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    Sofa Cleaning

    Sofa Cleaning

    Your Highly Trusted Local Steam Sofa Cleaners

    Call On 020 8942 2819 (10-% Discount Offered To Each Caller), Call Us on Toll Free: 0800 689 8989 (Free from most UK landline numbers) or Request A Free No Obligation Quote Online Right Now.

    Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd offers tried, tested and trusted local residential and commercial Sofa cleaning services in all areas of London and Surrey and beyond.

    Your Local Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Specialists use the most latest, powerful carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment to help you get your upholstery and carpets cleaned to a highest possible standards – We can even beat or match all genuine quotes nationwide. Call Us!

    It is extremely annoying when a favourite sofa becomes dirty or stained. Attempts to scrub the offending residue off can lead to further damage if you do not know what you are doing. Cleaning Services can save the day, with our professional equipment, stain treatments and trained cleaning team.

    In addition, we offer general sofa cleaning services designed to give your beloved furniture a new lease of life. After all, something as important as a sofa is bound to get plenty of use from the whole family and need a spruce from time to time. Whether you need your home sofa cleaning done or your sofa or rug in your office, commercial premises or anywhere else, just call us and we will be happy to do it for you.

    We use environmentally friendly, non toxic steam cleaning equipment that involves a powerful hot water extraction system to clean and disinfect deep inside your sofa’s fibres. This ensures we reach and remove any hidden dirt and bacteria. We can work with all kinds of sofas from upholstered to leather; velvet to cane.

    Stain management

    Our team will pre-test a discreet area of the sofa in advance to establish any risk of colour runs or damage and to work out the best method of cleaning it. Larger stains and spots are worked on separately before the general sofa cleaning takes place carried out, leaving the seats, arms and back spotless and hygienically clean.

    Cheap Cleaning Services knows exactly what to do to deal with the aftermath of spilt food or drink, mess left by animals or unwanted ‘artwork’ from over-creative children that will not wash off a precious sofa. We have removed all kinds of stains, from ink, shoe polish and paint to red wine, blood, grease and many more.

    Cheap Cleaning Services are justly proud of our sofa cleaning London services and look forward to showing you what we can do with your sofa or three piece suite.

    Get in touch

    If your sofa or armchairs are looking the worse for wear, contact us today to find out how we can restore them to their former glory.

    Call us on 0800 689 8989 or email or get in touch via our online form for a free no obligation quote.

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    Just to let you know the couple that cleaned my oven and hobs yesterday did a great job. Very happy indeed. Happy Easter and Thank you for the good work!
    Sally Brady