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Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and Carpet Cleaning London

End Of Tenancy Cleaning London by Your Trusted Local Cleaners Near You in London.

These guys came to rescue when a local cleaning company has let us down, these guys came in no time and finished a top end of tenancy cleaning job. Our local estate agent were so happy and has returned our deposit in full. Very good guys!

Mobile Friendly Phone Number: 07506 709450
Toll Free: 0800 689 8989
Book A Cleaner Online: Book A Cleaner Online in Under 2 Minutes

Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service will Get you your Deposit and there will be no issues with our end of tenancy cleaning service, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and our work is guaranteed for 50-hours from job completion time. Saturdays, Sundays and Public and Bank Holidays Excluded – Call Us and Book Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Online Right Now!

Meet your end of tenancy cleaning team in London and beyond:

What is included in end of tenancy cleaning service?
End Of Tenancy Cleaning includes all areas of the property including windows, all appliances including cooker/oven, fridge and freezer, all skirting boards, cupboards, shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and generally everything.

Do you clean oven/cooker as part of your tenancy cleans?
Yes to highly professional standards inside and out even the hob & extractor.

Will you clean appliances as part of your end of tenancy clean?
Yes, all appliances are cleaned inside out to the highest standards.

Do you clean skirting boards as part of your end of tenancy clean?
Yes, all skirting boards will be cleaned to the highest standards.

Do you clean all the wooden, laminated or marble floors?
Yes of course, that’s part of the service.

Do you provide all cleaning materials, detergents and equipment?
Yes, of course, everything will be in our company vehicle.

How do you transport your company staff and all the equipment and materials?
Our staff travels in our company vehicles. It helps us be punctual and avoid any delays.

May I book the service without steam carpet cleaning?
You choose the service, which is right for you or what is required by your estate agent, landlord & the inventory checkout clerk.

What happens if our estate agent, landlord or inventory clerk is unhappy?
Not a problem, our service is guaranteed for 50-hours from job completion time, saturdays, sundays and bank/public holidays excluded. Any problem, please call us and we will get it fixed.

Do you clean fridge and freezer too?
Yes, of course, fridge and freezer is cleaned from top to bottom and inside and out. However you should defrost the fridge and freezer before our end of tenancy cleaners arrival and leave the doors opened if its safe to do so.

How long will it take to finish the above job?
Around 5 hours with a team of 2/3 deep end of tenancy cleaners.

Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
No VAT Applicable. You pay the price that is quoted.

Will you send us a professional receipt for us?
It will be sent same day when you have booked the service by email in pdf format so you can print it or forward to your estate agent, landlord or both, sending by email is suggested so you have a proof in your sent items.

I am happy with your tenancy clean quote, what do I do now?
Just give us a call on 07506 709450 or on 0800 689 8989 and we will be happy to book you in / It will take around 2/3 minutes to book the service.

Do I have to pay anything on the time of booking?
Yes, we take a 25-% deposit and 75-% on completion. You can pay by debit card, credit card or bank transfer, simply speak to your customer support representative and see which option is good for you. When making payments via bank transfer, please use your door number and postcode as the payment reference and drop us an email or call us so we can check, confirm the payment receipt and send the invoice over.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major debit and credit cards local or international. We also accept bank transfers. Your door number and postcode should be your payment reference. Please discuss your job with us and once we request you to pay for it, then please pay. Since we receive hundreds of bookings, we cannot guarantee a slot availability if no permission has been granted by us before your payment was sent.

Please note, our invoices are accepted by leading property firms, estate agents, property management companies, councils as well as housing associations, colleges and universities and Government authorities!

What we expect from you as our customer?
1). Property in good clean condition
2). Hot water running in the property
3). Electricity to be present in the property
4). Enough bright light in the property
5). All cupboards, shelves, cabinets & wardrobes to be emptied
6). Fridge & freezer turned off, defrosted & doors left opened if it’s safe to do so.
7). Parking space for 1 car/van which you can arrange or pay unless its free of charge. If it’s not free, we can find parking and you can pay for it or you can obtain a parking permit from your local council borough.
8). Special notes or instructions in the printed format handed-over to our staff.

Advance bookings get discounted prices. Call us today on 07506 709450, 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 and let’s get your professional end of tenancy cleaning booked now!

please send us below information when requesting a quote online:

Your property door number and postcode please.
Is it a house, flat, bungalow, etc?
How many bathrooms, toilets/WCs do you have in this property?
The property is build on 1/2/3/4/5 levels?
How many bedrooms do you have?
How many reception rooms (e.g. living, dining room, family room etc) do you have?
Do you have any study/utility room, box room or any other rooms?
Do you require professional steam carpet cleaning? Please give job description
Do you require professional upholstery cleaning e.g. sofas, mattresses, curtains and rugs? Please send job description
Do you have a balcony/roof terrace that require cleaning? Please be detailed
Do you require a garage/shed/deck/attic/loft cleaned? Please mention what require doing.
Do you have a cellar/basement in the property that require cleaning?
Do you have gym/swimming pool that you require cleaned?
Are there any window blinds which require cleaning that are made of wood, metal or plastic and how many of those?
Date and time when you need this job doing.

This above information helps us quote quickly, accurately and can help us save your time which is very valued for us. Continue reading

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and Quality Standards

Hello to all our beloved readers,

Today’s post is about End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and the quality standards.

I have been phoned by a few regular readers of our blog which have been calling with why I am not writing on our blog now a days – first of all I am really sorry that I have been so busy in life that I have not had a chance to write for over a month now but I have been writing on other blogs including fashion, jewellery, travel, hospitality and other topics and so I am happy to write today and ensure you guys will like the post

I have been doing a research on “end of tenancy cleaning London” the other day and Google prints over a million search results, Bing and Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and other search engines including Ask have nearly the same number of search results as they share search data with Google in a way or the other

In order to find out more how this industry is now updating, I actually needed end of tenancy cleaning services in London for my house in South West London in Wimbledon, SW19 postcode. Well, unfortunately, I am moving out of this house where I have lived for over the years and one of the reason with why I am moving out is because of the traffic and it takes forever to be at work.

I have contacted 3 different end of tenancy cleaning companies in London, the first Cleaning Company responded to my enquiry with a blink of an eye, not just they responded to all my questions but their prices seemed fair and reasonable, however, I wanted to do a price comparison on tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning as stated by my estate agent i.e. (KFH Estate Agents in Wimbledon / London).

The second end of tenancy cleaning responded to my email 3 days after while the 3rd end of tenancy cleaners took around 4 days which was quite a long time since I emailed them. I hired the first cleaning company i.e. Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd for End Of Tenancy Cleaning for my house

However, before I hired them, I called a few other cleaning companies and also been in touch with few of my friends in order to find out with what company I should start my journey with. Actually 4 out of 5 friends recommend Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd as they have been providing cleaning services in my friends houses and offices. And I have also been informed by poor cleaning services offered by many cleaning companies in London and that this may affect me in a way or the other including getting my deposit deducted.

The cleaners I have hired were 100-% on time, they called me 30-minutes prior to arrival and an hour before completion of work since I have been working from a remote location in Hampshire. I arrived, investigated the rest of the property including the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning work which they have performed, oven cleaning, bathrooms, surfaces, cupboards, shelves, cabinets and what not – I have been very impressed to be honest!

I had my inventory same day by KFH arranged inventory checkout clerk and Victoria the inventory clerk was very happy with how neat and clean my house is, day after, I have been sent an inventory report and I have received my full deposit since then. I was seriously very happy with the way Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd has dealt with me from the emailing communication to the first phone call for booking, payment (they were happy to take payment via debit and credit card which always comes handy), they sent me the invoice within an hour time, I was sent a text message confirmation and I am seriously happy that there are many London based companies which are keeping the prices, quality, customer service and support cradle even in todays age and time

A friend of mine (Julia) who also lives in Wimbledon in London has hired another cleaning company without consulting with other friends or doing a proper price comparison and company research and the cleaners first cancelled the job, then they came next day and did a poor cleaning and they never sent an invoice and will never come back to rectify the issues and I can tell how stressed Julia was when I met her over the weekend. Foxtons had since then deducted half of her deposit and she got this all just in order to avoid paying £5 less.

My personal opinion is, that if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning anywhere in London or in UK, you should start and finish with proendoftenacnycleaning.co.uk or you can call them on 0750 6709 450, 0208 942 2819 and/or on 0800 689 8989.

I have the pictures of my property after it was cleaned and I might soon upload them on my personal blog

I hope it will help you guys make a right decision by choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning, be it when you move out or move into a property or when your lease ends or starts!

God Bless!

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

End of Tenancy Cleaning London and How to avoid bad service

If you search for “End of Tenancy Cleaning London” for example, you will see over a thousand results, which are looking to grab people’s attention and sell services. However this is true as well that many cleaning companies are just calling themselves after end of tenancy cleaning specialists which is not true

For example, last week, we have received a call from East London and from South West London by 2 individual customers which have been misled by these cleaning firms and ended up getting their end of tenancy cleaning creating issues when they were already going through a bit too much hassle while moving to another property

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Price Guide for customers from London, Surrey and Nationwide.

Tips on How to find professional local end of tenancy cleaning services

Every tenant wants a peaceful move, but a poor end of tenancy cleaning service provided by these companies has put their deposit on risk. These customers have called us and they were kind of desperate to get this issue sorted.


These 2 cleaning companies, which has given the written guarantee of 48 hours re-clean refused to work and not just that, they were not attending calls, answering emails and it has been said by the customers that they have found this very strange

Anyhow, their problem have been sorted and they were offered a service and since then their landlord, estate agency and the inventory clerks have accepted their clean and they are happy to move on in life

Not just that, a customer which has been shopping around for cheap end of tenancy cleaning London quotes ended up with a cleaning company which was charging only a £15 less than other well known end of tenancy cleaning companies, well, it is every customer’s right to look for a cheaper quote and get the job done on time and in budget, however on the day when they were hoping to see their cleaners turn-up and provide after end of tenancy cleaning service, no one turned up, not just that, they were told the cleaners will be there in a few hours, which never appeared and later said to be busy as they had other jobs to do

Now with this entire attitude, end of tenancy cleaning London customers should do below things when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning quote:

Check their individual reviews online on review websites

Do not just go for a price difference but a hassle free move

Check their company registration and if they are actually based in the UK.

Avoid being hooked by the end of tenancy cleaning jobs brokers, which pass on their jobs to other companies.

Read End of Tenancy Cleaning Reviews Online before booking the service

And the last but not least, find a reputed yet low cost end of tenancy cleaning service provider.

The Cleaning Company I work with works with 100s estate agents, private tenants and landlords and every customer is given good value for their money, for example, in this month alone, we have done over 300 end of tenancy cleaning jobs in London and around the same number of jobs in Surrey and also several jobs in South East England, but we have hardly seen a single re-clean notice or even a job where our end of tenancy cleaning team have been late

To avoid all these issues:

Go with a Local Cleaning Company, which are well reviewed, well trusted, do a good job, are fully equipped, are ethical and work hard to make your estate agent, landlord and an inventory clerk happy. The words they give for example on their guarantee they stick to them, and other than just that, politely answer all your questions

Also, requesting an end of tenancy cleaning checklist upfront before going for just a cheaper quote will help as well, you might like to read the end of tenancy cleaning checklist which is probably the most strict followed by any cleaning company in London, Surrey or nationwide:

Ask the equipment they use, Ask the products they use, And other than just that, if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning deals with or without carpet cleaning, looking for a trusted party which can provide a great service.

I have recently written and published below posts, this might sound interesting for you and your household

Studio Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Deal

1 Bedroom Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Deal

2 Bedroom Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning Deal

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist which will give you a deposit return guarantee

End of Tenancy Cleaning Surrey Guide

We are always happy to discuss your move and provide a great end of tenancy cleaning services in London, Surrey and Nationwide, why not give us a call on 0800 689 8989 or on 0208 942 2819 or after office hours on 07907 004090 today?

More End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning Offers can be found here, should you like to ask a question or simply request end of tenancy cleaning quote, why not contact us today by email hi@cheapcleaningservices.com or phone on 07907 004090?

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices Guide

Excellent Post on End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices and Cost Guide:

If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning prices guide, this is probably the best place to start and finish with. We as a Cleaning Company always want to let our readers and moving in and moving out customers get to know the true honest end of tenancy cleaning prices for them to understand what they should spend and how they can save on moving house cleaning.

It is true that after tenancy cleaning costs is charged slightly higher than normal domestic cleaning or spring-cleaning service, but then again, it should not cost a fortune at the same time.

There are several factors, which may increase and decrease the end of tenancy cleaning prices such as:

1). The condition of your property
2). How long you been residing in the property
3). Whether or not you require steam carpet & upholstery cleaning
4). You are leaving property fully, semi furnished or fully empty
5). An area where your property is situated
6). Time of the day when you require the job done
7). What estate agency you are hooked with
8). What floor are you on
9). Will you require any walls/other areas to be painted
10). Will you require any lights to be changed e.g. bulbs, tube lights etc?
11). Will you require any doors to be adjusted or locks to be changed
12). Any special requirements if any (e.g. any stains on the carpets etc)

Now let’s discuss these points individually and then give you a break down of end of tenancy or end of lease cleaning price idea:

The Condition of your property?

We understand it is hard for busy professionals to keep up with cleaning on regular basis, but it is probably a good decision to hire a maid or a domestic cleaning service once every week for an hour or two in order to get your property cleaned, carpets hovered, sinks, taps, wash basins and any lime scale removed. It is also a very good idea to get your property spring-cleaned and carpets and upholstery spring cleaned once every 6 months and if you do so, you may save a lot of money on a long run.

On the other hand, if the property have/had been neglected somewhat as you were busy, then the chances are there is a lot more work which need done including professional oven cleaning, racks, extractor fan, lime scale, which may somehow increase the over-all spend on end of tenancy cleaning

How long you had been residing in the property?

It is just normal that the longer you reside in a property, the more it may get grumpy, when it comes to walls, areas around electrical sockets, even the burn marks on the stove or microwave oven, cooker, fridge and freezer, the longer we live in a property may mean, there are more things or accessories or household goods which may require more attention, electrical faults, door adjustments, changing any lights which are not in working order, or changing any electric sockets which may have gone faulty and any locks which are not working as they used to work. Well it’s all returning the property in the same state it was in when you first moved in

Will you require steam carpet and upholstery cleaning services?

If you have been residing in a property, be it flat, house, maisonette or an apartment for longer than 6 months, most estate agents in London, Surrey, South East England or UK in general will request the carpets and upholstery to be fully steam cleaned. You may read your tenancy or lease agreement or simply get in touch with your estate agency at least a month in advance, so even if there are delays or communication gaps, you may still get their answer before your tenancy ends. If you require professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, the cost will increase a bit but will still not cost you a fortune.

Are you leaving properties full, semi furnished or empty?

If you are leaving the property fully furnished, then it will require a lots of work, which means, cleaning under the mattresses for example, sofa’s, moving furniture (moveable items or goods) and then placing them back, other than just that emptying the cupboards and shelves for a proper, professional good cleaning. Now if the same property is semi furnished, it will take less time to clean and the chances are less spots will be missed, a fully furnished property requires nearly 2 hours more work with 2/3 people in a team than a semi furnished property. If a property is fully empty, then it will take less time, cheaper prices and most important, less chances of anything over-looked or missed – However, fully furnished or semi-furnished property will still not cost £hundreds more, but a few more quid actually.

Which area is your property situated?

Please note, this is a very important dialogue, let’s say you flat, house or an apartment is situated in Central London for example, this will increase end of tenancy cleaning cost, there are several reasons:

1). There will be congestion charges £10 unless you are getting your property cleaned on a holiday or Saturday and Sunday

2). Because of traffic jams chances are company is spending more money on fuel, waiting times to reach your property

This may increase the cost as well, but then again, an ethical cleaning agency would not cost a fortune and just charge you congestion charges, if they paid. But a full receipt of congestion charges should be handed over to you for your proof, bookkeeping and tax purposes.

There is another things, which should be discussed within this matter i.e. Parking

Many people in London now do not like to drive because of higher insurance premiums, MOT cost, Road Tax, and other than that the traffic situation and narrow roads and busy motorways, so there are chances, you do not have a parking or residence permit or there’s no free parking in and around your property, and this may also increase the end of tenancy cleaning cost, you may pay your end of tenancy cleaning service provider with what they paid for parking the car, you may keep the receipts.

Please note, many cleaning companies send their end of tenancy cleaning operatives on public transport, just imagine, how they can perform a very good cleaning service if they cannot carry out their important goods, tools, materials, cleaning solutions, for example, steam carpet and upholstery cleaning machines (latest models) are nearly 80 KGS for machine and wand, hose and tools are separate weight, and industrial standards hover for a professional good vacuuming is over 20 kilograms – I would personally not hire an end of tenancy cleaning service if only 1 person or 2 are coming on a public transport because I know for sure, they cannot bring or carry all important materials, necessary tools and machines to perform a very good end of tenancy cleaning job

Time of the day when you need the job done?

In peak hours, a cleaning company may charge more, because it took them longer to get to your property, but then again, it will still not cost a fortune. Discuss your time slot with your moving house cleaning agency before booking the service.

What Estate Agency You Are With?

Estate agencies sometime may go all nuts, and well it is true, for example an estate agency like Foxtons end of tenancy cleaning jobs may cost a £10 to £20 extra, because of special cleaning materials and brands a cleaning company has to use. If anyone is asking for a fortune, you are better looking for another moving out cleaning service provider.

What floor are you on?

Let’s say your flat or apartment is situated on a 10th floor and there’s no lift, just in case, then a cleaning company may charge slightly higher because they have to send one or two more individuals to lend their hand to take stuff upstairs, there will be no such charges if there is a lift and your flat is only 3rd or 4th floor flat.

Will you require any walls painted at all?

Please note, some walls may get grumpy, or scruffy, especially if there are children, we were child’s at one point of time so all the artistic stuff children’s can put on the walls or just stamping their hand full of colours, some walls or grumpy marks may simply go when it comes to cleaning the walls under end of tenancy cleaning service, however if it’s something serious, it is probably better to get it re-painted and this may incur some extra charges, not a fortune or a shocking price again

Maintenance work (anything require repair, change or modification)

Let’s say something is not working e.g an electric socket, fridge, freezer, lights e.g. bulbs, radiator or cooker or just anything and you require a repair, change, or a modification, it can be either a door which require adjustment or a lock which do not work, this may incur some extra charges too, to do the job. If there are moulds in the property and they appeared after you moved in or anything which is not in working order which stopped working during your tenancy, then it should be stated to your professional end of tenancy cleaners in order to help you advice you on this one.

End of tenancy cleaning prices: (London, Surrey, Nationwide)

Studio Flat End of Tenancy Cleaning: £70
Studio Flat inclusive of carpet cleaning: £100

1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom Flat Moving Out Cleaning: £80
1 Bed and Bath Flat with Carpet Cleaning: £120

2 Bed Flat with 1 Bathroom: £90
With Carpet Cleaning: £140

2 Bed Flat with 2 Bathrooms: £100
With Carpet Cleaning: £150

3 Bed Flat with1 or 2 bathrooms: £125
with Carpet Cleaning: £185

4 Bed Flat on 1 Level with 2/3 Bathrooms: £145
With Carpet Cleaning: £210

And so forth. Please note, prices may vary but then may differ slightly looking at the dimensions of the property, carpeted areas, or if you require upholstery cleaning too as a part of your end of tenancy or lease cleaning.

Why not discuss how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost by calling your friendly polite advice officers by calling on 0208 942 2819 or on our toll free number which is 0800 689 8989. You may also call after office hours on 07907 004090. If you are calling from abroad, please dial phone number e.g. +44 7907 004090.

Are you looking for last minute end of tenancy cleaning or emergency end of tenancy cleaning service, why not read this, if you are looking for a end of tenancy cleaning no obligation free quote,

Our technical helpline is available +44 (0) 208 942 2819 throughout the day from 8-am until 11-pm and you can dial extension 3 for a range of information and advice on moving in cleaning as well as moving out cleaning. Advice and support is completely free and you may even get your professional end of tenancy cleaning service booked throughout London, Surrey and anywhere in South East England

Before you book your end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey, South East England and beyond, why not read our move in and move out cleaning reviews?

Private tenants, landlords, estate agents, working professionals and students save 20-% on all cleaning services including end of tenancy and end of lease cleaning.

Please note, end of tenancy cleaning prices are still affordable, if you get in touch with an honest cleaning company and not the people which are looking to be rich over night – oh by the way, if you are looking for evening or overnight end of tenancy cleaning service then you may read this thread.

Just to let you know, we as your professional local end of tenancy cleaners, do not charge extra to work on Saturdays, Sundays, Public holidays, last minute bookings or service booked in emergency.

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Tips on how to find professional local end of tenancy cleaners

Your 5 minutes guide to find highly trusted local end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey or beyond. Simply read these tips and help yourself save, hire a great service, find professional tenancy cleaners and above all get your deposit returned for hiring a trusted end of tenancy cleaning services.

We all need a cleaner or a team when moving in or moving out from a flat, an apartment, a house or a mid-terraced house or a split level flat. Chances are your real estate company or your real estate agency is going to ask you to pay a huge amount for getting your property as clean as it was offered, including cleaning the entire property from top to bottom as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning

However, it is your legal obligation to choose, you may choose your real estate agency or property company’s offer on end of tenancy cleaning price, if it’s affordable, negotiable, as well as it will ensure full deposit to be returned

Speaking generally, our latest surveys we conducted from over 90,000 unique visitors to our website shows, 89.70% private tenants are unhappy with end of tenancy cleaning prices offered or quoted by local property firms or real estate agencies and even the landlords, this is where cleaning companies step in

It is your money, you should choose and decide and see what works the best for you, looking at the current market statistics, a recent report shows, there are over 7000 or more registered cleaning companies in London alone which makes the market really huge as well as competitive at the same time, but;

Unless you do your homework or mathematic, you might still end up paying quite a large amount of money for all-inclusive end of tenancy cleaning, it is therefore suggested that you do your homework when you enquire a quote from an independent cleaning company

There are number of things you should look at when enquiring or request an end of tenancy cleaning quote online or through a phone call

If you bear in mind with below things and do your home work, chances are you going to save a lot of time and money, and avoid disappointment on the services offered

1). Call a few companies and ask for prices

2). Request a quote through their website and check how soon they return your email or call.

3). Looking for their reviews online

4). Check their company registration number and find out if they are actually based in the UK or sub-contract their work to other operatives

5). Ask for their legal terms and conditions specified for end of tenancy cleaning

6). Request their public liability insurance cover copy

7). Ask for a few customers that had used their services in your area

8). Speak to some of their customers to check if they were happy with their punctuality, service in general, ethics and quality of work

9). Ask if they will bring all their cleaning products and equipment?

10). Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

11). Who pays for parking and congestion charges?

12). What guarantee they offer on end of tenancy cleaning jobs?

13). Are there any extra charges for jobs done on Saturdays, Sundays, public and bank holidays?

14). Are there any deliverables from your side (If they know what they are doing, then yes there are some deliverables from your side as well, e.g. fridge and freezer should be switched off at least 24 hours in advance, hot water and electricity should be running in the property throughout the job is being done

15). What happens if the property company, inventory clerk or landlord is not happy with the service offered?

16). A trusted cleaning company will be happy to give at least a 48 hours warrantee and should return and re-do the job (if they missed a spot or two) as soon as possible or within 48 hours whey then were notified about it

17). Will you or your operatives will issue the invoice? I would not personally choose a company who do not invoice and their operatives will. I find it bogus (My opinion as they are not taking the responsibility in a way or the other)

18). Will you be able to do steam carpet cleaning, professional oven cleaning, sofa, mattresses or curtains steam cleaning as well (if needed?) If so, what carpet and upholstery cleaning machines will you use? If they say anything other than Ninja Ashby 400 PSI or Prochem carpet cleaning machinery, move on and find someone more up-to-date with local marketing requirements and latest equipment.

19). Are your operatives fully insured? May I request their name, phone number as well as their public liability insurance? (asking for it would help you know if they just change the subject, are defensive or hardly answer you on that)?

20). Can I visit you in office? Just ask, costs nothing, but helps you know there whereabouts.. ( I would not mind to ask, as the end of the day, I would be in trouble if they do not turn up, do a poor job)?

21). What are your payment terms and conditions? May you send me an email and send your payment terms and conditions please?

22). May I pay on completion of work via bank transfer (keep a proof), debit or credit card (ask who are their bankers and if you can speak to their bankers before giving out your secret information) – Ask their Banker ID, and speak to the bank, if needed (it helps you find out there whereabouts, and if they are a trusted vendor at all).?

23). Are you a registered company in the UK at all? What is your registered address with company’s house?

24). How long you been operating? What is your website URL? Then look for reviews online e.g. “Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd Reviews” online.

25). May I have a name of the contact person, to whom I can speak with if needed at any stage, direct number and email address please?

26). May I pay once the job is done, and the inventory clerk has passed your cleaning standards?

27). Are there any charges, if a re-clean is needed, e.g. parking/congestion, etc, if they say yes, you should move on, as it was their omission and they should pay for it.

28). Are there any deals you may offer, if I book several weeks in advance?

29). May you email me your end of tenancy cleaning checklist please?

30). How do I book and how many days in advance should I book?

Simple and straightforward end of tenancy cleaning guide that always works, be confident when asking questions from end of tenancy cleaning service providers in London, Surrey or nationwide.

You can avoid disappointment, pay less for a great service, just do your homework before you call for a stress free, easy good move

If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey and beyond, simply call the most recommended end of tenancy cleaning agency which does a great job. You can book the service and get 10-% discount by calling them on 020 8942 2819

The said company covers all London, Surrey and most locations nationwide, simply get in touch, the good thing is, they can also provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, professional oven cleaning, their service is guaranteed and above all, they know what they are doing.

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End Your Tenancy In Style by spending little and hiring the Best Cleaning Agency

Some useful good tips on End of tenancy cleaning and end of lease cleaning, tips, tricks that will help you save money on hiring professional cleaning company at an amazingly low prices for your after tenancy or post or pre lease cleaning services, you require for your property.

End of tenancy cleaning or after lease cleaning service is a kind of legal obligation to most tenants, residents or businesses renting a residential or commercial premises anywhere in England, Scotland and even also in Wales. Well, it is not just the UK where tenants are requested to clean the property and put it back in the same state as they were offered before moving out.

In countries like in America and Australia, end of tenancy cleaning means proving your good tenancy styles, an experienced real estate agency in Australia (McGrath) states, if your previous references proved in any way that you have not well maintained the property and kept it clean, you will be barred to use our real estate services again. Let’s say the Americans and Australians normally keep their houses well cleaned but when it comes to England, Scotland and Wales, our local tenants be it business or residential tenants are even doing great by hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning service or spring cleaning services (also known as Full Professional Property Cleaning) before moving houses

There are other obligations which you should know before you move in or move out and these tips should be well kept in mind in order to get a good reference in London, Surrey or elsewhere, plus maintain a good reputation in real estate or private landlords eyes including but not limited to, be known as a good human being which respects others place as his/her own.

Your other obligations include:

Ensuring all electric sockets, lights, dishwasher, microwave, cooker, fridge and freezer and any other landlord or property company offered appliances are in full working orders, this includes managing and maintaining your front and back garden, garage or storage rooms, boiler and gas and electricity meters, telephone and electricity wiring and so forth including walls, ceiling, etcetera

Here are 15 useful end of tenancy tips before you hire end of tenancy cleaning specialists or a cleaning company:

1). Check the experience (How long have you been doing this)?

Asking simple questions would not cost a lot, for example how long have you been cleaning houses or offices (houses, flats or apartments, if you are a private residential tenant and offices, warehouses or shopping complexes if you are a business or commercial resident/customer). Most cleaning agencies will tell the trust especially the ones, which are honest, it is suggested that you ask these questions through email and if some questions are not answered then ask for the explanation. You may know how long they been around by checking their company registration date on companycheck.co.uk, you may search their company name or search their company number in order to get to know more about their end of tenancy cleaning services and their business structure.

2). Do you cover my area e.g. Richmond?

You should ask this as soon as your call is connected to their office or their mobile phone in case if there is one person managing all the enquiries through his/her mobile phone. It is good to ask through an email or by sending an electronic email so you keep it as a proof, unfortunately many business hungry companies whose service been mentioned as pathetic and terrible and there have been bad reviews online all over the place will like to get you stuck by saying, yes, it is good to safe it as a proof of their words as they might never turn up, knowing very little about your town/postcode. They might have said yes to grab a piece (Just be cautious)

3). May you provide references in and around my postcode?

It is very vital to ask this question, if they say they have been around for generations or even some years and if their service is good and if they have been covering your area, it is also good to ask for the references in your postcode area. If that’s not the case (if they say they have not been covering your area before), then it is good to ask for references in and around 5 miles radius, even if that’s not the case and they do not have a single customer in 5 miles radius (then I would think, why?), how about 10 miles radius around our house or office? Well, by now you will already know with what to expect.

4). May you please give me name, address and phone number of at least 3 of your end of tenancy cleaning customers please?

Make sure to ask for at least 3 of their recent or previous customers that have/had been using their end of tenancy cleaning services, please ensure that you just do not ask for 1, it may be their colleague, friend or family, happy customers are always happy to give their consent to use their name as a happy client, especially ladies, or less busy people, if their service is good, they should have thousands if not millions happy customers which have given them their consent. Make calls, make friends and get your questions answered, after all, it’s about the property you are moving in or moving out, a good real estate and landlord reference and over all reputation

5). What are your prices?

You should give a full job description of your property including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, reception, dinning or living rooms, number of toilets, Ensuite, shower rooms etc including but not limited to the number of levels in your property, carpeted areas e.g. 56 stair steps, 2 landings, 3 hallways, 1 living room, storage room etc. Once you have explained or give you’re the full job description, you are waiting to hear about their prices, if you are given the prices, ask whether these prices include or exclude VAT (make notes).

6). How many people will you send to provide after tenancy cleaning service?

It is a little bit more polite (in my opinion to ask), how many staff members will you send than asking, how many cleaners will you send? Well, but then again a cleaner should be called cleaner and I do not find it improper. End of tenancy or after lease cleaning is an eye to detail job and requires lots of hard work, attention to detail and number of hours to work in property in order to clean the entire property from inside including the appliances, you should ask this question and if a cleaning firm says 1 or 2 people, be cautious, It is rather better to get an accurate and exact figure. (Ask questions, as many needed in order to get to know about the truth).

7). Will you send all cleaning equipment and cleaning products?

Honestly speaking there is a lot to do when moving houses, be it moving in or moving out (on the end of your tenancy or lease), the last week specially keeps us engaged by getting our debit cards and credit cards, issued on a new address and postcode, getting our bank details, driving licence, electricity, power and water sorted and so on. You also need to pack your stuff and be ready for a move, it is therefore suggested that you choose an end of tenancy cleaning company that sends enough people to do the job, all cleaning products, equipment’s and tools are sent by them including steam carpet cleaning machine, vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, scrubbers, screw drivers and other tools in order to provide you with a great service, you cannot just afford to go out and buy stuff and waste time. It is a lot better to pay some extra £5 and avoid the stress for buying and arranging cleaning products and equipment’s on your own.

8). Which steam carpet, curtains, sofas and rug cleaning machines do you use?

If your property have been rented fully or partially furnished and if there are carpets, sofa’s and rugs, curtains etc in your residential or business property, then chances are you would need to get them steam cleaned. It is a very good idea to tell a cleaning company if there are any stains, be it red wine or chocolate stains, chocolates or nail polish, tea or coffee or food stains on your carpets, sofas, rugs and curtains, this will help the company give you an accurate cost when it comes to stain removal. Back to the main point e.g. which steam carpet cleaning machines do they use? If they use Ninja Ashby Carpet Cleaning Machines or Prochem steam carpet cleaning machines, let’s hope they have the latest and modified brand new versions of those machines in order to provide you with a great steam cleaning service for your carpets and upholstery cleaning.

9). Are you as a cleaning company, your staff (cleaners) and your cleaning equipment’s fully insured and may you please email me the scanned copies of your company insurance cover, your cleaners and your equipment please?

Ask for their cleaning company public liability insurance, their staff members (ask their names which are coming to clean your property) and request individual insurance cover or company insurance cover certificate if this covers their staff too. Please note, accidents happen, injuries occur, machinery may go faulty or someone may get hurt, if that cleaning company, their cleaners or their tools and equipment’s are not fully insured for at least 5 to 10 million cover, then that might ring the bell (All serious cleaning companies should be legally covered by an independent and famous insurance company, it is also good to check if they have made any insurance claims (for break downs, injuries etc in the past?) This will give you an idea with how serious they are.

10). How do you transport your cleaners to properties?

London and Surrey are very busy when it comes to traffic on the roads, trains, buses and coaches etc., fully inspect and check for their arrangements when it comes to transporting the tools and equipment’s and their cleaners. If cleaners are coming using public transport then you may get an idea with how they can transport their tools and equipment’s, be very careful as you cannot afford delays at this point on a very serious point of time when you are moving in or out of the house

11). Do you hold any end of tenancy cleaning certifications?

Many successful cleaning firms arrange certifications and accreditation for their company and their staff members, it includes end of tenancy cleaning certification, carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as cleaning standards, hygiene and health and safety, ask and request the copies of those certifications. You will get to know how serious they are when it comes to their business, if they are serious business people, they might be serious about your property too, No?

12). Have you ever worked with a client of “The name of your real estate company?

Tell the name of your real estate company and ask if they have ever dealt with a customer of that specific company (your property company), if not, I personally would not like to use their service, if they are good enough, they should have worked with enough customers and chances are, they should have worked with at least 1 customer (do your mathematic properly)

13). How do you give a proof of your cleaning?

Most cleaning companies invoice you and their invoice documents are considered as a proof of professional cleaning service (but many small or start-up cleaning businesses which are not famous enough are not even considered by leading real estate companies), please ensure they give you invoice and it is your duty to ensure, their invoice will be considered as a proof of your payment and their service

14). May I see a sample of your invoice?

Ask for the sample of that cleaning agency invoice documents, and forward it to your landlord or your real estate agency to know if their service will be recognised as professional service?

15). How do you send invoices?

Most cleaning companies may email you a PDF or Microsoft Word invoice through electronic means, processional cleaning service providers may send you an invoice through email, fax, by post and also give on the day of service. Please see and check what works the best for you. I personally recommend electronic invoices as this will help you save money on copying or printing your invoices and you may easily send electronic copies of your invoices quickly and efficiently by forwarding to your landlord or estate agent

16). Do you work on Weekends and bank holidays and are there any extra charges for bank holidays, weekends and the evening cleaning service?

If you are a busy professional, you surely do not want to ruin your entire day because of end of tenancy cleaning service, especially when you have already been holidaying and may get permission to take another day off, in that case you might like to get your property end of tenancy clean done in the evening/night, there are companies which will charge the same price, whereas some may charge extra, there is no point to pay extra price, as public holidays, weekends bring free parking and congestion and also parking is nearly free or more cheaper in evenings or during the night. It is not suggested to pay extra for public holiday or weekend or night service, as there is no point to waste your money on something you can avoid paying, in face save on parking and congestion and there is less traffic on public and bank holidays and during the evening/night

17). Are there any other costs/charges?

Honest cleaning service providers will give you price based on the job description you have given or the property specs and size and they will stick to it, some dishonest people will keep small prints and shocking surprises for later, when you are fully stuck with them, these people can not just give shocking surprises but also may be rude, come up with a bizarre attitude, delay your job or be late or ask for extra money for no reason. Be very careful and know what are you paying

18). How do you take payments and when do I have to pay for the service?

Honestly, every company has different policy when it comes to their billing, refunds and cancellations, but it is good to know at this stage where there are no commitments, no promises, most cleaning agencies will process your payment or authorise your debit or credit card and then take the payment when you are fully happy to give your consent, some will take 50-% in advance and 50-% on completion, if you are afraid to give your debit or credit card details, you may request their bank details and may deposit the (advance money) via online bank transfer or by visiting one of your nearest and the respective branch, some companies take cash all on completion, cheques and postal orders, so it is therefore your choice with what works the best for you. It is rather better to pay through debit or credit card if they are honest company as you will get the invoice before the service takes place and have a proof, whereas most cleaning firms will invoice you after the payment has been received which may (for 1 or 2 reasons delay to forward your invoice to your landlord or estate agent and my incur extra living charges in the property)

19). What are guarantees or warrantees for your tenancy or lease cleaning service?

Hard working, honest and passionate people are happy to give warrantees or guarantees as they are sure about their work, you must ask for a written guarantee for their words so you can prove it at the later stage, their invoice should have their guarantee on it, so you or your landlord or your real estate agency can speak on your behalf in order to request a re-clean or refund if they have missed a spot or general poor cleaning service has been offered. You should go for a a cleaning company with at least minimum 48 hours guarantee for their service as this will give you the peace of mind as well as if something’s been missed you may request a re-clean or refund

20). What if my real estate or inventory company is not happy with the service?

Real Estate and Inventory Companies are strict and keep doing the good work by ensuring they check the property completely and professionally, if they are not happy with the service, inventory company will request your flat or house to be re-cleaned, if your existing cleaning company (or end of tenancy cleaning service provider) have given you the warrantee or guarantee then you may call, email or ask them to repair those minor or major points as promised, if they have failed to come and re-service, then your property company will either cut money from your deposit in order to get it professionally cleaned. It is very strongly suggested that you hire tenancy cleaning or lease clean service which are popular, well reviewed online and well praised in community and by inventory and property companies.

Do not fall for some discount or sales and marketing pitch, people that know what they are doing are always humble, down to earth, God fearing and polite and soft spoken.

There are several other points to note including but not limited to:

A). What cleaning equipment and products will they send?
B). What steam carpet or upholstery cleaning machines will they use?
C). How their cleaning personals will travel and transport?
D). How soon you expect to finish the job?
E). Are there any deliverables at my side as a customer?
F). Are you happy to take the payment on completion of my inventory check out?
G). How long have you been playing the end of tenancy cleaning game?
H). Is there any support phone number where I can contact in case there’s a problem?
I). What are your working hours?
J). What is your office address?
K). May you please send your billing policy and terms and conditions documents?
L). May you please email/fax me your insurance cover documents?
M). How do I know I am fully booked?
N). May you collect the keys from concierge or my real estate company?
O). What is your company registration number and year of registration?
P). What is your company’s registered address?
Q). Who should I contact in case there is a problem?
R). Do you work on Saturdays and Sundays? Are your offices open on weekends?
S). Who would be my first contact? Name please.
T). If one of our mates will closely work with you guys, will you offer any discounts?
U). Are the prices inclusive of parking and congestion charges or you charge that separately?

There is a long list in order to arrange your end of tenancy or after lease cleaning service, doing your home work properly and efficiently, being straight forward, honest will get you loads of discount and service

Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is one of the most renowned end of tenancy cleaning service provider serving residential customers, private tenants and landlords, country’s most renowned real estate companies and property and housing organisations and also commercial properties which include commercial end of lease cleaning.

If you are not sure what, when and where to hire, simply give us a call and we will love to answer all of your questions you may have, if you are looking for professional end of tenancy cleaning services, then simply give us a call on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989

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Dog’s life, end of tenancy cleaning tips for pet friendly properties

End of tenancy cleaning tips for pet friendly properties in London and Surrey

For many of us, a house is not a home without the addition of a loving cat, dog or even a cuddly rabbit or guinea pig.

Not all domestic rental agreements allow pets, but for those that do, making sure all signs of them are removed in thorough end of tenancy cleaning in pet-friendly houses, hostels and or residential or commercial properties, is the only way to ensure the complete return of the tenant’s deposit.

So how can you make sure you eradicate all signs of your beloved four-footed friends from a rented house or flat before you hand back the keys? Here are some top tips.

Treating urine stains
However well house-trained your pet is, it is quite likely that you will have to clean up after an accident sooner or later. Urine spills can become smelly quite quickly so immediate attention is called for. Avoid using ammonia-based products, as these can smell of urine in their turn.

Instead, dab an absorbent terry cloth or tea towel over fresh liquid patches, then pat it several times (do not rub it, as this can damage the carpet beneath) Use a proprietary pet urine removal product to wipe away the rest of the stain, or to tackle dried in stains. If you are not sure where the ‘accidents’ are, buy an ultra violet light and shine it near the carpet to reveal the blighted spots. Place a mark with some chalk nearby so you can find it again in normal light.

Removing shed hair and fur
If your rented house is furnished, a large part of your end of tenancy pet cleaning routine will involve removing fur and hair from sofas, beds and chairs. Even if not, the carpet will need examining to remove the unwanted excess. Use a vacuum cleaner – if possible, one with a special pet hair setting to remove as much as you can.

If the hair leaves a stain behind, consider steam cleaning – you can hire a machine or call in specialists to tackle this for you. If there is only a small area of hair to tackle, wind some sellotape around your fingers, sticky side up, and press against the hair to attach it to the tape.

Banishing unwanted pet signs
Dogs and cats can make a house smell, however careful their owners are regarding hygiene. Owners often become immune to such smells, so it is worth inviting a friend round to tell you honestly if there is a problem. Aromatic candles designed to eliminate pet odours are a good option, as is fabric freshener for the carpets, curtains and upholstery.

Binning and disposing of used litter is also best done immediately too, using tightly secured bags – you can get scented ones to help mask the smells even further.

Keep your pet and its living quarters clean throughout your tenure in the house to cut down on work during your end of tenancy pet cleaning. Bathe pets and wash or change their bedding regularly to help them maintain good hygiene, oral health and grooming. This will keep the odours down – and maintain a cleaner, fresher house.

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School’s out, end of tenancy cleaning for students

End Of Tenancy Cleaning (Be It Move In or Move Out Cleaning)

Students have a lot to think about when they strike out on their own to pursue their studies, make friendships, manage budgets and look after a house or flat on their own – often for the first time. During term time, the emphasis is usually firmly placed on the first two things on the list, rather than the latter – the upkeep of their living quarters and student housing end of tenancy cleaning, in some cases hostel end of tenancy or lease cleaning.

However, as the end of their studies approach, and the time to move out comes into sight, all of a sudden, the importance of leaving a clean home – and retrieving as much as they can of their deposit (if not all of it) – becomes much more significant. It’s is then time for all the students living in the property to pull together to clean up after themselves, in readiness for the landlord or real estate company check. So what can students do to prepare?

Share the load
Call a meeting with your flat or housemates to decide who is going to do what in the cleaning process, be it move in or move out cleaning. You could divide up the house by rooms, draw up a chore list or allocate certain types of job (e.g. washing, vacuuming, polishing etc.) to allow everyone to muck in.

Space it out
You can’t expect to tackle the whole lot in one go. The secret of successful end of tenancy student cleaning is to arrange a timetable and do a bit at a time – say one or two hours per day in the run up to the end of your contract.

Be prepared
If you live in halls, chances are you will have the cleaning equipment provided for you, from the vacuum cleaner to the furniture polish. If you live in private accommodation, you will probably have to source all this yourself. Beg, borrow or buy a vacuum cleaner, or hire a steam cleaner if you have a lot of dirt to shift.

Invest in polishes, sprays, dusters and the like; the money spent on this will doubtless be much less than the dent caused in your deposit if you do not clean up after yourselves thoroughly enough.

Personal cleaning
Keep on top of your personal cleaning, such as clothes washing, dishes, waste paper bins and so on, all year round. That way, you will have less to do when moving out day approaches. Pack away your possessions carefully when your tenancy comes to an end, and don’t forget to dust shelves, wipe inside cupboards and clean any pills or stains as best as you can in your bedroom.

Communal areas
Pay particular attention to bathrooms – basins, toilets, showers etc. In the kitchen, clear away the grease inside and on top of cupboards, mop the floor and clean the oven, hob and microwave. Vacuum and / or steam clean carpets as you complete each room and never assume someone else has done a job without checking, or it will get forgotten.

Don’t cut corners
Inventory companies, private landlords and the like will have a well prepared cleaning inventory list to refer to when it comes to inspecting end of tenancy student cleaning efforts, so you will not get away with cutting corners. You might like to ask them for a copy prior to starting your cleaning so that you can cross tasks off as you complete them.

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End of tenancy cleaning tips

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips – Learn how you can claim your full deposit by ensuring you end of tenancy in style by keeping your place neat, clean and very tidy. You do not just get your deposit back from your landlord or estate agency but also a good reference in the UK, which actually counts very much.

However carefully you live and look after your rented home, flat or apartment, when it comes to the day when you pack up and move out, there will inevitably be areas you missed during your cleaning rounds and parts of your house or flat in need of freshening up.

It is, of course, up to you whether you tackle end of tenancy cleaning yourself, or call in a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, but either way, there are several things to remember if you don’t want to forfeit your deposit

It is usually the carpets and rugs that bear the brunt of your time in a house or flat. So make sure these are thoroughly shampooed and vacuumed to leave them looking as good as you can.

In the kitchen, focus on the hob, oven and fridge to create a hygienic, clean feel. Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, including floors, tiles, walls, skirting, window ledges and radiators – and don’t forget the insides of the cupboards. Do all washing up and clean the sink afterwards, remove limescale property and professionally.

If you are leaving a furnished flat or house, arrange the contents of drawers, cupboards and shelves so that they look neat and tidy.

Attention to detail: look closely around so that you don’t miss any of the less obvious places where dirt can gather. Examples include extractor fans, bathroom taps, rubbish bins, inside washing machine powder drawers and skirting boards.

If you are leaving the bed behind, turn the mattress and give it a good airing and vacuum. Strip the bed of all linen and change the sheets if clean ones are being left behind for that purpose. Clean blinds, skirting, window ledges, radiators, pictures and mirrors. Don’t forget to dust all furniture, lampshades and cupboards and shelves.

Clean all windows internally – and externally if you can reach safely. You can use proprietary products or white vinegar on a soft, clean cloth. Rinse the windows afterwards and buff to a shine using a scrunched up ball of newspaper.

Don’t forget the tops of cupboards, picture rails and other high up places where you cannot necessarily see the dirt, dust and grease. Fireplaces are also often forgotten in an end of tenancy clean, as are stairs and hand rails. Don’t declare any room finished before going on a cobweb hunt.

Finally, if you have stored any items, such as pictures, ornaments etc, don’t forget to retrieve them and put them back where you first found them.

Replace any broken objects and check everything against your copy of the contents inventory. Leave all items in the house tidy and spotless.

End of tenancy cleaning should be done by yourself or hire a professional cleaning company which can do the rest for you. There are thousands of cleaning companies in London, Surrey and in United Kingdom in general but very few cleaning companies are actually aware of good quality standard end of tenancy clean.

Make sure you hire the right people which have all in place, be it cleaning products, materials and cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machine and all in place to ensure you get your tenancy cleaning all spik and span!

Good Luck! and If you require help with your end of tenancy cleaning in London and Surrey and literally anywhere in 40 miles radius, call Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd for a competitive price and great service.

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