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Important questions a cleaning company must ask their customers and why?

You Are An Established Cleaning Company, how you can prove it?

It is vital to understand the job type for each and every industry. However well established companies are established because they understand customer’s individual requirements and deliver outstanding results.

Whereas the cowboy cleaning companies are so desperate for cleaning business that they will just say, “Yes” to everything you ask and deliver a poor job.

This is very common when it comes to end of tenancy and carpet cleaning, after builders clean or range of other cleaning services. This is truly unfortunate, and honestly speaking, 50-% cleaning companies in London and their employees struggle with understanding English-speaking customers requirements, which further let them deliver a good job.

As a cleaning company and especially when it comes to small jobs like one off or regular home and office cleaning, most cleaning agencies communicate through email or phone in order to understand customer’s requirements but lack the experience and style, just getting many extra customers and delivering a poor cleaning job that is not well done will let your company be in the market for the shortest period of time.

Let’s solve this puzzle by giving an example:

Say a customer is moving out from a property and this specific service has many terms including but not limited to:

– End of tenancy clean
– Move out clean
– Post tenancy clean
– Vacate clean
– Moving house clean
– After lease clean

And the long list of variations goes on. Now a cleaning company with a very limited information or newly established firm which have not much done their mathematics might get confused when a customer asks “ they need a vacate clean “ – Now it is important to know or ask different questions in order to get to know the actual requirements, you as a cleaning company may ask several questions and learn from the tinniest knowledge provided e.g.

– Is it a commercial or residential property?

– Can I take the full property postcode, if you ask this question, this will help you provide accurate price information, as some properties may be in a congestion charges area and customer might not have parking and parking may be expensive in that specific postcode.

– How long have you lived in this property?

– How many bedrooms and bathrooms have you got in this property (if this is a residential property, it may be a house, flat, maisonette, apartment, villa or a bungalow, this question will help you a lot. It is also important to ask, if the property is furnished or unfurnished, number of levels, are the cupboards and shelves fully empty? Are there any stains on the carpets, will you require steam carpet cleaning at all?

– Are there any areas, which require special attention e.g. walls, cooker, windows, skirting boards, etc.? It is very important that you make notes of the things that you discuss with customers, so you can come up with an accurate number of hours you will spend in a property (including arranging number of staff members and quoting an actual figure when it comes to price).

– Will you be fully moved out when you require clean?

– What time will you like the clean to be performed, what date and time works the best for you and your household?

– When’s your inventory clerk coming to visit your property in order to check the property’s state?

– What is the name of your estate agent? (if you work with estate agencies, or have previous experience, you might be able to find their quality standards), please note, each and every estate agency or inventory company has their own set of standards set by their own policies, certifications or accreditations they may have

– What’s the deposit you are expecting to be returned?

– Will you be able to provide parking space?

– Will there be hot water and electricity running in the property? It is very important to ask this question, on the end of tenancy or lease, some tenant’s might switch them off or simply forget to pay for electric which may lead to hassle and stress at the later stage.

– Will you require professional steam carpet or upholstery cleaning? If so, may you please provide us information on this one please e.g. about the carpeted areas, any sofa’s, mattresses, curtains you may have or any rugs?

Please note, these are the basic questions you should ask, which will help you deliver a great job, as well as quote an accurate cost, help customers avoid hassle and stress and make their move a real easy move.

In short, getting a customer by quoting a cheap price is one thing, but getting to know their requirements and then giving them an accurate quote is quite another. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies in UK do not have a very good reputation, and there are many reasons why, but one of the main reasons also includes poor skills or abilities when it comes to knowing what a “customer wants”

These basic little information and questions may also help your end of tenancy cleaning customers know that you know what you are doing and that they may count on yourself or your cleaning company for a job well done.

In the future posts, we will discuss a story of a foreign student studying in Imperial college London, which has gone through such a painful time and stress and hassle by going for a few pounds cheaper cost but then getting to know an unethical cleaning agency. They did a poor job, which has led this foreign student in London go through such hassle that she said cannot forget, it was not just £3000 which her estate agency refused to return but also that she had to pay another month rent, she missed a flight, and a long list of inconveniences goes on, which we will discuss in future

There are probably many cleaning companies in UK, but unfortunately there are many bad companies too, it is therefore important to do your mathematics and getting to know these cleaning companies, customers should ask range of questions from a cleaning company including their references within a few miles radius from their property, check their reviews, check their website, asking their company registration number, address, day time phone number and after office hours phone numbers, support or helpline, what cleaning products and materials they use, what equipment they use etc.

If you are looking for professional cleaning advice, be it move in cleaning or moving out (end of tenancy / lease cleaning), carpet or after build cleaning or range of other cleaning services including maid and housekeeping services, why not give us a call, just to get to know about the real competitive prices and choose a hassle and stress free cleaning service.

Call anytime on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989. You may also call our mobile helpline on 07907 004090 or contact us through our website for any information or assistance you may require, be it end of tenancy cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning, post builders clean or maid and housekeeping services and range of other services on our website.

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Maid Hire and Housekeeping Services

Maids and Housekeeping Services

Are you looking for maids for hire? Why not call your reliable Maid Hire Agency on 020 8942 2819 or simply follow the below tips on how to find a maid in London or in UK on your own.

Working professionals in cities like London hardly get time to do their own chores. Life in London can be really busy at times and that’s when we either end up compromising on our living standards or we can hire a maid to get our house chores, cleaning, ironing and laundry sorted.

Hiring a maid in London, Surrey and beyond is easy and you can in fact hire a maid with a single click of your mouse, however there are several things you should consider before you hire a maid

There are basically 2 things to consider at this point

1). Are you looking to hire a private or independent maid?
2). Are you looking to hire a maid through a private cleaning or maid company?

If you are looking to hire a maid i.e independent then the things you should check are as below:

1). Reviews – Check his/her reviews online on independent websites e.g. trustpilot.co.uk and/or on Google Review Centre – It will help you understand the kind of jobs he/she can do as well as the reliability, punctuality and the rest.

2). Check if he/she has a public liability insurance

3). Check if he/she is registered as a self-employed person and as a maid in general

4). Check if he/she is legally allowed to work and live in the UK

5). Ask him/her if they will be able to issue an invoice for the job carried?

6). You should also ask for any references they may provide?

7). Do you cover my area at all?

8). What are your minimum number of hours you can do on each visit?

9). Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

10). Will you charge the same price on working days and weekends or price differs?

11). Will you require parking at all?

12). What happens when you are on holidays? Do I still pay?

13). Do we have to provide you a key or you will like to work when we are around?

14). Are you happy to do our laundry, ironing as well within the specified time?

15). The last but not least, are you allergic to something, e.g. pets, etc?

And any other questions, which will help you find a person reliable enough to be your maid or provide you maid services in London or UK wide.

Now when it comes to cleaning or maid companies, you are basically asking a cleaning company to interview the maid for and on your behalf, arrange an interview with you in the presence of cleaning or maid company employee(s) but at the same time, it becomes Maid Agency responsibility to do the entire mathematics on your behalf

Many maid companies in London or UK in general only employee their staff after doing all the checks mentioned above, and also it becomes their responsibility to ensure error free work, on time job deliver, as well reliability, ethics, punctuality and so forth

It is a lot easier to hire a maid company to arrange a maid for you than you spending hours and hours and in some cases days or weeks and months to find a reliable maid in London or in UK.

If you are looking for maid hire service in London or in UK, why not give a call to your local cleaning and maid agency in order to arrange a maid for you for cleaning, laundry, ironing or housekeeping.

Most London and UK maid and housekeeping companies may offer you bespoke maid and housekeeping service all at very competitive rates.

If you are looking for trusted and highly professional maids, then you might like to call 0208 942 2819 for more information, most maid agencies will arrange someone local to you, with good reviews and all in order to help you save cost when it comes to traveling and fuel charges.

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Magical metal cleaning tips

Magic Cleaning TipsMaids and Cleaners submitted cleaning tips.

There is nothing like having bright, shiny metal around to show that a home is lovingly cared for. Whether is it a buffed front door handle or sparkling cutlery, a little effort in this area really does reap rewards

1. Pick a dry day to clean outdoor brass. Polish door handles, knockers, locks and letterboxes until they are gleaming. Apply a layer of colourless nail varnish to help keep them shining for longer.

2. Another great tip for polishing brass is to use olive oil, polished on with a soft duster, then rinsed off with water and washing up liquid. Use a second clean duster to buff afterwards. Lemon juice will also help brighten and restore brass

3. Leave very dirty brass soaking in coca cola overnight to loosen the dirt.

4. Restore lacquered brass by removing the old lacquer with methylated spirits, then rinsing the item in warm water. Dry and clean with metal polish, before reapplying the lacquer.

5. Remove tarnish for in between the tines of silver forks by dipping a pipe cleaner in silver polish. Never leave silver standing in cleaning liquid for more than two minutes.

6. Use baking powder on a damp cloth to clean chrome and restore a shine.

7. Tear off a piece of silver foil and crumple it into a ball to clean chrome parts of a bicycle, or to tackle old, dirty or dull copper.

8. Copper can also be brightened up with an equal mix of vinegar and salt. Rub on, then rinse with warm water and polish with a soft cloth to a shiny finish.

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Saying farewell to nasty household smells

Maids and Cleaners that work at Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd often write useful hints, tips and strategies on how to best clean your home or office, this post explains on how you can get rid of nasty household smells. In the future, we will also write about deep house cleaning and tips on how to best clean your kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Cleaning and freshening the things you can see is one thing. But what can you do to fight back against intangible undesirables such as nasty smells and lingering odours?

What if opening a window just isn’t enough? Visitors to a house that smells strange will be much less likely to appreciate, or even notice cleaning efforts made in other areas.

So how to tackle the invisible enemy?

1. As with any conflict, the first thing to do is identify what you are up against. If you can smell mold, rotting food or urine, don’t just mask it with air fresheners. Look for the source of the problem so that you can sort it out properly.

2. Pets, although adorable, bring their own particular smells. If your pet uses an indoor litter tray, clean this out as much as you can. Use proprietary litter, or add charcoal to the tray. Keep fish and reptile tanks clean and freshen the cages of small mammals or birds frequently.

3. Keep your waste disposal unit smelling fresh by chopping up an orange or lemon into big chunks and running these through the unit every so often. Follow this up with a cup of vinegar if required.

4. Talking of waste, there is no reason why your bin needs to niff. Add some charcoal at the bottom to neutralize odours and take rubbish out to the dustbin regularly. Wipe the bin clean every time you change the bag – you might like to double bag the contents too, to avoid any spillages.

5. Fill a dishwasher-friendly cup with white vinegar, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher and run it on a full cycle with no other plates, cups, cutlery etc. This will cut through any residual grease and freshen up the inside beautifully.

6. Keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb smells. Change it every few months, and keep it away from vegetables, as it can cause leafy veg to wilt quickly.

7. Clean up a smelly microwave by placing a dish of water and a few chunks of freshly chopped lemon inside. Set it going on high for a minute or two to allow the steam and citrusy smells to permeate.

8. Keep bathrooms smelling lovely by lighting scented candles. Alternatively, place your favourite essential oil in a shallow ceramic dish and place it on a hot radiator. Or carefully wipe the glass part of a lightbulb with the oil so that its aroma is released when the light is turned on.

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