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Magical metal cleaning tips

Magic Cleaning TipsMaids and Cleaners submitted cleaning tips.

There is nothing like having bright, shiny metal around to show that a home is lovingly cared for. Whether is it a buffed front door handle or sparkling cutlery, a little effort in this area really does reap rewards

1. Pick a dry day to clean outdoor brass. Polish door handles, knockers, locks and letterboxes until they are gleaming. Apply a layer of colourless nail varnish to help keep them shining for longer.

2. Another great tip for polishing brass is to use olive oil, polished on with a soft duster, then rinsed off with water and washing up liquid. Use a second clean duster to buff afterwards. Lemon juice will also help brighten and restore brass

3. Leave very dirty brass soaking in coca cola overnight to loosen the dirt.

4. Restore lacquered brass by removing the old lacquer with methylated spirits, then rinsing the item in warm water. Dry and clean with metal polish, before reapplying the lacquer.

5. Remove tarnish for in between the tines of silver forks by dipping a pipe cleaner in silver polish. Never leave silver standing in cleaning liquid for more than two minutes.

6. Use baking powder on a damp cloth to clean chrome and restore a shine.

7. Tear off a piece of silver foil and crumple it into a ball to clean chrome parts of a bicycle, or to tackle old, dirty or dull copper.

8. Copper can also be brightened up with an equal mix of vinegar and salt. Rub on, then rinse with warm water and polish with a soft cloth to a shiny finish.

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Saying farewell to nasty household smells

Maids and Cleaners that work at Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd often write useful hints, tips and strategies on how to best clean your home or office, this post explains on how you can get rid of nasty household smells. In the future, we will also write about deep house cleaning and tips on how to best clean your kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Cleaning and freshening the things you can see is one thing. But what can you do to fight back against intangible undesirables such as nasty smells and lingering odours?

What if opening a window just isn’t enough? Visitors to a house that smells strange will be much less likely to appreciate, or even notice cleaning efforts made in other areas.

So how to tackle the invisible enemy?

1. As with any conflict, the first thing to do is identify what you are up against. If you can smell mold, rotting food or urine, don’t just mask it with air fresheners. Look for the source of the problem so that you can sort it out properly.

2. Pets, although adorable, bring their own particular smells. If your pet uses an indoor litter tray, clean this out as much as you can. Use proprietary litter, or add charcoal to the tray. Keep fish and reptile tanks clean and freshen the cages of small mammals or birds frequently.

3. Keep your waste disposal unit smelling fresh by chopping up an orange or lemon into big chunks and running these through the unit every so often. Follow this up with a cup of vinegar if required.

4. Talking of waste, there is no reason why your bin needs to niff. Add some charcoal at the bottom to neutralize odours and take rubbish out to the dustbin regularly. Wipe the bin clean every time you change the bag – you might like to double bag the contents too, to avoid any spillages.

5. Fill a dishwasher-friendly cup with white vinegar, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher and run it on a full cycle with no other plates, cups, cutlery etc. This will cut through any residual grease and freshen up the inside beautifully.

6. Keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb smells. Change it every few months, and keep it away from vegetables, as it can cause leafy veg to wilt quickly.

7. Clean up a smelly microwave by placing a dish of water and a few chunks of freshly chopped lemon inside. Set it going on high for a minute or two to allow the steam and citrusy smells to permeate.

8. Keep bathrooms smelling lovely by lighting scented candles. Alternatively, place your favourite essential oil in a shallow ceramic dish and place it on a hot radiator. Or carefully wipe the glass part of a lightbulb with the oil so that its aroma is released when the light is turned on.

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How deep spring cleaning is enormously satisfying?

Having the cleaners in to do a deep spring clean is enormously satisfying. The money spent on having the job done professionally is well worth it, as you can enjoy a truly fresh and sparkling home once more, with no effort on your part. As part of a professional cleaning company spring cleaning offer you can expect the following jobs to be tackled – among many others.

1. Carpets and upholstery: these often neglected areas will be deep cleaned with specialist shampoos and cleaning fluids to freshen them up. Dust will be removed and stains obliterated (a hidden area of the upholstery or curtain fabric should be pre-tested ahead of any cleaning to ensure no damage will be caused by their use)

2. Tiles and grout: tiles and grout can get very dirty, despite regular wiping during the year. Grease and grime collect in the grooves, causing them to become dirty and discoloured. During a professional spring clean, these will be cleaned using powerful equipment to restore them to former glory.

3. Freshening up the paintwork: food stains, dust, finger marks and crayons all contribute to making paintwork look less than loved. A wash down with some soapy water will do wonders for walls, doors, skirting boards and picture rails – and really lift the whole house.

4. Pots, pans and cupboards: a really thorough spring clean will include the insides of cupboards, shelves and the pots and pans stored inside. Many of these lie unused for large parts of the year and can gather dust and grease in alarming quantities.

5. Ovens, fridges and other kitchen appliances: coming into regular contact with food, these items often receive cursory wipes, but fewer really good deep cleanses. So a decent spring clean will see the fridge and freezer being defrosted and the oven taken apart for a really good scrub.

6. Cushions and mattresses: these hard-working items take the brunt of our relaxation and can get very grubby without our realising it. By removing and washing cushion covers and vacuuming and turning mattresses, we can get more life out of these items and a nicer experience during our down times.

7. Windows: clean a window – and we mean properly clean it – and you will be amazed at how much brighter a room can look. We tend to learn to live with smears and smudges, but once they are wiped away, windows can appear sparkling.

8. Wooden furniture: although tables and chairs are probably dusted or even polished with a proprietary spray polish every week or so as a matter of course, treating them to an annual deep wax clean will help keep them in great condition and will achieve beautiful, shiny results.

And any thing in between – There are number of benefits including but not limited to the whole property being cleaned from inside out. If you are looking for professional deep spring cleaning service, they you might like to call for Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd for competitive rates and a great service!

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Your guide to hire cleaning maids

Your Professional Guide to Hire Cleaning Maids and Cleaners in London and Surrey

Elsewhere on the Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd website, we highlight a number of reasons why you should choose our cleaning company when looking for cleaners or maids in London and Surrey, rather than any other. Here’s some more detail to further convince you to choose our quality cleaning services.

1. Our professional approach, reliability and eye for detail has earned us an enviable reputation for top quality cleaning at reasonable prices. We are building up a pleasing log of comments from satisfied customers and we can’t wait to bring our great cleaning services to houses, flats and commercial premises in and around London and Surrey.

2. ‘We can beat or match all genuine cleaning quotes’ – and we mean it. We are committed to saving you money and providing an affordable, top quality cleaning service from out fully vetted, highly experienced London and Surrey maids.

3. Talking of ’fully vetted’, did you know that we put all our cleaning staff through rigorous checks to make sure they are legally allowed entitled to work in the UK? We also check that they have no criminal records and take up personal references too. We interview every cleaner by person before they can join our team and cover them with full employer liability and public liability insurance.

4. Su casa es mi casa: all our London and Surrey maids know to treat your home as if it were their own, handling your belongings with care and respect and cleaning to the best of their ability. That way, breakages are minimised and furniture and fittings handled correctly.

5. Our London and Surrey maids arrive at your home looking smart and presentable. They are encouraged to be friendly and to make sure they fully understand the tasks expected of them before they start work.

6. We can fit in around your working schedule to provide maids during the week, at evenings or over the weekend anywhere in or around London and Surrey. Regular and one-off contracts available, with no compulsory minimum terms.

7. We offer a range of specialist cleaning services, from laundry and ironing to steam cleaning for upholstery, carpets and curtains and oven cleaning. We use professional non-toxic products to help the environment and minimize the effects of chemicals in your home.

8. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. As a medium sized cleaning company, we can afford to be flexible and quick to react to customer requirements. Our London and Surrey maids can cope with all kinds of cleaning projects – both domestic and commercial.

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Domestic cleaning, finding trusted and hardworking cleaners

Anyone can call themselves a cleaner, but how can you make sure they are trustworthy enough to come into your home or commercial premises, or that they will do the job they say the will whilst they are there? The best way to do this is to go to a professional cleaning company with a great reputation. Here are some top tips to get the best out of a relationship with your cleaning services company.

1. Do your research. Don’t just opt for the first advert you read or website you stumble across. Get several quotes and speak to each agency you are considering in person to find out what they can offer, when and for how much.

2. Ask around. Don’t just take their word for it. A reputable cleaning company should be able to provide positive testimonials for domestic cleaning work – or at least put you in touch with current satisfied customers so that you can check out their credentials with a third party.

3. See how well they communicate with you in the early days. The way that your initial enquiry and subsequent conversations are handled by a cleaning company will speak volumes as to how well they handle your actual cleaning contract. Watch out for enthusiastic, dedicated staff who are honest, efficient and happy to answer questions along the way.

4. Make the most of any free appraisals or site visits the company offers. This is your chance to show them round your home and to let them know exactly what needs doing. This is the company’s chance to work out how best to meet your needs – and your chance to give them a full briefing.

5. Find out about your allocated cleaners. Ask to see evidence that they are allowed to work in the UK and have been passed to work in your specific environment (e.g. if you have young children at home, or are caring for a vulnerable adult). See if you can speak to any former customers of theirs.

6. Keep an eye on the social media and internet activity surrounding a cleaning company. Many like to interact with their customers online, providing online tips and advice, or building an online community. This type of activity shows enthusiasm for the sector in which they work and an ability to move with the times and engage with their customers on different levels.

7. Watch out, though, that the company doesn’t invest so much time in its online communications or marketing activity that it becomes slack on the actual cleaning side. You are looking for a nice balance.

8. Finally, go with your gut instinct. If you like how a professional cleaning company makes you feel about it and its domestic cleaning services, chances are your cleaning relationship with them will be a success.

Looking for domestic cleaning services or a domestic cleaner in general in anywhere in London or in Surrey area? Simply call on 0800 6898989 for bespoke cleaning services today for both one off and regular jobs!

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