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Cleaning outdoors

Cleaning should not just be restricted to inside the house. Especially now that summer is upon us. We will want to spend more time enjoying ourselves in the open air, and so need to make sure that the equipment and furniture we need is clean, scrubbed and fit for purpose.

Of course, the best way to ensure your exterior looks tits best, but with minimal effort needed by you is to employ a domestic cleaning company with expertise in tackling outdoor jobs.

However, if you want to prepare, or even handle the whole job yourself, here are some tips.

Drains, gutters and wastepipes
This crucial job will help safeguard the structural integrity of your entire home. Clear out any rotting leaves, twigs and other visible debris first, using a sturdy ladder to reach the gutters. Then, pour soda crystals down the drain and leave for ten minutes before rinsing with boiling water. This will cut down on grease and blockages. Wash out with water and the garden hose.

Drives, patios and paving stones
Use a broom to sweep away leaves, twigs and other debris. Scrub with hot water or a proprietary cleaner to restore the area’s look and remove any mildew, pollen or fungus. Treat and unwanted moss or weeds with the appropriate spray.

Washing the inside of your windows is a good start, but to make them really shine you will need to look after the outside surfaces too. You can employ professional window cleaning companies to do this for you, or tackle the job yourself.

Always make sure you re using the right ladder(s) for the job and that you know how to put them up and use them safely. Start by removing any cobwebs or larger bits of dirt with a mob or soft broom. After that, wash the windows with a soft cloth and hot water mixed with a dash of vinegar. Dry them, then polish to a shine with a sheet of old newspaper.

Garden furniture
Always take time to store garden furniture properly at the end of the summer season. Use a multi-purpose outdoor cleaner to clean plastic and metal furniture. Don’t forget the cushions too. Clean plastic garden toys and equipment with hot water and a disinfectant and dry well before giving to a child.

You can hire power washers, or engage a professional cleaning company to use theirs if you want to really spruce up your home’s external appearance. These high-pressured machines will get rid of dirt you never even knew was there. Always make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.

For indoor and outdoor cleaning service you require a professional cleaning company you can trust for your complete cleaning needs. Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is a Surrey and London based Cleaning Agency specialising in complete cleaning services including end of tenancy cleaning, lease, domestic, office and complete residential and commercial cleaning services.

You may call them for free on 0800 689 8989 and request a free quote.

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How deep spring cleaning is enormously satisfying?

Having the cleaners in to do a deep spring clean is enormously satisfying. The money spent on having the job done professionally is well worth it, as you can enjoy a truly fresh and sparkling home once more, with no effort on your part. As part of a professional cleaning company spring cleaning offer you can expect the following jobs to be tackled – among many others.

1. Carpets and upholstery: these often neglected areas will be deep cleaned with specialist shampoos and cleaning fluids to freshen them up. Dust will be removed and stains obliterated (a hidden area of the upholstery or curtain fabric should be pre-tested ahead of any cleaning to ensure no damage will be caused by their use)

2. Tiles and grout: tiles and grout can get very dirty, despite regular wiping during the year. Grease and grime collect in the grooves, causing them to become dirty and discoloured. During a professional spring clean, these will be cleaned using powerful equipment to restore them to former glory.

3. Freshening up the paintwork: food stains, dust, finger marks and crayons all contribute to making paintwork look less than loved. A wash down with some soapy water will do wonders for walls, doors, skirting boards and picture rails – and really lift the whole house.

4. Pots, pans and cupboards: a really thorough spring clean will include the insides of cupboards, shelves and the pots and pans stored inside. Many of these lie unused for large parts of the year and can gather dust and grease in alarming quantities.

5. Ovens, fridges and other kitchen appliances: coming into regular contact with food, these items often receive cursory wipes, but fewer really good deep cleanses. So a decent spring clean will see the fridge and freezer being defrosted and the oven taken apart for a really good scrub.

6. Cushions and mattresses: these hard-working items take the brunt of our relaxation and can get very grubby without our realising it. By removing and washing cushion covers and vacuuming and turning mattresses, we can get more life out of these items and a nicer experience during our down times.

7. Windows: clean a window – and we mean properly clean it – and you will be amazed at how much brighter a room can look. We tend to learn to live with smears and smudges, but once they are wiped away, windows can appear sparkling.

8. Wooden furniture: although tables and chairs are probably dusted or even polished with a proprietary spray polish every week or so as a matter of course, treating them to an annual deep wax clean will help keep them in great condition and will achieve beautiful, shiny results.

And any thing in between – There are number of benefits including but not limited to the whole property being cleaned from inside out. If you are looking for professional deep spring cleaning service, they you might like to call for Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd for competitive rates and a great service!

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