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Simple DIY After Paint Cleaning Tips

Simple Do It Yourself After Paint Cleaning Tips


Are you getting your flat, apartment or house painted and decorated? You might have done some building work too e.g. conversion, loft, patio or just a normal construction work?

We understand, no matter how much you care, building and paint work may always leave some stains, be it paint stains or a lot of dust to clean after building work – Most people refer this to as “After Build Cleaning

This is where either a professional after paint cleaner can help or someone who specialise in after painting, decoration and building clean.

If you want to do it yourself, it is better to clean the entire property first, before worrying about the stains, once your property after building/construction work is fully cleaned. Then you can use the kerosene oil and mix it with a mug of hot water, it will depend how many paint stains you have, if there are quite a few, it is maybe a better idea to use less kerosene oil and some water to check if young (not very old) paint stains go with this – old stains may take more time to go and a bit more push as well

For tough stains it might be better to use baking soda along with some lemon, lemon, hot water, baking soda and kerosene oil together may really do wonders and even remove tough paint stains

There are several good paint stain removers that you can use depending on the kind of paint it was and how old the paint stain is, some of our hand-picked products are as below

Jango Cleaning Product’s – Paint Stain Remover
Everbuild 407 (mortar stain remover)
Lithofin Wax (steam paint remover)
HG Floor Glue and Paint Remover
Tar Oil and Paint Stain Remover

Why not discuss your individual requirements and our after paint and after paint, decoration and renovation cleaning specialists will be happy to advice? Call on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. After office hours you can give us a call on 07907 004090

If you are looking for professional after paint, decoration, renovation and after build cleaning specialists, then get in touch with your specialist team of cleaning individuals which will be happy to provide more information, assistance as well as the service, if you will require

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After Renovation Cleaning UK

After Renovation Cleaning UK

Post to help you find your local after renovation cleaning specialists in UK.

There’s a bit too much mess after a residential or commercial property have been renovated, building work requires to be done by professional pre or post after build cleaning specialists which can use necessary tools, equipment’s and materials to carry a deep through after builders clean.


However this is specialist cleaning which should be performed by only certified cleaners, which are fully equipped as well as well experienced in their respective domain.

After renovation what you require is an immaculate result so the residential and commercial property can be used right after, be it you are renting that property, selling or bringing it to the marketing for viewing, you want your tenants, lease holders or the buyers like it at the first place, this is where a professional cleaning team comes in.

There are several things to look for including reviews, previous service history, cleaner’s availability, as well as the pricing and how long will it take to perform the job. When you look this, you should always check and ask, below information

Are you fully insured?
Will you bring your own equipment?
What cleaning equipment do you use?
What cleaning products, materials will you use?
Do you cover my area at all? Giving a postcode might be a good idea.
May you provide steam cleaning if needed and do you have the equipment?
What equipment do you use for floor and glass, wood, marble, etc?

After renovation there is a pretty much which should be well cared, as you do not want to hire a company or individuals which might damage the paint, bathroom, kitchen or anything in between.

Get in touch with a local after construction cleaning company, which might be able to view your residential and/or commercial property in order to give you a great quote with all quality standards in mind

Ask for the after build-cleaning checklist, be it pre or post build cleaning, after renovation or after paint cleaning. A renovation-cleaning checklist may help you find if a company can do what they are saying they can do.

If you have received a cleaning checklist but do not know if it’s right or wrong, or if the company you are planning to hire will do any good job or the quote you have received is a good quote, why not get in touch with our after build and renovation cleaning specialists which may help you find a great team to do your cleaning job at highly competitive prices?

Call on 0800 689 8989 today and get your property thoroughly cleaned without any compromise on job standards.

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