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    Double Oven Cleaning Deals

    Double Oven Cleaning Deals Price: £65

    Double Residential Oven Cleaning + Hob for only:  £65

    Normal Price:  £85

    You Save: £20

    Why choose this deal?

    • Oven Engineer Clean the Oven from In and Out. (2 years experience)
    • Trusted Oven Cleaners in London and Surrey
    • Hob Professionally cleaned by an expert & with great cleaning products.

    Areas Covered:

    All areas of London and some areas of Surrey are covered under this deal.

    Call us on 07907 004090 or on 0800 6898989 or send us an email at or send a message via our website here

    – Please note, you should call us and tell us the most suitable time for you and we will try to match the day/date/time – It’s very busy, It’s the hot deal for Londoners and everyone seems to be saving on oven cleaning

    • Parking space to be provided by customer or parking arrangments.

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    Their house cleaning prices are cheaper than most London based cleaning companies
    Sandra JamesRichmond, UK