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Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Companies

Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Companies

Recommended End Of Tenancy Cleaners:

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If you are a tenant, landlord or an estate agent in Britain and are looking for one of the best end of tenancy cleaning companies, you will notice a quick search on Google UK prints loads of search results, some with reviews and some without reviews, however there’s no guarantee those end of tenancy cleaning service providers will actually finish a great job

If you are a tenant and you are moving out of your rental property, then you are only able to get your full rental deposit (bond) back if you have returned the property in the same state it was in whilst you moved in. Cleaning plays a bigger role as well and even though your property is in the same state but have not been cleaned to the highest standards by a professional cleaning company then it may have severe consequences when it comes to return of your rental deposit. Even though if you say your property have been cleaned by professional cleaners but you cannot provide a professional receipt or your cleaners receipts are not accepted by your landlord, estate agent or tenancy deposit scheme people then chances are it is going to cause an issue and your rental deposit maybe at risk.

If you are a landlord, of course you need the correct end of tenancy cleaning people which may actually transform your property ensuring you are able to rent your property quickly. Messy properties affect relationships between the landlords and the new tenants so of course as a landlord you want peace of mind and a great tenancy for your tenants!

If you are an estate agent and work with loads of tenants and landlords of course, then you need an honest and dedicated end of tenancy cleaning firm which may carryout top to bottom deep cleans including cooker clean, windows, appliances and absolutely spotless carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and every inch of your property.

If you are looking for recommended end of tenancy cleaning company, I suggest calling Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning on 07506 709450 or on 0208 1111 987 or by fax on: 0845 127 5555 – This company covers all UK so you can be sure they cover your area, they provide complete end of tenancy cleaning which includes free full cooker/oven cleaning, all windows, appliances, and may offer professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, pet fumigation and so on if needed!

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How to spot a lame end of tenancy cleaning service in UK?

When a Cleaning Company is hesitant to share their local references, then it’ might be a lame end of tenancy cleaning service provider. Let’s discuss it more now

When I buy things online, I always write down important notes, which will apply, to all the companies I am browsing through, be it buying a t-shirt or holidays, a car or a bike and even food or vouchers and so forth. Well, that’s probably me, but I used to be someone leaving all for last minute and then ended up buying wrong things, including clothes, shoes, food and the huge massive big fat list goes on.

When I first moved in to a rental property, that was over 14 years ago, and I was still in my teens, moving out from my parents home and going away in a different city to start to pursue higher studies and find work and just be on my own and face things on my cheeks, learn, feel and carry on

Well as I said that was 14 years ago and I was sharing a room in a 4 bedroom student accommodation, a bed and breakfast kind of thing, very loud tenants indeed, mostly ladies, well men too on Saturdays and Sunday nights, I used to be kind of a shy and serious guy back then (there are times when I may be quiet or be very shy even now), well Shhhhh!

Well after completing my high school when I moved out from this property, the owners expected the flat to be professionally cleaned including the mattress, sofa, curtains, a rug and the communal area and I remember I called a local cleaning company which I found through some search engine (I literally don’t remember but probably it was a nightmare because of checking the reviews good or bad habit).

I paid I think, over a 100-$ I think back then for the entire end of tenancy clean of my room and carpets and upholstery and communal areas in the house and I left on a good note, I was moving within cities and states and then flying abroad and each and every time I moved out I had to perform end of tenancy clean.

When I moved to London a long time ago, I had to professionally clean the room I was living in and that was in Surrey, no matter how clean my room used to be (as a single man), I still had to get professional cleaners to clean the entire thing (carpets, upholstery, all areas used by me), and I remember paying quite a handsome amount to get the property fully cleaned.

Now back to the topic, when I still use end of tenancy cleaning services when I move out from a property, I still request 3 references within a mile radius area from my property. Even when I work with a cleaning company, I still do my mathematics in order to help me save my money on after tenancy clean and why not, I work hard for this

However, the main and important questions to ask your end of tenancy cleaning company have already been discussed on this blog, but a cleaning company is hesitant to pass on references in your local area you can speak with are either dodgy or do not have good reviews or references.

Please note, do not just go for online reviews, it’s always worth speaking to a local and get an honest opinion, I always ask for 3 references, 1 can be their friend, family or relative but all might not and just in case if they are, I might still be able to spot the lame end of tenancy cleaning review by kind of knowing the body language or voice clarity or just randomly asking a quick question which might help the reviewer tell the truth secretly

My personal suggestion, if your cleaning company is hesitant to pass on references in your local area is probably not a good cleaning company and you should avoid them. Please note, it makes sense when someone tells that they cannot pass on their references name and number because of data-protection law, but then again, there should be some at least some customers in a 5 miles radius area around my property which have given their consent? Just do not go because they know about data-protection law, do your mathematics in order to save your money, time, and hassle and the stress.

Call end of tenancy cleaning helpline today on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 if you would like to share your tenancy cleaning experience, good or bad or if you will like to discuss your after tenancy cleaning requirements or just ask the kind of service you require. Our end of tenancy cleaning sales team is very experienced and may help you choose the correct service and that too a good deal. They may always walk you through different options to help you find the most suitable end of tenancy cleaning deal ideal for your property.

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