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Speeding up the cleaning routine

Speeding up the cleaning routine

Everyone has to clean. It’s a fact of life – if we live and work in places, they will get dusty and dirty; things will get spilled. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to spend ages cleaning up. With a little bit of forward planning and thought, we can speed up the cleaning process no end. Here’s how…

First of all, the ideal way to reduce cleaning time is to hire a specialist domestic or commercial cleaning company. Their expertise and experience will allow them to get the job done quickly, yet thoroughly. The time you save will be well worth the money spent.

Help your cleaners – or yourself – by keeping your cleaning supplies together. Find as sturdy container and a convenient storage place for them. Keep cleaning products out of the reach of children and pets and always screw caps and lids back on firmly to avoid spillages. Check your stock regularly and replace things as they run low.

Guide cleaning teams as to what you want doing – tell them when they arrive, or leave them a note. Work out a rota for what they need to do when, where and how often.

Make cleaning fun and the time will pass much more quickly. Put some music on, have a dance and get your friends round to help. Plana treat for when you have finished – a pampering bath will not only relax you but get your newly cleaned bathroom smelling lovely.

Don’t overdo it. Use polishes and sprays products sparingly to avoid a build up of product that can be hard to shift. Some cleaning fluids need to be left to work for a few minutes before they are wiped away to get the best results.

Concentrate on well-used areas of the house. If you haven’t been near somewhere since you last cleansed it, chances are it will not have got that dirty in the intervening time. Oh, and try using both hands while cleaning for double capacity!

Be methodical. Start at the top of the house and work your way down. Do one room at a time. Clear up spills and mess as they happen and always put cleaning supplies away neatly when you have finished a job.

If you are not happy with how a cleaning company is tackling the job, raise the matter with them sooner, rather than later. Task lists can be changed; routines altered to suit your needs. Don’t suffer in silence – or worse, re do the jobs yourself when the cleaning team has gone.

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