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Top 10 Cleaning Companies Named in the UK for the year 2014

If you are after a maid or wish to hire a domestic one-off or regular cleaning service then it is important that you go for a cleaning company that is actually insured and their staff members are fully vetted.

Not just that, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you check references or reviews of their cleaning company as well as cleaners reviews in and around your area. Also it is vital for you to check whether or not those aliens are allowed to work and live in the UK.

We have short-listed 10 cleaning companies which we believe are doing a great job in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and have built a tremendous reputation based on their service quality, prices competitiveness as well as backup support and other systems in place

Here is the list of top ten cleaning companies in UK

1). Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Specialists in end of tenancy cleaning as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning. They are said to be the most punctual end of tenancy cleaners in the country, also their end of tenancy cleaning checklist is one of the the most authentic tenancy cleaning checklist on earth. They are an end of tenancy cleaning company with great prices, weekly after tenancy cleaning deals and they also offer complete end of lease, moving in and moving out cleaning

2). Local Cleaning Company Ltd – They are one of the 2nd largest and the most professional cleaning company in England delivering specialist cleaning such as after builders cleaning, end of tenancy and lease cleaning and complete property maintenance services including property management.

3). Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd – Specialises in residential domestic one off and regular cleaning services, also offers one-off, spring cleaning, deep clean and end of tenancy cleaning services with carpet and upholstery cleaning

4). Local Carpet Cleaning Company – Local Carpet Cleaning Company specialises in professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, one of the leading name in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in UK for homes, offices and industrial and commercial carpets and upholstery.

5). After Builders Cleaners – They are a specialist cleaning company specialising in after build, paint, decoration, refurbishment work, property demolition, and after scaffolding cleaning,

6). Molly Maid – Molly Maid is one of the long standing cleaning company with franchising system in place but had built a good reputation for domestic cleaning services.

7). Mitie – Mitie specialists in specialist cleaning and normally works with corporate sector

8). Initial Cleaning – Initial specialises in commercial cleaning services in England

9). Move Out Cleaners specialises in professional end of tenancy cleaning, lease cleaning and generally deals in residential and commercial moving out clean.

10). Move In Cleaners is a leading moving in house and office cleaning company specialising in office and home moving in cleaning services.

Should you like your company to be inserted, we will review your proof, there are several requirements in place before your company can be listed on here, this includes your customer satisfaction, reviews, insurance in place, experience and the list goes on

You can get in touch with us by calling us or sending us an email or making an appointment should you like to see us in order to discuss your insertion on our blog.

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What are end of tenancy cleaning best practises?

As a leading Cleaning Agency in UK we think these are the tenancy clean best practises which count and especially when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning.

It is probably very easy to be a cleaning company but to be a cleaning company which actually delivers its promises, outstanding results, understands customers requirements and work with them as their dedicated, honest and trusted cleaners, be it pre or post end of tenancy clean.

On the end of tenancy, there’s a lot to do and this is where the best practises come in. This is the time when your tenant, landlord, estate agent or a property company is expecting you to deliver a great job, on time and in budget

However there are 3 types of different companies and the practises are probably outlined as below for both moving house (moving in and move out cleaning).

– Best end of tenancy cleaning results (over-priced)
– Great End of tenancy cleaning service (mid-priced but less recognised)
– Dodgy Cleaning Companies (prices none can beat and worst results).

We receive probably 500 calls a day from London alone or more sometime and these are the tenants, landlords or estate agents which are looking for end of tenancy cleaning service, a customer is sure to ask different question before they put their money and trust in your company and this is the time when an honesty can help you win a new customer or work/property and at the same time deliver good results so you may be on their good books

But a most latest survey shows, 80-% cleaning companies in UK hardly care about the end results, what they do is just sell at very low prices, promise big time and end up delaying the jobs or the end results are sometime horrible enough to put end of tenancy clean customers in a mega trouble especially when their deposit is not returned and their money is deducted because a cleaning company failed to provide a good tenancy cleaning service.

If a cleaning company follows below straightforward instructions, there are chances they may deliver 100-% committed after tenancy cleaning service

1). Ask your questions to know about the property really well
2). Ask customers time when they are returning keys
3). Check about the property and whether or not it requires steam clean
4). Ask for photos if something is unclear and quote accurately
5). Keep no small prices or shocking surprises
6). Tell customers about parking and congestion charges in advance (if any)
7). Any other small prints, explain to customers and tell them why they incur
8). Send end of tenancy cleaners, which can actually deliver a great job
9). Tell customers whether or not they are charged for materials, products
10). If you are dispatching cleaning equipment, tell customers
11). Be on time
12). Deliver your promises
13). Drive a customer a mile away if possible and where-needed
14). Do not rush; remember someone is putting their trust on you.
15). Don’t cash the situation; keep the country’s reputation good
16). When someone is flying abroad after tenancy, be more promising
17). Deal customers equally, big or small properties
18). Keep your ethics and morality at the highest possible level all times
19). Do not lie and cheat or make stories
20). Be honest, straightforward and precise about price

End of tenancy cleaning is very much different than a normal domestic cleaning, deep cleaning or spring cleaning, it is nearly 80-% same but it’s an entirely different job, detailed and requires more attention, materials, products, equipment

Don’t forget you are in the centre of your tenant, their landlord, their estate agent and the inventory clerk. If you do a good job, remember you are getting attention of 4 individuals or people and word of mouth may really help grow your business really well, if you do a good job and a worst job may cost you huge fortune to further sell your service

End of tenancy cleaning best practises are simple, straightforward, and you may deliver a great tenancy-cleaning job well done if you just follow simple and straightforward instructions

If you are a tenant, landlord, an estate agency, property company, council or housing organisation or anybody in between, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to discuss your end of tenancy cleaning requirements, we cover UK wide and will be very happy to help, advice when and where needed.

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