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How to run a successful cleaning business?

How you can run a successful cleaning business? Easy to follow guides for cleaning companies which may help them get their business found, liked and promoted for doing very little towards their cleaning business. Learn and teach, it helps you learn in return! *Guaranteed*

Everybody wants to be a successful businessman or woman and it takes a lot of courage, confidence and handling the risk and delivering quality which takes any business to the next level, however if you are in cleaning business, it takes even a lot more courage as you will be dealing with thousands of private tenants, landlords, estate agents, housing orgnaisations, councils and bodies and B2B or B2C customers in between.

Now the reality is, every single customer has their own state of mine and the quality standards, so how will you learn what they wanted and deliver your cleaning services to the utmost quality standards possible in order to avoid complaints, bad reviews, and turn a demanding customer into your valued customer that markets your brand.

Let’s go through some important facts that may help your cleaning business grow really fast.

1). Have a domain name for your business that is easily memorable

2). Design and developed a mobile and user and search friendly website

3). Get your business cards designed and give people (either parties) something if they recommend a family member or a friend, it can be some cash back, discount vouchers, value added points, free service or even chocolates or a card. This really helps.

4). Always hand over your business cards to the people you are working for, sharing is caring and it helps, when it comes to word of mouth.

5). Get your cleaning company some really unique uniforms and ask your staff members wear them at all times (when at work).

6). If you have a vehicle that drives your staff to residential or commercial properties (locations), then get car/vehicle lettering done – Display ads on cars can really help your business be found by thousands of people on roads or on a move and that too for free, it is a kind of 1 time investment.

7). Get your company stationary, banner ads, online campaigns, talk about the main important services you cover (more profitable for you), and ensure that you have your website and phone numbers there, email address too if possible.

8). Deliver what you promise

9). When you are cleaning residential or commercial properties, make sure that you work like it’s your own property, put yourself in your customer’s shoes to deliver high quality results as they desire.

10). Learn what your customers want, ask your questions

11). Get your cleaning equipment some branding done too and cleaning materials and products too, if you can afford of course (it does not cost a fortune).

12). Learn from the little knowledge – If a customer calls you to leave a note or instructions, take a note and get your staff updated about it as soon as possible, ask your questions if you do not understand but at the same time, deliver what you just promised

13). Have a deals page on website, offer returning customers with discounts, offer single mums or working professionals some incentive, contact estate agents, builders and councils and tell the world you have an amazing service to offer and that too at a great price

14). Have an address and company registration number on your website and cards (it could be a forwarding address too). Companies or business with no location cannot be trusted, would you trust someone without knowing where they are based?

15). Train your staff members or pass on special instructions if a customer has individual requirements, confident staff members will help your customers know that you and your company knows what you are doing.

16). Short list some of the top profitable services you provide and preach and practice it really well.

17). Have opening and closing times, if you are open 24/7 tell it to the world so they know you are there when they need you the most.

18). Email marketing campaigns: Ethical email marketing campaign can really help.

19). Google organic and paid marketing: start small, consider things and see what works the best for you

20). Put your website address, phone numbers and referral phrases under your email signatures, be it you are sending it to your family, friends, colleagues or loved ones.

21). Deliver a good service and think long term

Honestly speaking, after the recession it is very hard to be a successful business, especially when the country has seen its worst financial times, but the bits and pieces you an do on your own can help you deliver.

Cleaning is a good business and even a single contract can help you pay your bills easily, but then again you have to be confident, passionate and deliver promises, before you can be a successful cleaning company.

In the next posts, we will talk about the opportunities for cleaning agencies worldwide and how they can put their business in front of 10,000 customers with just a click
Stay tuned if you wish to be a successful cleaning business.

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