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Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Companies

Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning Companies

Recommended End Of Tenancy Cleaners:

Call/Text: 07506 709450
From Abroad: +44 7506 709450
Email: hello@bestendoftenancycleaning.co.uk
Book Your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Online


If you are a tenant, landlord or an estate agent in Britain and are looking for one of the best end of tenancy cleaning companies, you will notice a quick search on Google UK prints loads of search results, some with reviews and some without reviews, however there’s no guarantee those end of tenancy cleaning service providers will actually finish a great job

If you are a tenant and you are moving out of your rental property, then you are only able to get your full rental deposit (bond) back if you have returned the property in the same state it was in whilst you moved in. Cleaning plays a bigger role as well and even though your property is in the same state but have not been cleaned to the highest standards by a professional cleaning company then it may have severe consequences when it comes to return of your rental deposit. Even though if you say your property have been cleaned by professional cleaners but you cannot provide a professional receipt or your cleaners receipts are not accepted by your landlord, estate agent or tenancy deposit scheme people then chances are it is going to cause an issue and your rental deposit maybe at risk.

If you are a landlord, of course you need the correct end of tenancy cleaning people which may actually transform your property ensuring you are able to rent your property quickly. Messy properties affect relationships between the landlords and the new tenants so of course as a landlord you want peace of mind and a great tenancy for your tenants!

If you are an estate agent and work with loads of tenants and landlords of course, then you need an honest and dedicated end of tenancy cleaning firm which may carryout top to bottom deep cleans including cooker clean, windows, appliances and absolutely spotless carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and every inch of your property.

If you are looking for recommended end of tenancy cleaning company, I suggest calling Best End Of Tenancy Cleaning on 07506 709450 or on 0208 1111 987 or by fax on: 0845 127 5555 – This company covers all UK so you can be sure they cover your area, they provide complete end of tenancy cleaning which includes free full cooker/oven cleaning, all windows, appliances, and may offer professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, pet fumigation and so on if needed!

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Big Yellow Self Storage for Homes and Businesses

Big Yellow Self Storage for homes and business

If you need more space, help is at hand. Our friends at Big Yellow are the UK’s favourite self storage company and provides secure storage for homes and businesses which can be accessed seven days a week.

New Malden Branch:
Address: Wyvern Estate Beverly Way, Beverley Way, New Malden, Surrey KT3 4PH
Phone: 020 8942 2889

Ask for Paula and Jamie or speak to other colleagues and you will be guided through range of options in order to help you get the right space and that too at a great price!

Discount Code: Ask for it.

If you want to receive 10-% special discount, quote the above code

Big Yellow Self Storage is a leading storage company offering households and businesses with affordable, cost effective but above all good storage service. Get in touch today in order to receive your best offer!

Big Yellow Self Storage New Malden

Get 30-% off on end of tenancy cleaning and carpet cleaning services if you are an existing or future Big Yellow Self Storage customer in London, Surrey and nationwide. Call us today on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989.

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning For Chiswick Houses, Flats and Apartments

Good Morning Dear Readers:

I am starting my day today with the first property viewing. I had to drive from Morden (where I live) to Chiswick (A customer that’s moving out). I was stuck in a traffic for 35 good minutes in Wimbledon but Thank God traffic released a bit and I was ready to go.

I must admit the customer was there, I was right on time and they were too. It was a fantastic 5 bedroom apartment close to Chiswick High Road, 3 bathrooms, a toilet, 4 balconies, this Arabic customer required pre end of tenancy cleaning and then a week after post tenancy cleaning. The customer has also requested full professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning including (sofas, mattresses, curtains and rugs).


I gave them a fair price for both pre end of tenancy cleaning service as well as for post tenancy cleaning services. We agreed on a date and time for both cleans and we are ready to go – Customer kindly accepted our price which was actually fair and reasonable with the number of hours and manpower invested in mind.



And we are ready to go and provide them a hassle and stress free service.

This customer really knew what they were doing.

They hired pre end of tenancy cleaning service 7 days prior to moving out
Then they have hired a post tenancy cleaning once they have fully moved out. It is their own property and they are not renting it through an estate agent and/or landlord but since they purchased a house in Surrey, UK they planned to keep it very neat, clean and tidy for the moving in tenants. I was really happy to hear and it really made me smile that how caring they were for their new tenants. This property is simply fantastic, i would not hesitate to move into this property (if I could afford one like this – Maybe in future, Is not it?

Customer also made moving in cleaning service booking with us – That’s a 6 bedroom house in Guildford, Amazing and I am just at a coffee shop now as I write this post and I am heading to Guildford in order to do the viewing of that property and once I am done, I am heading to office in order to send their invoices, arrange a vehicle, carpet and upholstery cleaning machinery and get people to be ready for pre end of tenancy cleaning tomorrow.

I was also told that they have been recommended by a friend who lives in Kensington and Chelsea and she has been using our services for over a 3 years time. If you are a good and honest business and you care about customers, you actually get more business and referrals are and always will one of the most sales driven marketing medium which is cost free!

Leaving for Guildford soon. See you guys after. Have a good day all


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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist, Reading, Berkshire, UK

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist for Reading, Berkshire, UK estate agents, landlords, private tenants etc.

New end of tenancy cleaning checklist can be found as below.
End-Of-Tenancy-Cleaning-Checklist-UK (1)

For over 3 years, we at Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd had one single aim that is very simple, Guess what is it?
Principle 1 = No pain for tenants, estate agents and landlords.

All last week I have been in Reading, Berkshire for over a 20 times, meeting over a 15 estate agents partners on a regular basis, from Hapmtons Estate Agents to KFH, Bernard Marcus, Leaders, Atlantis Estate Agents and the list goes on. The checklist that we had been using for over the last 3 years was one of the most authentic in the UK market. In fact, it has been praised by Government bodies, councils, social housing departments and the range of Media and Housing Organisations.

However, we have now updated our end of tenancy cleaning checklist for direct customers, referrals, estate agents, tenants and landlords and we all agreed on even better services, support and enhanced checklist.

If you are a tenant, estate agent, landlord in Reading, Berkshire, you are rest assured for even better services, even better carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and move out and move in cleaning and a combination of both if you have more than 1 properties.

Further to that, our end of tenancy cleaning Reading, Berkshire customers will have 24-hrs sales and support helpline opened for them and the phone number for that is: 0750 6709 450 (Mobile Friendly) or 0800 689 8989 (landline friendly).

Should you have a suggestion or like to discuss with us about your end of tenancy cleaning requirements, please feel free to get in touch with us today via email, via post, visit us in our Reading Berkshire Office or simply call us today!

We look forward to providing you an hassle and stress free end of tenancy cleaning services in Reading, Berkshire or any locations in the UK.

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End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and Quality Standards

Hello to all our beloved readers,

Today’s post is about End Of Tenancy Cleaning London and the quality standards.

I have been phoned by a few regular readers of our blog which have been calling with why I am not writing on our blog now a days – first of all I am really sorry that I have been so busy in life that I have not had a chance to write for over a month now but I have been writing on other blogs including fashion, jewellery, travel, hospitality and other topics and so I am happy to write today and ensure you guys will like the post

I have been doing a research on “end of tenancy cleaning London” the other day and Google prints over a million search results, Bing and Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and other search engines including Ask have nearly the same number of search results as they share search data with Google in a way or the other

In order to find out more how this industry is now updating, I actually needed end of tenancy cleaning services in London for my house in South West London in Wimbledon, SW19 postcode. Well, unfortunately, I am moving out of this house where I have lived for over the years and one of the reason with why I am moving out is because of the traffic and it takes forever to be at work.

I have contacted 3 different end of tenancy cleaning companies in London, the first Cleaning Company responded to my enquiry with a blink of an eye, not just they responded to all my questions but their prices seemed fair and reasonable, however, I wanted to do a price comparison on tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning as stated by my estate agent i.e. (KFH Estate Agents in Wimbledon / London).

The second end of tenancy cleaning responded to my email 3 days after while the 3rd end of tenancy cleaners took around 4 days which was quite a long time since I emailed them. I hired the first cleaning company i.e. Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd for End Of Tenancy Cleaning for my house

However, before I hired them, I called a few other cleaning companies and also been in touch with few of my friends in order to find out with what company I should start my journey with. Actually 4 out of 5 friends recommend Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd as they have been providing cleaning services in my friends houses and offices. And I have also been informed by poor cleaning services offered by many cleaning companies in London and that this may affect me in a way or the other including getting my deposit deducted.

The cleaners I have hired were 100-% on time, they called me 30-minutes prior to arrival and an hour before completion of work since I have been working from a remote location in Hampshire. I arrived, investigated the rest of the property including the carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning work which they have performed, oven cleaning, bathrooms, surfaces, cupboards, shelves, cabinets and what not – I have been very impressed to be honest!

I had my inventory same day by KFH arranged inventory checkout clerk and Victoria the inventory clerk was very happy with how neat and clean my house is, day after, I have been sent an inventory report and I have received my full deposit since then. I was seriously very happy with the way Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning Ltd has dealt with me from the emailing communication to the first phone call for booking, payment (they were happy to take payment via debit and credit card which always comes handy), they sent me the invoice within an hour time, I was sent a text message confirmation and I am seriously happy that there are many London based companies which are keeping the prices, quality, customer service and support cradle even in todays age and time

A friend of mine (Julia) who also lives in Wimbledon in London has hired another cleaning company without consulting with other friends or doing a proper price comparison and company research and the cleaners first cancelled the job, then they came next day and did a poor cleaning and they never sent an invoice and will never come back to rectify the issues and I can tell how stressed Julia was when I met her over the weekend. Foxtons had since then deducted half of her deposit and she got this all just in order to avoid paying £5 less.

My personal opinion is, that if you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning services, professional steam carpet and upholstery cleaning anywhere in London or in UK, you should start and finish with proendoftenacnycleaning.co.uk or you can call them on 0750 6709 450, 0208 942 2819 and/or on 0800 689 8989.

I have the pictures of my property after it was cleaned and I might soon upload them on my personal blog

I hope it will help you guys make a right decision by choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning, be it when you move out or move into a property or when your lease ends or starts!

God Bless!

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Top 10 Cleaning Companies Named in the UK for the year 2014

If you are after a maid or wish to hire a domestic one-off or regular cleaning service then it is important that you go for a cleaning company that is actually insured and their staff members are fully vetted.

Not just that, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you check references or reviews of their cleaning company as well as cleaners reviews in and around your area. Also it is vital for you to check whether or not those aliens are allowed to work and live in the UK.

We have short-listed 10 cleaning companies which we believe are doing a great job in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and have built a tremendous reputation based on their service quality, prices competitiveness as well as backup support and other systems in place

Here is the list of top ten cleaning companies in UK

1). Pro End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Specialists in end of tenancy cleaning as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning. They are said to be the most punctual end of tenancy cleaners in the country, also their end of tenancy cleaning checklist is one of the the most authentic tenancy cleaning checklist on earth. They are an end of tenancy cleaning company with great prices, weekly after tenancy cleaning deals and they also offer complete end of lease, moving in and moving out cleaning

2). Local Cleaning Company Ltd – They are one of the 2nd largest and the most professional cleaning company in England delivering specialist cleaning such as after builders cleaning, end of tenancy and lease cleaning and complete property maintenance services including property management.

3). Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd – Specialises in residential domestic one off and regular cleaning services, also offers one-off, spring cleaning, deep clean and end of tenancy cleaning services with carpet and upholstery cleaning

4). Local Carpet Cleaning Company – Local Carpet Cleaning Company specialises in professional steam carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, one of the leading name in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in UK for homes, offices and industrial and commercial carpets and upholstery.

5). After Builders Cleaners – They are a specialist cleaning company specialising in after build, paint, decoration, refurbishment work, property demolition, and after scaffolding cleaning,

6). Molly Maid – Molly Maid is one of the long standing cleaning company with franchising system in place but had built a good reputation for domestic cleaning services.

7). Mitie – Mitie specialists in specialist cleaning and normally works with corporate sector

8). Initial Cleaning – Initial specialises in commercial cleaning services in England

9). Move Out Cleaners specialises in professional end of tenancy cleaning, lease cleaning and generally deals in residential and commercial moving out clean.

10). Move In Cleaners is a leading moving in house and office cleaning company specialising in office and home moving in cleaning services.

Should you like your company to be inserted, we will review your proof, there are several requirements in place before your company can be listed on here, this includes your customer satisfaction, reviews, insurance in place, experience and the list goes on

You can get in touch with us by calling us or sending us an email or making an appointment should you like to see us in order to discuss your insertion on our blog.

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How to spot a lame end of tenancy cleaning service in UK?

When a Cleaning Company is hesitant to share their local references, then it’ might be a lame end of tenancy cleaning service provider. Let’s discuss it more now

When I buy things online, I always write down important notes, which will apply, to all the companies I am browsing through, be it buying a t-shirt or holidays, a car or a bike and even food or vouchers and so forth. Well, that’s probably me, but I used to be someone leaving all for last minute and then ended up buying wrong things, including clothes, shoes, food and the huge massive big fat list goes on.

When I first moved in to a rental property, that was over 14 years ago, and I was still in my teens, moving out from my parents home and going away in a different city to start to pursue higher studies and find work and just be on my own and face things on my cheeks, learn, feel and carry on

Well as I said that was 14 years ago and I was sharing a room in a 4 bedroom student accommodation, a bed and breakfast kind of thing, very loud tenants indeed, mostly ladies, well men too on Saturdays and Sunday nights, I used to be kind of a shy and serious guy back then (there are times when I may be quiet or be very shy even now), well Shhhhh!

Well after completing my high school when I moved out from this property, the owners expected the flat to be professionally cleaned including the mattress, sofa, curtains, a rug and the communal area and I remember I called a local cleaning company which I found through some search engine (I literally don’t remember but probably it was a nightmare because of checking the reviews good or bad habit).

I paid I think, over a 100-$ I think back then for the entire end of tenancy clean of my room and carpets and upholstery and communal areas in the house and I left on a good note, I was moving within cities and states and then flying abroad and each and every time I moved out I had to perform end of tenancy clean.

When I moved to London a long time ago, I had to professionally clean the room I was living in and that was in Surrey, no matter how clean my room used to be (as a single man), I still had to get professional cleaners to clean the entire thing (carpets, upholstery, all areas used by me), and I remember paying quite a handsome amount to get the property fully cleaned.

Now back to the topic, when I still use end of tenancy cleaning services when I move out from a property, I still request 3 references within a mile radius area from my property. Even when I work with a cleaning company, I still do my mathematics in order to help me save my money on after tenancy clean and why not, I work hard for this

However, the main and important questions to ask your end of tenancy cleaning company have already been discussed on this blog, but a cleaning company is hesitant to pass on references in your local area you can speak with are either dodgy or do not have good reviews or references.

Please note, do not just go for online reviews, it’s always worth speaking to a local and get an honest opinion, I always ask for 3 references, 1 can be their friend, family or relative but all might not and just in case if they are, I might still be able to spot the lame end of tenancy cleaning review by kind of knowing the body language or voice clarity or just randomly asking a quick question which might help the reviewer tell the truth secretly

My personal suggestion, if your cleaning company is hesitant to pass on references in your local area is probably not a good cleaning company and you should avoid them. Please note, it makes sense when someone tells that they cannot pass on their references name and number because of data-protection law, but then again, there should be some at least some customers in a 5 miles radius area around my property which have given their consent? Just do not go because they know about data-protection law, do your mathematics in order to save your money, time, and hassle and the stress.

Call end of tenancy cleaning helpline today on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 if you would like to share your tenancy cleaning experience, good or bad or if you will like to discuss your after tenancy cleaning requirements or just ask the kind of service you require. Our end of tenancy cleaning sales team is very experienced and may help you choose the correct service and that too a good deal. They may always walk you through different options to help you find the most suitable end of tenancy cleaning deal ideal for your property.

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Important questions a cleaning company must ask their customers and why?

You Are An Established Cleaning Company, how you can prove it?

It is vital to understand the job type for each and every industry. However well established companies are established because they understand customer’s individual requirements and deliver outstanding results.

Whereas the cowboy cleaning companies are so desperate for cleaning business that they will just say, “Yes” to everything you ask and deliver a poor job.

This is very common when it comes to end of tenancy and carpet cleaning, after builders clean or range of other cleaning services. This is truly unfortunate, and honestly speaking, 50-% cleaning companies in London and their employees struggle with understanding English-speaking customers requirements, which further let them deliver a good job.

As a cleaning company and especially when it comes to small jobs like one off or regular home and office cleaning, most cleaning agencies communicate through email or phone in order to understand customer’s requirements but lack the experience and style, just getting many extra customers and delivering a poor cleaning job that is not well done will let your company be in the market for the shortest period of time.

Let’s solve this puzzle by giving an example:

Say a customer is moving out from a property and this specific service has many terms including but not limited to:

– End of tenancy clean
– Move out clean
– Post tenancy clean
– Vacate clean
– Moving house clean
– After lease clean

And the long list of variations goes on. Now a cleaning company with a very limited information or newly established firm which have not much done their mathematics might get confused when a customer asks “ they need a vacate clean “ – Now it is important to know or ask different questions in order to get to know the actual requirements, you as a cleaning company may ask several questions and learn from the tinniest knowledge provided e.g.

– Is it a commercial or residential property?

– Can I take the full property postcode, if you ask this question, this will help you provide accurate price information, as some properties may be in a congestion charges area and customer might not have parking and parking may be expensive in that specific postcode.

– How long have you lived in this property?

– How many bedrooms and bathrooms have you got in this property (if this is a residential property, it may be a house, flat, maisonette, apartment, villa or a bungalow, this question will help you a lot. It is also important to ask, if the property is furnished or unfurnished, number of levels, are the cupboards and shelves fully empty? Are there any stains on the carpets, will you require steam carpet cleaning at all?

– Are there any areas, which require special attention e.g. walls, cooker, windows, skirting boards, etc.? It is very important that you make notes of the things that you discuss with customers, so you can come up with an accurate number of hours you will spend in a property (including arranging number of staff members and quoting an actual figure when it comes to price).

– Will you be fully moved out when you require clean?

– What time will you like the clean to be performed, what date and time works the best for you and your household?

– When’s your inventory clerk coming to visit your property in order to check the property’s state?

– What is the name of your estate agent? (if you work with estate agencies, or have previous experience, you might be able to find their quality standards), please note, each and every estate agency or inventory company has their own set of standards set by their own policies, certifications or accreditations they may have

– What’s the deposit you are expecting to be returned?

– Will you be able to provide parking space?

– Will there be hot water and electricity running in the property? It is very important to ask this question, on the end of tenancy or lease, some tenant’s might switch them off or simply forget to pay for electric which may lead to hassle and stress at the later stage.

– Will you require professional steam carpet or upholstery cleaning? If so, may you please provide us information on this one please e.g. about the carpeted areas, any sofa’s, mattresses, curtains you may have or any rugs?

Please note, these are the basic questions you should ask, which will help you deliver a great job, as well as quote an accurate cost, help customers avoid hassle and stress and make their move a real easy move.

In short, getting a customer by quoting a cheap price is one thing, but getting to know their requirements and then giving them an accurate quote is quite another. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies in UK do not have a very good reputation, and there are many reasons why, but one of the main reasons also includes poor skills or abilities when it comes to knowing what a “customer wants”

These basic little information and questions may also help your end of tenancy cleaning customers know that you know what you are doing and that they may count on yourself or your cleaning company for a job well done.

In the future posts, we will discuss a story of a foreign student studying in Imperial college London, which has gone through such a painful time and stress and hassle by going for a few pounds cheaper cost but then getting to know an unethical cleaning agency. They did a poor job, which has led this foreign student in London go through such hassle that she said cannot forget, it was not just £3000 which her estate agency refused to return but also that she had to pay another month rent, she missed a flight, and a long list of inconveniences goes on, which we will discuss in future

There are probably many cleaning companies in UK, but unfortunately there are many bad companies too, it is therefore important to do your mathematics and getting to know these cleaning companies, customers should ask range of questions from a cleaning company including their references within a few miles radius from their property, check their reviews, check their website, asking their company registration number, address, day time phone number and after office hours phone numbers, support or helpline, what cleaning products and materials they use, what equipment they use etc.

If you are looking for professional cleaning advice, be it move in cleaning or moving out (end of tenancy / lease cleaning), carpet or after build cleaning or range of other cleaning services including maid and housekeeping services, why not give us a call, just to get to know about the real competitive prices and choose a hassle and stress free cleaning service.

Call anytime on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You may also call our mobile helpline on 07907 004090 or contact us through our website for any information or assistance you may require, be it end of tenancy cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning, post builders clean or maid and housekeeping services and range of other services on our website.

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Tips on how to find professional local end of tenancy cleaners

Your 5 minutes guide to find highly trusted local end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey or beyond. Simply read these tips and help yourself save, hire a great service, find professional tenancy cleaners and above all get your deposit returned for hiring a trusted end of tenancy cleaning services.

We all need a cleaner or a team when moving in or moving out from a flat, an apartment, a house or a mid-terraced house or a split level flat. Chances are your real estate company or your real estate agency is going to ask you to pay a huge amount for getting your property as clean as it was offered, including cleaning the entire property from top to bottom as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning

However, it is your legal obligation to choose, you may choose your real estate agency or property company’s offer on end of tenancy cleaning price, if it’s affordable, negotiable, as well as it will ensure full deposit to be returned

Speaking generally, our latest surveys we conducted from over 90,000 unique visitors to our website shows, 89.70% private tenants are unhappy with end of tenancy cleaning prices offered or quoted by local property firms or real estate agencies and even the landlords, this is where cleaning companies step in

It is your money, you should choose and decide and see what works the best for you, looking at the current market statistics, a recent report shows, there are over 7000 or more registered cleaning companies in London alone which makes the market really huge as well as competitive at the same time, but;

Unless you do your homework or mathematic, you might still end up paying quite a large amount of money for all-inclusive end of tenancy cleaning, it is therefore suggested that you do your homework when you enquire a quote from an independent cleaning company

There are number of things you should look at when enquiring or request an end of tenancy cleaning quote online or through a phone call

If you bear in mind with below things and do your home work, chances are you going to save a lot of time and money, and avoid disappointment on the services offered

1). Call a few companies and ask for prices

2). Request a quote through their website and check how soon they return your email or call.

3). Looking for their reviews online

4). Check their company registration number and find out if they are actually based in the UK or sub-contract their work to other operatives

5). Ask for their legal terms and conditions specified for end of tenancy cleaning

6). Request their public liability insurance cover copy

7). Ask for a few customers that had used their services in your area

8). Speak to some of their customers to check if they were happy with their punctuality, service in general, ethics and quality of work

9). Ask if they will bring all their cleaning products and equipment?

10). Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

11). Who pays for parking and congestion charges?

12). What guarantee they offer on end of tenancy cleaning jobs?

13). Are there any extra charges for jobs done on Saturdays, Sundays, public and bank holidays?

14). Are there any deliverables from your side (If they know what they are doing, then yes there are some deliverables from your side as well, e.g. fridge and freezer should be switched off at least 24 hours in advance, hot water and electricity should be running in the property throughout the job is being done

15). What happens if the property company, inventory clerk or landlord is not happy with the service offered?

16). A trusted cleaning company will be happy to give at least a 48 hours warrantee and should return and re-do the job (if they missed a spot or two) as soon as possible or within 48 hours whey then were notified about it

17). Will you or your operatives will issue the invoice? I would not personally choose a company who do not invoice and their operatives will. I find it bogus (My opinion as they are not taking the responsibility in a way or the other)

18). Will you be able to do steam carpet cleaning, professional oven cleaning, sofa, mattresses or curtains steam cleaning as well (if needed?) If so, what carpet and upholstery cleaning machines will you use? If they say anything other than Ninja Ashby 400 PSI or Prochem carpet cleaning machinery, move on and find someone more up-to-date with local marketing requirements and latest equipment.

19). Are your operatives fully insured? May I request their name, phone number as well as their public liability insurance? (asking for it would help you know if they just change the subject, are defensive or hardly answer you on that)?

20). Can I visit you in office? Just ask, costs nothing, but helps you know there whereabouts.. ( I would not mind to ask, as the end of the day, I would be in trouble if they do not turn up, do a poor job)?

21). What are your payment terms and conditions? May you send me an email and send your payment terms and conditions please?

22). May I pay on completion of work via bank transfer (keep a proof), debit or credit card (ask who are their bankers and if you can speak to their bankers before giving out your secret information) – Ask their Banker ID, and speak to the bank, if needed (it helps you find out there whereabouts, and if they are a trusted vendor at all).?

23). Are you a registered company in the UK at all? What is your registered address with company’s house?

24). How long you been operating? What is your website URL? Then look for reviews online e.g. “Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd Reviews” online.

25). May I have a name of the contact person, to whom I can speak with if needed at any stage, direct number and email address please?

26). May I pay once the job is done, and the inventory clerk has passed your cleaning standards?

27). Are there any charges, if a re-clean is needed, e.g. parking/congestion, etc, if they say yes, you should move on, as it was their omission and they should pay for it.

28). Are there any deals you may offer, if I book several weeks in advance?

29). May you email me your end of tenancy cleaning checklist please?

30). How do I book and how many days in advance should I book?

Simple and straightforward end of tenancy cleaning guide that always works, be confident when asking questions from end of tenancy cleaning service providers in London, Surrey or nationwide.

You can avoid disappointment, pay less for a great service, just do your homework before you call for a stress free, easy good move

If you are looking for end of tenancy cleaners in London, Surrey and beyond, simply call the most recommended end of tenancy cleaning agency which does a great job. You can book the service and get 10-% discount by calling them on 020 8942 2819

The said company covers all London, Surrey and most locations nationwide, simply get in touch, the good thing is, they can also provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, professional oven cleaning, their service is guaranteed and above all, they know what they are doing.

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How to avoid end of tenancy cleaning scam?

Until a few years ago there were very few cleaning companies and most of these cleaning agencies were equipped with ethics, morality and a great service you can trust with your eyes closed.

However with the passage of time as London and Surrey are growing, the number of cleaning companies are increasing, in fact, a recent study shows, 5-% of all new businesses opened in London are handyman services which includes cleaning firms as well, so the chances are there are many cleaning firms which are just starting and have a very little knowledge about cleaning in general

Being a cleaner is one thing, being a professional cleaner is quite different. If you search for End of Tenancy Cleaning there are thousands of search results, but how many people in real are aware with what it takes to provide a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is very limited unfortunately.

There are future seekers which charge a very little amount or peanuts to provide with what they say “highly trusted after tenancy cleaning service” but you see the colours of these people once you are fully stuck with them

These cleaning gurus and end of tenancy cleaning specialists and big mouth blue-chip cleaning companies have a very little knowledge.

A friend of mine from America has called a cleaning company in Isleworth and wanted to get his 5-bedroom house fully cleaned after the tenants have moved out.

He has called several end of tenancy cleaning companies he said and been shopping around, everyone wants to save their money, be it you, me or even the tenants and landlords, he finally acquired post tenancy cleaning service from one of the cleaning companies, paid through his credit card (costs more being charged from an international destination I think)

He has definitely chosen the best tenancy cleaning service provider he found with great reviews, but they never turned up, he has called several times from United States and none was attending calls on that mobile and the landline phone number, well it took few days to get in contact with that person who was on holidays in some Eastern European Country, well none turned up, in fact he said that guy was very rude whilst he was asking if they going to turn up at all?

Anyhow, he was stuck for a week or more and then finally he called me to check if I know an end of lease cleaning service provider in and around Isleworth area. I have sent some cleaners and Mr. Landlord, new tenant and cleaners were all happy, fair enough

Now the entire point is to see, how to find an experienced cleaning firm?

Simple things work best

Simply ask for reviews, grab customer’s names, phone number, ask for at least 3 references and make calls, check with people, check online for their online reviews.

The biggest problem innocent tenants make always negotiate even if they are quoted a great price, well it makes sense, everyone looks for an affordable end of tenancy cleaning service, but not when it will cost a lot of pain, it would be rather better to pay a good price for a great service, have peace of mind and expect your property to be thoroughly cleaned

Well and common sense work too – if a end of tenancy cleaning service provider is asking for £100 for a 5 bedroom semi-detached fully furnished house along with steam oven, hob, extractor cleaning as well as steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery, then you should know the kind of service you can expect, well, and if a company charges £1000 then you should normally understand there is a problem there.

Do not fall for these low price tricks; this may risk your deposit, your tenancy reputation as well as peace of mind being spoiled by these so called professional end of tenancy cleaners.

Avoid them! Do not even give a second thought, saving money is one thing but paying the same amount another time might cost you more than a good service provider, NO?

Should you like to experience your good or bad end of tenancy cleaning experience or share your, your friends, colleagues or loved one’s tenancy cleaning reviews, then simply send an email at hi@cheapcleaningservices.com or simply give us a call on 0800 689 8989 and your review will be published on our blog with or without your whereabouts as desired.

Let the world know which are top 10 end of tenancy cleaning agencies in London and Surrey and let’s help the world save time, money and get a great service at highly competitive rates.

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