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Last Minute End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you moving houses?

Moving in and/or moving out of a house, flat, village, bungalow or an apartment? We all understand how busy our schedules can be, looking at the current economy or just a busy schedule or working in shifts. Not just that, if a cleaning company lets you down or someone has not cleaned the property really well and refused to re-do the poor job they have done, it may all put damper and cause stress

For example, we were called by a customer in North London the other day, she was really worried as it was her last day in that property and she was suppose to get it fully cleaned (intensive end of tenancy cleaning up to agency approved standards), but their end of tenancy cleaners never turned up. Despite the fact, she called them several times, and all the empty promises.

Just imagine the end of tenancy cleaning prices she was paying? £100? Not really, the said cleaning company was charging them over a £300 in order to provide an end of tenancy cleaning inclusive of carpet cleaning. Well that’s a lot of money and that is not even the realistic price and quite expensive

She called a few other cleaning companies and since it was Saturday, many cleaning companies were either closed or demanding more money because it’s a public holiday, finally she called us and it took 3 minutes to book the entire end of tenancy cleaning service and guess what she paid? £150 for the last minute end of tenancy cleaning – She later said, she was happy they let her down as she had saved £150 and had received an amazing service, support for half of money she paid.

Well – unlike many cleaning agencies in London, Surrey and beyond, our company has one rule which I personally love the most, charge the same price, be it you are in trouble or not in trouble, this is probably the case, why I love to work with this company, not just that, our cleaners go a mile away for free to drive our customers a mile away, not just that, their colours remain the same before and after the service is booked and you may expect a neat and clean property up to your landlord, estate agency, inventory clerk and your own cleaning standards.

After all the stress this lovely lady has gone through, we arranged last minute end of tenancy cleaning within 2 hours time, our staff members inspected the property, provided a really great service and left a happy customer

Are you looking for last minute or emergency end of tenancy cleaning service in London, Surrey or beyond, with or without steam carpet cleaning, why not give us a call today on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989, you may also call on 07907 004090 after office hours

Please note, our move in and move out cleaning and professional end of tenancy cleaning service includes free oven cleaning, carpet hovering just in case you do not require steam carpet cleaning or 50-% discounted price when booked with carpets and upholstery cleaning. Not just that, we give a written guarantee of 48 hours on all our end of tenancy cleaning offers i.e. “deals” should you, your landlord, estate agent or inventory clerks are unhappy with our service, we will return, however as we work with leading property firms, builders, councils and large organisations, there are a very slim chances someone will not like our service

Let me also give you top 10-reasons why you should start and finish with us?

– We are polite
– We are always on time (99.9 % cases).
– We have the latest end of tenancy cleaning equipment?
– We do not use sainsburys, lidls, tesco’s or poundland cleaning products.
– We use the most renowned oven cleaning materials
– We use the most latest steam carpet and upholstery cleaning machines.
– All our staff members are legally allowed to work and live in the UK.
– We know London, Surrey and UK in general really well.
– Our customer service agents will be always polite to chat with
– Our invoices are accepted by leading property firms and landlords nationwide.
– Our prices are competitive.
– We will be even happy to chat with you even in the middle of night
– We charge same prices over Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays
– We can provide move in and move out cleaning (end of tenancy clean) even in evenings, nights, or anytime suitable for you.
– We do not just give a guarantee, we stick to our words!
– We have range of payment options available.
– Our staff members drive well checked and maintained cars and always are on time.
– You may expect a friendly behaviour all times.
– Our phone lines are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, check yourself
– We are registered and based in the UK
– We are fully insured.
– Above all we are local, honest and always willing to help.

You may read our genuine end of tenancy cleaning reviews here, Call us today for move in or move out cleaning and get your emergency or last minute end of tenancy cleaning booked by calling free from most landlines on 0800 689 8989, 0208 942 2819 or on 07907 004090 after office hours or you may request free no obligation end of tenancy cleaning quote.

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