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Highly Trusted Carpet Cleaning Contractors

Are you looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company, which deliver fantastic service at highly competitive rates? Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd is probably the answer to all your questions if you are looking for carpet cleaning contractor in London, Surrey and anywhere in South East England.

Over the years, our company’s main principle remained on improving our customer service, after service support, easy billing, on time and in budget projects delivery and no compromise on service quality, honest and more important quality end results!

We are probably one of the most honest carpet cleaning company in London, Surrey and Suburbs, who have/had chance to work with the leading brands when it comes to charities, offices, private tenants and landlords, estate agents, social care and housing organisations, with the passage of time, we have been working with industry’s Icons and had been delivering a great service

We are currently working with London, Surrey and South East England’s leading hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, restaurants, churches, mosques, as well as business centres and councils

Unlike most carpet cleaning companies, we do not outsource our jobs and have our own equipment. We have hand-selected top brands when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning in order to provide our residential and commercial carpet cleaning customers with deep carpet cleaning they expect

This is the case, our intensive carpet and upholstery cleaning is probably the top rated service across London, Surrey and South East England

Our online reviews and reputation holds a guarantee on its own, we work with thousands of private tenants, landlords and estate agents and may provide you a great service.

Are you looking for reliable carpet-cleaning contractors to provide you and your customers with a great service? Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989

See the carpet cleaning equipment we use:
Carpet Cleaning in London, Surrey & Beyond


Steam Carpet and Upholstery Equipment

End Results After Professional Steam Carpet Shampooing



Do not just go for our words. Read our Carpet Cleaning Reviews Online. Why not contact us today for no obligation free carpet cleaning quote.

You may also check our current carpet cleaning deals online. Why not call us today and discuss your individual carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements?

Send us an email at hi@cheapcleaningservices.com or call us on 0208 942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989 for special discounts.

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Carpet Cleaning Machines We Use

Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines we use – See below the range of our most latest carpet and upholstery cleaning products do a much better job than any other carpet cleaning companies equipment. Not just that, our carpet and upholstery cleaning prices are sensibly structured and are very competitive

Are you looking to get your carpets professionally steam cleaned as well as any upholstery cleaning requirements? Why not see what carpet and upholstery cleaning materials and products we are using. We understand buying carpets and upholstery is a costly venture. Unfortunately, there are carpet cleaning companies and upholstery cleaners which are still using outdated 5/10 years old carpet and upholstery cleaning equipments.

See below the range of equipment we use. Are you looking for a carpet cleaning company in London, Surrey and anywhere in South East England?

Steam Carpet and Upholstery Equipment

Latest Prochem Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

If you are looking to book our carpet and upholstery cleaning services, why not give us a call on 020 8942 2819 or on our toll free number 0800 689 8989. After office hours please call 07907 004090. International callers may dial +44 (0) 790 700 4090. Let’s discuss your individual carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements today.

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Useful tips before you get your carpets cleaned

If you look for carpet cleaning services in your postcode, town, city and even state, you will see internet returns more than 50,000 search results for carpet cleaners, if you are looking for emergency carpet cleaning service you might start to ring carpet cleaning companies and just secure your booking with a company that gives a good price, has a good customer service, proper invoicing structure and professional payment methods in place or the one’s which take your booking without being too pushy

But as in normal life, it is better to do the homework for each and everything we do, likewise we should do the home work before we choose carpet cleaning services

As I work with one of the most honest and leading cleaning company, I learnt one thing that 80-% carpet cleaning companies or freelance carpet cleaners use out-dated and old models of carpet cleaning machines which hardly do a good job with latest and trendy carpets and their rugs now a days

There are few good questions to ask a Carpet Cleaning Agency before you book the service:

1). May I know what carpet cleaning machines do you use, please?

Note: If they have said, Ninja Ashby’s Carpet Cleaners or Prochem Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines (2000 or above models), then chances are they know what they are doing and have been in this game for quite sometime, If someone is hesitating to give you the answer or says, he/she personally does not know, then I would like to think, they even do not know what they are doing, just be careful as we cannot afford to buy carpets just in case their out-dated style of carpet cleaning has damaged your carpets

2). How old is your carpet cleaning machine?

Note: Ninja Ashby and Prochem Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines work really well for couple of years provided with a good care, service, however a carpet cleaning machine older than 3/5 years would hardly do a good job unless maintained, repaired and serviced by a renowned carpet cleaning machines mechanic

3). What areas do you cover?

Note: It is important that you ask if they clean the carpets in your postcode, many carpet cleaning companies also want to charge you for long-distance, please make sure, you re-confirm that they are charging you agreed amount and there are no hidden charges, small prints, and shocking surprises. It is rather better to request this information through an email/fax or letter before you use their service as this will give you the proof on paper, which may be used or challenged if needed
4). May you provide us references in and around our postcode, please?

Note: If the carpet cleaning company you are calling have been around for sometime then chances are someone else should have used their service in and around your postcode or at least 5/10 miles radius. If the company is hesitant, they might be new in this game, do not have enough references or do not have references at all or their references might have never re-used again because of their service, attitude and ethics. It is really vital to ask for references as a dodgy carpet cleaning company might start to change the subject, shy or hesitate to give at least a few customers in and around your area, if they have provided references, this sounds great, making a call to one of their customer (I would say a few customers, will help you learn about their service, references may be purchased or someone else may speak on their behalf, do not just ring 1 person and sell yourself easy).

5). Checking the references

Note: If they have provided you with more than 3 references, it is highly suggested that you randomly call a few references to check about the service, just saying hello does not cost much and being polite might help you get a friend or a talking-buddy, well, if you keep yourself to yourself, being polite and asking for review about their service (should they desire to talk to you), will help you learn about the service you are buying

6). What to do next?

Note: If they have given you their word for a good carpet cleaning service and that too at affordable prices, provided you with references, been honest to tell what carpet cleaning machines they use (you must check when they arrive) and you think all looks good, then you may book the carpet cleaning service with them, however you must ensure you pay market competitive rates, e.g. a carpet cleaning firm asks you to pay more than £25 for a double room, £20 for a single room, £2 for each stair step, and so on are charging you a lot of money

It is always good to do your home work before choosing a carpet cleaning service, carpets are expensive and are hard to buy, most carpets if cleaned improperly or using old and out-dated methods may shrink, fade or be damaged, it is your responsibility to check the temperature of the heated water they are using, what products, chemicals and cleaning solutions they use, avoid £1 pound shop or 99-p stores items, if they use Prochem carpet cleaning solutions or carpet cleaning solutions from renowned brands or from Ninja Ashby’s, and know what cleaning product, solution and material should be used for each carpet and their fibres then it’s a lot better

You must ensure you hover all the carpeted areas, ensure you move the furniture (if possible) or give the job description as exact possible, you must ensure hot water is present in the property (brand new carpet cleaning machines come with built-in heating system and tank heating system which may help), please always explain to your carpet cleaners about your floor (if that’s not a house) as brand new machines are quite heavy and by knowing this, they know whether they should send 1 or more people in a van in order to transport the machine to your place, but then again, brand new machines come with long hoses, wand and hand tool and in that case, machines may be placed on ground floors and the job may be done on as many levels possible (provided with your carpet cleaners have long-hose). It is vital that proper ventilation is in place and you have provided your local carpet cleaner with hot and cold water and a place to drain the water.

If you need help with carpet cleaning, be it residential or commercial carpet cleaning, simply give your Local Cleaning Company a call today in order to learn how they can help with your home or office carpet cleaning needs

Their prices are affordable, they know what they are doing, they cover all London postcodes and all areas including, Central London, South London, East, North and even west London and all areas in between including but not limited to all postcodes and areas of Surrey and locations in 40 miles radius around their office in SW19 3TZ

Asking a question, a tip or should you like to Do it yourself, then it’s all free and above all, they do not bite, no matter when you call. Their phone number is 0208 542 66 44 or calling is free from most BT landlines when you call on 0800 689 89 89 on extension 3 and ask your question

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