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End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and Quality Standards

Hello to all our beloved readers,

Today’s post is about End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and the quality standards.

I have been phoned by a few regular readers of our blog which have been calling with why I am not writing on our blog now a days – first of all I am really sorry that I have been so busy in life that I have not had a chance to write for over a month now but I have been writing on other blogs including fashion, jewellery, travel, hospitality and other topics and so I am happy to write today and ensure you guys will like the post

I have been doing a research on “end of tenancy cleaning London” the other day and Google prints over a million search results, Bing and Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and other search engines including Ask have nearly the same number of search results as they share search data with Google in a way or the other

In order to find out more how this industry is now updating, I actually needed end of tenancy cleaning services in London for my house in South West London in Wimbledon, SW19 postcode. Well, unfortunately, I am moving out of this house where I have lived for over the years and one of the reason with why I am moving out is because of the traffic and it takes forever to be at work.

I have contacted 3 different end of tenancy cleaning companies in London, the first Cleaning Company responded to my enquiry with a blink of an eye, not just they responded to all my questions but their prices seemed fair and reasonable, however, I wanted to do a price comparison on tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning as stated by my estate agent i.e. (KFH Estate Agents in Wimbledon / London).

The second end of tenancy cleaning responded to my email 3 days after while the 3rd end of tenancy cleaners took around 4 days which was quite a long time since I emailed them. I hired the first cleaning company i.e. Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd for End Of Tenancy Cleaning for my house

However, before I hired them, I called a few other cleaning companies and also been in touch with few of my friends in order to find out with what company I should start my journey with. Actually 4 out of 5 friends recommend Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd as they have been providing cleaning services in my friends houses and offices. And I have also been informed by poor cleaning services offered by many cleaning companies in London and that this may affect me in a way or the other including getting my deposit deducted.

The cleaners I have hired were 100-% on time, they called me 30-minutes prior to arrival and an hour before completion of work since I have been working from a remote location in Hampshire. I arrived, investigated the rest of the property including the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning work which they have performed, oven cleaning, bathrooms, surfaces, cupboards, shelves, cabinets and what not – I have been very impressed to be honest!

I had my inventory same day by KFH arranged inventory checkout clerk and Victoria the inventory clerk was very happy with how neat and clean my house is, day after, I have been sent an inventory report and I have received my full deposit since then. I was seriously very happy with the way Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd has dealt with me from the emailing communication to the first phone call for booking, payment (they were happy to take payment via debit and credit card which always comes handy), they sent me the invoice within an hour time, I was sent a text message confirmation and I am seriously happy that there are many London based companies which are keeping the prices, quality, customer service and support cradle even in todays age and time

A friend of mine (Julia) who also lives in Wimbledon in London has hired another cleaning company without consulting with other friends or doing a proper price comparison and company research and the cleaners first cancelled the job, then they came next day and did a poor cleaning and they never sent an invoice and will never come back to rectify the issues and I can tell how stressed Julia was when I met her over the weekend. Foxtons had since then deducted half of her deposit and she got this all just in order to avoid paying £5 less.

My personal opinion is, that if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning anywhere in London or in UK, you should start and finish with proendoftenacnycleaning.co.uk or you can call them on 0750 6709 450, 0208 942 2819 and/or on 0800 689 8989.

I have the pictures of my property after it was cleaned and I might soon upload them on my personal blog

I hope it will help you guys make a right decision by choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning, be it when you move out or move into a property or when your lease ends or starts!

God Bless!

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Worst and The Best UK End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Providers and how to avoid?

When it comes to the best end of tenancy cleaning service providers, they will ask you questions as we discussed in our previous blog post and then quote you accordingly, provide you with an excellent sales, tenancy cleaning service as well as support at all stages. They will also ensure the tenancy cleaners arrive on time, do a good job, are updated for any individual or special requirements and that you get good value for money and hassle and stress free end of tenancy clean

Whereas a bad end of tenancy cleaning company will just trick you at all stages. Let’s see what a bad end of tenancy cleaning service tricks may involve:

Yesterday a customer has called us from Enfield and required end of tenancy cleaning service in a 2 bedroom flat, she was looking for end of tenancy cleaning services as a last minute thing and needed end of tenancy cleaning done over night, she was quoted £65, and this price included cleaning products, materials and equipment to be sent by the cleaning company.

The cleaner arrived 3 hours late, she had to call that cleaning company for at least 14 times she said and there was only 1 cleaner whereas she was promised 2 cleaners, said cleaner had no products and materials and equipment to clean the flat and the customer ended up asking their neighbours for vacuum cleaner and mop and bucket and then ended up paying extra £20 for cleaner to go and buy cleaning products.

Cleaner spent total 4 hours from the first appearance and then was to leave when the moving out tenant checked the property, only a kitchen and bathroom was cleaned and nothing has been done in the bedrooms, on inspection she asked the cleaner to complete the job as she was expecting an inventory clerk to come and do the final check before she flies back to Australia.

Cleaners refused to work as she said she was only there for 4 hours, she called cleaning company and ended up being told the same whereas their email stated something entirely different including £65 and that this price included all cleaning products, materials, equipment and 2 cleaners, 100-% peace of mind and re-clean guarantee of 48 hours, she was left in a terrible situation and just a few hours after their inventory clerks were visiting the property and she had the flight same night back home.

Both cleaner and that most respect cleaning company in London refused, she called us, and it has been all done just a minute before the inventory clerk came

She was told the property was now in neat and clean condition and she has ended her tenancy in style, but this is a lesson for that customer and for many end of tenancy cleaning customers that unfortunately there are many dishonest and bad cleaners and cleaning companies and it is a kind of common sense that how a cleaning company can send a vehicle, products, equipment, materials and cleaning products. That cleaning company should have done the job as promised but failed.

As an End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company we have also helped those which are desperately looking for a great hassle and stress free service, if you would like to share your opinion about a good and bad cleaning company or if you have received a good or bad end of tenancy cleaning service, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You can also give us a call on 07907 004090 or contact us through our website

It is very important that you choose a good end of tenancy cleaning company when your tenancy runs out and you are moving houses and require cleaning, if you are flying abroad and require end of tenancy cleaning service, it is best not to leave it for the last minute, such things may happen, as some cleaning companies will just like to trick and cash the situation.

It is best to ask for help and it costs nothing, the best you can do is plan your end of tenancy clean at least 2 weeks before your tenancy expires or 2 weeks before you move out, this will help you get a budget end of tenancy cleaning deal as well as ensure you do your algebra before choosing a right cleaning company as well as end of tenancy cleaning service in UK.

Call us on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to discuss your moving house or moving in or moving out end of tenancy cleaning requirements and its free.

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