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Carpet Cleaners in London in my area

Carpet Cleaners In London in My Area:

I have been living in the same house for over a 3 years period now and the carpet cleaners I have previously used a few times were not as great as I expected. There are no stains on the carpets, the carpets are generally in a good condition and I personally spend a lot of time keeping my house very neat and tidy I can

So, I have been searching for “carpet cleaners in my area” for over a few days now and there have been so many carpet cleaning companies in London displaying their websites on Google.

I short listed 3 companies and called all of them, unfortunately, none attended my call at 11-am. That just shows how much they care about business. On the other hand, I think, these carpet cleaners are probably freelancers and not companies, I understand having an 0208 phone number and a website does not necessarily mean you are a carpet cleaning company.

So I moved on and tried to find “Local Carpet Cleaners” – Actually, this time Google search were displaying less results but professional steam carpet cleaning companies either having franchises in my area or actually based within a few miles radius.

Unfortunately, the same story as businesses now a days do not pick up phone it seems. I was actually a bit annoyed now because i called 6 different carpet cleaning companies in my area.

Brrrrr! I needed to get these carpets sorted because Met Office was talking about a lot of rain all next week. I called another company based just a few miles away. The website for their carpet cleaning business was just normal, the guy who picked my phone was very polite and friendly to chat with. He asked me all the necessary questions in order to understand the job description, politely took my details, and wow!

Job description:
3 bedrooms, 2 lounges, 2 flights of stairs, 2 landings, 2 corridors

He said the normal price for carpet cleaning for this job description was around £150 but since they were cleaning carpets in another property on the same road where I live and because there’s less travel time and fuel charges involved, he will get all our carpets professionally steam cleaned for just £100 – Fantastic Deal because previously, I have been paying £220 each time! Hurray!

I was hoping their carpet cleaning service is as good as their price, Their carpet cleaner called me 30 minutes before to let me know he will be there soon. He was bang right on time. He inspected the carpets and started the work. They doubled clean my carpets in order to achieve even better results

I must admit that they were fully loaded, they had all the necessary carpet cleaning tools and equipments they needed in order to perform a good service and have a happy customer!

They took around an hour and half and the carpets were dry in around 2 hours time. I seriously am so happy

My carpet cleaning review for Carpet Care Ltd: www.localcarpetcleaning.org.uk
You guys were simply fantastic, you were on time, you were very polite, generally happy and knew what you were doing. Price was great and the service was just amazing. You did what you charged for and I paid a lot less or even half the price in order to get 200-% better service – Carpet Care Ltd even told me, they can even do emergency, last minute and same day carpet cleaning service too. Good On You Guys!

Since this carpet cleaning company provides other cleaning services e.g. upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and covers nationwide locations, I am really glad as we have been actually looking for an honest cleaning company for our tenants move out and move in cleaning and the good thing is, they can do carpet and upholstery cleaning too – I am impressed!

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