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Important questions a cleaning company must ask their customers and why?

You Are An Established Cleaning Company, how you can prove it?

It is vital to understand the job type for each and every industry. However well established companies are established because they understand customer’s individual requirements and deliver outstanding results.

Whereas the cowboy cleaning companies are so desperate for cleaning business that they will just say, “Yes” to everything you ask and deliver a poor job.

This is very common when it comes to end of tenancy and carpet cleaning, after builders clean or range of other cleaning services. This is truly unfortunate, and honestly speaking, 50-% cleaning companies in London and their employees struggle with understanding English-speaking customers requirements, which further let them deliver a good job.

As a cleaning company and especially when it comes to small jobs like one off or regular home and office cleaning, most cleaning agencies communicate through email or phone in order to understand customer’s requirements but lack the experience and style, just getting many extra customers and delivering a poor cleaning job that is not well done will let your company be in the market for the shortest period of time.

Let’s solve this puzzle by giving an example:

Say a customer is moving out from a property and this specific service has many terms including but not limited to:

– End of tenancy clean
– Move out clean
– Post tenancy clean
– Vacate clean
– Moving house clean
– After lease clean

And the long list of variations goes on. Now a cleaning company with a very limited information or newly established firm which have not much done their mathematics might get confused when a customer asks “ they need a vacate clean “ – Now it is important to know or ask different questions in order to get to know the actual requirements, you as a cleaning company may ask several questions and learn from the tinniest knowledge provided e.g.

– Is it a commercial or residential property?

– Can I take the full property postcode, if you ask this question, this will help you provide accurate price information, as some properties may be in a congestion charges area and customer might not have parking and parking may be expensive in that specific postcode.

– How long have you lived in this property?

– How many bedrooms and bathrooms have you got in this property (if this is a residential property, it may be a house, flat, maisonette, apartment, villa or a bungalow, this question will help you a lot. It is also important to ask, if the property is furnished or unfurnished, number of levels, are the cupboards and shelves fully empty? Are there any stains on the carpets, will you require steam carpet cleaning at all?

– Are there any areas, which require special attention e.g. walls, cooker, windows, skirting boards, etc.? It is very important that you make notes of the things that you discuss with customers, so you can come up with an accurate number of hours you will spend in a property (including arranging number of staff members and quoting an actual figure when it comes to price).

– Will you be fully moved out when you require clean?

– What time will you like the clean to be performed, what date and time works the best for you and your household?

– When’s your inventory clerk coming to visit your property in order to check the property’s state?

– What is the name of your estate agent? (if you work with estate agencies, or have previous experience, you might be able to find their quality standards), please note, each and every estate agency or inventory company has their own set of standards set by their own policies, certifications or accreditations they may have

– What’s the deposit you are expecting to be returned?

– Will you be able to provide parking space?

– Will there be hot water and electricity running in the property? It is very important to ask this question, on the end of tenancy or lease, some tenant’s might switch them off or simply forget to pay for electric which may lead to hassle and stress at the later stage.

– Will you require professional steam carpet or upholstery cleaning? If so, may you please provide us information on this one please e.g. about the carpeted areas, any sofa’s, mattresses, curtains you may have or any rugs?

Please note, these are the basic questions you should ask, which will help you deliver a great job, as well as quote an accurate cost, help customers avoid hassle and stress and make their move a real easy move.

In short, getting a customer by quoting a cheap price is one thing, but getting to know their requirements and then giving them an accurate quote is quite another. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies in UK do not have a very good reputation, and there are many reasons why, but one of the main reasons also includes poor skills or abilities when it comes to knowing what a “customer wants”

These basic little information and questions may also help your end of tenancy cleaning customers know that you know what you are doing and that they may count on yourself or your cleaning company for a job well done.

In the future posts, we will discuss a story of a foreign student studying in Imperial college London, which has gone through such a painful time and stress and hassle by going for a few pounds cheaper cost but then getting to know an unethical cleaning agency. They did a poor job, which has led this foreign student in London go through such hassle that she said cannot forget, it was not just £3000 which her estate agency refused to return but also that she had to pay another month rent, she missed a flight, and a long list of inconveniences goes on, which we will discuss in future

There are probably many cleaning companies in UK, but unfortunately there are many bad companies too, it is therefore important to do your mathematics and getting to know these cleaning companies, customers should ask range of questions from a cleaning company including their references within a few miles radius from their property, check their reviews, check their website, asking their company registration number, address, day time phone number and after office hours phone numbers, support or helpline, what cleaning products and materials they use, what equipment they use etc.

If you are looking for professional cleaning advice, be it move in cleaning or moving out (end of tenancy / lease cleaning), carpet or after build cleaning or range of other cleaning services including maid and housekeeping services, why not give us a call, just to get to know about the real competitive prices and choose a hassle and stress free cleaning service.

Call anytime on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You may also call our mobile helpline on 07907 004090 or contact us through our website for any information or assistance you may require, be it end of tenancy cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning, post builders clean or maid and housekeeping services and range of other services on our website.

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Speeding up the cleaning routine

Speeding up the cleaning routine

Everyone has to clean. It’s a fact of life – if we live and work in places, they will get dusty and dirty; things will get spilled. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to spend ages cleaning up. With a little bit of forward planning and thought, we can speed up the cleaning process no end. Here’s how…

First of all, the ideal way to reduce cleaning time is to hire a specialist domestic or commercial cleaning company. Their expertise and experience will allow them to get the job done quickly, yet thoroughly. The time you save will be well worth the money spent.

Help your cleaners – or yourself – by keeping your cleaning supplies together. Find as sturdy container and a convenient storage place for them. Keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets and always screw caps and lids back on firmly to avoid spillages. Check your stock regularly and replace things as they run low.

Guide cleaning teams as to what you want doing – tell them when they arrive, or leave them a note. Work out a rota for what they need to do when, where and how often.

Make cleaning fun and the time will pass much more quickly. Put some music on, have a dance and get your friends round to help. Plana treat for when you have finished – a pampering bath will not only relax you but get your newly cleaned bathroom smelling lovely.

Don’t overdo it. Use polishes and sprays products sparingly to avoid a build up of product that can be hard to shift. Some cleaning fluids need to be left to work for a few minutes before they are wiped away to get the best results.

Concentrate on well-used areas of the house. If you haven’t been near somewhere since you last cleansed it, chances are it will not have got that dirty in the intervening time. Oh, and try using both hands while cleaning for double capacity!

Be methodical. Start at the top of the house and work your way down. Do one room at a time. Clear up spills and mess as they happen and always put cleaning supplies away neatly when you have finished a job.

If you are not happy with how a cleaning company is tackling the job, raise the matter with them sooner, rather than later. Task lists can be changed; routines altered to suit your needs. Don’t suffer in silence – or worse, re do the jobs yourself when the cleaning team has gone.

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Finding a trusted cleaning company

A quick internet search will reveal dozens of cleaning companies in London, Surrey and the surrounding suburbs. Each one will have a website speaking highly of its services. So how can you choose which one to employ? Here are a few pointers.

1. Qualifications and professional bodies: as with any business, the more bona fide qualifications and awards they can achieve, or professional bodies they can join, the more trustworthy they will appear. Each qualification or accreditation represents training to make their service offering even better than before.

2. Testimonials: customers who have been delighted with the cleaning services offered by their London or Surrey cleaning company are more likely to provide glowing testimonials. A good cleaning company should have several customers available to speak to a new enquirer about their service quality and cleaning abilities.

3. Promises made: claims made on a cleaning company’s website should be investigated and, if found to be true, used as evidence that the company is a good one to hire. For example, a pledge to provide a cleaner with 24 hours’ notice.. Price promises too – if a company promises to beat or match any other cleaning quote within the London or Surrey area, they should honour that commitment.

4. Services offered: again, services offered on the cleaning company’ds website must be available in ‘real life’. Specialist services, such as oven cleaning, upholstery cleaning or curtain cleaning require skill and hard work – a trusted cleaning company will work hard to make sure they are delivered to a high standard.

5. Location and availability: if a cleaning company says it can supply cleaners across London, Surrey and the surrounding suburbs, it should do exactly that. Good companies publish relevant locations or postcodes on their website so that customers can work out whether they fall into the right geographical area or not.

6. Price: a no- brainer. Prices quoted online or over the phone must be honoured when the final invoiced is presented. If any extra costs crop up unexpectedly half way through the job, the cleaners must alert the client as soon as possible and give them the option of accepting the new price, or declining.

7. Social media and other online animals: the rise of Facebook, Twitter and internet communications means that a company’s reputation is at the mercy of its customers and stakeholders more than ever before. A bad word posted on a Facebook status or Tweet can devastate a company. Effective cleaning companies will keep an eye on their online presence, acknowledging praise and handling complaints.

8. Word of mouth: by asking around, people will be able to tell you about their personal experiences with a cleaning company – and whether or not they match up with the company’s promises and claims. So don’t be shy!

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Cleaning tips for busy professionals

Everyone is busy nowadays, not least those who hold down a demanding job while still having to run an orderly home for themselves and their family. Those who do not work outside the home have many calls on their time too, be it young children, older relatives, volunteer commitments or endless errands.

The perfect solution to keep control of the house is to engage the services of a cleaning company. Professional cleaners can visit your home as often as you require them to dust, hoover, wash and polish your hone so that it is a joy to come home to each night. But how can you help them keep on top of the mess?

1. Clear as you go. Tidying up mess as you come across it, rather than letting is all build up keeps the task manageable and not quite so daunting. So, pick up toys, put clothes away, sort out newspapers and magazines for the recycling. Sort and file household admin as soon as it comes to your attention so that you don’t forget further down the line.

2. A quick vacuum every day will keep the carpet free from bits and the house looking instantly cleaner. Sweep lino or tiled floors. This will only take a few minutes to do.

3. Keep the bathroom fresh with a quick spray of disinfectant over the taps, sink, bath and toilet. Shove some bleach down the toilet, check the towels are clean and wipe the smudges off the mirror with a paper towel and some spray cleaner. Voila!

4. Empty the bins well before they start to overflow. Make a note of bin collection day and get your bins ready in good time. This will help keep things inside the house looking good – and smelling even better.

5. If you have a dishwasher, get in the habit of chucking dirty plates, cutlery and glasses in immediately after a meal or snack. Even lightly soiled saucepans and cooking utensils can go in, although do check that things are compatible with dishwasher cleaning first.

6. Storage is your friend. Invest in sturdy plastic or wooden boxes and label them for things like children’s toys, shoes, books and spare bedding. These can be quickly hidden from view or stacked up neatly if the house suddenly needs to look presentable.

7. Open the windows as often as possible to get air flowing through the house to remove nasty smells. In winter, room scents or candles can also provide a welcoming ambience – be careful when handling a lit candle and never leave one unattended.

Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is your most renowned cleaning agency offering busy professionals with one off and regular cleaning services across London, Surrey and suburbs.

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Domestic cleaning, finding trusted and hardworking cleaners

Anyone can call themselves a cleaner, but how can you make sure they are trustworthy enough to come into your home or commercial premises, or that they will do the job they say the will whilst they are there? The best way to do this is to go to a professional cleaning company with a great reputation. Here are some top tips to get the best out of a relationship with your cleaning services company.

1. Do your research. Don’t just opt for the first advert you read or website you stumble across. Get several quotes and speak to each agency you are considering in person to find out what they can offer, when and for how much.

2. Ask around. Don’t just take their word for it. A reputable cleaning company should be able to provide positive testimonials for domestic cleaning work – or at least put you in touch with current satisfied customers so that you can check out their credentials with a third party.

3. See how well they communicate with you in the early days. The way that your initial enquiry and subsequent conversations are handled by a cleaning company will speak volumes as to how well they handle your actual cleaning contract. Watch out for enthusiastic, dedicated staff who are honest, efficient and happy to answer questions along the way.

4. Make the most of any free appraisals or site visits the company offers. This is your chance to show them round your home and to let them know exactly what needs doing. This is the company’s chance to work out how best to meet your needs – and your chance to give them a full briefing.

5. Find out about your allocated cleaners. Ask to see evidence that they are allowed to work in the UK and have been passed to work in your specific environment (e.g. if you have young children at home, or are caring for a vulnerable adult). See if you can speak to any former customers of theirs.

6. Keep an eye on the social media and internet activity surrounding a cleaning company. Many like to interact with their customers online, providing online tips and advice, or building an online community. This type of activity shows enthusiasm for the sector in which they work and an ability to move with the times and engage with their customers on different levels.

7. Watch out, though, that the company doesn’t invest so much time in its online communications or marketing activity that it becomes slack on the actual cleaning side. You are looking for a nice balance.

8. Finally, go with your gut instinct. If you like how a professional cleaning company makes you feel about it and its domestic cleaning services, chances are your cleaning relationship with them will be a success.

Looking for domestic cleaning services or a domestic cleaner in general in anywhere in London or in Surrey area? Simply call on 0800 6898989 for bespoke cleaning services today for both one off and regular jobs!

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