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    2 Bedroom House Carpets

    2 Bedroom House Carpets Price: 90

    Get your 2-bedroom house, flat or apartment carpet cleaned for as little as £90. This offer is only valid from 1st of April and will end on 30th of April.

    Normal Price:    £125

    Discounted Price: £90

    You Save: £35

    Why choose this offer?

    • Professional carpet cleaning machines used.
    • Carpet cleaning materials used that are high quality.
    • Carpet Cleaner to be there on time.
    • Cleaning Carpets at the day/date and time you choose!
    • No compromise on quality!

    Delierables from your end:

    – Car Parking for one car

    If you wish to talk about this hour, simply write us an email at – Call us on 07907 004090 or on 0800 6898989 or simply fill this page here – This offer covers all London areas.

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    Their house cleaning prices are cheaper than most London based cleaning companies
    Sandra JamesRichmond, UK