clientele. We offer market competitive rate.

    If interested, please email your CV at or please give us a call on 0750 6709 450 or on 0208 942 2819. If calling from landline you can also call us on 0800 689 8989

    All interviews to be held on a discussed location be it office or elsewhere.

    Car Park: Car parking can be arranged while you visit us for interview.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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    Their house cleaning prices are cheaper than most London based cleaning companies
    Sandra JamesRichmond, UK