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Post Builders Clean, Why leave it to professionals?

Looking for Hassle and Stress Free Post Builders Cleaning Service?

There’s a saying that you should only hire the correct people for the correct job, however in an economy like this, everyone just wants a good price, and sometime they over-look the quality, ethics and service standards.

For example, as one of the most favourite Britain’s Cleaning Company we have offered customers both with the good service, competitive price and at the same time on time and in budget service delivery

However there are time’s when you just cannot do a service for nothing, for example last week a lady called us from Wimbledon (SW19 Area) and she required post builders clean, it was a 2 bedroom house on 2 levels, fully furnished, there were carpets and sofa’s all over the place, beds and cupboards and shelves full with stuff and same goes to kitchen cabinets and work-tops, we have therefore after asking respective questions in order to understand the correct job description quoted £250

This price included sending all cleaning products “Jangro Cleaning Products” and “after build cleaning equipment” – sending 2 people to do the job from top to bottom and ensure they provide a great efficient and quick service as well as don’t damage the property in a way or the other.

However this deal did not go through, as the customer’s budget was only £84 as she has received a cheaper yet genuine cleaning quote from another cleaning company based in Hertfordshire. Since it was not a genuine quote (in our opinion), we just cannot beat or match it.

Anyhow we received their call today again, and she seemed really worried, stressed, that company never turned up as agreed, they sent 1 lady with no products and equipment, and she left after 4 hours, and in the 4 hours she only cleaned 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms (well, sure, if she was not a professional cleaner).

They then called another company and paid another £100 and ended up getting the only ground floor cleaned and they left again after 4 hours, what about top floor, 2 bedrooms, stair case, landing, corridor and the entire floor? Geez!

Anyhow, she called us today and she said “we were correct to quote the right amount, as in real world, now she would spend over a £400 in order to get that thing right. We arranged a last minute cleaning team for their post builders cleaning work, the place was a bit too messy as the builders, painters and decorators did not much care covering the areas, but we completed the job in 5 hours time and left her fully happy

Our suggestion as a Most Trusted Local Cleaning Company would be to hire the correct service, for example if you are getting your property cleaned after construction, paint or decoration work, please give the correct property specifications and answer to the questions honestly in order to avoid the stress as this lady has gone through, at the same time, if you are getting your end of tenancy cleaning or carpet cleaning done, it is a lot better to leave it to the professionals.

It is definitely your right to look for competitive quotes, but you can still get a good service and competitive price by contacting the right people or that’s where word of mouth or local references come in.

Will you require after builders cleaning anywhere in London, Surrey or anywhere Nationwide? Why not give your local after build cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and carpet and upholstery cleaning specials a call by calling them on 020 8942 2819 or on 0800 689 8989

You may even call to chat with us and seek free advice too, or just call to ask our honest opinion about the price for the property type you have.

All the best and speak soon!

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