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    Maid Hire and Housekeeping Services

    Maid Hire and Housekeeping Services

    Maids and Housekeeping Services

    Are you looking for maids for hire? Why not call your reliable Maid Hire Agency on 020 8942 2819 or simply follow the below tips on how to find a maid in London or in UK on your own.

    Working professionals in cities like London hardly get time to do their own chores. Life in London can be really busy at times and that’s when we either end up compromising on our living standards or we can hire a maid to get our house chores, cleaning, ironing and laundry sorted.

    Hiring a maid in London, Surrey and beyond is easy and you can in fact hire a maid with a single click of your mouse, however there are several things you should consider before you hire a maid

    There are basically 2 things to consider at this point

    1). Are you looking to hire a private or independent maid?
    2). Are you looking to hire a maid through a private cleaning or maid company?

    If you are looking to hire a maid i.e independent then the things you should check are as below:

    1). Reviews – Check his/her reviews online on independent websites e.g. and/or on Google Review Centre – It will help you understand the kind of jobs he/she can do as well as the reliability, punctuality and the rest.

    2). Check if he/she has a public liability insurance

    3). Check if he/she is registered as a self-employed person and as a maid in general

    4). Check if he/she is legally allowed to work and live in the UK

    5). Ask him/her if they will be able to issue an invoice for the job carried?

    6). You should also ask for any references they may provide?

    7). Do you cover my area at all?

    8). What are your minimum number of hours you can do on each visit?

    9). Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

    10). Will you charge the same price on working days and weekends or price differs?

    11). Will you require parking at all?

    12). What happens when you are on holidays? Do I still pay?

    13). Do we have to provide you a key or you will like to work when we are around?

    14). Are you happy to do our laundry, ironing as well within the specified time?

    15). The last but not least, are you allergic to something, e.g. pets, etc?

    And any other questions, which will help you find a person reliable enough to be your maid or provide you maid services in London or UK wide.

    Now when it comes to cleaning or maid companies, you are basically asking a cleaning company to interview the maid for and on your behalf, arrange an interview with you in the presence of cleaning or maid company employee(s) but at the same time, it becomes Maid Agency responsibility to do the entire mathematics on your behalf

    Many maid companies in London or UK in general only employee their staff after doing all the checks mentioned above, and also it becomes their responsibility to ensure error free work, on time job deliver, as well reliability, ethics, punctuality and so forth

    It is a lot easier to hire a maid company to arrange a maid for you than you spending hours and hours and in some cases days or weeks and months to find a reliable maid in London or in UK.

    If you are looking for maid hire service in London or in UK, why not give a call to your local cleaning and maid agency in order to arrange a maid for you for cleaning, laundry, ironing or housekeeping.

    Most London and UK maid and housekeeping companies may offer you bespoke maid and housekeeping service all at very competitive rates.

    If you are looking for trusted and highly professional maids, then you might like to call 0208 942 2819 for more information, most maid agencies will arrange someone local to you, with good reviews and all in order to help you save cost when it comes to traveling and fuel charges.

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    Julie’s review about End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London Dear Team We are very pleased with your end of tenancy cleaning service. Your team members were well uniformed, very professional indeed, very pleasant to speak with and very down to earth and hard working people. You guys have done a lot for us for a great price, and we will recommend you to all our friends in London and Surrey for your end of tenancy cleaning services. Thanks a lot once again
    Julie Davidson