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Working with landlords and real estate agents

Landlords, Letting Estate Agents and Your Tenancy

Renting out houses, flats and commercial premises can take up a lot of time, so being able to rely on trusted, top quality cleaning teams to carry out their work before and after tenancies is crucial.

There are plenty of cleaning companies around, however, choosing the wrong one can be even more time consuming than attempting to tackle the cleaning yourself.

There are several points to look out for when talking to potential end of tenancy and deep cleaning companies. These will let you know whether you can expect the right kind of commitment, quality of service and professional finish that you need as a landlord or estate agent handling rental properties.

Location is key. If you are based in London or Surrey, you will need a company that not only covers those areas, but is ideally based locally too. This is so that they can get to your premises easily for initial site assessments and client meetings, as well as recruit local workers who will have less distance to travel to work and will know the area better.

Experience with similar work is also a good indicator of an effective end of tenancy cleaning company for landlords and real estate agents. They will have dealt with clients with similarly exacting requirements, and will have done a good enough job to have been retained by them. Browse the testimonials page on the company’s website and ask to speak to some previous clients.

Professionalism and stamina will be required if you are to form a long-term relationship with a cleaning company. Tenants do not all treat properties in the same way.

Some will be perfectly neat and tidy, while others will leave it in almost unimaginable states. While a responsible cleaning company will, first and foremost, need to ensure the safety of its staff, it is a good sign if it remains undaunted by the harder tasks ands dirtier assignments out there. And they WILL be out there!

The personal touch. Landlords and real estate agents should expect to be offered a bespoke service, with task lists, hours and staff numbers agreed on an individual basis, according to the client’s requirements. Prices must be competitive and standards high.

Finally, if the cleaning company gets on well with its initial assignments, its working relationship with landlords and real estate agents will need to strengthen and develop with each new job. Personality in business should never be disregarded.

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